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  1. New Officer Training and Education (NOTE)
  2. Crain's: Insiders Cautiously Optimistic About Film and TV Tax-Credit Extension
  3. Federal Court Ruling is Victory for XPO Workers in Laredo, Texas
  4. Health and Safety Survey For BMWED Members
  5. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Dec. 14-20
  6. Port Authority Police Officers Join Teamsters Local 79
  7. New York Film Production Employment Increases
  8. Butte County Workers Join Teamsters
  9. Teamsters 117, International Unions Call for Fairness in Platform-Based Work
  10. Raynham Center Water District Workers Join Teamsters
  11. New Independent Review Officer Approved by Court
  12. Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with European Truck Drivers
  13. Drug Firms Poured 780M Painkillers into WV Amid Rise of Overdoses
  14. Contract Talks Begin with AEI for Successor Agreement
  15. Teamsters Rally at XPO Headquarters Against CEO Pay Bonanza
  16. XPO Sets Stage for Huge Money Grab For CEO Bradley Jacobs, While Workers Suffer
  17. Teamster Osco Pharmacists Secure Strong Contract
  18. Teamsters Continue Fight for Safety of Grundy County Correctional Officers
  19. Teamster Pilots at Kalitta Air Win Important Workplace Improvements with New Contract
  20. Local 449 School Bus Drivers and Aides Ratify First Contract
  21. Teamsters Certified as Bargaining Representative at East End Bus
  22. Western Refining Facing New Year’s Strike at St. Paul Park Facility
  23. New School Administrators Vote for Teamster Representation
  24. Teamsters Warn Western Refining Investors, Stakeholders of Possible Strike at Minn. R
  25. O’Reilly Auto Parts faces Possible Work Stoppage, Service Delays
  26. Hoffa: USTR Nominee Lighthizer May Signal Positive Change in Future U.S. Trade Policy
  27. Hoffa: Workers Need Real Pension Reform
  28. New Contract For NY Heating Oil Drivers
  29. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Jan. 4-10
  30. Teamsters Ratify Strong Agreement at Minnesota Refinery
  31. Fifth Annual Pipeline Steward School and Business and Officers' Conference
  32. Skilled Trade Workers Strike At UCLA
  33. Teamsters Urge Approval of Rover Pipeline
  34. UCLA Workers On Strike For A Contract
  35. Business Agent Skills in Survival (Public Sector), March 20-24, 2017
  36. Leslie Marshall Show Features Teamsters Strike at University of California
  37. Teamsters Denounce Passage of Destructive Anti-Worker Bills in Kentucky
  38. Hoffa: Thousands of UC Workers Go on Strike for Fair Wages, Pensions
  39. Teamsters Applaud Introduction of Legislation to Close Executive Pay Tax Loophole
  40. Teamsters, Carhaul Employer Group Negotiations Under Way
  41. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Jan. 11-17
  42. Local 2010 Members Strike University of California
  43. Teamsters Local 396 Waste Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract
  44. WIN Labor Radio Interview On Local 2010 Strike
  45. Local 722 Secures Reinstatement For Member After Wrongful Termination
  46. Teamsters and Carhaul Employer Group Negotiate for Third Day
  47. New Coke Teamsters in Oklahoma
  48. Teamster Carhaul Negotiations to Resume Monday, January 16
  49. Teamsters Vote to Strike at San Francisco International Airport
  50. BLET And SMART-TD Seek To Overturn Punitive Substance Abuse Law In NJ
  51. BLET: Victory In Battle To Protect Two-Person Train Crews
  52. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Jan. 18-24
  53. BLET: Call Congress To Support Two-Person Crew Bill
  54. Teamsters, Rinker Hydro Conduit (Cemex) Reach Tentative Agreement
  55. Newest Members at Ferguson Overwhelmingly Ratify First Teamster Contract
  56. First Contract For Orange County Workers
  57. Hoffa: Withdrawal from TPP the Right Choice for U.S. Trade Policy
  58. Teamsters Warn of Possible Lockout at Key Aerospace & Defense System Manufacturing Fa
  59. Teamsters, Carhaul Employer Group Reach Tentative Agreement
  60. New Contract For Niagara County Sewer District Workers
  61. Teamsters Applaud Executive Orders Advancing Pipeline Projects
  62. Las Vegas Teamsters Ratify Rinker Hydro Conduit Agreement
