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  1. Toll's LA Truckers Vote On Unionization
  2. Airline Division News, Week Ending April 8, 2012
  3. Teamsters Outraged At Twinkie Maker
  4. Teamsters Rallying To Protect Chicago School Bus Drivers
  5. Striking Red Cross Workers Want Only What's Fair For Them And Safe For Blood Donors
  6. Teamsters Outraged By Allegations Of Looting At Hostess By Top Executives
  7. Dow Jones Uncovers Alleged Looting At Hostess Amid Talk Of ‘Shared Sacrifice’ By Exec
  8. FedEx Fails to Deliver for Drivers
  9. 253 Aerospace Workers Join Local 986 in California
  10. Georgia Teamsters Rally To Block Anti-Union Legislation
  11. Teamster Sanitation Workers Settle Mobile, Alabama Strike With Republic Services
  12. Buy American-Made Easter Cards
  13. Airline Division News, Week Ending April 1, 2012
  14. Coors Hates Immigrants, Say Teamsters at Cesar Chavez Event
  15. Wisconsin Recall Elections Officially Underway
  16. Wis. Federal Court Strikes Down Parts Of Union Law
  17. Women Building California and the Nation Conference
  18. Teamsters Locals 710, 135 Help Indiana Tornado Victims
  19. WI to Walker: 'Time's Up!'
  20. Woo-Hoo! SB 469 Killed in GA!
  21. Teamster Strike at Red Cross Spreads to Michigan, Grows in Ohio
  22. Garbage Company’s Trashed Promise Sparks Rare Rolling Sympathy Strike
  23. Allied Waste Garbage Service Disrupted, Workers On Picket Lines
  24. Red Cross Employees Strike In Lansing
  25. Judge Orders Hearing in Teamsters' Challenge to FDOC Probation Rules
  26. Protesters Protest Protest Bill And An Unlikely Coalition Is Built
  27. Face Time With Facebook CEO Stirs Concerns on Wall Street
  28. The Rich Are Different; They Get Richer
  29. Teamster Sanitation Workers Bring Republic Services Strike to Seattle
  30. Teamsters Highlight Contradictions in Mexican Trucks Case
  31. The 99% Spring Is Coming
  32. Teamsters Urge House to Pass Senate Transportation Bill
  33. External Communications TLA Scheduled June 12-13
  34. Teamsters Sue FDOC Over Weakened Supervision of Dangerous Criminals
  35. Striking Workers Converge on Red Cross Headquarters
  36. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 24, 2012
  37. Red Cross Employee Striking For Donor Safety
  38. Federal Labor Law Violations Provoke Teamsters Strike at Republic Services
  39. Made in Hayward: Bus Maker Finally Wins a Local Contract
  40. Teamsters Win Resolution of UC Clerical Layoff, Campus Closure Issues
  41. Hoffa-Hall Slate Sworn In for New Term
  42. FedEx Agrees to Pay $3 Million to Settle a Bias Case
  43. Rail Conference Urges EPA to Reconsider Coal Regulations
  44. WCVB-TV in Boston Previews Local 25’s Chopper Raffle
  45. Teamsters, Worker Justice Groups Protest Red Cross Greed
  46. Slow But Steady: 6 Years Into Bus Driver Campaign, Teamsters Organize 32,000
  47. Taxi Unions In Canada: 'Monumental' Unionization Drive Ahead, Say Cabbies
  48. Murdoch Bows to Investor Pressure: Resigns From Sotheby's Board
  49. Teamsters Local 2011 Mourns Death of Florida Corrections Officer
  50. Helmets to Hardhats Puts Veterans Back to Work
  51. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 18, 2012
  52. Coors is Tasteless, Say Teamsters on St. Patrick's Day
  53. AC Transit Choose Teamster Employer to Manufacture Buses
  54. Pepsi Levies A Sin Tax On Its Workers
  55. Saturday Rally for Jobs, Against Attacks
  56. The Richest Get Richer
  57. A Mayor Backs Truckies Battling Toll
  58. Hoffa Pledges Continued Support of Effort to Turn Green Jobs Into Good Jobs
  59. Mechanics, Related Workers At Horizon Air Reaffirm Teamster Support
  60. Economy is Growing Again, Yet Workers’ Share is Tiny
  61. Register for the 2012 Teamster Women's Conference
  62. Australian Trucking Corporation Condemned After Firing a Female Driver for Making Eme
  63. Teamsters Oppose New Border Crossing Standards for Mexican Truckers
  64. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 10, 2012
  65. Nursing Employees Vote To Join Local 142
