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  1. UAL/CAL/CMI Weekly Update - January 25, 2012
  2. Teamsters Denounce Strong-Arm Tactics by Indiana Republicans to Pass Right-to-Work
  3. Billionaires at Davos Bemoan Inequalities
  4. Four Donors Jointly Gave Walker $1 Million in Recent Weeks
  5. Indiana Moves Closer To Right-to-Work Law
  6. Correctional Officers Call For Nonpartisan Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Prision Privatiza
  7. New Officer Training and Education TLA Scheduled for March 5-7
  8. Correctional Officers Say For-Profit Prisons Endanger Citizens, Community
  9. First Student Monitors Join Teamsters
  10. Assemblyman Joins Call By Activists For IDA Reform
  11. Correctional Officers Say For-Profit Prisons Won't Save Money
  12. Labor Radio Program Interviews Jim Hoffa
  13. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 21, 2012
  14. Information About YRCW’s 2009 Stock Option Plans
  15. BLET Engineers Ratify Amtrak Contract
  16. Hunts Point Market Teamsters Overwhelmingly Ratify New Three-Year Agreement
  17. Correctional Officers Applaud Jefferson County Resolution Against Prison Closure
  18. Teamsters Correctional Officers Stand Strong in Tallahassee
  19. Teamsters Participate in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Rally/March
  20. Teamsters, Community Groups Rally To Demand Safety At LA Waste Facility
  21. Committee Introduces Bills to Privatize Prisons
  22. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update - January 18, 2012
  23. Teamsters, Hunts Point Produce Trade Association, Reach Tentative Agreement
  24. Correctional Officers Say Prison Proposals Will Devastate Their Communities
  25. Teamsters Rock Indiana Statehouse
  26. One Million Petition for the Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  27. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 15, 2012
  28. Indiana Dems: Voters Should Decide Right-to-Work
  29. Teamsters Leader: We'll Fight Latest Bid to Privatize Prisons
  30. Senate Has New Prison Privatization Proposal
  31. Teamsters, PLCA Agree To Three-Month Extension Of National Pipe Line Agreement
  32. Teamsters Set The Record Straight On Hostess
  33. Teamsters Leader Calls for Field Hearings on Proposed Prison Closures
  34. Statement From Local 2011 Acting President Ken Wood On Prison Closings
  35. Global Chemical Workers At ICEM Announce Solidarity With Local 25 Members On Strike A
  36. Twinkies Maker Hostess Files for Chapter 11 Protection
  37. Hoffa: Congress Must Pass Jobs Legislation Now
  38. National Teamster Pipeline Strike Expands To California
  39. Dan Carpenter: Seeking Weaker Workers
  40. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update – January 10, 2012
  41. Waste Workers At Republic In California Join Local 386
  42. Teamsters Union Local President Threatens First Strike At Hunts Point Produce Market
  43. Teamsters Remain Committed To Finding Mutual Solution For Bankrupt Hostess Brands Inc
  44. Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Forces Workers To Strike For Unfair Labor Practices
  45. Waste Workers At Republic In South Carolina Join Local 71
  46. BLET Members Ratify Freight Rail Contract
  47. Hoffa Pledges Full Support To Fight For Indiana’s Working Families
  48. New Officer Training And Education (NOTE) IBT Headquarters, Washington, DC, February
  49. A Shameful Attack On Working Families In Indiana
  50. A Shameful Attack On Working Families In Indiana
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  53. Harder For Americans To Rise From Lower Rungs
  54. Indiana Teamsters Answer the Call to Action
  55. Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Facing Possible Labor Dispute
  56. VP Buhle Radio Interview On War On Workers In Indiana
  57. Hoffa Praises Obama for Bold Actions to Protect Working Families
  58. House Democrats Roll Out Stall Tactic At the Start
  59. Absent Indiana Dems Delay Assault On Workers
  60. Access to Indiana Statehouse Will Be Restricted
  61. Teamsters Launch Pipeline Strike
  62. Teamster Pipeline Construction Workers Launch Strike
  63. Local 364 Member Urges Hoosiers to Get Involved
  64. A Gathering Storm Over ‘Right to Work’ in Indiana
  65. BLET Reaches Tentative Agreement with Amtrak
  66. Airline Division News - Week Ending December 31, 2011
  67. Teamster Mechanics At United Airlines Approve Agreement
  68. How Unions Help The Economy
  69. Republic Waste Drivers Vote Teamsters
  70. Teamsters Law Enforcement League Calls For Hearing On Understaffing At Main Jail
  71. Oscar Makers In Chicago Ratify New Contract
  72. Airline Division News, Week Ending December 24, 2011
  73. Teamsters Publish Online Petition to End Sotheby's Lockout
  74. Teamsters To Review New Hours Of Service Rule
  75. Firefighters, Paramedics Join Local 330
  76. Protest At The World Bank
  77. Business Subsidies Opposed
  78. Teamsters Oppose NY Tax Subsidies For VWR To Destroy Jobs
  79. Union-Election Rule Will Begin April 30, Labor Board Says
  80. Metal-Finishing Workers in Illinois Join Local 781
  81. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update – December 21, 2011
  82. Alta Dena Dairy Workers Ratify Strong First Contract
  83. Vitamin Company Workers Join Local 912
  84. Happy Holidays from the Teamsters Union
  85. Airline Division News, Week Ending December 18, 2011
  86. Teamster Warehouse Workers Ratify Contract
  87. Clean Ports Act of 2011 Introduced in Congress
  88. CEO Pay Jumps 36.5 Percent
  89. Sotheby’s Handles Lockout, Pay Costs Rise, Ruprecht Gets Bonus
  90. BLET Helps Santa Claus Spread Good Cheer
  91. Megabus Drivers Choose Teamsters
  92. Hoffa Denounces House GOP for Vote on Unemployment Insurance
  93. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update – December 13, 2011
