April 19, 2010: As expected, the International Union is recommending that ABF Teamsters ratify a 15 percent wage cut. No changes in Teamster benefits are part of the proposal.

The ballots will be mailed out on April 29. All ABF Teamsters—working and laid-off—are entitled to vote, including those presently on withdrawal from the union.

At a national meeting for local officials held today, the deal was easily approved. But some officers said it would be hard to get members to agree to it, and a couple of large locals indicated that they could not recommend it.

The package would be worth about $75 million to ABF over the next year, and would continue until the end of the contract on March 31, 2013, when the Memorandum would end.
ABF Teamsters to Vote on 15% Cut | Teamsters for a Democratic Union