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  1. NY Legislature OKs Employee-Driver Bill
  2. With UPSF Vote Going Down...
  3. Port truckers unite
  4. Trucking Tonnage Index Reaches All-Time High
  5. Q&A: Do Mexican Trucks Pose a Safety Issue?
  6. FMCSA Declares Colorado Trucking Company ‘Imminent Hazard’
  7. 42% of settlements paid by carriers for accidents exceed insurance requirements, alli
  8. Supreme Court strikes down drayage concession agreement at Port of Los Angeles
  9. Yeah right,a shortage of drivers
  10. An uncertain summer
  11. Surprise inspections on state roadways for commercial vehicles
  12. FMCSA shutters bus firm that used coach with hole in floor
  13. Trucking loses 50 jobs in May after 12,500 job gains in April
  14. Teamsters Appeal Court Ruling on Mexican Trucks
  15. Trash hauler's record probed in Maryland derailment
  16. Transportation Department Names Teamsters To Freight Advisory Committee
  17. Woot! N.J. Senate approves misidentification bill; now it's up to Christie
  18. OOIDA: Bridge collapse why truck weight limits shouldn't be raised
  19. Reality trucking shows: Truckers ask, "Where's the reality?"
  20. New report underscores trucking’s essential role in U.S. economy
  21. FMCSA Shuts Down Colorado Trucking Company
  22. Deregulation naysayers were right about everything, except the most important thing
  23. Tonnage drops 0.2 percent in April, but up for year
  24. Roadcheck 2013 slated for June 4-6
  25. Flat volumes and ample capacity collide with higher spot rates; is HOS to blame?
  26. Dangerous Mexican trucks allowed in pilot program; Teamsters object
  27. Diesel truck explosion closes busy Pa. interstate
  28. Teamsters Urge Congress To Stop Dangerous Increases In Truck Weight And Size
  29. National Master Freight Agreement and Supplements
  30. Transport stocks keep on truckin'
  31. FMCSA sends 5th passenger carrier back to the garage for safety violations
  32. Unemployment drops; trucking adds 11,700 jobs
  33. FMCSA asking for comments on what could be 12th NAFTA pilot participant
  34. Teamsters Warn: Swift Transportation Board Lets CEO Pledge nearly 25 Percent of Outst
  35. Feds order shutdown of DC tour bus company
  36. Trucker acquitted in Ill. highway worker's death
  37. Maine trucking companies in quandary over new hours-of-service rules
  38. Teamsters Vow To Continue Fight Against Dangerous Mexican Trucks in Wake of Court Dec
  39. Bus firm involved in crash Saturday subject of March CR
  40. Trucking index jumped again in February; higher freight rates seemingly on way
  41. Trucking prepared for Panama expansion; challenges from crumbling roads
  42. Author David Nissenberg publishes EZ Guides to trucking law, regulations
  43. Seattle Longshoremen, truckers in potty dispute
  44. FMCSA Thursday lists 2 Mexico-based carriers who failed safety audit last year
  45. U.S. economy adds only 88,00 jobs; for-hire trucking ranks drop by 6,900
  46. Lisa Kelly of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ promotes Worldtrucker app and website at MATS
  47. FMCSA shuts down apparent chameleon carrier
  48. FMCSA to Fung Wah: three strikes and you're OOS
  49. Shell SuperRigs scheduled for June 20-22 in Wisconson
  50. Iowa trucking company to pay back wages to drivers
  51. FMCSA shuts down two more bus companies
  52. FMCSA shuts down two trucking firms; puts driver OOS
  53. Top 25 LTL Carriers: What the Data Tells Us
  54. Monthly trucking index soared in January to levels seen only once since '04
  55. Still too many car crashes into back of trailers prove deadly, Insurance Institute te
  56. Judge orders Pratt to rehire truck drivers
  57. Ohio official backs plan to allow heavier trucks
  58. 3D Printing Company To Offer Next-Day Service?
