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  1. Delaware Truckers Charged With Shipper, Tax Fraud
  2. Fraudulent Broker Gets 10 Years in Jail
  3. Speed limiter report: Trucks with devices had 50% lower ‘speed-limiter relevant’ cras
  4. CSA-Scorecards-for-Drivers
  5. FMCSA needs to kick vetting process up a notch to find chameleon carriers
  6. FMCSA to change CSA scoring; Cargo BASIC goes away
  7. Trucks of the Future
  8. Too Few Truck Drivers Means Swift’s Profit in Expansion: Freight
  9. FMCSA says it still intends to to develop crash accountability program
  10. New Natural Gas Engines
  11. Bipartisan-Transportation-Bill?
  12. The-ATA-Questions-CSA-Compliance?
  13. DOT-Needs-Transportation-Investment?
  14. Trucking-based economic indicator shows little growth
  15. Trucking Sector Gains Momentum -- YRC Worldwide and Arkansas Best Looking Strong
  16. Largest LTL Carriers Grew 17 Percent in 2011
  17. FMCSA and Their Flawed Logic
  18. New Obstructive Sleep Apnea Info March 11 2012
  19. (HOS)-Logbook-Examples
  20. Central States Pension Fund Restricted Reemployment Rules
  21. LTL Trucking Grew 11.6 Percent in 2011
  22. Truck Volume Forecast to Grow 3.9 Percent in 2012
  23. Truck Pricing Forecast to Climb 3 to 5 Percent
  24. Trucking-Firm-Must-Pay-$190,000-to-Truck-Driver?
  25. EEOC sues Celadon over disability issue; CEO 'perplexed,' defends hiring practices
  26. Mexico carriers: ‘no benefit’ to joining NAFTA pilot program
  27. FMCSA denies OOIDA’s accusation of EOBR violation
  28. NC-Joins-Interstate-Toll-Program?
  29. New Definition of Tank Vehicle Will Affect CDL Endorsement Requirement
  30. Minnesota trucking operator sentenced for fraud
  31. Transport Industry Fights N.J. Employee-Driver Bills
  32. Trucking-based indicator drops in January; 'big gain' ahead?
  33. ATA objects to 'arbitrary' interim step in medical exam program
  34. Roadrunner Profit Soars Eight-Fold in 2011
  35. Analyst Says 2012 Truck Rates Could Rise 6 Percent
  36. Trucking Company Indicted for Breaking Driver Rules
  37. Federal Inspectors Shut Down Indiana Trucking Company
  38. US Shipments Index Grows 3.6 Percent
  39. No final rule on EOBRs this year, FMCSA Administrator Ferro says
  40. Con-Way profit soared 22 fold
  41. House transportation bill would spend about $260B, increase truck size
  42. Court orders FMCSA to respond to OOIDA on EOBR motion
  43. Turnaround at Swift Nets $90 Million Profit
  44. New health costs compounding driver shortage, survey says
  45. U.S. Trucking Industry Posts Biggest Jump in 13 Years
  46. High court: warrant needed for GPS tracking
  47. Trucker "pay must top $60,000"
  48. 2nd Mexican carrier granted authority to participate in cross-border program
  49. Advisory Panels Urge Tougher Screening for Sleep Apnea
  50. Inspection Bulletin
  51. Freight Index Signals Steadier US Shipping Demand
  52. PA-NJ-and-OH-Turnpike-Toll-Increases?
  53. How's it going? Depends on who you ask
  54. Banning-CB-Radios?
  55. DOT's-New-Inspection-Facility-Technology
  56. Truck-Safety-Bill-Passes?
  57. New-Physical-Qualifications-For-Truck-Drivers?
  58. Shipper, Trucking Groups Plan Washington ‘Fly-In’
  59. Senate Panel Approves Multimodal, Truck Safety Bills
  60. Driver turnover rate rises for fourth straight quarter
  61. Senators introduce bill to strengthen FMCSA, truck regs
  62. Obama, Harper Sign Cross-Border Pacts on Trade, Security
  63. FedEx Ground to Raise Rates 4.9 Percent
  64. Fmcsa-Planning-More-Crack-Downs?
  65. DOT-Lauches-In-House-Safety-Policy?
  66. Unemployment rate lowest since March 2009, trucking adds 3,600 jobs
  67. Third Mexico-domiciled carrier passes pilot program safety audit
  68. US DOT Cell Phone Ban
  69. Kansas-City-Freight-Power?
  70. ATA Takes Driver Hours Battle to Budget Office
  71. FMCSA-Shuts-Down-Trucking-Company
  72. Arrow Trucking Employees May Get Additional $2 Million
  73. PA-Governor-Signs-Texting-While-Driving-Ban
  74. Offshore Stability?
  75. LTL Rates Rising, But So Are Costs
  76. DOT-Preparing-to-Cellphone-Jam-Truck-Drivers?
  77. Unemployment dips to 9%; trucking adds 3,100 jobs
  78. Thought you would find this interesting
  79. I-69 Corridor?
  80. Construction-Begins-on-Unmanned-Checkpoint?
  81. Trucking Performance Points Away from Second Recession
  82. (WTO)-World-Trade-Organization?
