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  1. BLET Fourth National Convention Begins
  2. Follow the UPS, UPS Freight Contract Ratification Results on Oct. 5
  3. LA/Long Beach Port Drivers and Warehouse Workers Launch Strike
  4. Hoffa: Teamsters Not Ready to Support or Oppose New NAFTA Replacement
  5. Port Truck Drivers and Warehouse Workers Strike at the Ports of LA in Long Beach
  6. Port Workers Plan Strike in L.A. to Challenge Logistics Firms
  7. Teamsters Applaud Ruling On A.B. 219
  8. Teamsters Bring Relief Convoy to N. Carolina Hurricane Victims
  9. Teamsters Local 135 Reaches Tentative Agreement for Republic Airline Flight Attendant
  10. Chicago Teamsters Support UNITE Hotel Workers Strike
  11. Teamsters: Trucking Provision Gets Wings Clipped
  12. Teamsters Local 683 Ratifies Newest Contract with Pepsi
  13. LA Times: New Law Makes Retailers Share Liability for Misclassified Truck Drivers at
  14. Teamster Shuttle Drivers for High-Tech Companies Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract
  15. California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Holding Retailers Jointly Liable for Trucker A
  16. Teleforum Call for Red Cross Teamsters, 9/27
  17. Leaders from Red Cross Locals Endorse Tentative Agreement
  18. Power, Pride and Persistence
  19. Believe, Dream and Achieve
  20. Episode 170: Rejecting Right to Work in Mo.
  21. Minnesota Labor Joins Together to Picket Center of American Experiment Event Celebrat
  22. Tentative UPS Agreement Increases Full-Time Package Car Driver Progressions
  23. Listen To The UPS Freight Members Teleforum From Sept. 9
  24. Read the Latest Edition of the Drive Up Standards Newletter!
  25. WCCUSD Teamster Wins Backpay in Grievance Settlement
  26. More Efficient Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund Program
  27. Hurricane Safety Information from OSHA
  28. Part-Time UPS Teamsters Teleforum Call - September 8
  29. Tentative National UPS Agreement Provides Improvements to Feeder Drivers
  30. Apple Bus Workers Join Teamsters Local 955
  31. Teamsters Join International Delegation of Coca-Cola Workers at Atlanta Protest
  32. Hoffa: Appreciating Truckers Means Keeping Rules That Make Roads Safer
  33. UPS, UPS Freight Balloting Materials Mailed This Week
  34. NAFTA Consensus Needed on Labor, Dairy, Dispute Settlement Issues
  35. New NAFTA Must Be Trilateral, Address Freight Rail Staffing Concerns
  36. Questions and Answers from August 25 Conference Call
  37. Tentative UPS Agreement Provides Higher Part-Timer Wages, Benefits
  38. Teamsters Local 952 Ratifies Contract with Durham School Services
  39. Hoffa: Americans Recognize Union Value
  40. BLET and SMART File Petition Against FRA
  41. Teleforum Call for UPS Freight Members on Sept. 9
  42. Teleforum Call for All Part-Time UPS Teamsters - Aug. 8
  43. UPS/UPS Freight Contract Ratification Vote Schedule
  44. Teamsters Local 856 Endorses West Contra Costa School Board Candidates
  45. Teamsters, Coalition of Unions Reach Tentative Agreement With American Red Cross
  46. Walt Disney World Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement
  47. A Labor Day Message from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa
  48. Wondering How the UPS Contract Was Negotiated? Get the Facts Here!
  49. Hoffa: Senate Must Quickly Approve Reappointment of Pearce to NLRB
  50. Teamsters Optimistic That End Is Near for Suspended Bronx Waste Hauler
  51. Listen to the UPS Freight Teleconference Call from August 22
  52. Local 495 Wins Five-Year Agreement at Avis
  53. Hoffa: U.S.-Mexico Agreement is First Step Towards Better North American Trade
  54. Listen to the UPS Teleconference Call from August 25
  55. Tentative UPS Freight Agreement Reduces Subcontracting
  56. Teamsters Triumph in Bid to Reverse Executive Orders That Targeted Federal Public Emp
  57. Tentative UPS Freight Agreement Strengthens Protections Against Excessive Forced Over
  58. Teamster Shuttle Drivers for High-Tech Companies Hold Action for a Fair Contract
  59. UPS Member Questions/Answers From Aug. 11 Teleforum
  60. Tentative UPS Freight Agreement Provides Numerous Improvements
  61. Teamsters Weekly Updates, Ending August 23, 2018