  66. Veterans' Claims for Service-Related Disabilities
  67. Sign Up for the 2012 Women's Conference
  68. Teamsters to Represent Wittenberg Village Nursing Staff
  69. Hoffa Thanks RFK Jr. for Canceling Sotheby's Event in Support of Teamsters
  70. Teamsters Remain Committed to Find Comprehensive Fix to Hostess Woes as New CEO is An
  71. RFK Jr. Sides With Teamsters in Sotheby's Auction House Union Fight
  72. Aloise Named Director of Teamsters Dairy and Food Processing Divisions
  73. Teamsters Respond to Government on Mexican Truck Program
  74. Guest Column: Minnesota Teamsters Oppose Right To Work 'Scam'
  75. Kabell: Support Pro-Union Candidates
  76. Dartmouth Students Urge Trustee Diana Taylor to End Sotheby's Lockout
  77. Rick Smith Show: Red Cross Strikers Need Our Support
  78. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 3, 2012
  79. Teamsters Credit Strong Defense Of Hostess Labor Contracts For Company Seeking Court
  80. Probation Officers Alarmed By Policy Reversal On Oversight Of Offenders
  81. Teamsters Oppose Dangerous, Illegal FDOC Policy to Weaken Supervision of Violent Crim
  82. Labor Law And Security Experts Testify About Workers' Rights Violations At Loomis
  83. Investors Write To Chevron On Country Selection
  84. America’s Work Force Radio Show Interviews LU 507 Member Safeyyah Edwards About The O
  85. Teamster Pilots At Cape Air Ratify First Labor Agreement
  86. Hoffa Praises Obama For Crackdown on Unfair Trade Practices
  87. Hall: We Are Stronger Together
  88. Teamsters: Taking Money From Sotheby's Take Jobs From New Yorkers
  89. Negotiations To Obtain Furlough Protections For CitationAir Pilots Terminated
  90. Keegel Honored, Directs Dinner Proceeds To JRH Scholarship Fund
  91. Ken Hall: Right-to-Work Laws Do Not Affect Job Creation
  92. National Express Group's Flawed Worker Rights Policy Exposed
  93. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 26, 2012
  94. IATSE, Teamsters Set Monday Rally for 'Die'
  95. Teamsters Demand MoMA Cut Ties With Sotheby's Auction House
  96. Membership Mobilization for Power! Program Scheduled March 27-28
  97. Teamsters Drive Up Standards Campaign Wraps Up 300 Organizing Wins
  98. War Correspondent Who Once Worked At Local 237 Killed In Syria
  99. Teamsters Testify About Workers' Right Violations At Loomis
  100. DOT Awards KCS $54.6 Million Loan For 30 Locomotives
  101. Clients Continue Exodus as Nuveen Investments Seeks Another Billion Dollar Refinancin
  102. Teamsters Denounce AMFA Rejection Of Southwest Mechanic Seniority List Integration
  103. Worker And Community Groups Call On COMIDA To End Tax Break Deal WIth Company For Job
  104. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 18, 2012
  105. Teamsters' Drive Up Standards Bus Campaign Reaches Milestone 300th Win
  106. Teamsters, Laborers And Sheet Metal Workers Show Solidarity For British Workers
  107. Moochers Against Welfare
  108. Local 237 School Pubic Safety Agents Win Awards
  109. House Transportation Bill: Lobbying And Lawsuits Behind Move To Strip Worker Protecti
  110. Teamsters: Florida Doesn't Want Prison Privatization
  111. Teamsters Labor History Center Welcomes Brewery Workers Union Records
  112. Teamsters Local 332 Union Leader Says She Is 'Insulted And Offended' By Genesys Lette
  113. Teamsters Union Backs Nolan's Bid for Congress
  114. Blood Collection Workers Strike Red Cross
  115. Teamsters Protest against Inquirer's Parent Company
  116. FDOC Teamster Officers Make History
  117. Correctional Officers Applaud Senate for Killing Prison Privatization
  118. Teamsters Oppose House Surface Transportation Bill
  119. Durham Drivers Speak Out
  120. History Of Teamsters Union
  121. New Plan For Collecting L.A.'s Trash Advances
  122. Teamsters Strike Red Cross Of Northern Ohio
  123. Huffington Post: Private Prison Corporation Offers Cash In Exchange For State Prisons
  124. Anti-Union Attack On Aviation Workers At LAN Ecuador
  125. The Big Money Behind State Laws
  126. Hostess' Teamsters Members May Strike -Union