  59. Volvo Group Invests in DriveCam, Inc.
  60. Cass Freight Index: Shipment volumes up in February, reversing 4-month slide
  61. Carrier CEOs see number of driver applicants dropping dramatically
  62. Expanded driver recruiting service released
  63. Diabetic Ind. trucker cleared of drunken driving
  64. Reaction: Outrageous Letter to the Editor Regarding Truck Drivers?
  65. Sector snap: Shipping companies
  66. Transport union leaders call for investment in transportation jobs
  67. Lawmaker calls for extensive review of Mexico truck program
  68. TransCore DAT Freight Index Shows 'Robust' January
  69. Grupo Behr finally gets authority to participate in struggling cross-border program
  70. DOT chief Ray LaHood establishes National Freight Advisory Committee
  71. FMCSA coordinates with states hit by blizzards for HOS exemptions
  72. Could Washington state trucker reclassification be near?
  73. Norhteast Blizzard
  74. Banks No Match for Trucks Where Rigs Pay Twice as Much
  75. New jobs up, unemployment rate up slightly, trucking adds 5,000
  76. 15 women can't testify at trucker harassment trial
  77. LaHood will not remain as DOT secretary for second term
  78. Rail Stocks Have Absorbed Higher Fuel Costs, So Why Not Trucking? Air?
  79. Truckers want Connecticut to change deicing chemical
  80. Trucking Industry on the Upswing Heading Into 2013 as Truck Tonnage Index Rises for t
  81. Next Threat to Truckload Carriers?
  82. Trucking Employer Pays $5 million in Disability Suit
  83. GPS Insight introduces Hours of Service solution, to host webinar
  84. 1 Million Natural Gas Trucks Will Be Sold Worldwide from 2012 to 2019?
  85. Supreme Court to hear ATA port concession plan decision
  86. Poor driving conditions reported on NM highways
  87. Feds Suggest Mileage Fees for Trucks to Fund Highways?
  88. 8 more truck stops get electric shorepower
  89. New Safety Programs Target Risky Truck Drivers?
  90. Bunch of bull: Semi full of bulls crashes on Florida road; 3 flee
  91. Truck rates to climb post-Sandy; analysts divided on duration
  92. Jobless rate steady at 7.8%; trucking adds 4,200 jobs
  93. Survey: Motor carrier execs unhappy with election outcome
  94. Why Truck Driving Is One of the Deadliest Jobs In America?
  95. 2012: The Stories of the Year
  96. Nationwide Network of Natural Gas LNG?
  97. Truckpocalypse?
  98. November tonnage increase offsets October's loss
  99. HTAA Flu Shots For Truckers and Fleet?
  100. Not knocking on the U.S. door: Mexican truckers' lack of interest threatens to derail
  101. ATA Takes Agency to Court Over HOS Rule?
  102. Ohio Opts For $3B Plan Over Turnpike Privatization?
  103. Big Truck Drivers Run Bigger Risk?
  104. In-Cab Cameras Focus On Drivers?
  105. Most carriers in ‘parked mode’ while waiting on ‘fiscal cliff,’ says TCP report
  106. NTSB: Inattentive driver, faulty brakes cause of fatal truck-train crash
  107. Turnover at large TL carriers stays above 100%; rate at small TLs hits 6-year high
  108. Large truck deaths increased 1.9% in 2011 over 2010, says NHTSA
  109. FMCSA shuts down Louisiana trucking company
  110. Unemployment drops to 7.7 percent; trucking adds 2,500 jobs
  111. FMCSA takes action against movers for failing to return goods
  112. FMCSA puts driver OOS hours after GAO issues report on 'disabled' CDL holders
  113. Trucker jailed after missing pork turns up in Arkansas
  114. FMCSA shuts down Illinois carrier that violated out-of-service order
  115. cameras in the cab?