  62. Local 495 Wins Five-Year Agreement at Avis
  63. UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanics Update - August 22, 2018
  64. Airline Division News, Week Ending August 17, 2018
  65. Episode 169: Growing for the Future
  66. 10 Reasons to Vote YES on the UPS Contract
  67. All UPS Teamsters - Teleforum Call To Be Held Aug. 25
  68. Teamsters Suspend Strike Activities at Coca-Cola United
  69. UPS Tentative Agreements
  70. Teamsters Ratify Contract with East End Bus Lines
  71. Chicagoland Teamsters Ratify Contracts at First Student
  72. UPS Freight Members Teleforum, August 22
  73. Teamsters Push Back on Corporate Opposition to Supreme Court's Landmark Dynamex Decis
  74. Teamsters Wrap Up Successful Organizing Bootcamp in Minneapolis
  75. UPS Freight Letter About Article 44 (Subcontracting)
  76. BLET Holds Regional Meeting In Washington, DC
  77. Teamsters Win Industry-Leading Agreement for UPS Aircraft Mechanics
  78. Safeway.com Grocery Home Delivery Drivers Overwhelmingly Ratify First-Ever Teamster C
  79. Teamsters End Strike at Republic Services in Atlanta
  80. Tentative Contract Provides Full-Time Workers With A More Secure Future
  81. Read the National Master UPS Tentative Agreement Here
  82. Teamsters Go Out on Strike at Republic Services in Atlanta
  83. Leaders of UPS and UPS Freight Local Unions Approve Tentative Agreements
  84. Teamsters Weekly Updates, Ending August 9, 2018
  85. East Meets West: Taiwan-Teamsters JC 42 Labor Reps Meet and Confer
  86. Hoffa: Mo. Voters Side With Unions Against Corporate Effort to Impoverish Workers
  87. Teamsters Statement on Proposed OSHA Rule OSHA Rule Tracking Workplace Injuries and I
  88. BLET Members Ratify Cedar River Shortline Contract
  89. UPS Teamsters - Join The Contract Update Teleforum Call August 11
  90. City & State NY: Trash Talk
  91. Safety and Health Improvements In UPS National Tentative Agreement
  92. The Importance of Re-Establishing the Common Good
  93. Teamsters Authorize Strike at Republic Services in Atlanta
  94. Teamsters Weekly Updates, Ending August 3, 2018
  95. Teamsters Local 984 Hosts Back to School BBQ
  96. Under Pressure From Investors, Cardinal Health Agrees to Bolster Opioid Distribution
  97. Tentative UPS Agreement Strengthens Protections Against Harassment, Excessive Overtim
  98. Dayton Teamsters Endorse Zach Dickerson for Ohio State House Seat
  99. Hoffa, Teamsters Rally To Support Gretchen Whitmer For Michigan Governor
  100. UPS Freight Tentative Agreement Background and Highlights
  101. Teamsters Local 92 Ready-Mix Drivers on Strike at D.W. Dickey & Son
  102. ABF Teamsters' New Contract Provides Pay Increases, Subcontracting Protections and Mo
  103. NOW THIS: Pension fight
  104. Swire Coca-Cola Workers in Phoenix Ratify First Teamster Contract
  105. Teamsters to Vote on Strike Authorization at Rite Aid's Only Midwest Distribution Cen
  106. Important Information for Part-Time Workers at UPS
  107. Retired Teamster asks Congress to Save Troubled Pension Funds
  108. Union Plus Scholarship Winners
  109. Teamsters Speak Out at Joint Select Committee Pension Hearing
  110. Teamsters ABF National Contract Has Now Been Ratified
  111. UPDATE: The Pension Fight
  112. Ken Hall to Investors: Hold McKesson Accountable for Exacerbating Opioid Crisis
  113. Frequently Asked Questions about the National Master UPS Tentative Agreement
  114. Teamster Pilots at Aloha Air Cargo, Northern Air Cargo Ratify Agreement
  115. Teamsters with USF Holland in Wisconsin Ratify First Contract
  116. XPO Delegation Marches on the Boss
  117. Haul Together: Portrait of an NYC Teamster Sanitation Organizer
  118. Teamsters UPS and UPS Freight Local Union Leaders to Meet August 9
  119. Hoffa Joins U.S. Reps, Union Leaders, Retirees At Town Hall To Protect Pensions
  120. Southern Air Pilots Secure Tentative Letter of Agreement to Improve Pay, Standards
  121. Teamsters Weekly Updates, Ending July 19, 2018
  122. James P. Hoffa: Message to the Amazon MAD4 Workers
  123. Southern California Teamsters Ratify New Miller Beer Contract
  124. Teamsters Weekly Updates - Week Ending July 13, 2018
  125. Teamsters Overwhelmingly Approve Contract at Wegmans