  94. Port Access Still Drives Teamsters
  95. Teamster Dairy Workers Ratify Strong Contracts
  96. CN And Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Reach Tentative Agreement To Renew Labour Con
  97. Local Union Cries Foul Over Contract With Company That Makes Oscars
  98. University of California Employees Ratify First Teamster Contract
  99. New Report: National Express Group’s Workplace Rights Policy Falls Far Short Of Inter
  100. Sacred Heart Denies Wages To Chicago Hospital Workers
  101. IBT Safety and Health: New Rule Bans Use of Hand-Held Mobile Phones While Driving
  102. Teamsters Deliver Christmas Trees To Vice President Joe Biden’s Residence
  103. President Obama Calls To Congratulate Hoffa On Teamsters Election Victory
  104. Between 2008 And 2010, 30 Big Corporations Spent More Lobbying Washington Than They P
  105. Unanimous Vote Sends Los Angeles On A Path To More Recycling
  106. Makers Of Academy Awards Strip Wages From Workers
  107. Hoffa Asks Cuomo To Remove Diana Taylor From Public Board
  108. Teamsters Reach Settlement With US Foods
  109. Hoffa Asks Cuomo To Remove Sotheby’s Director from Park Board
  110. Guest Column: Do The Right Thing, Mitch, Oppose Right-To-Work Legislation
  111. Teamsters Taking On KAG West At 7-Eleven Stores
  112. Tankhaul Teamsters Nationwide Take Message To 7-Elevens
  113. Airline Division News, Week Ending December 3, 2011
  114. From Coast to Coast, Teamsters Tell 7-Eleven 'It's Too High a Price to Pay for Fuel'
  115. YRC Worldwide Executes 1-For-300 Reverse Stock Split
  116. Teamsters Demand Cuomo Fire Diana Taylor Unless She Apologizes, Supports Workers
  117. CBS Early Show: How Some Employers Skirt Paying Benefits
  118. Horizon Air Pilots Will Receive Wage Increase
  119. Pro-Union Port Truck Drivers Reinstated By Beleaguered Australian Brand
  120. A Banker Speaks, With Regret
  121. Unions Survive Anti-Labor Push In New Hampshire
  122. Right-To-Work Debate Brings Standing-Room-Only Crowd To UE | POLL
  123. Teamster Sympathy Pickets Return To US Foods
  124. NH House Kills So-Called Right-To-Work Bill
  125. Hoffa: Extend Unemployment Insurance
  126. Teamsters Urge Hours-Of-Service Rule That Creates Jobs, Save Lives
  127. Teamsters Support UK Strike By Public Sector Workers
  128. Northern California Stewards Seminar Huge Success
  129. Omni Air Flight Crews Ratify First Tentative Agreement
  130. Teamsters Expand Lawsuit Against Mexican Trucks
  131. Hollywood Labor Fight Looms as Money for Benefits Wanes
  132. Knight: Teamsters’ Strength Stands Up to Power
  133. Lincoln Native to Become Teamster Second-In Command
  134. Teamsters Nationwide Tell 7-Eleven ‘It's Too High A Price To Pay For Fuel’
  135. Teamsters Sue To Block Mexican Trucks From U.S. Roads
  136. Washington Post: Teamsters Expand Lawsuit Against Mexican Trucks to Add Environmental
  137. Teamsters Sue to Close Border to Unsafe, Polluting Mexican Trucks
  138. Republic Airways Pilots Give Authorization For Strike
  139. Peoples’ World: Hoffa Wins Re-Election as Teamsters President
  140. What the Labor Movement Can Learn From an Art Auction
  141. Airline Division News, Week Ending November 19, 2011
  142. Durham School Services Workers Vote 'Teamsters Yes!'
  143. Teamsters Tell 7-Eleven ‘It’s Too High a Price to Pay for Fuel’
  144. Hoffa Elected To Fourth Term By Overwhelming Margin
