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  1. South Korean container carrier says it's leaving Portland; labor dispute blamed
  2. Teamsters Local 848 Port Truck Drivers At Shippers Ratify First Contract
  3. Initiative finds non-CMV drivers more likely to speed than CMV drivers
  4. Trucking company owner pleads guilty to exchanging tires for drugs
  5. If union doesn't agree to contract, West Coast ports could shut down in next 5 days
  6. FMCSA declares South Dakota trucking company and driver to be imminent hazards to pub
  7. Crash on interstate caused by trucker pulling his tooth
  8. Drivers misclassification lawsuit ruling is a win for Teamsters
  9. Driver Turnover Continues at Elevated Levels, ATA Says
  10. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Controversy rages on despite U.S. decision to allow in more Mexican
  11. Officials warn about New Jersey's roads and bridges
  12. How the Trucking Industry Could Be Vastly More Efficient
  13. DeFazio pledges to push back against Mexico truck program
  14. Freight sector to gain momentum in 2015 following strong 2014, top analyst predicts
  15. FDA concerned about drug-impaired drivers
  16. Six Days on Fumes: A Trucker's Search for Starbucks and Sleep
  17. Port officials call for swift resolution to labor issues
  18. 9hr Bid Pays 45hr Vac/MOU/Central PA
  19. Teamsters Denounce DOT Decision To Open Border To Mexican Trucks
  20. 2014 Was a Happy Year for Transport Stocks
  21. Construction spending dips, factory growth slowest in 6 months
  22. Shuster: No plan for gas tax hike, mileage fees
  23. Port, trade groups urge President Obama, Congress to intervene in longshore labor tal
  24. Self-Driving Trucks Could Revolutionize Package Delivery, DHL Predicts
  25. Transport strike likely to shut down much of Belgium
  26. FMCSA seeks panelists for entry-level negotiated rulemaking
  27. Senate considering lowering truck safety standards for special interests
  28. Michigan Senate defeats bill to lower truck weight
  29. Motor carriers can mitigate risk with new hazmat driver training program
  30. Truckers Stranded in New York Storm Along Thruway
  31. FMCSA survey: Some drivers still 'skeptical' ELDs help safety
  32. Utah trucker accused of keeping more sex slaves
  33. Freight Groups Ask White House for West Coast Port Talks Mediator
  34. Georgia man's vehement disregard of FMCSA regs nets him 12 months probation
  35. Deadly Driving
  36. Worker killed in truck accident at dairy plant
  37. Data on cross-border program insufficient, FMCSA committee says; Mex carriers continu
  38. From Kings of the Road to Serfs of the Company
  39. Too-tall truck damages bridge over interstate
  40. High Paying Trucking Jobs Coming To New Mexico
  41. Safety groups, congressmen say new poll proves public doesn’t want truckers’ hours in
  42. Teamsters, Highway Safety Groups Sue Feds to Force Tougher Rule for New Trucker Train
  43. Trucker found guilty of bribing Georgia military officials
  44. Family of trucker burned to death in cab awarded $3.5M in wrongful death verdict
  45. Asleep at Wheel:Carriers Profit from Trucker Training Mills
  46. Fate of U.S.-Mexico trucking pact in limbo as three-year pilot pact expires
  47. 1 Dead In NJ Crash Involving Tanker Truck, SUV
  48. Owners, dispatcher of Kentucky trucking companies charged with wire fraud, conspiracy
  49. FXG Looses in Kansas Supreme Court
  50. 35 Port Truck Drivers Fired After Strike (So. CA. port news)
  51. OOIDA wants details about future of cross-border pilot project
  52. Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach truck drivers fast, pray to raise awareness