  126. Teamster UPS Freight Negotiating Committee Reaches Tentative Agreement With UPS Freig
  127. Teamsters, Miners, Bakery Unions Join Together to Demain Pension Reform
  128. Hoffa: Unions Want to Be Heard in Fight to Protect Pensions
  129. Listen to the UPS Teleconference Call from July 10
  130. L.A. Republic Services Teamsters Approve New Contract Raising Wages, Improving Benefi
  131. BLET Asks President Trump To Intervene In Laredo
  132. Hoffa Addresses Military Pathways Summit
  133. Teamsters Release UPS National Agreement in Principal, Highlights
  134. BLET Continues Fight To Save American Jobs On The Texas Border
  135. Western Washington Teamsters Reject AGC Offer
  136. Hoffa: Workers Deserve Freedom to Thrive on the Job
  137. Teamsters Weekly Update - Ending July 5, 2018
  138. A Supreme Injustice
  139. Teamsters Urge McKesson Shareholders to Dump the Audit Committee Chair Over Opioid Cr
  140. Teamsters Local 957 Endorses Theresa Gasper for Congress
  141. Teamsters Local 251 DHLNH Workers Ratify First Contract
  142. UPS Members Teleforum Call - July 10
  143. Click Here to Contact Your Local Union & Get INVOLVED!
  144. New UPS Combination Driver Jobs Protect Weekends for Package-Car Drivers, Address Iss
  145. Red Cross National Bargaining Union Coalition Update, June 28, 2018
  146. Gold Coast Transit District Supervisors Join Teamsters Local 186
  147. Red Cross Workers Survey
  148. Teamsters Weekly Updates - Ending June 28, 2018
  149. Red Cross National Bargaining Update for June 11, 2018
  150. BLET Fighting For Members’ Jobs At The US/Mexican Border
  151. Ohio Teamster Republic Services Workers Ratify First Contract with Company
  152. Teamsters Decry Supreme Court Ruling Rolling Back Public Sector Union Rights
  153. California Teamsters Oppose Public Employee Pension Transparency Act
  154. Intermodal Transportation Workers in California Ratify First Teamsters Contract
  155. Coca-Cola Beverages Florida Workers Join Teamsters Local 769
  156. What You and Your Family Need to Know
  157. Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee Reaches Settlement in Principle on Natio
  158. Teamsters Weekly Updates - Ending June 21, 2018
  159. Click Here to Contact Your Local Union & Get INVOLVED!
  160. Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with UFCW, Condemn Raids on Workers
  161. What You Need To Know About the Janus Case
  162. BMWED Members Elect Officers
  163. Investor Coalitions Finding Success Pushing Drug Makers on Pricing and Opioid Distrib
  164. Opioid Epidemic's Other Battleground: Teamsters vs. McKesson
  165. McKesson Reduces CEO's Pay 10% Following Revolt by Investors
  166. BMWED Members Convene Fourth Regular Convention
  167. RLN: Exploited Port Workers In America
  168. School, City Leaders Join Teamster Administrators in Calling Out Violence
  169. Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination Dominate XPO Europe Annual Me
  170. Coca-Cola is becoming a serial human rights offender – in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland,
  171. Greece Central Teamsters Overwhelmingly Approve Four-Year Agreement
  172. Statement of Solidarity with Teamsters Canada on Canada-U.S. Trade Issues
  173. Rhode Island Teamsters Endorse Gina Raimondo for Governor
  174. Teamsters Join Legal Challenge to Presidential Executive Orders that Impair Union and
  175. Hoffa Pledges Solidarity With UAW During Speech at Union's Convention
  176. Airline Division News, Week Ending June 9, 2018
  177. Teamsters UPS, UPS Freight Committees Discuss Several Important Issues
  178. Airline Division News, Week Ending June 4, 2018
  179. BLET Members Ratify CN-IC Contract
  180. For Bimbo Bakeries, Teamsters Do It Best
  181. Hoffa: A Plan to Fix Michigan
  182. UPS, UPS Freight Members Authorize Strikes, If Necessary
  183. Follow the UPS, UPS Freight Strike-Authorization Results Live Tonight
  184. Teamsters Inform Keurig of Unlawful Behavior of American Bottling Company
  185. Safeway.com Teamsters at Local 174 and Local 313 Vote to Authorize Strike
  186. Teamsters Local 330 Statement on Kane County Strike
  187. ProPublica: Hell on Wheels
  188. Federal Government Orders XPO to Reinstate Illegally Fired Workers
  189. Red Cross Union Coalition National Bargaining Report for May 29, 2018
