I really don't understand this thing they call a "me to"
Back in the early 70's there was the threat of a strike & I remember my boss went to the union hall and signed a blank contract. He said that he would go along with whatever the big outfits negotiated. He put signs in all the trucks that said that we had already signed the contract.

Back during the Cary strike I remember he let Carolina sign a "me to" and they kept working. Later on he let Preston sign a "me to" and they went back to work. APA, New Penn & Red Star all pulled out of TMI and asked to sign a "me to" but Cary wouldn't let them and we stayed out on the picket line.

Now here is where I am confused. This last contract was negotiated early so that the non union competition couldn't steal business using rumors of a possible strike. I don't recall there even being a remote possibility of a strike. Why then did TMI only negotiate for Yellow, Roadway & Holland but not for New Penn? Why did they even bother to sign a "me to" since there wasn't any chance of a work stoppage?

And people claiming that ABF signed a "me to" really has me confused. I thought that they pulled out of TMI so that they could negotiate a contract that would be better suited to ABF and not Yellow. I thought that it was after the TMI contract was negotiated that ABF was not allowed to negotiate their own contract and that they were forced to go along with the Yellow contract. How can that be considered as a "me to"? I thought that "me to's" were signed before negotiation not after the fact. I'm confused.