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  1. Fedex freight drivers join teamsters
  2. Autonomous FedEx delivery bots will soon be roaming Memphis streets.
  3. FedEx names Subramaniam president and COO
  4. FedEx Stock Takes a Hit Because Amazon May Have Left XPO Logistics
  5. Fedex to offer buy-outs
  6. A.G. Underwood Announces $2 Million Settlement with FedEx for Misclassifying and Unde
  7. Only yard that is still organized by the Teamsters (Fedex Frt Stockton Ca)
  8. FedEx OSHA FAA Whistleblower Brian Gruzalski, OSHA Investigator Whitman, The Crimes &
  9. Wtf
  10. Workplace Democracy Act
  11. Volvo, FedEx Team on Live Platooning in North Carolina
  12. FedEx to transfer $6B in pension plan obligations to MetLife
  13. Purchased Transportation
  14. FedEx Freight Head Ducker to Retire in August
  15. Tesla closes multimillion-dollar Semi deal with FedEx
  16. What is the Best Thing About Being a Teamster? Four Ex FedEx Freight Drivers Answer T
  17. It's Good To Be A Teamster !
  18. FedEx thanks Congress and Trump for tax reform
  19. Safety at Fedex
  20. Watch "The REAL Reason FedEx And UPS Are Fighting For Tax Cuts" on YouTube
  21. Fedex line haul drivers are up for a rude awakening
  22. Teamsters Demand Lobbying Transparency at FedEx
  23. Dear Brothers and Sisters
  24. EPH Fedex Freight Decert Vote Results
  25. Decertification of CLT
  26. Another FedEx Worker Misclassification Case Settled for $227 million
  27. FedEx CEO attacks Trump for pulling out of TPP deal
  28. The labor charges are piling up
  29. Fred Smith drops president title earlier than planned in FedEx exec. shakeup
  30. Karma is a Bitch
  31. This guy was lucky to be alive
  32. F.y.i
  33. Charlotte Negotiations Update 12-19-2016
  34. Hey Fedex Freight drivers...
  35. FedEx loses latest bid to decertify driver 'micro union'
  36. Teamsters Launch Fed Up at FedEx Freight Newsletter
  37. Fred Smith to step down from president role at FedEx
  38. Here are representatives of our 4 Union Terminals
  39. My Yearly Disappointment 2016
  40. It's good to be a pilot at fedex
  41. Teamsters Call on FedEx Shareholders to Reject Outdated Executive Pay Structure
  42. Freddy's List
  43. 3rd Circuit rejects FedEx's challenge to NLRB 'micro union' test
  44. Health care issues at Fedex...Unionize Now
  45. FedEx Pilot's Retiree Medical Benefits
  46. Hanging in CLT
  47. FedEx To Finally Settle Decade-Old Employee Misclassification Lawsuits
  48. Second Teamsters Local Meets to Negotiate With FedEx Freight
  49. Meanwhile in Charlotte.......
  50. Teamsters Make History By Negotiating With FedEx Freight for First Time
  51. Message from Charlotte
  52. The mandate comes down!
  53. Fedex loses again
  54. FedEx Healthcare plan
  55. Americans Don’t Miss Manufacturing — They Miss Unions By Ben Casselman
  56. Shift To 401(K) Retirement Plans A "Disaster"
  57. Fedex Settles CA Wage and Hour Lawsuit for Undisclosed Amount
  58. Fedex retirement.....
  59. Cameras....
  60. CEO of FedEx Freight to the Next 45th President of the United States
  61. Here is the Video That FedEx Does Not Want You To See.
  62. Fedex freight workers gear up for long-term fight
  63. Hanging in CLT
  64. The truck Rodeo is on Saturday April 16,2016
  65. Open Letter
  66. Another message from CLT
  67. Unions Help Get Better Health care
  68. Divided and Concord at FedEx by Anti Union Buster
  69. The Petition
  70. FedEx concessions plan
  71. First Vote by Unionized Fedex Freight drivers
  72. America is a democracy have your voice heard at work.
  73. An important message from the drivers at CLT
  74. FedEx Adopts Bylaws Change Sought by Shareholders
  75. BREAKING NEWS!!! Workers in CLT and EPH have WON their circuit court case!!!
  76. Fresno Driver Trainer Interrogating Drivers
  77. Very interesting...I would bet Fred will take cash and run or is this a TPP in plans?
  78. Breaking NEWS! out of FedEx Freight STOCKTON, CA
  79. My experience with Teamsters Local 71
  80. The Original Viking/Fedex Employees Who Ignited The Drive to Organize
  81. FedEx pilots approve 'industry-leading' contract
  82. Medical benefits, UPS vs FedEx