  53. Trailer of rotten chicken towed to landfill
  54. Driver in fatal crash with softball team bus says he was distracted
  55. High-Flying Drones and Basement Wages: Alarming Trends in Package Delivery
  56. Internal Documents Give Insight Into Tense Vancouver Port Lockout
  57. Wal-Mart truck drivers granted class action status in California minimum wage lawsuit
  58. Trucking, highway industries send letter to Congress pleading for ‘robust,’ long-term
  59. DOT Secretary Foxx announces $600 million in TIGER grants, 47 percent to highways/bri
  60. Man arrested again for selling illegal medical cards
  61. The Link Between Tracy Morgan’s Tragic Accident And Trucker Pay
  62. Teamsters Port Division Assisting Truck Drivers Fired By TTSI
  63. Arkansas man sentenced in fuel fraud case
  64. Why is the trucking industry so resistant to new safety regulations and technologies?
  65. Electronic Logs Mandate: Outrage & Applause
  66. 69-ton turbine tips; state to warn trucking company
  67. Owners, operators of Three Angels Farms, Terri’s Farm, plead guilty to violating IHO
  68. New York meat truck driver charged in stinky spill
  69. Results of ILWU vote on contract expected Tuesday
  70. Trucking is minimum wage alternative
  71. Feed the pups
  72. Protest-stalled ship at Port of Oakland finally unloaded, sails away
  73. Trucking firm loses operating authority
  74. FedEx Not Responsible in Some Accidents
  75. Here's The Real Reason Why The Trucking Industry Is Running Out Of Drivers
  76. OSHA forces trucking company to pay truckers fired for following HOS
  77. Teamsters battle senator’s scheme to lengthen truckers’ hours behind the wheel
  78. More drivers put OOS, less vehicles taken off road in 2014 Roadcheck
  79. Port Drivers on The Move
  80. Weighmaster Death stirs issues
  81. Truck Driver Wages on the rise.
  82. Trucking Regulation Needed.
  83. Trucking Co. Raided by DEA
  84. Trucker who complained about tire to get job back
  85. Trucking Aquisition for Best Assets-Drivers
  86. The Trucking Industry Needs More Drivers. Maybe It Needs to Pay More.
  87. The winter of their discontent
  88. Truck Trolley Demo Track to be Built Near Ports of L.A., Long Beach
  89. SAIA-six injured in propane explosion
  90. Marten Transport now paying Hourly Dentention
  91. $2 Billion a Day if ILWU join Truckers Strike
  92. Con-Way caught hauling Marijuana
  93. CNBC "outrageously inaccurate" view of trucking
  94. How to Attract Gen Y to Trucking
  95. Dump Truck Driver in Skyway disaster on hook for Millions
  96. Help Wanted Every Truck Co.
  97. Chinese Trucks being Imported to U.S
  98. CDL Free Agents
  99. No Drivers equals More,Bigger,Longer Trailers
  100. The Return of the Low-Tech Truck
  101. Battle Looms in U.S. Senate Over How Much Rest Should Be Required for Truck Drivers?
  102. Texas Teamster Stands Up For Truck Rules Before Senate
  103. I've Got A Werner Story
  104. Truck Accidents Surge-No Public Outcry
  105. FAILED:Mexico Cross-Border Trucking Program
  106. Ferro leaving FMCSA to become president and CEO of American Association of Motor Vehi
  107. DOT expands program to help veterans get trucking jobs to all 50 states, D.C.
  108. Rubber Baby Bumpers
  109. 5 People Killed In Two Separate Truck Accidents On Illinois I-55 Near Joliet, IL?
