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  1. Workers at Intermodal Rail Company in Georgia Vote to Join Teamsters Local 728
  2. BLET Members Ratify SEPTA Rail Contract
  3. DHL Clerical Workers Vote Unanimously to Join Teamsters Local 174
  4. BMWED Members Ratify Paducah And Louisville Railway Agreement
  5. Atlas Air Prevails in Court Ruling Against Pilot Union for Illegal Slowdown
  6. BLET Testifies At Congressional Hearing On Two-Person Crew Necessity
  7. SFO Airline Catering Workers Vote 'Yes' to Authorize Strike
  8. Teamsters and Allies Advocate for Safety at Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Summit
  9. FRA just reduced the prospects for a safer railroad industry
  10. NV Governor Signs Two-Person Rail Crew Bill
  11. Sea-Tac Airport Fuelers Ratify First Contract With Teamsters Local 174
  12. Teamsters Help Train Navajo Area Rail Workers on Protective Skills
  13. Shop Stewards for United Airlines Mechanics Wrap Up Training at Teamsters Headquarter
  14. Precision Scheduled Railroading: Short Term Gains at What Cost
  15. Trump-Appointed Board Proposes Major Blow to Air and Rail Unions
  16. Two-Person Rail Crew Bill Becomes Law In Colorado
  17. Teamster Dispatchers, Allegiant Air Reach Agreement In Principle
  18. Hoffa, Airline Division Director's Statement on Atlas Air Crash
  19. UPS Air Cargo Teamsters Ratify Contract
  20. Teamsters To Enter Mediation On Behalf Of United Airlines Maintenance Controllers
  21. BLET members ratify new contracts with W&LE
  22. BMWED Members Protest Amtrak's Cut To Food Service
  23. CN-WC Agreement Ratified By BLET Members
  24. Allegiant pilots post Las Vegas billboards to protest airline
  25. BLET Members Proud To Work Bush Funeral Train
  26. Teamsters Ratify Contract With 40% Pay Hike For Maintenance Controllers
  27. Shaken, angry Amtrak workers seek answers to shutdown, relocation
  28. Teamster jet fuelers at Sea-Tac Airport authorize strike
  29. Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement with URS Federal Services, Inc.
  30. Newly Organized Group of Aircraft Fuelers at Sea-Tac Airport Threaten Strike
  31. Teamsters Local 455 Maintenance Controllers Ratify Contract
  32. Teamsters Ratify Contract at Frontier Airlines
  33. Teamsters Local 135 Reaches Tentative Agreement for Republic Airline Flight Attendant
  34. Rail unions file petition against FRA over crews crossing from Mexico into the United
  35. UPS Reaches Labor Deal With Aircraft Mechanics
  36. BLET Members Ratify Cedar River Shortline Contract
  37. Teamster Pilots at Aloha Air Cargo, Northern Air Cargo Ratify Agreement
  38. Southern Air Pilots Secure Tentative Letter of Agreement to Improve Pay, Standards
  39. Pilots for Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air authorize strike
  40. BLET Fighting For Membersí Jobs At The US/Mexican Border
  41. Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement for Flight Dispatchers at Allegiant Air
