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  1. Airline Division News, Week Ending July 21, 2019
  2. Workers at First Student Westborough Join Teamsters Local 170
  3. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending July 19, 2019
  4. Hoffa: House Approval of Minimum Wage Hike is Long Overdue for Workers
  5. Important Jack Cooper Carhaul Update
  6. Hoffa: Teamsters Laud House for Passing Repeal of Excise Tax on Health Plans
  7. Airline Division News, Week Ending July 12, 2019
  8. Teamsters Reach Agreement in Principle With Air Canada
  9. Teamsters, NFI Workers Call on NJEDA to Rescind NFI's $80 Million Tax Break
  10. BMWED Members Ratify Paducah And Louisville Railway Agreement
  11. Teamsters Score Critical Legal Victory as First Step in Reversing Rising Tide of Dead
  12. Teamsters Local 320 Builds Public Sector Power with Back-to-Back Organizing Victories
  13. Teamsters Stand in Soldarity With Striking Amazon Workers
  14. Teamsters Local 118 and Wegmans Food Markets Reach Tentative Agreement
  15. Teamsters File EEOC Charges Against Republic Services in Memphis
  16. Chicago DS Waters Workers Ratify Contract
  17. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending July 12, 2019
  18. Join Fairness at Abbott Now
  19. Teamsters Applaud Ways and Means Vote to Approve Pension Reform Bill
  20. Teamster Author on New Book
  21. Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with California UFCW Workers
  22. Teamsters Call on Ways and Means to Approve Pension Reform Bill
  23. Greetings from the Labor Movement!
  24. Who Are the Teamsters?
  25. Frequently Asked Questions
  26. Hoffa: Michigan Attorney General Takes Aim at Wage Theft
  27. Bakery & Laundry Teamsters Stand Tall for Workers in Denver
  28. Abbott Ambulance Employees Get the Conversations Started
  29. AMFA's Northwest Airlines Tragedy
  30. Airline Division News, Week Ending June 26, 2019
  31. ExpressJet Negotiations Break Down Early as Teamsters File for Mediation with the NMB
  32. AMFA's Sorry Track Record
  33. Legal Bargaining Under the RLA
  34. Debunking AMFA Lies: Pay Rate Comparisons
  35. Debunking AMFA Lies: Mainline Pay Vs. Regional Pay
  36. Debunking AMFA Lies: Alaska and Horizon Air
  37. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending June 28, 2019
  38. XPO Workers Take on Company at Annual Meetings
  39. Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with AFGE, NFFE in Protesting Proposed OPM Shutdown
  40. Teamsters Standing Strong One Year After Anti-Worker ‘Janus’ Ruling
  41. BLET: Two-Person Rail Crew Bill Introduced In Senate
  42. Deadline Detroit: Stalled Union Contract Talks Could Tarnish PGA Event At Detroit Gol
  43. 11,000 U.S. Airline Catering Workers Authorize a Strike at Airports Nationwide
