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  1. Fiery Chicago teachers union president reelected
  2. Leaders of largest UPS union urge members to reject dual contracts
  3. Louisville Stewards and E-board Unanimously Oppose UPS Deal
  4. Hoffa’s YRC Board Appointee paid $250,000 per month
  5. VOTE NO on Proposed Contract
  6. UPS and UPS Freight — FAQs: How the Contract Vote Works
  7. Technology & Discipline
  8. Labor Notes Troublemakers School
  9. Did ABF Leak the YRC Story to Scare Teamsters?
  10. YRC confirms bid to buy Arkansas Best
  11. UPS Teamsters Getting Info, Taking Action
  12. YRC "committed" to acquiring ABF
  13. YRCW attempted to buy ABF
  14. House Bill Would Kill Overtime Law
  15. Senate Bill Would Extend Truck Size Limits to All Highways
  16. The UPS Contract By the Numbers
  17. Does the New Contract Make UPS Deliver on Harassment?
  18. Some UPS Supplements Available
  19. New UPS Central States Health Benefits Chart
  20. UPS Freight Tentative Agreement
  21. Download the Tentative Agreement with UPS
  22. Conference Call on the UPS Contract
  23. YRC Mechanics Settle Contract
  24. Charley Richardson, 1953-2013
  25. ABF Deal: No Info Released
  26. YRC Worldwide stock hits 52-week high on strong earnings report
  27. ABF tentative agreement coming soon?
  28. Hundreds of thousands of Bangladesh’s garment workers walk out in protest over factor
  29. Exec makes 1,795 times more than worker
  30. Fight for May Day's Two Traditions
  31. Making Change at Walmart
  32. UPS Tentative Agreement Report
  33. May Day: International Workers Day
  34. Who Pays the Real Price of Your Shirt?
  35. UPS Contract Details
  36. UPS, Teamster leaders reach tentative agreement on five-year labor contracts
  37. Tentative Contract Deals Reached
  38. YRC Freight change of operations plan is formally approved
  39. UPS Profits Up Again, Top $1 Billion For 1Q
  40. UPS sales top $13.4B, profits up in Q1
  41. YRC Change of Operations Approved
  42. Boston Teamsters Form Human Shield Against Hate Group
  43. State proposes fining Waste Management
  44. ABF seeks 6.5% cut in Teamsters pay
  45. Tell Congress: "Don't mess with the 40-hour workweek and overtime pay!"
  46. UPSers Press for Vote On Change to Their Health Plan
  47. Another 30-day Extension in ABF Bargaining
  48. Southern New England Labor Education Conference
  49. Members Push Back on UPS Healthcare Proposal
  50. Teamster Strikes Spread at Republic Waste
  51. YRCW and Mechanics: Tentative Agreement
  52. Kansas City Teamsters Speak Out On Central States Pension Fund
  53. Will YRC Lock Out Mechanics?
  54. YRC Worldwide to Lock Out IAM Mechanics
  55. Union-Employer Proposal Would Hit Some Retirees
  56. Members Waiting on Details on Harassment, 9.5, Technology
  57. Hong Kong Dockworkers Strike Attracts Huge Solidarity
  58. NYC Mayor Lied About School Bus Strike
  59. Teamsters strike at AFC Cable
  60. Workers at closing YRC Freight hub took pay cuts, lost vacation time
  61. Are UPS Teamsters Headed to Central States Health Fund?
  62. Star Tribune Guild workers rally outside of the newspaper's headquarters
  63. ABF v IBT, YRC Hearing
  64. Teamsters At Republic Services Extend Picket Lines To Anaheim, California
  65. Slawsons Fined and Banned for Life
  66. TDU Members Speak Out Against Technology Harassment
  67. Tracking workers' every move can boost productivity — and stress
  68. Hong Kong Dock Workers Strike Against Long Hours, Low Pay
  69. Another Driver Wins after Refusing Unsafe Truck
  70. Fears on Teamsters Pension
  71. The day that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died
  72. Hoffa Administration OKs Carhaul Sweetheart Deal
  73. Teamsters Set To Meet With YRC Over Terminal Closures
  74. Teamster Financial Reports Available
  75. Thousands Rally to Save Pensions
  76. I am TDU
  77. U.P.S. Will Forfeit $40 Million Over Illegal Drug Shipments
  78. ABF, Teamsters extend labor contract negotiations for 30 days
  79. Teamsters Strike At Republic Services/Allied Waste In Youngstown, Ohio
  80. ABF: 30-Day Contract Extension
  81. UPS's Davis Nears Typical CEO Tenure as Kuehn Seen Next
  82. D.O.T. says July 1 Deadline for New Hours of Service
