Thought I would post this story of a driver's good deed. His name is Danny Baker and he works out of the Greenville SC terminal.

Company driver delivers happiness for 6-year-old boy
On a delivery last June, Baker met a special kid, 6-year-old Sawyer White from Duncan, South Carolina. According to a thank you letter Sawyer’s mom wrote to ABF, Baker made quite an impression on the boy, and the kid (and his sister) made one on the trucker.
Baker came back the next day to give the boy a die-cast ABF truck and a company cap. Baker also brought Sawyer’s sister Ellie a princess doll.

“He made my day,” Baker said of Sawyer. The driver said that with all the daily issues of being a driver it was “a breath of fresh air” to see a kid so excited to see him when he made that delivery. “The joy that came across that young man’s face was without a doubt a highlight of my time at ABF.”
“Danny does a great job for ABF and has received many thank you emails and call-ins to the terminal,” said Craig Crews, ABF’s service center manager in Greenville, South Carolina. “This young man made a true difference in Danny’s life as well by simply being (a) wide-eyed, excited young man that has a true passion for tractor-trailers.”