  110. Trucker Shooting Rekindles Plea to Officials for More Safe Truck Parking?
  111. Carmel to Truck Drivers: Stay off our roads.
  112. LA area Port Traffic: Imports increasing
  113. Trucker hits another tractor-trailer on I-25 Wyoming
  114. US Port Strike Threat Highlights Supply Chain Risk
  115. Tennessee man pleads guilty in cargo theft scheme
  116. Pilot-Flying J strike deal with Feds
  117. Video: Truck Driver Records Close Encounter with Tornado?
  118. Retailers Step Up Holiday Imports In Case Of A West Coast Port Strike
  119. Teamsters union demands action from Ga. Ports Authority
  120. US-Mexican Truck Pilot Just One Obstacle To NAFTA 2.0
  121. Truck Driver Gets Reduced Jail Time for Misunderstanding NJ Weapons Laws?
  122. Southern California port truck drivers loading up on wage-theft cases
  123. Driver Shortage: Already Over the Cliff
  124. U.S. hiring surges as unemployment dips to 6.1%; trucking adds 4,000 jobs
  125. Daimler's driverless truck makes its debut on the autobahn
  126. More than 30,000 medical professionals now on medical examiner registry
  127. Canada Truck Drivers Deemed Low Skill Workers.
  128. Daimler Launches Parts E-Commerce Platform?
  129. FMCSA shuts down Minnesota bus company
  130. Truckers Resist Rules on Sleep, Despite Risks of Drowsy Driving?
  131. NTSB Report: Walmart Driver within HOS Limits
  132. Federal board accuses port trucking firm of labor law violations
  133. Senate bill with transportation funding abruptly pulled from floor
  134. ATA truck tonnage measure up 1 percent in May
  135. Federal appeals court rules against IC status in CA
  136. ‘Unintended consequences’ of restart rule on safety hammered home by ATA in conferen
  137. Are bad trucking laws partially to blame for Tracy Morgan's accident?
  138. Workers in Key Industries getting most Pay Raises
  139. Senator Calls for Tighter Truck Regs
  140. New Century collapse leaves huge service gap.
  141. DOT freight index reaches second highest level ever
  142. THUD amendment against raising liability insurance for truck, bus companies
  143. Why Long-Haul Truck Drivers are so Tired?
  144. Walmart Driver Charged with Death by Auto
  145. Chemical Sickens Swift Trucking Company Workers.
  146. OOIDA asks DOT Secretary Foxx to fire Ferro
  147. Trucking 9th Dangerous Job
  148. Trucking community reacts to ‘serial killer’ trucker ad in Maxim magazine
  149. Universal Truckload taps Rogers, ex-YRC Freight head, as next CEO
  150. Court Approves Settlement for Truck Drivers in New Jersey Background Check Lawsuit?
  151. Motor Vehicle Incidents and the Strategic Plan for Research and Prevention?
  152. So your DOT doc says you ‘have’ to get tested for sleep apnea?
  153. Train derailment fuels sleep apnea screening talks
  154. Albuquerque Truck Rodeo 2014
  155. Truck Driver Coercion Rule Puts Spotlight on Shippers, Supply Chains
  156. Cargo Numbers Up At Ports Of Los Angeles & Long Beach
  157. One High-Paying Job Set to Explode in America
  158. Roadcheck 2014 safety blitz scheduled for June 3-5
  159. Feds issue emergency order on crude oil trains
  160. I-15 Closed 70 Million up in Flames
  161. Sysco Chairmen Emeritus Kind Gesture or Not
  162. Jobless rate plunges; for-hire trucking adds 6,800 jobs
  163. CSX Oil Train Derails.
  164. Trucking Stocks Near Highs Amid Improving Fundamentals
  165. Trucking used to be a ticket to the middle class. Now it’s just another low-wage job.
  166. Clear Lake company punished for firing driver
  167. LA and LongBeach Port Drivers Strike
  168. Truck Trade with NAFTA Partners Grows, as Does Overall Trade?
  169. FedEx Driver in Fiery CA Crash Worked Long Shift
  170. Push for national hiring standard for truckers pits shippers, brokers against plainti
  171. Mexican Truckers Threatening Blockade?
  172. FedEx Sued Over Deadly Bus Crash
  173. FMCSA to Congress: Raise insurance minimums for truck crashes
  174. Port truck drivers file complaint over working conditions
  175. Cass Truckload Linehaul Index takes 6.0% jump, largest in 35 months
  176. Winds of change in logistics
  177. Professional Truck Drivers Deliver a Baby Boy at Denny’s
  178. Volvo Trucks Announces New Full-Service Dealer Facility in New Mexico
  179. Senator Durbin Asks For IG Investigation into Federal Agency's Oversight of Trucking
  180. Horrible FedEx Wreck
  181. Cass Freight Index: March sees signs of strengthening economy but signals ‘still mixe
  182. California Truckers Will Get $2.2 Million In Back Pay For Being Misclassified
  183. Deceased doctor conducted improper medical exams, FMCSA says
  184. New Mexico Truck Driving Championships on May 3rd
  185. Deal Reached to End Vancouver Port Trucker Strike
  186. California driver named 31st Goodyear Highway Hero
  187. Trucking not simple anymore, TCA chairman tells delegates
  188. FMCSA shuts down bus, trucking operations for disregarding safety regulations
  189. Trucking Benefits From IoT Data, But Struggles With Workers' Resistance To Analytics?
  190. ATA: Turnover at large truckload carriers slips in 4th quarter
  191. Port strike in Vancouver
  192. Stakes raised in driver classification debate as New York state law takes effect
  193. Employers add 175,000 jobs, but none in trucking
  194. HOS violations land Connecticut man in prison
  195. Port driver files class action complaints against two California drayage companies
  196. New guidelines aim to get truckers in shape
  197. 33 FT pups coming??