  44. At Vocational Independence Program, Teamsters Make a Difference One Day at a Time
  45. Detroit Golf Club Groundskeepers Continue Fight for New Contract As Course Prepares t
  46. Airport Concessions Workers Join Teamsters Local 970, Win First Contract
  47. BLET Testifies At Congressional Hearing On Two-Person Crew Necessity
  48. Teamsters Call on N.J. EDA to Immediately Suspend NFI's $80 Million Tax Break
  49. Sysco-Boston Drivers Ratify Contract That Improves and Secures Jobs
  50. Pro-Worker Labor Bill Becomes Law in Nevada
  51. Celebrate the Holiday with Teamster Products
  52. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending June 14, 2019
  53. South Jersey Trucking Firm Omitted Criminal Violation in Application for $79 Million
  54. Teamsters Call on N.J. Attorney General, EDA to Investigate and Prosecute NFI Over Ta
  55. Joel Rafael Releasing New Album
  56. Teamsters Women's Conference 2019
  57. Hoffa: Teamsters Applaud House Panel's Passage of Pension Reform Measure
  58. Teamster Leaders Meet for Warehouse Division Conference
  59. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending May 7, 2019
  60. D-Day 75 Years Later
  61. STA Roy-Hart Workers Join Teamsters
  62. Teamsters and Allies Advocate for Safety at Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Summit
  63. Hoffa: Protecting Pension Remains Top Priority
  64. Teamsters Applaud Passage of Dream and Promise Act in U.S. House
  65. Freeman Succeeds Tedeschi as GCC President
  66. Wayne County Teamsters Ratify New Agreement
  67. Welcome to the Teamsters Public Services Division
  68. XPO Logistics Workers Strike in Connecticut While Employees Around the Globe Protest
  69. U.S. Rep. DeLauro Visits North Haven Picket Line, Supports Striking XPO Workers
  70. AP: Hauling Route For Keystone XL Pipeline Approved In South Dakota
  71. BLET: FRA Reduces Prospects For Safer Railroad Industry
  72. If Congress Doesn't Act
  73. Teamsters Stand In Solidarity With IAM, TWU Workers At American Airlines
  74. Teamsters Commend Santa Ana USD for Responsible Bidding
  75. Teamster Weekly Update, Week Ending May 24, 2019
  76. YRCW Teamster Wins 2019 President's Award From Company
  77. Episode 177: United in Power at Unity!
  78. Graphic Communicator for April-May-June 2019
  79. Hoffa: Teens Driving Trucks Interstate Would Jeopardize Safety
  80. Wisconsin Teamster’s Training Helps Him Save a Life
  81. Teamster Leaders Laud Lifting of U.S. National Security Tariffs
  82. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending May 17, 2019
  83. Workers at First Student School Bus of Irving, TX Join Teamsters Local 745
  84. NV Governor Signs Two-Person Rail Crew Bill
  85. Teamsters Leader on Trade with China: They're Keeping Us Out
  86. Teamsters Plan Strategy to Build Member Power at Public Services Division Conference
  87. Teamsters Stand with Law Enforcement Officers
  88. Teamsters Strike at Murphy Warehouse
  89. Teamsters YRC Freight, Holland, and New Penn Contract Will Now Take Effect
  90. Teamsters' Hoffa: 2020 Democrats are Vying for Union Support, and That's a Welcome Sh
  91. Sea-Tac Airport Fuelers Ratify First Contract With Teamsters Local 174
  92. Important Information for UPS Part-Time Workers
  93. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending May 10, 2019
  94. Teamsters Local 662 Member Reaches 3-Million-Mile Safety Record
  95. Teamsters Union Stands in Solidarity With Uber, Lyft Drivers
  96. National Master UPS Agreement Contract Book Now Available
  97. Hoffa: Job Training Bills Would Build Better Michigan
  98. Teamster Leaders Gather for Unity Conference
  99. YRCW Vote Count By Local
  100. Chattanooga Drivers and Monitors Ratify First Teamster Contract
  101. Workers at Illinois Central in Kankakee Vote to Join Teamsters Local 179
  102. Teamsters, Port Workers Applaud Port of L.A. Decision to Lease Former NFI/Cal Cartage
  103. Del. Officers Agree to First Contract as Local 326 Members
  104. The Spring 2019 Edition of the Drive Up Standards Newsletter is Here!
  105. Follow the YRCW Vote Count Live on Friday, May 3
  106. Port Trucking Drivers in California Join Teamsters Local 63
  107. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending May 3, 2019
  108. Workers at YRC Freight, Holland, New Penn Approve National Master Contract
  109. Driver Helpers With Republic National Distributing Join Teamsters Local 299