  127. Port Of Seattle Truckers Rally As Walkout Passes Second Week
  128. Teamsters Act Tough With Twinkies Maker
  129. Teamsters Strike Red Cross: Alert Community to Safety Issues
  130. Correctional Officers Disappointed In Failure Of Privatization Study
  131. Teamsters Authorize Hostess Strike Pending Court Action
  132. Truck Drivers Protest Unsafe Conditions at Port of Seattle
  133. Teamsters Celebrate, Remember James R. Hoffa
  134. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 12, 2012
  135. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update - February 10, 2012
  136. Teamsters Oppose Court Approval Of Hostess CEO's Contract
  137. Support Seattle Port Drivers in Their Fight for Safety & Fairness
  138. Support Seattle Port Drivers In Their Fight For Safety & Fairness
  139. 334 Parking Workers Join Local 25 In Boston
  140. Buy 'Made In The U.S.A.' Cards
  141. New Battlegrounds In The War On Workers
  142. Correctional Officers Applaud Hillsborough County Resolution Against Prison Closure
  143. City Of Oak Harbor Public Works Employees Choose The Teamsters
  144. BMWED and Freight Rail Carriers Reach Tentative Agreement
  145. Washington Post Shines Light On Lies In Anti-Union Super Bowl Ad
  146. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 5, 2012
  147. First Contract Arrives On Time For Workers At RailCrew
  148. Fieldbrook Foods Teamsters Approve New Contract
  149. Save The Date For 2012 Teamsters Women’s Conference
  150. Activist Gathers 23,000 Signatures In 5 Days Opposing Prison Privatization
  151. Teamsters Prepare to Strike Northern Ohio Red Cross
  152. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update - February 2, 2012
  153. Teamsters, Safety Advocates Oppose Higher Truck Weight Limit Bill
  154. Indiana Passes Right-to-Work … Is Michigan Next?
  155. Business Agent Skills in Survival (BASIS) TLA Scheduled April 16-20
  156. Teamsters History Program Slated for April 3-5
  157. Hoffa: Indiana Law On Right To Work For Less Is Attack On Working Families
  158. Transportation Unions Call On Congress To Pass Clean FAA Reauthorization
  159. Teamsters Fight Against Reckless Push to Allow Heavier, Bigger Trucks
  160. Hoffa Says Bigger Trucks Will Endanger U.S. Highways
  161. CN's Canadian Locomotive Engineers Have Ratified A New Collective Agreement
  162. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 29, 2012
  163. Teamsters Press Unionization Of Toll Drivers
  164. Bus Drivers For Alameda County Special Needs Kids Speak Out About Safety, Low Wages
  165. School Bus Drivers Speak Out About Safety, Human Rights Concerns
  166. East Bay School Bus Drivers Consider Joining Union
  167. Teamsters Warn Hostess Not To Misuse Bankruptcy Process
  168. UAL/CAL/CMI Weekly Update - January 25, 2012
  169. Teamsters Denounce Strong-Arm Tactics by Indiana Republicans to Pass Right-to-Work
  170. Billionaires at Davos Bemoan Inequalities
  171. Four Donors Jointly Gave Walker $1 Million in Recent Weeks
  172. Indiana Moves Closer To Right-to-Work Law
  173. Correctional Officers Call For Nonpartisan Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Prision Privatiza
  174. New Officer Training and Education TLA Scheduled for March 5-7
  175. Correctional Officers Say For-Profit Prisons Endanger Citizens, Community
  176. First Student Monitors Join Teamsters
  177. Assemblyman Joins Call By Activists For IDA Reform
  178. Correctional Officers Say For-Profit Prisons Won't Save Money
  179. Labor Radio Program Interviews Jim Hoffa
  180. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 21, 2012
  181. Information About YRCW’s 2009 Stock Option Plans
  182. BLET Engineers Ratify Amtrak Contract
  183. Hunts Point Market Teamsters Overwhelmingly Ratify New Three-Year Agreement
  184. Correctional Officers Applaud Jefferson County Resolution Against Prison Closure
  185. Teamsters Correctional Officers Stand Strong in Tallahassee
  186. Teamsters Participate in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Rally/March