  63. Hoffa: Dem Infrastructure Bill Should Further Dialogue on U.S. Investment
  64. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Jan. 25-31
  65. Teamster Pilots Win Again Against Flexjet, Flight Options
  66. Teamsters Applaud Minnesota for Filing Fraud, Wage Theft Lawsuit Against LME/FLE
  67. Sen. Flake Legislation to Repeal Davis-Bacon an Attack on Working Families
  68. Teamster Horizon Air Pilots Take Legal Action to Protect Passengers, Mitigate Growing
  69. Niles, Illinois, Fire Department Ratifies Strong Four-Year Agreement
  70. Hoffa Addresses Red Cross Meeting
  71. Op-Ed: UC President Napolitano Holds Key to Helping Workers
  72. Minnesota Teamsters: O'Reilly Auto Parts Faces Distribution Crisis as Amazon Threat L
  73. Local 118 And Genesee Brewery Reach New Deal
  74. Carhaul Local Union Leaders to Review Tentative Agreement on February 16
  75. Teamsters Statement on Gorsuch Nomination to the Supreme Court
  76. Hoffa: Keep Trade Reform Efforts Alive
  77. Pipeline Trainings To Be Held In Ohio, West Virginia, Texas
  78. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Feb. 1-7
  79. Teamsters Joint Council 32 Endorses Jacob Frey for Minneapolis Mayor
  80. Teamsters Strongly Oppose National Right-to-Work Legislation
  81. Roll Back of ‘Fair and Safe Workplaces’ Will Hurt Workers, Reward Bad Actors
  82. Union Urges White House to Reconsider ‘Fair and Safe Workplaces’ Position
  83. Teamsters Local 237 Pres. Greg Floyd: Do We Need Black History Month? Yes.
  84. Teamsters, Health Techs, Nurses, Community Leaders Rally Outside R.I. Hospital and Li
  85. Leslie Marshall Features Teamsters’ Fight for Fair Contract at O’Reilly Auto Parts
  86. Teamsters & The Fight for Civil Rights: Remembering Ernest Calloway
  87. Hoffa: Teamsters Endorse Keith Ellison for DNC Chair
  88. Teamsters Local 700 Files Unfair Labor Practice Against Grundy County Sheriff and Gru
  89. Teamsters Denounce Passage of Destructive Anti-Worker Bill in Missouri
  90. Local 1, Nothing New - Taking Credit When It Isn't Due
  91. Gideon Parham: Black Trade Unionist and Teamster Leader
  92. Hoffa: House GOP Renews War on Workers with ‘Right to Work’ Bill
  93. Teamsters Appeal to NetJets Customers in Dispute Over Subcontracting and Pay
  94. Deadline Approaching For Health and Safety Survey for BMWED Members
  95. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Feb. 8-14
  96. Leslie Marshall Show Features Teamsters Fight for Aviation Safety
  97. From the Wedding Chapel to the Courthouse: The Lovings Win Racial Justice
  98. New Jersey/Pennsylvania Head Start Workers Ratify Contract
  99. Ernie Soehl Appointed to Lead Teamsters National Freight Division
  100. Teamsters Will Fight Kellogg's Job-Killing Plan
  101. Carhaul Conference Call Scheduled Thursday, February 16
  102. Sean O’Brien Appointed To Lead Teamsters Package Division
  103. Rover Gas Pipeline Approved
  104. Teamster UPS Aircraft Mechanics To Customers: Don’t Let UPS Ruin Your Valentine’s Day
  105. Teamsters Offer Disaster Relief Assistance In Mississippi
  106. Tell Congress to Oppose National Right to Work Legislation
  107. Teamster Corrections Employees Bring Demands To Washington State Capitol
  108. Disaster Relief For Teamsters In Georgia
  109. Teamsters and the Red Ball Express
  110. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Feb. 15-21
  111. Teamsters Support Resolution to Renegotiate NAFTA
  112. Teamsters Applaud Defeat of Right-to-Work Legislation in New Hampshire
  113. Leaders of Carhaul Local Unions Overwhelmingly Endorse Tentative Agreement
  114. Teamsters International Officer Election Certified
  115. Fact Sheet About Kellogg's/Keebler Announcement
  116. Carhaul Informational Meetings Scheduled
  117. Liberty Bakery Kitchen Employees Vote to Join Teamsters
  118. Listen to Carhaul Conference Call
  119. Minnesota Democrats Aim to Crack Down on Wage Theft
  120. Milwaukee Teamsters Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract With Roundy's
  121. Teamsters Offer Disaster Relief Assistance In Louisiana
  122. Joe Nero: Proud Teamster & Community Leader
  123. IIO Charges Against Ken Hall Withdrawn