  42. World Oil Drivers Join Teamsters Local 572
  43. BMWED Concludes Binding Arbitration With Class 1 Railroads
  44. Teamsters Local 1108 Pilots Speak Up at Flexjet
  45. Airline Pilots May Be Next in the Corporate War on Unions
  46. BMWED Ratifies Amtrak Contract
  47. Teamsters File for Mediation at Flexjet, Flight Options
  48. Statement by Capt. David Bourne on "60 Minutes" Segment Regarding Allegiant Air
  49. Rail workers confront execs on safety
  50. Teamster Rail Unions Join with Mexican Union to Endorse NAFTA Improvements
  51. BLET Reaches Tentative Contract With New England Central Railroad
  52. BLET Members Ratify Amtrak Contract
  53. BLET Sues To Halt BNSF Railway Abrogation Of Contracts
  54. Workers at Air Express International Vote to Approve New Teamsters Contract
  55. BMWED Freight Rail Bargaining Update
  56. Allegiant Air Mechanics and Related Classifications Join Teamsters
  57. United Airlines Is Replacing Employee Bonuses With a Lottery
  58. BLET Members Reach Tentative Agreement With Amtrak
  59. Teamster Pilots Ratify Contract Extension at Republic Airline
  60. BLET reaches tentative contract with M&NA
  61. JetBlue, United and Delta Face Union Pressure as Airlines Remain A Labor Stronghold
  62. Teamsters Local 174 Members at APP Ratify Groundbreaking First Contract
  63. Florida Commuter Rail MOW Workers Join the BMWED
  64. BLET Statement on Not-Guilty Verdict in Lac-Megantic Trial
  65. WSJ: Why Airfreight Traffic Is Up: Dog Food and Semiconductors Are Vying for Space
  66. BLET Presidentís statement regarding Dec. 18 Amtrak derailment in Washington State
  67. New England Central Railroad Workers Ratify First Contract With BMWED
  68. Allegiant Airlines Mechanics File For Teamster Representation
  69. Workers at Intermodal Rail Company Vote to Join Teamsters Local 710
  70. Teamsters, NetJets Reach Tentative Agreement
  71. BLET Members Ratify National Contract
  72. UPS Aircraft Mechanics Warn Customers About Brewing Troubles With Holiday Season
  73. BLET mails ballots for Tentative National Agreement
  74. Corruption allegations cloud tentative rail labor agreement
  75. Teamsters Hold Public Picket Against CSX Future Health Benefits
  76. Teamsters Technicians and Related, NetJets Reach Agreement in Principle
  77. Flexjet, Flight Options Management Refuses to Implement Teamster Pilots' CBA Award
  78. Teamster rail affiliates divided over tentative rail contract
  79. BLET: National Freight Rail Negotiations Update
  80. APP Teamsters Vote Unanimously in Favor of Strike Action
  81. Teamsters Take Fight for Affordable Health Care, Good Jobs at Praxair to Shareholder
  82. UPS Aircraft Mechanics Protest at One of The Companyís Biggest Hubs as Frustrations R
  83. Despite steady profits, railroads have laid off thousands ó and more cuts are likely
  84. BLET: National Freight Rail Negotiations Update
  85. Western New York And Pennsylvania Railroad Workers Ratify BLET Contract
  86. Teamsters Local 1224: Amazon Prime Customers to Hear About Risks to Delivery Service
  87. Nevada GOP governor vetoes mandatory 2-person freight train crews
  88. BLET Members Ratify New Contract with Indiana/Ohio Railway
  89. Rail Conference Backs Barrows Re-Nomination To Railroad Retirement Board
  90. BLET: Tentative Agreement At Indiana & Ohio Railway
  91. Railroad Union Workers To Rally May 3rd At Four Main U.S. Rail Terminals - 05-02-17
  92. American Airlines gave its workers a raise. Wall Street freaked out.
  93. UPS air maintenance workers threaten strike ahead of shareholders meeting
  94. BLET Urges Rail Infrastructure Investment At House Hearing
  95. Teamster Rail Workers under Attack
  96. Teamsters Flight Dispatchers at Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo Ratify Tentative Agreem
  97. Teamsters, Southwest Airlines Reach Tentative Agreement for Material Specialists
  98. Teamster Flight Dispatchers Reach Tentative Agreement with Atlas Air and Polar Air Ca
  99. Teamsters Condemn ExpressJet/ASA for Demanding Wage Increases Well Below Industry Sta
  100. Full Funding For Amtrak
  101. CSX not having a good week in NYS
  102. National Negotiations Update: The Latest from Mediation 3/1/17 (BWMED)
  103. Teamsters Material Specialists, Southwest Airlines Reach Agreement in Principle
  104. Railway Industrial Services Gives Shameful Proposal to Striking Local 710 Members
  105. Rally Held for Striking Teamsters at Railway Industrial Services
  106. Teamster Horizon Air Pilots Take Legal Action to Protect Passengers, Mitigate Growing
  107. Chicago-Area Teamsters at Railway Industrial Services Vote to Strike
  108. Supreme Court denies review of BLET victory on two-person train crews