  83. Postal Service Chases Competition, Tracking Packages and Workers
  84. This is What Teamster Democracy Looks Like
  85. UPS Freight Update: Contract Coming Soon?
  86. UPS Contract Update
  87. Why they Attack TDU
  88. UPS & UPS Freight Conference Calls
  89. UPS Healthcare Scare
  90. YRC Worldwide filing reveals executive compensation
  91. ILWU strikes Waste Management
  92. Keeping Members in the Dark Doesn't Win Better Contracts
  93. How TDU Won Contract Rights for All Teamsters
  94. UPS Freight Contract Scorecard
  95. YRC's Proposed Mega-Change Deserves a Close Look
  96. UPSers Speak Out on the Contract
  97. Make UPS Deliver Less Harassment
  98. UPS Teamsters Need a Pension Increase
  99. Could Central States Cuts Affect UPS Retirees?
  100. A Plan to Protect Pensions
  101. Central States: 35 Companies Join "New" Fund
  102. Making the Most of Local Union Meetings
  103. Getting Educated & Organized with TDU
  104. 5 Things Teamsters Can Do When the Contract Comes Down
  105. ABF Already Got a $1.40 per hour Concession
  106. YRC Freight unveils network restructuring plan
  107. Obama to nominate Thomas Perez as labor secretary
  108. UPS Talks Get Hazy on Healthcare
  109. YRC's Proposed Change: Big and Bad
  110. AFL-CIO's Trumka Calls for Change in the Labor Movement
  111. Your Right to Refuse to Operate Unsafe Equipment: Do’s and Don’ts
  112. Driver Wins Record Whistle-Blower Award Against UPS
  113. Modest progress reported in ABF, Teamster contract talks
  114. Teamsters weigh allegations against 2 Twin Cities leaders
  115. Texas Woman Awarded $600,000 for UPS Discrimination: Why Didn't The Grievance Procedu
  116. NY-NJ TDU Education Conference: Sat., March 9
  117. Teamsters Local 72 complaint against NYS Thruway Authority
  118. FMCSA Tells ATA It Will Not Delay HOS Enforcement
  119. IBT Backs Plan to Allow Some Pension Cuts
  120. Bargaining Opens for Chicago UPS Contract
  121. Negotiations Resume at UPS and UPS Freight
  122. UPS Contract Negotiations Update
  123. UPS Increases Stock Dividends
  124. UPS Contract Rallies Draw a Crowd
  125. Former Teamster leaders go into the bar business
  126. Possible End to NYC School Bus Strike
  127. New Teamster Contract at Honeywell Plants
  128. Concept of higher fuel taxes to pay for infrastructure backed by an atypical Washingt
  129. ABF on Wrong Road in Bargaining
  130. UPS Adds 100 Electric Delivery Trucks to California Fleet
  131. YRC Worldwide CEO Welch: Results, turnaround are energizing
  132. UPS Freight: National Day of Unity
  133. Central States Fund 35 Companies Switch to “New” Plan
  134. UPS Targets Health Benefits
  135. 3 years after closing, Chicago Ridge truck terminal could reopen
  136. NLRB Office of General Counsel finds NY bus strike not unlawful
  137. Arkansas Best Corp. Reports Loss, Seeks End to Teamsters Talk
  138. Make UPS Deliver
  139. National UPS Conference Call
  140. UPS Posts Record Earnings
  141. UPS books loss after big pension charge, sees 2013 profit up
  142. Pension charge pushes UPS 4Q results into the red
  143. NY-NJ Teamster Education Conference
  144. NYC Bus Strike Continues, Mayor Digs In
  145. ABF ships nonunion FedEx to Teamster Members
  146. Uniting for Change
  147. School bus companies meeting with union Monday
  148. Office Teamsters Protest YRC Withdraws the Change of Ops!
  149. Dairy Teamsters Fight Layoffs
  150. UPS Contract Scorecard
  151. UPS Grievance Panel Reform
  152. Enforcing Your 9.5 Rights
  153. Knowledge is Power
  154. UPS Threatens Retiree Healthcare Hike
  155. Same-Day Deliveries?
  156. WAREHOUSE UPDATE: Los Angeles Local 630 Sweetheart Deal Threatens Standards
  157. NLRB Judge: Carhaulers Win Jobs and Backpay
  158. N.Y. UPSers Re-Elect 804 Members United
  159. UPS Freight Members Launch Petition Campaign
  160. Teamsters Do Their Own Assessment As ABF Claims Big Losses
  161. Dealing with Discipline for Absenteeism
  162. TDU on the Move
  163. Defend Yourself With Information From Your Boss
  164. Make UPS Deliver at Contract Time
  165. What Information You Can Request and When to Request It
  166. Teamsters, ABF continue labor negotiations
  167. Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King
  168. 2013 TDU Convention Set for November 1-3