  187. Teamsters, Community Groups Rally To Demand Safety At LA Waste Facility
  188. Committee Introduces Bills to Privatize Prisons
  189. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update - January 18, 2012
  190. Teamsters, Hunts Point Produce Trade Association, Reach Tentative Agreement
  191. Correctional Officers Say Prison Proposals Will Devastate Their Communities
  192. Teamsters Rock Indiana Statehouse
  193. One Million Petition for the Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  194. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 15, 2012
  195. Indiana Dems: Voters Should Decide Right-to-Work
  196. Teamsters Leader: We'll Fight Latest Bid to Privatize Prisons
  197. Senate Has New Prison Privatization Proposal
  198. Teamsters, PLCA Agree To Three-Month Extension Of National Pipe Line Agreement
  199. Teamsters Set The Record Straight On Hostess
  200. Teamsters Leader Calls for Field Hearings on Proposed Prison Closures
  201. Statement From Local 2011 Acting President Ken Wood On Prison Closings
  202. Global Chemical Workers At ICEM Announce Solidarity With Local 25 Members On Strike A
  203. Twinkies Maker Hostess Files for Chapter 11 Protection
  204. Hoffa: Congress Must Pass Jobs Legislation Now
  205. National Teamster Pipeline Strike Expands To California
  206. Dan Carpenter: Seeking Weaker Workers
  207. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update – January 10, 2012
  208. Waste Workers At Republic In California Join Local 386
  209. Teamsters Union Local President Threatens First Strike At Hunts Point Produce Market
  210. Teamsters Remain Committed To Finding Mutual Solution For Bankrupt Hostess Brands Inc
  211. Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Forces Workers To Strike For Unfair Labor Practices
  212. Waste Workers At Republic In South Carolina Join Local 71
  213. BLET Members Ratify Freight Rail Contract
  214. Hoffa Pledges Full Support To Fight For Indiana’s Working Families
  215. New Officer Training And Education (NOTE) IBT Headquarters, Washington, DC, February
  216. A Shameful Attack On Working Families In Indiana
  217. A Shameful Attack On Working Families In Indiana
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  220. Harder For Americans To Rise From Lower Rungs
  221. Indiana Teamsters Answer the Call to Action
  222. Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Facing Possible Labor Dispute
  223. VP Buhle Radio Interview On War On Workers In Indiana
  224. Hoffa Praises Obama for Bold Actions to Protect Working Families
  225. House Democrats Roll Out Stall Tactic At the Start
  226. Absent Indiana Dems Delay Assault On Workers
  227. Access to Indiana Statehouse Will Be Restricted
  228. Teamsters Launch Pipeline Strike
  229. Teamster Pipeline Construction Workers Launch Strike
  230. Local 364 Member Urges Hoosiers to Get Involved
  231. A Gathering Storm Over ‘Right to Work’ in Indiana
  232. BLET Reaches Tentative Agreement with Amtrak
  233. Airline Division News - Week Ending December 31, 2011
  234. Teamster Mechanics At United Airlines Approve Agreement
  235. How Unions Help The Economy
  236. Republic Waste Drivers Vote Teamsters
  237. Teamsters Law Enforcement League Calls For Hearing On Understaffing At Main Jail
  238. Oscar Makers In Chicago Ratify New Contract
  239. Airline Division News, Week Ending December 24, 2011
  240. Teamsters Publish Online Petition to End Sotheby's Lockout
  241. Teamsters To Review New Hours Of Service Rule
  242. Firefighters, Paramedics Join Local 330
  243. Protest At The World Bank
  244. Business Subsidies Opposed
  245. Teamsters Oppose NY Tax Subsidies For VWR To Destroy Jobs
  246. Union-Election Rule Will Begin April 30, Labor Board Says
  247. Metal-Finishing Workers in Illinois Join Local 781
  248. UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Weekly Update – December 21, 2011
  249. Alta Dena Dairy Workers Ratify Strong First Contract
  250. Vitamin Company Workers Join Local 912