  83. Survey: Smaller fleets could close if tonnage doesn’t increase
  84. Trucking, other stakeholders wait as HOS deadline draws near
  85. First truck crosses border under new pilot program
  86. FMCSA's Ferro uncertain if new HOS rule will be out by Oct. 28
  87. DeFazio reiterates concerns about Mexico program
  88. DOT Chief, LaHood, Says He Won't Serve Second Term
  89. Vermont's Fatal Large Truck Crash Rate Tripled
  90. All Eyes on Trucking Industry as Latest Data Points to Recession
  91. Mexico cross-border program fully compliant, DOT tells Congress
  92. Freight Shipping Index Reaches Three-Year High
  93. U.S. DOT takes closer look at Mexican CDLs
  94. Speaker Boehner calls on White House to drop HOS changes
  95. FMCSA looks for link between personality, crashes
  96. Trucking Sector in Stronger Shape Than Expected
  97. Shippers Step Up Campaign for Heavier Trucks
  98. Transportation Stocks are Diving on Concerns of an Economic Slowdown
  99. (HOS) Shippers Urge Congress to Block Driver Rule Change
  100. Truckload carriers taking accessorial charges to shippers
  101. ANALYSIS: Safety scores questionable for some Mexican cross-border applicants
  102. Driver turnover rises to three-year high in second quarter
  103. U.S. Trucking Volume Decline Lessens
  104. Lawmakers Seek End to Trucking HOS Rewrite
  105. OOIDA questions granting pilot project authority to Mexico carrier
  106. Morgan Stanley Sees Truckload Demand Rising
  107. Trucking company accused of discrimination
  108. Transport Executives Rank Among World's Richest
  109. Freight CEOs Press Congress on Infrastructure
  110. MGM Transport closing.
  111. Congressman questions FMCSA on cross-border trucking
  112. Retailers in U.S. Risk Holiday Shipping Rush
  113. Truckload Carriers Seeing Strong Demand
  114. Schneider starts "Fracking" division, wants 500 truckers
  115. NTSB calls for ban on mobile-phone use by commercial drivers
  116. Swift contracts more trucks to Wal-Mart
  117. The Fools: Upgrades and Downgrades
  118. Pricing Environment Remains Strong in Trucking Sector
  119. Nafta?
  120. Wolfe Trahan Cuts 2012 Transport Earnings Estimates
  121. Transportation job openings jump 33%
  122. Top 25 CSA Violations by Drivers and Carriers
  123. Feds sue Old Dominion for disability discrimination
  124. Supply-Chain Update
  125. Court overturns onboard truck recorder rule
  126. Best CSA 2010 book
  127. Driver shortage shows gain in U.S. U.S. Truck Cargo: Freight Markets
  128. Heard a rumor ??
  129. US-FedGov-Project on Truck-Drivers?
  130. Trucking weakens in July; trends are important for YRC
  131. Roadrunner Transport on a buying frenzy
  132. ODFL raises rates far lower than its competitors
  133. Economics on Transportation
  134. LTL market not good not for USPS
  135. TDU Brake-test
  136. DOT Stimulus Payout
  137. LTL Rate Hike
  138. FedEx Wants to Squeeze Money From a Turnip
  139. Transportation stocks lead market dive
  140. FedEx Freight Hikes Rates 6.75%
  141. After the debt ceiling debate, what's next? (08/03/2011)
  142. Trucking Adds 1,300 Jobs
  143. Con-way profit skyrockets 111 percent!!!!
  144. Higher pricing/acquisitions boost Roadrunner's Revenue
  145. Government and the Supply Chain/Transportation Industry
  146. MIQ Logistics expands, buys The Logistics Corp.
  147. Kudos to JOC (Journal of Commerce)
  148. Familiar CF scenario...Con-way extends credit facility
  149. Composite containers
  150. Truckload Carriers Hungry for Acquisitions
  151. ODFL Profit Leaps 83.1 Percent!!!
  152. Canada's Purolator International Expands in US
  153. New Legislation that Would Raise the Weight Limit for Trucks
  154. Rep. Peter DeFazio moves to put Mexico-U.S. truck deal in the ditch
  155. Con-way Matches ABF/UPSF Rate Hikes
  156. Canadian Ports Taking Export Traffic Away From U.S. Ports
  157. Minnesota Shutdown Troubles Truckers
  158. Driving with the BIG rigs