  83. FedEx Takes Needlessly Cruel Swipe At A Grieving Lesbian Widow
  84. Teamsters Reach Out to FedEx Freight Drivers Nationwide
  85. From our Brother and friend at Browncafe Mr.FedEx
  86. Comment from a Friend of CFTW
  87. Volunteered to Work Christmas.
  88. To the Fed-Ex non believers
  89. New pay in January for FedEx line haul drivers
  90. Union Buster at large on Facebook
  91. For the Record: Debunking Myths About the Gardena Strike
  92. Teamsters Gardena California Fed-Ex Strike Inspires Hundreds To Join Organizing Effor
  93. Just the facts
  94. Teamsters take a stand for fair pay, organizing workers
  95. Gardena, CA Fedex On Strike Today!
  96. Fedex Freight Stockton are now 100% Teamsters
  97. SBR interview... One year later the men at SBR sit down for an interview
  98. Well Here It Comes People
  99. NLRB delivers response to FedEx challenge of 'micro union' test
  100. FedEx To Ban Shipments of Tobacco
  101. Joe Brock Seen At GAR and SLG
  102. The 4 union centers get the raise
  103. FedEx chief rails against states' efforts to restrict use of independent contractors
  104. FedEx picketing event video
  105. FedEx stockholders approve union-backed proposal
  106. Teamsters to FedEx: ‘Stop Paying Executives' Personal Taxes'
  107. FedEx announces increase in shipping rates
  108. FedEx Pilots to vote on first contract since 2011 / Why are they worth it and your "N
  109. Fedex reaches tentative agreement with pilots
  110. SBR update:
  111. Your Opinion Matters
  112. Union Busting Liars!
  113. Appeals Court Backs Kansas Ruling That FedEx Ground Drivers Are Employees
  114. This is a posting forced on FedEx Freight at our Croydon, Pennsylvania facility;
  115. Corporate Tax Dodgers: 10 Companies and Their Tax Loopholes
  116. New Attendance Policy
  117. FedEx amends rules to keep Fred Smith in top job
  118. FedEx Earnings, Revenue Miss; Full-Year View Weak
  119. FedEx Settles Contractor Suit for $228 Million
  120. Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight
  121. 'FedEx exposed workers to danger of anthrax'
  122. Panepinto Blasts Hamburg IDA Over Workers Building New FedEx Facility
  123. It's just too simple....
  124. Why You Should Care Who Manages Your 401(k): Part One, two and three
  125. Why Do We Need a Union at FedEx ?
  126. Where do we go from here?
  127. Message to CGT
  128. Fed-Ex at its best..
  129. Chicago, can you tell us how much the raise in October will be??
  130. NLRB rules against Fedex again...
  131. Chicago election date
  132. The raise that never came
  133. what have american unions ever done for us ?
  134. FedEx to acquire TNT
  135. Healthcare
  136. Fedex Stockton bringing in the lawyers
  137. FedEx has until April 10th to start negotiating a contract
  138. Fedex and IBT Local 107
  139. Union busting and what you don't know.
  140. NLRB Stands by ‘Refined' Contractor Test; FedEx Home Fails in Bid for Reconsideration
  141. FedEx chairman says he's confident Congress will agree to extend length limits on twi
  142. Sore Loser M. Zanolli Go Home...
  143. FedEx Freight Workers In California Vote To Join Teamsters Local 439
  144. FedEx Freight Workers In California Vote To Join Teamsters Local 439
  145. Stockton employees win election
  146. An update on Charlotte North Carolina:
  147. Need some info
  148. CGT Chicago Heights......
  149. War In Stockton
  150. Hate Those Slimy Union Busters
  151. From the administrator of changefedextowin
  152. Tax Reform Advocates Make Their Case At Tax-Evading FedEx
  153. Average Salary for FedEx Freight Employees
  154. FedEx puppet manager Union busters
  155. Attention Future brothers and sisters of Stockton...
  156. EPH TM is part of the fedex anti union tour
  157. Why don't the pilots of FedEx step up to the plate.
  158. Federal Express Courier Age Discrimination
  159. Favoritism; A Huge Problem that affects us all
  160. Anatomy of a Union Buster
  161. Mr.Smith vs Mr.Hoffa
  162. What a very nice list of bulleted mentionables
  163. Health Care @ FedEx By Scott Lister, Concerned Driver
  164. Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 (AB 1522)