  124. Listen to Teamster Nation News for Feb. 22-28
  125. Salesforce Teamsters Ratify First Contract
  126. Nestlé Teamsters Ratify New Contract
  127. Teamsters Endorse Maria Elena Durazo for DNC Vice-Chair
  128. Carhaul Conference Call Scheduled Thursday, February 27
  129. Teamster UPS Aircraft Mechanics File For Release From Mediation
  130. XPO CEO Bradley Jacobs Refuses to Listen to His Employees
  131. The “Hidden” Women of NASA
  132. Teamsters Endorse Michael Blake for DNC Vice-Chair
  133. Support Girl Scouts and Teamsters!
  134. Houston Southern Glazer’s Drivers Vote Teamsters
  135. Teamsters Announce Regional Appointments for National Freight Division
  136. Airline Division News - SPECIAL, Week Ending February 25, 2017
  137. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 24, 2017
  138. Teamsters Demand Justice for Workers While XPO CEO Jacobs Speaks
  139. Airgas Workers Join Teamsters
  140. Pre-Board Screeners at Saskatoon Airport Join Teamsters
  141. The National Museum of African American History and Culture
  142. Hoffa: Trade Deal Should Help Workers
  143. Mass Layoffs Announced Today As A Result Of Philadelphia Beverage Tax
  144. Audio of Second Conference Call (February 27)
  145. Listen to Teamster Nation News for March 1-7
  146. Savage Services Workers Join Teamsters
  147. Fall River City Council Plays Politics With DCM Workers' Livelihoods
  148. Teamster Mechanics Protest Harmful Cuts and Discrimination at Cummins, Inc.
  149. Workplace Safety Undermined by Passage of Resolution to Disapprove Rule
  150. At Philly Shareholders Meeting, Teamsters Challenge Drug Wholesaler AmerisourceBergen
  151. Teamsters Demand Probe of AmerisourceBergen’s Opioid Sales
  152. Sysco Workers in Idaho Join Teamsters Local 690
  153. Teamsters Material Specialists, Southwest Airlines Reach Agreement in Principle
  154. Administrative Law Judge Orders Sysco to Bargain With Teamsters in Grand Rapids
  155. Recycling Workers Join Teamsters in Union Vote
  156. Power to the Workers: Sims Recycling Workers Join Teamsters
  157. Shaw’s Delivery Drivers and Mechanics Vote to Join Teamsters Local 340
  158. BMWED National Negotiations Update
  159. Teamsters Honor Women’s History
  160. Teamsters, Shareholders Take Corporate Political Spending to Task
  161. Young Women Learn About the Teamsters
  162. Hoffa: New DOT Report Fails to Recognize Benefit of Well-Rested Truckers
  163. National Pipeline Agreement Vote Deadline March 10
  164. Teamsters Scholarship Launches On-Line System
  165. Listen to Teamster Nation News for March 8-14
  166. WSJ: Who’s to Blame for the Trucker Shortage?
  167. Teamsters: AHCA Must Repeal, Not Delay the "Cadillac Tax"
  168. Leslie Marshall Show Features Teamsters Fight Against Opioid Crisis
  169. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 5, 2017 - SPECIAL
  170. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 5, 2017
  171. Teamsters: Defeat of Amendments to Repeal Excise Tax an Attack on Middle Class
  172. Teamster Women in History: Marie Kemple
  173. Petition For Caltrain Electrification Needs Your Support
  174. WSJ: Uber Gears Up to Block Bid to Form a Union in Seattle
  175. Annual Report of the Independent Review Officer
  176. Dorothy Rice, Pioneering Economist Who Made Case for Medicare, Dies at 94
  177. Teamsters Local 727 Holds Postcard Day
  178. Teamster Pipeline Locals Vote To Extend Agreement
  179. Becky Strzechowski Appointed to Lead Teamsters Human Rights Commission
  180. Teamsters Fight Back Against UPS “Golf Cart” Bill in Kentucky
  181. XPO Logistics Drivers in Trenton Seek Teamster Representation
  182. US Foods Teamsters Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify 4-Year Contract
  183. Local 710 Successfully Settles “One Punch Rule” Pension Grievance at ABF
  184. Radio Host Leslie Marshall Features Teamsters' Joint Employer Fight
  185. Teamsters Present Oral Arguments in Challenge to Open Borders for Mexican Trucks
  186. Teamster Women in History: Judy June Hill
  187. XPO Logistics Settles with Georgia Teamsters
  188. Local 727 Secures First Five-Year Contract for Laz Meters Employees