  116. California trucker charged in deaths of mother and daughter
  117. Owner of trucking company, store, pleads guilty in drug ring tied to Atlanta
  118. Sandy dampens October truck tonnages, American Trucking Associations says
  119. Logistics Aid Still Needed in Sandy's Wake
  120. Can Trucking Solve the Driver Shortage?
  121. Trucking 1 of 5 trades accounting for nearly 20% of 2011 missed workdays
  122. Fleets Tally Storm Damage, Strive to Resume Deliveries
  123. Gut-wrenching week for transportation ends with Port of New York/New Jersey closed; o
  124. ATA: Driver shortage acute, limited to TL sector, but ...
  125. New York Caralina Express
  126. Dry vans, flatbeds may see strong boost as result of hurricane, ATA reports
  127. Traffic routines returning to somewhat normal after storm
  128. American Trucking Associations' For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index Trending Flat for the Fi
  129. Hurricane Sandy hits travel, cargo; costs unclear
  130. Court sets date for oral arguments in cases seeking to end Mexico project
  131. FMCSA changes regs on 10-day OOS extensions to match policy
  132. PA license and the medical card
  133. New product developed to get trucks ‘unstuck’ from snow and ice quickly
  134. F.M.C.S.A. Requirement for tanker endorsements
  135. White paper sets record on fatigue straight, ATA says
  136. Trucking Index for August up 1.4 points from July
  137. LTL Trucking Rates Seen Rising 3 to 4 Percent
  138. FMCSA grants authority to 8th carrier in pilot project
  139. FMCSA warns carriers about fraudulent DOT letter
  140. Trucking firm pays $630,000 in discrimination suit
  141. August drags down truck tonnages
  142. Analysis: Dow transports raise warning flag for U.S. economy
  143. Truckers protest low-wage competition from eastern Europe
  144. Mobile Health Fitness Apps. For Truck Drivers
  145. Before you steal a truck, you need to know how to drive it
  146. Truckload Slowdown Spreads Amid 'Soft' Demand
  147. ATRI launches survey on truck parking needs
  148. FMCSA places 2 Kansas carriers OOS for safety violations
  149. Operation Safe Big Rig in New Mexico
  150. Truckload driver turnover surges in second quarter, ATA reports
  151. Largest increase in fatal work injuries involved drivers of heavy trucks, says DOL up
  152. Truck Tonnage in July Remains Steady -- Tonnage Forecast to Decline During Second Hal
  153. FMCSA to seek comment on 7th Mexico-based carrier
  154. Sammons driver frees children from crunched minivan
  155. Low participation in cross-border program puts FMCSA at risk of not meeting goals
  156. FMCSA shuts down reincarnation of horse hauler
  157. Retailing executive says supply chains have small window to react to possible dock st
  158. Shippers Report Tightening Truck Capacity in Mexico
  159. Truck tonnage stalls in July, American Trucking Associations says
  160. 3,000 vehicles to take part in year-long ‘intelligent transportation’ pilot
  161. Trucking Industry's Recovery Continues to Gain Momentum in 2012
  162. Missouri trucking firm owners convicted of $924K fraud
  163. Roadcheck 2012 OOS rate second lowest in event's 25-year history
  164. Fact or Fiction?
  165. Overheated food trucks are raising red flags in Indiana
  166. Make truck parking a top priority of MAP-21, OOIDA exec tells LaHood
  167. DOT Physical
  168. Jobless rate up; trucking adds 3,100 jobs
  169. FleetRisk-and-CSA-Using-"Predictive-Analytics?"
  170. Qualcomm-and-Others-Are-Starting-Mobile-Health-Applications-for-Truck-Drivers?
  171. Trucking Industry Continues to Improve -- Truck Tonnage Index Sees Largest Jump So Fa
  172. Protesting truckers block highways in Brazil
  173. HR manager accused of taking $200k from trucking company
  174. Congressional report: fuel standards for HD vehicles impedes economic growth
  175. Trucking battles back in June but shows hints of slowing economy
  176. Georgia trucking companies can escape scrutiny
  177. More than 25 percent of Ore. truck drivers checked at stops fatigued, ODOT says
  178. ATA report highlights data on recruitment and retention