  190. XPO Workers Win and Company Loses Again
  191. Public Safety Workers Warn Community About Offenders Not Being Properly Monitored
  192. "Last Horsemen" Documentary Details Story of Teamster Carriage Drivers Who Fought to
  193. Episode 166: Building a Stronger Union
  194. Teamsters Local 727 Prepares to Fight Legal Battle Against the American Bottling Comp
  195. Durham Workers Join Teamsters Local 243
  196. Teamsters Joint Council Raises Funds For Striking Kane County Workers
  197. Teamsters Receive UPS' Initial Economic Proposals
  198. Minneapolis Beer Delivery Drivers End Strike
  199. Teamsters Local 986: Shortage of Gasoline at Union 76 Stations Expected During Memori
  200. Losing Patience: Stericycle Shareholders Join Teamsters to Oust Long-Time Director
  201. Albany First Student Drivers and Monitors Vote to Join Teamsters Local 294
  202. Uber Stops Arizona Self-Driving Car Tests After Fatal Accident
  203. The Guardian: Eight Women Allege Sexual Harassment at XPO Logistics Warehouse in Memp
  204. Teamsters Joined by Faith Community Leaders on Strike in Kane County
  205. Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement for Flight Dispatchers at Allegiant Air
  206. UPS, UPS Freight Teamsters: Have You Received Your Strike-Authorization Vote Instruct
  207. Teamsters Oppose 'Skinny' NAFTA
  208. Coalition of Red Cross Unions National Bargaining Report: 5/14/2018
  209. CNBC: Self-Driving Cars Are Scaring More People
  210. Teamster Carhaul Division Contract Books Available
  211. Vancouver Local 31 Limo Drivers Ratify First Contract
  212. Free CDL Classes for Teamster Members
  213. Chattanooga Durham Workers Are Latest School Bus Employees to Join Teamsters
  214. ABF Referendum Vote Totals by Local
  215. Teamster Organizers Hone Their Craft at Conference
  216. Sysco Workers in Post Falls, Idaho Ratify Teamsters Contract
  217. Stop Sexual Harassment at XPO Logistics!
  218. Working Together
  219. FlexJet Takes It's Anti-Union Campaign to a New Low
  220. Philadelphia Coca Cola/Pepsi Drivers Ratify Agreement
  221. Teamsters Local 952 Transit Workers Ratify Orange County Contract
  222. City Of Santa Rosa Employees Vote To Join Local 856
  223. Cummins Workers Protest Unaffordable Health Care as Company Celebrates Record Profits
  224. Drivers at XPO in Erie, PA Seek Teamster Representation
  225. Teamsters Celebrate Public Services Recognition Week
  226. National Football League Players Association Supports Teamster Pilots at Flexjet
  227. Leading Investor Advisory Firms Back Teamster Demand for Better Disclosure of Working
  228. UPS, UPS Freight Strike-Authorization Vote Timeline
  229. Freight Teamsters at ABF Ratify National Master Portion of Contract
  230. Red Cross Coalition Members Begin National Addendum Discussions
  231. Ken Hall: While Opioids Kill West Virginians, There's Too Much Drug Money in Politics
  232. Teamsters Back Legislation Beefing Up Collective Bargaining, Organizing Rules
  233. World Oil Drivers Join Teamsters Local 572
  234. BMWED Concludes Binding Arbitration With Class 1 Railroads
  235. Unions Face The Fight Of Their Lives To Protect American Workers
  236. Teamsters Local 1108 Pilots Speak Up at Flexjet
  237. Hoffa: Retirement Facility Workers Deserve Quality Health Care
  238. Sysco Inventory Control Workers in California Join Teamsters
  239. Teamsters Host Rail Safety Committee Meeting
  240. Cement Unions Hold Meeting At Teamster Headquarters
  241. #TimesUp Organizations Call on Verizon CEO, Board to End Sexual Harassment in Supply
  242. Verizon Investigates Complaints a Memphis Cell-Phone Contractor Enabled Sexual Harass
  243. Officers Elected To Teamsters Rail Conference
  244. Anheuser-Busch Orders 800 Hydrogen-Powered Semi Trucks from Tesla Rival Nikola
  245. Time's Up Verizon!
  246. Teamsters Call on Kane County Officials to Assist with 16th Judicial Circuit Court St
  247. Teamsters Calls on Kane County Officials to Assist with 16th Judicial Circuit Court S
  248. Hoffa: Union Pension Fight Heats Up at Capitol
  249. McKesson Internal Review Prompted by Teamsters' Complains Clears Management of Wrongd
  250. Airline Pilots May Be Next in the Corporate War on Unions