  145. Miami Herald: Fla. Prison Officers Go With Teamsters
  146. Teamsters Take Over Florida Prison Union, After Workers Go Years Without Raises
  147. Hoffa Set to Win Re-Election as Teamsters President
  148. Florida Department of Corrections Officers Vote to Join Teamsters
  149. Hoffa Leading Gegare, Pope in Teamsters Vote
  150. Teamsters Solid Waste/Recycling Division Director Hails Recycling Report
  151. Expanded Recycling Touted For Job-Creation Potential
  152. Teamsters Continue Strike For Justice At US Foods
  153. Sen. Harkin: Republican Attacks On Workers’ Rights Won’t Create Jobs
  154. Teamsters Join Global Day Of Action At Los Angeles, Dallas Airports To Stand With Aus
  155. Teamsters Vote Official Support Of Occupy Wall Street
  156. Teamsters Mourn Loss Of Leader, Brother Dan McKay
  157. Increased Recycling Would Create Nearly 1.5 Million Jobs, Reduce Pollution
  158. Teamsters Approve 5-Year Deal For Pittsburgh Garbage Drivers
  159. Airline Division News, Week Ending November 12, 2011
  160. Student Week Of Action, Day One: “What’s Disgusting? Union Busting!”
  161. Union Poster Rule: Video Mocks GOP, Business Groups For 'Hysteria'
  162. 160 Waste Workers In California Join Local 396
  163. D.C. Teamsters Help Veterans In Need
  164. Teamsters Canada: Tentative Agreement Reached With Purolator
  165. Clyfford Still Fetches Record $61.7 Million For Denver Museum
  166. Class War? Occupy Wall Street, Unions Protest At Sotheby’s–8 Arrested [VIDEO]
  167. Balford Farms Teamsters Ratify Agreement
  168. Student Transportation Of America Workers Vote 'Teamsters Yes!'
  169. Hoffa: Ohio Results Show Voters Won't Stand For Attacks On Workers
  170. Australian Consulate Dragged Into Toll-Teamsters Spat
  171. Toll Holdings Sackings Spark Protest In US
  172. L.A. Port Drivers Fired After Appearing At Shareholder's Meeting In Australia
  173. NYT: Occupy Wall Street Joins Forces With Labor
  174. Ohio Teamsters Hail SB5 Defeat As Victory For Ohio's Middle Class
  175. Chicago Teamsters Executive Board Wins Unanimous Re-Election
  176. Contract Updates For BLET And BMWED Members
  177. New Union Plus National Labor College Scholarships
  178. MGM Grand Workers OK 4-Year Contract
  179. MGM Grand Detroit Workers Ratify New Agreement
  180. NJ Courier-Post: US Foods Workers Go On Strike
  181. Teamsters' Strike At US Foods Spreads To Colorado, Washington
  182. Teamsters Strike At Private Equity-Owned US Foods Continues To Spread
  183. 26 Toll Group Drivers Fired for Organizing; Pay Stolen
  184. DC Ralliers: "Heal Main Street, Tax Wall Street!"
  185. Occupy Oakland: When You Say 'Logistics,' We Say 'Teamsters'
  186. What's Disgusting? Jackson Lewis
  187. U.S. Foods Strike Spreads To Twin Cities
  188. Strike At US Foods Takes Aim At Private Equity
  189. Teamsters Spread Sympathy Strikes
  190. First Student Drivers, Monitors Join Teamsters Local 610
  191. Teamsters Protest Union-Hostile Law Firm Jackson Lewis
  192. Friendship Dairies Workers Ratify Contract
  193. Probation Officers and Counselors Ratify Strong Teamster Contract
  194. Teamsters Sign Pact With BMW
  195. Teamsters Strike At US Foods; Picket Lines Spread To Indiana, Minnesota, Washington
  196. Mica to Meet Wall Street Investors on Boston-Washington Rail
  197. We Are Now Accepting JRHMSF Applications
  198. Growth of Income Inequality Isn’t About Education