  179. FMCSA shuts down 3rd incarnation of Alabama company
  180. New ATA report sees trucking gains through 2023
  181. Carriers expect small increases in driver pay, TCP survey finds
  182. Fifth Mexico carrier passes PASA for cross-border project
  183. Market Share, Revenue Gain Forecast for Trucking
  184. Cass: Shipments, rates flat in June; peak season a ‘non-event’?
  185. Sleep Apnea Affects More Than 40 Percent Of Truck Drivers, Australian Study Shows
  186. Cass Shipment Index Up 1.3 Percent in June
  187. Few Trucking Jobs Added in June
  188. ATA: DOT, FMCSA must act to establish clearinghouse
  189. FMCSA finds Tennessee company an imminent safety hazard
  190. UPS And FedEx Win Big With Access To Chinese Express Delivery Market
  191. Swift Pay Incentives Target Truck Driver Retention
  192. DOT, VA team to assist veterans seeking transport jobs
  193. Healthy-Trucking-Association-of-America
  194. U.S. freight levels decline for second month
  195. Hooking up
  196. Freight shipments rise 0.2% in April from March
  197. Shippers See Trouble as Truck Capacity Tightens
  198. Driver turnover surges for small fleets in first quarter
  199. FMCSA Shuts Down Wisconsin Trucker
  200. Iowa 80 Truckstop joins fight against human trafficking
  201. Freight Shipments, Spending, Increased in May
  202. Trucking exec accused of pension plan theft sentenced
  203. All FMCSA Information
  204. StayMetrics targets truck driver retention
  205. OOIDA, safety group question Mexican carriers’ DOT applications
  206. O&S Trucking files for bankruptcy protection, looks to Prime
  207. Transport Industries Gained Most Jobs in May
  208. Cross-Border Rail Growth Outpaces Truck Transport
  209. Gov't cracking down on unsafe bus companies
  210. FMCSA Extends Comment Period on CSA Changes
  211. FMCSA shutters Demco Express; 6th carrier shut down in 2012
  212. US-Canada Cross-Border Trucking Heats Up
  213. CSA scores for companies
  214. Gunthers Transport Owner Files Bankruptcy Petition
  215. U.S. freight levels hit reverse in April
  216. ATA calls on FMCSA to make changes in CSA, says agency becoming unresponsive
  217. Trucking Industry Showing Signs of Recovery in 2012
  218. Trucker Shares Seen Ready to Rally in U.S. With Housing Rebound
  219. TransCore DAT Spot Market Index Jumps 17 Percent
  220. NHTSA proposes rule requiring electronic stability systems on large trucks
  221. FMCSA Shuts Down Alabama Trucking Company
  222. Central Freight Lines settles EEOC age discrimination suit for $400,000
  223. FTR Forecasts Higher Truck Rates
  224. FMCSA officially rescinds remedial EOBR rule
  225. Trucking industry data good news for economy
  226. Truck Cancellations Hit Two-Year High as Rebound Slows
  227. 3 more carriers one step closer to Mexico truck program participation
  228. FMCSA five-year plan aims for zero crashes
  229. FMCSA catches carrier red-handed on highway after cease operations order issued
  230. Trucking Industry Slow to Adopt LNG, Survey Says
  231. Employers pull back on hiring, but jobless rate drops; trucking adds 1,800 jobs
  232. Truck driver Raul C. Perez, Jr. posthumously named TCA Highway Angel
  233. Number of Active For-Hire Truckers Up 7.5 Percent
  234. LTL, Capitol Hill Top Agenda at NASSTRAC
  235. Amended 'reincarnated carrier' rules set for May 29
  236. Five unlicensed movers cited in Oregon sting
  237. U.S. trucker nabbed in Mexico with ammo is charged
  238. Mexico truckers protest dangerous double trailers
  239. Study: ‘California-only’ diesel will come at high cost for state
  240. ATA urges Congress to support EOBR mandate in highway bill
  241. TransForce Acquires US Oilfield Trucker
  242. 2012 Virginia Truck Driving Champions Crowned
  243. Back on the road
  244. Breaking down the costs of trucking
  245. Deadly crash spurs lawmakers to fix Interstate 65
  246. Trucking still dominant mode of goods movement, report shows
  247. RedStone Logistics plans to bring 100 jobs to Overland Park
  248. FMCSA seeks to adopt sleep apnea recommendations as rule guidance
  249. DOT announces national medical examiners final rule
  250. DOT Compliance Help