  109. Workers at Oakland Intermodal Company Vote to Join Teamsters Local 70
  110. Teamster Pilots At Amazon & DHL Contractor AAWW Voice Growing Frustration With Contra
  111. Rail Labor seeks mediation to settle national contract talks
  112. Teamster Flight Attendants Ratify Agreement with Sun Country Airlines
  113. Teamsters Call for Injunctive Relief in the Face of Serious Safety Violations Affecti
  114. Workers at Parsec Intermodal Company Vote to Join Teamsters Local 986
  115. Court blocks restraining order request against ABX pilots
  116. Teamster Pilots at ABX Air Seek Single Carrier Determination
  117. Allegiant Flight Dispatchers Vote to Join Teamsters Union
  118. Amerijet Pilots reach Agreement in Principal with new management
  119. Teamsters Local 2727: UPS Aircraft Mechanics Vow to Stand Up
  120. Teamsters Handbill at NetJets Over Maintenance Subcontracting
  121. Teamsters, United Airlines Reach Tentative Agreement for Technicians
  122. BLET reaches two tentative agreements with Wheeling & Lake Erie
  123. Teamsters, Legislators Get Peek At Sikorsky's Plan To Stay Put In Stratford
  124. Virgin America flight attendants reject tentative contract deal as Alaska takeover lo
  125. Teamsters Win Court Decision Against Amerijet
  126. BLET fights industry effort to reduce air brake inspections
  127. Teamsters Local 986 Wins $4.2 Million Settlement for KAG West Employees
  128. IBT Contract with United Airlines
  129. Teamsters File Petition to Represent Allegiant Flight Dispatchers
  130. BLET members ratify NJ Transit contract
  131. BMWED Bargaining Update: July 2016
  132. Island Air Reaches Agreements with Three Unions
  133. NJ Transit gives rail unions deadline to agree to new negotiations
  134. BLET: Federal Regulators Must Prohibit One-Person Freight Train Crews
  135. Teamster Airline Mechanics, Piedmont Airlines Reach Tentative Agreement
  136. UPS Airline Mechanics Picket At UPS Customer Locations
  137. Pierce: PTC, two-person crews will help make rail industry safer
  138. Teamsters Invoke Expedited Mediation at Sun Country Airlines
  139. BLET reaches tentative agreement with Indiana and Ohio Railway
  140. Union rejects NJ Transit contract that prevented strike
  141. Pilots Flying For DHL Express To Enter Federally Mediated Contract Negotiations With
  142. Flight Attendants At Trans States Airlines Ratify Six-Year Agreement
  143. UPS Pilots Threaten Strike as B2C Growth Questions Loom
  144. Pilots for DHL carriers holding strike vote
  145. BLET members ratify first union contract with Illinois Railway
  146. Feds Propose Two Crew Member Minimum On Trains, Irking Rail Industry And Drawing Prai
  147. Csx lays off 101 at russell facility wsaz reports
  148. BMWED Strike At CP Rail Resolved
  149. Teamster Pilots Overwhelmingly Ratify Agreement with GoJet Airlines
  150. New Jersey Transit Bargaining Update
  151. BLET reaches tentative agreement with Illinois Railway
  152. MRO World Casts Wary Eye At FAA Reauthorization Bill
  153. BLET petitions FRA for immediate halt to LEADER, Trip Optimizer technology
  154. New Jersey Transit unions continue to negotiate as strike date looms
  155. Teamsters And The TAMC Applaud Inclusion Of Section 402 In FAA Reauthorization Bill
  156. Teamster Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement with GoJet Airlines
  157. Teamster Pilots at Horizon Air Ratify Agreement
  158. Norfolk Southern announces further details of its strategic plan to reduce costs, dri
  159. Teamsters Endorse Atlas Air, Southern Air Merger
  160. Teamsters Rail Conference Opposes Hostile Takeover of Norfolk Southern
  161. Railway-Crew Transport Drivers in Texas Join Teamsters Local 745
  162. BLET members ratify new contract with DM&E
  163. Teamster Pilots at Kalitta Air Authorize Strike
  164. Workers Approve 5-Year Contract
  165. BMWED To Conduct Research On Occupational Risk Reduction
  166. Northeast Rail Corridor Needs Significant Investment
  167. Air General Workers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport Choose Teamsters
  168. Teamster Aviation Maintenance Technicians to Vote on United Contract
  169. BLET members ratify new contract with CP Rail-U.S.
  170. Railroad Work Is Getting More and More Dangerous. These Workers Want To Change That.
  171. Itís payback time for Americanís workers
  172. United Airlines Fails to Reach Agreement with Teamster Aviation Maintenance Technicia
  173. American Airlines Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative Agreement
  174. Machinists union leader: 'Boeing uses our jobs as bargaining chips'
  175. UPS pilots' union to vote on potential strike
  176. Boeing Union's Tough Lesson: Don't Bargain without Leverage
  177. Rail workers score big safety win in California