  199. Federal Labor Law Violations Provoke Teamsters Strike at U.S. Foods
  200. Union Hails New Rules Governing Railroad Camp Cars
  201. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update - October 22, 2011
  202. Airline Division News, Week Ending October 30, 2011
  203. Teamsters Condemn Qantas CEO Alan Joyce for Attack on Workers
  204. Teamsters Stand in Solidarity With Qantas Workers
  205. Teamsters Protest Madison Dearborn's War on Workers
  206. Small Business Owner Questions Fury Over NLRB
  207. Wives of Locked-Out Teamsters Address New York Women's Foundation Dinner
  208. Teamsters Local 2727 Reaches Agreement To Return Laid-Off UPS Employees To Work
  209. Detroit's MotorCity Casino Workers Approve Contract
  210. Detroit Motor City Casino Workers Ratify New Agreement
  211. Hoffa: Don't Let Big Box Stores Buy Washington State's Vote
  212. Building a Movement for Teamster Power
  213. Latest KAG West News
  214. Greektown Casino Workers OK Agreement
  215. Sheriff's Deputies Launch Chris Collins' Jail Web Site
  216. Detroit Casino Workers Ratify New Agreement
  217. The Ed Show Moves To Primetime
  218. Airline Division News, Week Ending October 22, 2011
  219. Republic Waste Workers Protest Harsh Treatment, Labor Law Violations
  220. Daily Labor Report: Atlas Air, Teamsters Finalize Agreement
  221. High Income Workers' Share Of Total Wages Grows
  222. Mexican Trucks Due To Begin Going Deep Into U.S.
  223. Cross-Border Trucking Pilot Confronted By Bipartisan Opposition From Truckers, Lawmak
  224. First Mexican Truck to Enter U.S. Interior in Days; Hoffa and Congressmen Say Progra
  225. Hoffa: Mexican Truck Pilot Program Will Be A Repeat Fiasco
  226. Local Union 117: Grocery Warehouse Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify 3-Year Contract
  227. Sotheby’s Discovers The Costs Of Being Anti-Union
  228. Occupy Wall Street Goes After Danny Meyer
  229. Occupy Wall Street Protesters' Frustrations Remind President Obama Of Tea Party Demon
  230. WIN Labor Report: Occupy Wall Street Continues; Teamsters Welcome the Movement’s Supp
  231. New York Post Photo Gallery: 'Occupy' Continues
  232. Teamster Nation: Susan Sarandon, Teamsters, OWS Occupy Sotheby's
  233. Protesters Get Personal to Embarrass City's Titans
  234. DNA Info News: Occupy Wall Street Targets Sotheby's
  235. New York Observer: Occupy Wall Street Sneaks Into Sotheby’s Gala (Video)
  236. MSNBC: Wall Street Protesters Head to Sotheby's
  237. Teamsters, Occupy Wall Street Protest Sotheby's Auction
  238. Teamsters Go Global Against Lockout
  239. 2011 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Winners
  240. Airline Division News, Week Ending October 15, 2011
  241. Oil Workers Strike In Iran
  242. Teamsters Occupy St. Louis -- and Detroit, and Eugene, and Nashville...(video)
  243. Teamsters Get Their Occupation On In FL, PA, WA, WI, IL, GA, NY, MN, TN and Canada
  244. British Parliament Censures Sotheby's Auction House
  245. Teamsters Protest At 'The Mountaintop" Opening Night
  246. Florida Correctional Officers Say They're Forced to Work Extra Time for Free
  247. NBC – Jacksonville, FL: Teamsters Union Files Federal Complaint
  248. Teamsters And UK Unions Protest Sotheby's In London
  249. CBS - Buffalo: Teamsters LU 264 Files Suit in Erie County
  250. Teamster Son On His Way To London Olympics