  198. New Jersey Pilot Flying J workers vote to join union; contract to cover wages, hours,
  199. Anne and a thousand questions
  200. Truckers: if Hampton Roads port traffic isn't fixed, work will stop
  201. Here's 30 Billion Reasons Why Mexican Trucks Are No Joke
  202. Connecticut Man Sentenced To Jail For Falsifying and Destroying Driver Logs?
  203. CA Okay's Driver Video Cams
  204. DHL Pranked UPS Into Advertising For Them?
  205. In-A-Rush Or Avoiding A Vehicle, You Decide?
  206. UPS pilots fatigued before crash??
  207. Winter weather pushes ATA Truck Tonnage Index down 4.3% in January
  208. Mexico’s Canacar suing U.S. for $30 billion; says non-compliance with NAFTA
  209. Why truck drivers are getting dinged on pay
  210. Walmart Unveils New Truck?
  211. Obama Wants More Fuel-Efficient Trucks on US Roads?
  212. Unions: ‘Wrongheaded’ policies threaten transportation system
  213. Retail sales expected to improve in 2014; could bode well for trucking
  214. Spot market truckload volumes soar as winter wreaks havoc with capacity
  215. Committee OKs plan to raise speed limits in Idaho
  216. After crash, call for closer oversight of truckers
  217. Infrastructure issues facing the New Mexico legislature
  218. USPS Workers Under Attack
  219. TCP survey: HOS to cut productivity, wages to climb, entry-level drivers sought
  220. 10 Missouri men indicted for theft of nearly $1 million in trucks, trailers, cargo
  221. Freight Shipments Fall in December, 2014 Projected to be Better Than Last Year
  222. In wake of fatal accident, carriers, drivers put OOS
  223. OSHA Announces Online Form For Whistleblower Complaints?
  224. Truck Driver Files For HOS Exemption?
  225. 1 in 4 Chance of Hitting Red Light on Utah Highways
  226. Potato juice? States use technology and smart solutions to battle winter weather
  227. All C.D.L. Holders Must Read This
  228. CDL/Med Card Merger: The Deadline is Near
  229. Maine lawmaker says truckers don’t have a lot of brains
  230. Former trucking group CEO indicted in $7 million tax case
  231. Turnover at large TL fleets drops to 97 percent
  232. New drug track-and-trace law "defines 3PLs place in the supply chain," trade group sa
  233. Stolen cobalt-60 found abandoned in Mexico
  234. DOT Proposes Highways for Freight Network
  235. What will happen to truck drivers when self-driving vehicles take over?
  236. Owner of defunct Ohio carrier ordered to pay terminated truckers $302,000
  237. 80% of carriers surveyed show productivity loss under new HOS rules
  238. Truckers who haul for Wal-Mart and Forever 21 plan surprise strikes today
  239. Port of Oakland wants court to stop truckers protesting over pay, CARB
  240. Port Truck Drivers Demand their Rights in Rancho Dominguez
  241. Comments wanted on 15th carrier in Mexico pilot; 79% miles so far in Texas, Calif.
  242. FMCSA releases new study detailing opportunities for returning vets
  243. Unemployment rises to 7.3%, trucking gains 400 jobs
  244. Plea hearing set in Kansas cargo theft case; brothers allegedly assume trucker’s iden
  245. 2011 truck fatals highest number since 2008, FMCSA data shows
  246. FMCSA puts three truck drivers out of service
  247. For-Hire Trucking Tonnage Index Jumps
  248. Transport, Construction Add Jobs in September
  249. ATA's Graves: Trucking in 'sweet spot' of freight movement
  250. HOS compliance cutting driver wages by as much as 5.6 percent, survey finds