  110. Hoffa: Teamsters Back Effort to Revamp Federal Labor Law to Benefit Workers
  111. Teamsters Help Train Navajo Area Rail Workers on Protective Skills
  112. Safety Notice for Rail Teamsters
  113. Nebraska Teamsters Laud Collective Bargaining Resolution
  114. NYC Mayor Signs Law Protecting Sanitation Union Rights
  115. Shop Stewards for United Airlines Mechanics Wrap Up Training at Teamsters Headquarter
  116. Workers Memorial Day 2019
  117. Teamsters National UPS Agreement Takes Effect, Final Supplement Ratified
  118. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending April 26, 2019
  119. BMWED President’s 2019 Workers’ Memorial Day Message
  120. Teamsters Military Assistance Program Meets With Army, Soldier For Life Program
  121. Teamsters Dispatchers Ratify Contract With Allegiant Air
  122. Workers' Memorial Day 2019
  123. Standing Up for Strong Communities and Good Jobs at the Port of LA
  124. Teamsters Local 528 Members Strike at Sysco Over Violations of Workers’ Rights
  125. Campaign Workers Are Now Teamster Strong!
  126. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending April 18, 2019
  127. Teamster Nurses Keep on Truckin'
  128. Balloting Materials for YRCW Teamsters Mailed Today
  129. California Port Truck Drivers Awarded Over $1.2 Million for Wage Theft
  130. Workers At First Student (Bay Path) Dudley/Charlton, Massachusetts Join Teamsters Lo
  131. Workers at Durham School Services in Everett, Wash. Join Teamsters Local 38
  132. XPO Workers in Erie, Pennsylvania Seek Teamster Representation
  133. Truck Drivers Who Haul for Rio Tinto Attend Company's AGM
  134. Teamsters Ratify New Contract at Rhode Island Hospital
  135. Nurses at Medical Center in Lewiston, Idaho Vote to Join Teamsters Local 690
  136. American Red Cross Workers Join Teamsters in Indiana
  137. Listen to the YRCW Members Teleforum From April 10
  138. Kansas is Short on School Bus Drivers. One Company and the Teamsters Have an Idea.
  139. Possible School Bus Strike in Québec’s Eastern Townships
  140. Local Union Leaders Overwhelmingly Endorse Tentative YRC Freight, Holland and New Pen
  141. Episode 176: These Women Work!
  142. Sikorsky Teamsters Win the Ergo Cup
  143. UPS Teamsters Local 804 Supplement Vote Results
  144. UPS Teamsters Western Pennsylvania Supplement Vote Results
  145. Precision Scheduled Railroading: Short Term Gains at What Cost
  146. YRC Freight, Holland and New Penn Conference Call on Wednesday, April 10
  147. West Coast Carhaulers Ratify First Contract with North American Auto Transport
  148. Teamsters Weekly Update Week Ending May 5, 2019
  149. Journey to Drive: New Apprenticeship Program Puts More Teamsters Behind the Wheel
  150. Teamster Locals 174 and 117 Members Prepare for Action at Veritiv
  151. Hoffa: Michigan Will Play Critical Role in 2020 Election
  152. Costco Teamsters in California, East Region Ratify Contracts
  153. Teamsters Union Provides Members Seeking Citizenship With Invaluable Assistance
  154. United Airlines Mechanic Becomes an Inventor After Losing His Sight
  155. Warehouse Division Conference, June 3-5, 2019
  156. Teamsters Win Fired Sysco Worker’s Job Back With Full Pay, Benefits
  157. Teamsters Material Specialists Ratify Agreement at Southwest Airlines
  158. Judges Give Missouri Workers Two More Wins Vs. Radical Right Anti-Union Schemes
  159. Labor Unions and the Cannabis Industry
  160. Kittitas County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Thompson Killed in the Line of Duty
  161. Teamsters Weekly Update Week Ending 3 22 19
  162. BLET and SMART TD Support Two-Person Rail Crew Legislation
  163. Two-Person Rail Crew Bill Becomes Law In Colorado
  164. YRCW Update: Tentative Agreement In Principle Reached
  165. Port Truck Drivers' Rights Upheld in California
  166. XPO Driver Wins Grievance, Awarded Back Pay
  167. Leslie Marshall Show Focuses on Teamsters Cannabis Division
  168. Hoffa Marks 20 Years of Building Teamster Power
  169. Firefighters/EMTs in Illinois Join Teamsters Local 525
  170. YRCW Bargaining Update For March 15, 2019
  171. BLET Lobbies Capitol Hill To Promote Rail Safety
  172. Kansas Teamsters Argue for School Bus Driver Unemployment Insurance at Senate Hearing
  173. Frontier Airlines Mechanics Ratify Contract with Teamsters Local 455
  174. ‘Miracles Do Happen:’ Long-Lost Mother and Daughter Find One Another at Local 777