  169. Teamsters accuse Minn. father, son of embezzlement
  170. IRB Investigation: Racketeering - New Charges hit Brad Slawson Sr and Jr
  171. Trucking Employer Pays $5 million in Disability Suit
  172. NYC School Bus Drivers and Matrons on Strike
  173. UPSers: Protect Yourself When Filling Out MVDC
  174. Recent News about Jimmy Hoffa's 1975 Murder
  175. DOL signs accord with BNSF to protect workers who report on-the-job injuries
  176. UPS to shift focus after TNT deal rejected
  177. Gatto says 854 will not cross picket lines
  178. UPS-TNT Deal is Dropped
  179. ABF, Teamsters off to rocky start in historic contract talks
  180. Warehouse Teamsters in Washington Remain on Strike
  181. UPS Seeks Integrated Road Network
  182. ABF, IBT Meet in Kansas City
  183. 101 Years Ago: Bread & Roses, Too!
  184. Sec. of Labor Hilda Solis Resigns
  185. L.A. Port Drivers Win Contract
  186. The Top 100 For-Hire Trucking Carriers
  187. Bus Drivers and Parents Rally to Protect Union Jobs
  188. UPS Contract Talks Resume
  189. UPS Threatens Retiree Healthcare Hike
  190. Trucking Industry, Allies Push Back Against Hours-of-Service Changes
  191. The Man Who Could Have Saved Organized Labor
  192. Is Labor Starting to Push Back? East Coast Longshore Strike On Hold
  193. NLRB Judge: Carhaulers Win Jobs and Backpay!
  194. ABF Management Lashes out
  195. TDU in 2012
  196. Know your History: The Birth of the Modern Labor Movement
  197. Longshoremen refuse to unload Wal-Mart cargo from Bangladesh
  198. Happy Holidays from TDU
  199. "Rocky Start" to ABF Negotiations
  200. More NY Dairy Jobs on the Line
  201. “No Givebacks!” ABF Bargaining opens
  202. ABF Freight, union to start contract talks
  203. Tevlin: A fundraiser for a real cause: Union leaders on suspension
  204. U.S. Department of Labor Sues Local 848 over Election
  205. Reform Team Re-Elected in Local 804
  206. UPS Workers' ADA Claims Not Barred by Loss of Grievance
  207. Hours of Service Regs go to Court of Appeals
  208. W(h)ither ABF?
  209. Big changes coming to multi-employer pension plans: Teamsters OK greater use of “hybr
  210. Video: Santa is a UPS Man
  211. Union Members Protest Passage of Right to Work
  212. Should a 15,000-Ton Train Be Operated Single-Handed?
  213. Michigan House Approves Union Limit
  214. Police don riot gear as anger grows among thousands of protesters at Michigan Capitol
  215. Hostess Maneuver Deprived Pension
  216. Court Hears Teamsters Case Against Mexican Trucks in US
  217. Teamsters Say No to Right-to-Work (for Less)
  218. Right-to-Work-for-Less Hits Michigan
  219. Supervalu moving toward selling its two largest chains
  220. Teamster locals to present two-year contract proposal to ABF
  221. ABF—Two Year Contract? The Union's Contract Proposal
  222. With Day of Protests, Fast-Food Workers Seek More Pay
  223. YRC wants to close 12 centers, send 123 jobs to Springfield
  224. Strike idles busiest Port of Los Angeles pier
  225. UPS Freight Clerks Hit with Two-Tier Wage Deal
  226. Kickbacks, missing rum and a well-paid bar consultant
  227. IBT Gives ABF Concessions in the West
  228. Teamsters report alleges corruption at Local 120
  229. Hoffa Can't Kick the Corruption Habit
  230. Why Walmart Failed to Suppress Black Friday Strikes
  231. Teamsters report on corruption in Local 120
  232. Teamster History: How the "Club" Changed Our Union
  233. Hostess Judge Approves Wind-Down of Twinkie Maker
  234. Wal-Mart's Black Eye on Black Friday
  235. Annual $150,000 Club Report
  236. Why Hoffa Won't Take On Corruption, IRB Hits Corruption in Local 120
  237. New York Dairy Teamsters Fight Illegal Layoffs
  238. Building Teamster Solidarity at the TDU Convention
  239. Teamsters Speak Out on the Contract
  240. Same-Day Deliveries?
  241. UPS Contract Bargaining Update
  242. Part-Time Poverty by the Numbers
  243. UPS Forecasts Higher Profits
  244. UPS Freight Proposals Go to Bargaining Table
  245. UPS Freight Bargaining
  246. UPS Freight Viewpoints: Stand Firm for a Good Contract
  247. Winning New Rights
  248. Understanding Your Local Union Bylaws
  249. The “Hybrid” Withdrawal Liability Method
  250. Major Pension Changes Could Be Coming: New England and Central States Adopt “Hybrid”