Teamsters Local 455 has ratified its first contract with low-cost-carrier Frontier Airlines. The contract will be in place for five years but includes up to 10 years of pay raises.

The new contract covers 12 maintenance controllers at Denver-headquartered Frontier. Local 455 also has material specialists, aircraft appearance agents and aircraft maintenance technician members at Frontier. Local 455 says the contract will result in a 40% increase in wages for the controllers.

“The wage matrix is convoluted,” a Teamsters official says. “They were hiring controllers at higher wages than for those already employed. We agreed to a pre-contract salary increase earlier in the year and this contract locked in seniority and positions the controllers above technician wages. The controller requirements mirror the technicians but add years of experience over that of the mechanics.”

The average pay had been roughly $60,000 a year and, the Teamster official says it now will exceed $100,000 annually. But controllers work 12-hour days, and a normal two-week pay period has 16 hours of overtime, paid at time and a half, built into the normal schedule.