  175. Food Service Workers in Idaho and Oregon Join Teamsters Locals 483 and 670
  176. Episode 175: Standing Up to Sysco
  177. Teamster School Bus Workers Lobby for Unemployment Insurance in St. Paul
  178. Mechanics At Reyes Fleet Management Join Local 727
  179. Teamsters Support Dream and Promise Act
  180. Teamsters Honor Fallen Firefighter
  181. Teamsters Weekly Updates, Ending March 8, 2019
  182. Teamster Dispatchers, Allegiant Air Reach Agreement in Principle
  183. Teamsters Lend a Hand to Help Wounded Vets in Ariz.
  184. Hoffa: Whitmer Targets Infrastructure, Skills Training for Future
  185. UPS Teamsters Central Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania and Local 243/Detroit Metro
  186. Rail Hazmat Chemical/Emergency Response Training Programs
  187. Teamsters Celebrate Women’s History Month
  188. WV Gazette: Judge Rejects Parts of RTW Law
  189. Drivers at DHL Contractor in LA Vote to Join Local 986
  190. YRCW Bargaining Update: Economic Issues on the Table
  191. Nuns, Teamsters, Philadelphia City Government and Vanguard All Pressure AmerisourceBe
  192. Teamsters Local 287 Wins Cemex Driver’s Job Back
  193. California Teamsters Call for End to Worker Misclassification
  194. Teamsters Brewery and Soft Drink Workers Conference Convenes
  195. Connecticut Teamsters Locked Out by Coors-Miller Beer Distributor
  196. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 23, 2019
  197. Hoffa, Airline Division Director's Statement on Atlas Air Crash
  198. SWA Flight Simulator Technicians, Teamsters Local 19 Ratify Contract
  199. Teamsters at Rancho Cucamonga Vote YES to Approve Contract
  200. Teamsters, Gov. Laura Kelly Push for School Bus Driver Unemployment Benefits
  201. Teamsters Weekly Update, Week Ending February 15, 2019
  202. YRC Negotiations Continue on National Items
  203. Teamsters Local 916 Celebrates Black History Month
  204. Teamsters JC 16 Statement on Amazon Cancelling HQ2 Plans
  205. Teamsters Stand With Immigrants Because Immigrant Rights are Worker Rights
  206. Veterans To Be Honored In Tucson By Local 104
  207. NY Times: XPO Logistics Will Close Warehouse Where Some Pregnant Workers Miscarried
  208. Teamsters Remember James R. Hoffa
  209. Drivers at Sysco Near Miami Vote to Join Teamsters Local 769
  210. XPO, Verizon to Close Facility in Memphis, Workers Claim Retaliation
  211. Teamsters at Nelson Trucking Unanimously Authorize Strike Action
  212. Teamsters Mourn the Passing of Ben Leal
  213. Teamsters Applaud Introduction of Legislation to Protect Transit Workers
  214. NFI/Cal Cartage Workers Call on Customers to Work with New Tenant at the Port
  215. Coke Sales Suffer in Southern California Under New Distribution System; Survey Says
  216. Upstate and Western New York UPS Supplement Local Union Vote Results
  217. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 9, 2019
  218. Teamsters JC 16 Statement on Amazon's Reconsideration of HQ2 in NY
  219. UPS Air Cargo Teamsters Ratify Contract
  220. California UNFI Drivers Ratify Contract
  221. Local 2010 Welcomes Lead Childcare Teachers
  222. Teamsters Weekly Update, Ending February 8, 2019
  223. Warehouse Workers in Pennsylvania Join Teamsters Local 429
  224. Teamsters Challenge DOT Preemption of California's Meal and Rest Break Rules
  225. Teamsters Celebrate Black History Month
  226. Hoffa: Bipartisan Bill Can Deliver on Pension Promise
  227. Pipeline Construction Steward School Convenes
  228. UPS Teamsters Ratify Upstate and Western New York Supplement
  229. Local 391 Organizes N.C. Stericycle Drivers
  230. Teamsters to Enter Mediation on Behalf of United Airlines Maintenance Controllers
  231. Teamsters Charge Jack Cooper Transport as a Labor Law Violator
  232. Ken Hall Op-Ed: W.Va. Senate President Uses Dirty Tricks to Pass School Bill
  233. Teamsters Weekly Update, Ending February 1, 2019
  234. YRC Bargaining Update: Continued Progress
  235. Teamsters Legal Defense Fund
  236. First Student Drivers of Hampton, N.H. Vote to Join Teamsters Local 633
  237. Episode 174: Fire Survivors Serve Community
  238. Teamsters Weekly Updates, Ending January 25, 2019
  239. Drivers at Sysco Sygma in Detroit Area Vote to Join Teamsters Local 337
  240. Teamsters Ratify Anheuser-Busch Agreement
  241. Hoffa Speaks to Movie Teamsters
  242. Hoffa Statement On Fortune Magazine Calling XPO “World's Most Admired Company”
  243. Hoffa: Teamsters Back Bipartisan House Legislation to Repeal Cadillac Tax
  244. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 21, 2019
  245. VP Herrera Discusses Plight of Sanitation Workers
  246. Teamsters Take Part in Government Shutdown Protest on Capitol Hill
  247. International Women’s Day 2019
  248. Memoriam: Wallace Clements
  249. BLET Members Ratify New Contracts With W&LE
  250. Teamsters Honor Dr. King's Legacy at Memphis Parade