  159. Local 413
  160. US and EU Cooperate On Marine Highways
  161. What the ABF-YRC Court Decision Means
  162. FAA Proposes $689,800 FedEx Hazmat Fine
  163. Truck Firms Gird for New Limits
  164. Cvsa
  165. US-Mexico Sign Cross Border Trucking Pact
  166. Isn't CAFTA Just As Bad As NAFTA?
  167. Union Trucks Not Allowed
  168. UPSF Hikes Rates, Boosts Yields for YRC/Others
  169. Old CF Article
  170. Federal Truck Safety Plan Includes Shippers
  171. Truckload Rates Jump 5-15 Percent
  172. Trucking Regulator Seeks Comment on 5 Year Plan
  173. The Lines Are Drawn, Truckers, Carriers, Lobbying Groups Take Sides on EOBRs
  174. Trucking index slips as economy slows
  175. A Smooth Road for Less-Than-Truckload
  176. Trucking Companies Losing Long-haul Drivers
  177. Fedex Annual Revenue Rises to $39.3 Billion
  178. The Perfect Trucking Storm
  179. Mexico Truck Agreement May Be Signed This Month Mexican Official Says
  180. Truckers Unhappy With Pricing Model, Survey Says
  181. Proposed HOS Regulations Called Unneeded, Costly At House Hearing
  182. Truckload Capacity Tightening, LTL Stable
  183. DHL buys Standard
  184. Judge Called ABF, YRC Teamster Contracts Separate
  185. Human truck driving football
  186. Truckload Capacity Seen Tightening
  187. UPSF & ABF Drivers Assist In Charity Delivery
  188. Another reason freight took a hit..
  189. Bill Aims to Increase Truck Parking Space
  190. DOT Seeks to Extend HOS Comment Period
  191. Zollars: LTL Truck Rates Will Keep Rising
  192. Roadrunner Profit Soars 350%
  193. Businesses Push Congress to Allow Bigger Trucks
  194. EZE Trucking Acquires Patterson Motor Freight
  195. ABF decision may not be out until July
  196. YRC and ABF Struggle
  197. ABF decision pending
  198. Trucking Co's, Parts, Makers...incredible profits!!!!
  199. Truck Driver Pay Rising
  200. JB Hunt on Top, Faces Competition
  201. Mandatory Driver Logs
  202. One more step down
  203. Drivers for NPT lose overtime pay
  204. Heavier Truck Freight Shifting to LTL
  205. Midwest LTL Carrier Suddenly Shuts Down
  206. ABF Hiring in the west
  207. The colbert report
  208. Truck volumes post strong gains in January
  209. Old & New Company truck pics
  210. This is Life at the New Eastern/NEMF
  211. Severe Weather Hits FedEx Profit Forecast
  212. Con-way Hires Former ACT, Yellow Exec
  213. Vitran has HUGE loss
  214. Degregulation
  215. FEDEX Frustrations
  216. Signs of a recovery??
  217. fed ex at railyards
  218. Hartford transportation co.
  219. CSA 2010, finally, it's public
  220. Con-way Says Profit to Fall
  221. Gone but not forgotten
  222. Washington Bombs, "Signs of the Times"
  223. J.P. Morgan Downgrades Con-way to 'Underweight'
  224. What's Wrong With Freight Trucking?
  225. US hours of service rules changed
  226. Stocks: ABF Down, YRC Up After Ruling
  227. LaHood wants your cell phones...
  228. fed-ex freight loses 91 million
  229. RMBrenna on trucking
  230. Fed_ex Freight
  231. Former Arrow CEO jailed
  232. Bad News For Truckers In Nov.
  233. Trucking Industry Healthier Than Truckers Themselves
  234. Another HOS chapter
  235. 400,000 Truck Driving Jobs to be Filled by End of 2011
  236. Transport Topics: ABF Sues YRC,IBT
  237. What the IBT says about the ABF lawsuit
  238. Concession Prevention
  239. Conway Appoints Execs For Expansion
  240. McLean Trucking Pensions - Richmond 1974-1977
  241. Watchdog for trucks
  242. ATA's Graves Predicts Industry Rebirth Among Challenges
  243. UPS Joins Freight Rate Increase
  244. 9/29/2010 NTSB Says Driver Fatigue at the Root of Fatal Oklahoma Truck Wreck
  245. ATA: Truck Tonnages Plunge In August
  246. Fedex Fate Up In The Air
  247. FEDEX Combining National And And FEDEX Freight
  248. Ex-YRC/USF/CF Guy Gets On As CR England Big Mahoff
  249. One question, re-guarding the NMFA?
  250. How would YRCW Teamsters vote on another wage or benefit concession?