  178. Teamsters Win Union Recognition For Fuelers At Newark Airport
  179. BLET reaches tentative agreement with Indiana & Ohio Railway
  180. Lockheed to Buy Teamster-Employer Sikorsky
  181. NLRB Judge: Boeing Wrong For Withholding Job Relocation Information
  182. Obama appoints emergency board in NJ Transit labor dispute
  183. Teamsters warn Frontier Airlines over stalled contract talks
  184. Midair Collusion: Feds Probe Possible Conspiracy In U.S. Airline Industry
  185. United Airlines employees protest at annual meeting
  186. President Pierce testifies for two-person crews, PTC at Congressional hearing
  187. BLET statement on fatal Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia
  188. Teamsters Support Alaska Airlines Contract Workers Fight for $15, Union
  189. Teamsters Support Alaska Airlines Contract Workers Fight for $15, Union
  190. BLET urges FRA to require additional buffer cars on crude oil trains
  191. NetJets pilots protest over labor dispute; gain Warren Buffett's attention
  192. Flexjet Pilots Sue Luxury Jet Airline For Union Busting
  193. Inequality takes off at airports Ė and Toronto workers fight back
  194. Teamsters: Railroad Unions Advancing Two-Person Crew Legislation To Protect Safety
  195. Teamsters: railroads won't spend money on track maintenance
  196. Teamsters, ITF Warn Of Possible Disruptions Of LAN Airline Flights
  197. U.S. Airlines, Unions Reveal Evidence Of $42 Billion In Subsidies And Benefits by Qat
  198. BLET members ratify new contract with Long Island Rail Road
  199. Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement With Air Canada
  200. Unions warn about one man per train
  201. Boeing unions seek conditions on $8.7 billion in tax credits
  202. BLET reaches tentative agreement with Norfolk Southern
  203. Union decries decrease in railroad maintenance crews
  204. Travel Management Company Pilots Vote To Join Teamsters
  205. Proposed one man crews ?
  206. BLET/Teamsters, Smart-TD And Four Other Rail Unions Bargain Together
  207. Fighting Fatigue
  208. Southwest Airlines reaches 4-year contract with one union, but more labor fights loom
  209. NetJets' Teamster Workforce Refuses To Subsidize Pet Travel For The Rich And Famous
  210. United Airlines Mechanics Picket
  211. Teamsters Win Midwest Seniority Case For Flight Attendants
  212. Freight Rail Carriers To Begin Bargaining With Teamsters/BMWED
  213. 401K mistakes cost Boeing Employees $98 Million
  214. SEPTA, rail engineers reach tentative agreement
  215. Freight Train Operators asleep at Controls
  216. What itís like to win a 19-year union organizing campaign in the South
  217. BLET Members Convene 3rd National Convention
  218. More Labor Problems at Buffett's NetJets
  219. Investigations Exclusive: Safety concerns dog Boeing 787
  220. Unions press for complete rejection of Norwegian Air US flight bid
  221. BLET organizes Illinois Railway short line workers
  222. Too much freight-not enough Trains
  223. Teamsters Fully Ratify AEI Contract
  224. Amtrak trial to begin today.
  225. White-collar union at Boeing files age-bias complaint
  226. Protecting two-person crews is still our goal
  227. American reaches agreements with US Airways union workers
  228. Teamsters Submit Comments On FAA Requirements For Drug Testing
  229. Liberalís Martinez meets Teamstersí President
  230. Train Derails Spilling Boeing Fuselage into River
  231. Horizon Air Aircraft Technicians, Fleet Service Agents Ratify New Six-Year Contract
  232. Delegates to BMWED/Teamsters Take Historic Action At Convention
  233. Outcome of Boeing-SPEEA dispute could have major implications
  234. UPS Opens New Air Hub At Taoyuan Int'l Airport?
  235. Not everyone shares in Boeingís success
  236. Pilot Fatigue Debated in UPS Birmingham Fatal Crash Probe
  237. Boeing conducted unfair practices against U.S. engineers: labor board
  238. Lightning Strikes 11 Planes In 2 Hours In Salt Lake City
  239. Cerberus Loots Bankrupt Airline's Health Care Account
  240. United Airlines C.E.O. Made 8.1 Million Last Year
  241. Teamsters, Other Unions Pledge Support to Regional Pilots
  242. Judge says American can't end retiree benefits yet
  243. BLET Fighting to Protect Worker, Public Safety in Rulemaking
  244. Teamsters Airline Division Statement On Republic Pilots' Vote
  245. Train Derailment In Chicago 30 People Injured
  246. Gov Haley fires back after machinists union opens office for Boeing employees
  247. Southwest Airlines, simulator technicians OK new contract
  248. Boeing freezing nonunion workers' pensions in 2016
  249. Lack of progress, unreasonable demands compel groups to take action
  250. N.Y.S. D.O.T. Fined CSX Railroad $10,000.00