  189. Local 120 Welcomes Belle Fourche Police Officers
  190. WSJ: UPS Gives Top Brass a Raise Despite Missed Targets
  191. DHL Clerical Workers Vote to Join Teamsters
  192. Lyft Drivers Win $27 Million Settlement After Teamsters Seek Greater Award
  193. Teamster Women in History: Clara Day
  194. BMWED Freight Rail Bargaining Update
  195. Hoffa-Hall, General Executive Board, Begin Five-Year Term
  196. Teamster Women in History: Robbie Jubiter
  197. Teamsters Ratify Agreement at US Foods
  198. Wheels to Work: UPS Teamsters Pitch In For Coworker in Need
  199. Teamster Women in History: Mazie Lanham
  200. Dockworkers at XPO in Aurora, Illinois Seek Teamster Representation
  201. Teamsters Go Pink to Support Sisters With Breast Cancer
  202. U.S. Court of Appeals Preserves Fair Share Fees, Dismisses Right-to-Work Case
  203. Drivers at XPO in Elgin, Illinois Seek Teamster Representation
  204. Hall Tells SEC to Move on CEO Pay Ratio Rule
  205. Teamsters Local 251 Contract Approved by Fall River City Council
  206. Teamsters Honor Women's History Month, Look Back at 19th Amendment
  207. Teamsters Sound Alarm at Nets
  208. Teamsters Applaud Presidential Permit for Keystone XL
  209. Teamsters Local 63 Wins Grievance On Behalf of UPS Pre-Loaders
  210. Full Funding For Amtrak
  211. Local 2010 Reaches Tentative Agreement For Workers At University Of California
  212. Teamsters Denounce House Joint Resolution Eliminating Protections for Federal Contrac
  213. Teamster Women in History: Regina Polk
  214. XPO's Jacobs Misremembers European Labor Relations
  215. Teamster Mechanics Protest Cummins Health Care Cuts
  216. Teamsters Local 495 Members Ratify Contract at Toyota Logistics
  217. Register for the 2017 Teamsters Women's Conference
  218. Putting The Brakes On Platooning: UPS Teamsters Raise Concerns On Connected Vehicle T
  219. UPS Teamster Leader Speaks Out Against Driverless Vehicles
  220. Hoffa: Workers of the World Unite Against Global Greed
  221. Teamster Carhaul Members Ratify National Contract, Regional Agreement
  222. Teamsters Carhaul Conference Call Set for Thursday, March 30
  223. Local 117 Members Ratify Viking Sprinkler Contract
  224. Teamsters to Demand Lobbying Disclosures, Accountability at UPS
  225. More Silicon Valley Shuttle Drivers Join Local 853
  226. Teamsters Support Commerce Department Review of China's Non-Market Economy
  227. Teamsters Condemn ExpressJet/ASA for Demanding Wage Increases Well Below Industry Sta
  228. Teamsters Applaud Executive Orders Addressing U.S. Trade Abuses
  229. It’s Time To Repeal The “Cadillac Tax” On UPS Teamsters’ Health Care
  230. Airline Division News, Week Ending April 2, 2017
  231. Local 162 Wins Dispatching Grievance for UPS Teamsters
  232. UPS Teamsters Focus On Contract Enforcement As Saturday Delivery Creates 6,000 New Jo
  233. Hoffa: Cadillac Tax Hurts Union Workers
  234. Hoffa Meets With President Trump to Discuss Pension Security
  235. Teamster Flight Dispatchers Reach Tentative Agreement with Atlas Air and Polar Air Ca
  236. The Economic Justice Fight Inside Silicon Valley's Commuter Buses
  237. Teamsters Prepare To Battle UPS, Truck Industry Lobbyists On Safety Issues
  238. Hundreds of Teamster Leaders Gather in Southern California to Prepare to Fight for Th
  239. Teamsters, Southwest Airlines Reach Tentative Agreement for Material Specialists
  240. UPS Teamsters: Vote Your Shares, Demand Lobbying Accountability At UPS
  241. Teamsters Local 396 Successfully Secures Six Contracts in One Month
  242. Teamsters Local 952 Retirees Successfully Lobby for Passage of Transportation Bill SB
  243. Niagara Falls Coach Lines School Bus Monitors To Join Teamsters Local 264
  244. A Legendary Life at UPS: 50-Year Driver Danny Kaminski
  245. Charleston Gazette-Mail: Ken Hall: A Shareholder’s Prescription for the Big Three Opi
  246. Listen to April’s Teamster Nation Podcast
  247. Public Services Division Conference May 10-11
  248. UPS Freight Teamster Joins Elite Program to Promote Industry
  249. “Miracles Do Happen”: Local 177 Wins Back UPS Driver's Job, Benefits
  250. Workers at Clock Freight Join Teamsters Local 2785 in California