  165. Driver Interrogations at FedEx Freight Southern California
  166. FedEx plans Feb. 2 hike in diesel, jet fuel surcharges amid steep fuel price declines
  167. Stockton CA Has Petitioned
  168. How to Organize questions
  169. Hi Redracer! C'mon in the water's Fine!
  170. FedEx acquires Genco in big push to match UPS, DHL in contract logistics
  171. Pocono and Nashville have pulled their petitions
  172. Louisville Votes No
  173. Union Busting 101
  174. Charolette NC election 11-19-14
  175. Parkersburg, WV Fedex Freight Petitioned
  176. FedEx Pilots Picket for 'Respect'
  177. Election day in Newark..
  178. Logue to retire as head of FedEx Freight at year's end
  179. Sout Brunswick Goes Teamsters!!!!
  180. Charlotte, NC vote date set
  181. Letters that were'd found
  182. How Fedex is trying to save the business model that saved it millions
  183. Southern Reginal manager J.hinkley
  184. FedEx Ground Says Its Drivers Aren't Employees. The Courts Will Decide
  185. They finally banned me at KFFUF on facebook
  186. FedEx's Appeal to the NRLB on Philly Election Denied!
  187. The Plot Thickens
  188. Fed Ex, Con-way battling inroads by Teamsters union
  189. Congratulation EPH
  190. EEOC Sues FedEx Ground for Nationwide Disability Discrimination
  191. Fedex Cinnaminson Yard
  192. Nlrb upholds ruling
  193. Kansas Supreme Court finds FedEx Ground drivers are employees, not independent contra
  194. Internet Intimidation
  195. Teamsters ground zero at FedEx yard
  196. True colors
  197. About video...Fedex anti-Union video
  198. Five Things Fedex Corporations management wants you to know
  199. Teamsters Call On FedEx To Stop Paying Personal Taxes For Executives
  200. Make it 9....
  201. Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight
  202. The Teamsters make inroads into FedEx!
  203. Update for election
  204. CIN has won the NLRB decision
  205. Teamsters aim to organize FedEx Freight Indy drivers
  206. The Propoganda Begins!
  207. Teamster's Efforts Advance At Conway, Fedex Ltl Units
  208. Make it 8
  209. Let's make it 7....
  210. 6 and counting....
  211. FedEx management
  212. And then there were 5....
  213. Court rules FedEx Ground drivers employees, not independent contractors, reverses ea
  214. Newark, N.J.....
  215. From the Fedxmx site...
  216. FedEx's Smith gets 12 percent ncrease in compensation by: Wayne Risher
  217. This is very good advice
  218. Cinnaminson N.J. These Brothers are from our Cinnaminson NJ Terminal.
  219. 2+2=5
  220. SBR files with NLRB
  221. FedEx indicted on new criminal charges.
  222. Fedex Starting Intimidation Already
  223. EPH Files Petition with NRLB
  224. Philadelphia FedEx Freight Petition to the NRLB
  225. Fedex indicted for drug dealing. Not a driver-the whole company
  226. The first shot has been fired!
  227. Motorcyclist dies after being rear-ended by FedEx truck in Pittsfield Township
  228. FedEx freight Anti-teamsters propaganda
  229. FedEx Freight should be using THIS site
  230. California accuses FedEx of waste violations; company denies claims
  231. New Driver Safety Scoreboard. Starts June 15th
  232. FedEx: 3 Different Insiders Have Sold Shares During The Last 30 Days
  233. Fedex Raises Rates
  234. 6 Workers Shot At Fed-Ex Facility In Georgia
  235. FedEx Sued Over Deadly California Bus Crash
  236. Video Of Scab-Ex Driver Chasing His Van
  237. New York state joins NYC in suing FedEx for shipping untaxed cigarettes
  238. FedEx loses another driver misclassification case, in Maine
  239. $1M Settlement Reached in FedEx Wage Class Action
  240. Teamster Proposal for FedEx Independent Board Chair Backed by Leading Proxy Advisers
  241. The Dog and Panda Show (from browncafe)
  242. FedEx Wins Defense Contract
  243. From The Chairman: Rethink Healthcare!! This funny from browncafe
  244. The Psychology of the BBQ At FedEx
  245. FedEx Investor Relations FDX; A Post from the "Brown Cafe"
  246. Alec and fedex hmmmm...
  247. How relationship between Employers and Employees change.
  248. Now is the time for fedex freight
  249. FedEx, plaintiffs reach $21.5 million settlement in delivery overcharge dispute
  250. My Nephew Gets Honored at Dodger Stadium