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  1. Big Freight Strike Vote in Chicagoland
  2. Alvan Motor Freight is ceasing it's operations.
  3. YRC to Take 2Q Charges; Affirms Core Earnings Outlook
  4. Looking for contract
  5. More Truckers Selling Their Rigs
  6. Jevic's gone-- Who's Next?
  7. Velocity Centers????
  8. Jevic Discontinues Operations
  9. YRC's fine...... maybe, maybe not....
  10. Looking for Preston History
  11. Welcome Dirtball
  12. Yellow Change Of Operations
  13. Possible COO ???
  14. Preferred Carrier
  15. Well it's Started
  16. truckers protest fuel costs.
  17. Amish Buggy Freight
  18. Speedtrap Tracker
  19. Speed-traps, Weigh-stations, and Detour Signs.
  20. "still a bit like crawling over broken glass.''
  21. Utility driver
  22. Looking for a job?
  23. Diesel Fuel hits record prices.
  24. Cola
  25. Hey Hbf
  26. Union? Or Non-Union?
  27. Thank you P3, my new radio box is awesome!
  28. Something fishy at YRCW
  29. The Good Ol' Days
  30. Perks of the P&D Job
  31. All right Freighthaulers:
  32. The Fight for Freight.
  33. A new TDU fact for me
  34. In Latest Victory, About 235 Drivers, Dockworkers Will Join Local 391
  35. Cheesy CF
  36. Oak Harbor Negotiations
  37. from the un-f...ing believable file...
  38. Some good news for a change...
  39. It's Official
  40. SMT Transport ??
  41. Nmfa Final Preliminary Tally
  42. Let's Analyze The NMFA Results
  43. IBT Now Posting NMFA Preliminary Numbers As Of 4PM EST
  44. NMFA Vote Tally (Update)
  45. NMFA Vote Tally
  46. Preferential empty gesture
  47. YRC Regional Change Of Ops
  48. Reddaway closure facts
  49. New Holland coverage map
  50. YRC To Close 27 Regional Service Centers
  51. Roadway Driver Robert Bielamowicz Reaches Milestone of 4 Million Safe Miles
  52. New YRC Logistics Trailers
  53. YRC Logistics
  54. YRC Logistics Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Shanghai Jiayu Logistics Co., Lt
  55. Holland/Reddaway check this out.....
  56. Drive Safe, Reality Check
  57. YRC Worldwide plans to announce restructuring after worst financial quarter in 15 yea
  58. ABF Agrees to Be Bound by 2008-2013 National Freight Standards Agreement
  59. Suspiciously boring
  60. MasterFreight? or MasterPlan?
  61. Worth every minute of reading
  62. YES or NO, Hmmmmmmmmm........
  63. Shake-up at YRC Worldwide expected
  64. NMFA Thread of the year
  65. I need an answer.
  66. Foul Smelling
  67. A whirlwind of activity...
  68. NMFA Memorandum of Understanding 5 .pdf's
  69. Vote On the NMFA
  70. Fresh YRC Propaganda
  71. Freight Contract Update
  72. Freight 2008 Debate
  73. View the Tentative National Master Freight Agreement and Supplements
  74. Is the NMFA Outdated?
  75. F.T.E. Roll Call
  76. Good thinking
  77. View the Tentative National Master Freight Agreement and Supplements
  78. A little miracle
  79. Can I get my 53 footer where? You got to be kidding
  80. What a crock!!!!!
  81. Your New Forum Moderator
  82. How Many Contracts Have You Voted On?
  83. NMFA Concession stats
  84. Why wait until January 8th?
  85. Organized Companies in your area
  86. Freight 'Two-Man' Meeting Scheduled January 8
  87. Tentative, Five-Year Agreement Addresses Needs of Workers, Companies
  88. Hey YRCW people! Does this look like DHL Freight Trucks?
  89. Administration rewrites truck safety rule
  90. Where is all the contract news??
  91. To much Overtime
  92. Health and Welfare
  93. Union Negotiators Review ?Complex? Issues
  94. Who's Gonna Buy Yrcw?
  95. Ken Paff's Resume
  96. When do you think the NMFA will get done?
  97. what happened to this website??
  98. Vitran Buys Calif. Supply Chain Firm
  99. Winter Storm Hits Northeast Following Midwest Blast
  100. Trucking to Remain Dominant Freight Mode
  101. Exxon Mobil, Partners to Build Hydrogen-Powered Forklift
  102. CTA Asks for Standard Anti-Rollover Technology
  103. ISM Factory Index Dips in November
  104. Chinese Order 1,900 Cummins Bus Engines
  105. Zollars Says Parts of U.S. Economy May Be In Recession
  106. FedEx Ground Boosting Rates By 4.9%
  107. Ryder to Combine Supply Chain Units
  108. Teamsters, TMI Report Progress at Freight Talks
  109. Rail, Intermodal Traffic Decline for Week
  110. Nafta Surface Trade Gains 5.5%
  111. Calif. Court Rules Against FedEx in Drivers' Case
  112. Nafta Surface Trade Gains 5.5%
  113. Third-Quarter GDP Is Highest in Four Years
  114. UPS Sets Alliance for India Expansion
  115. Loggers Planning Diesel Protest in Washington
  116. Jobless Claims Reach Nine-Month High
  117. October Truck Tonnage Falls 1.5%
  118. Trucking Industry at Odds With Maine Tobacco Law
  119. Third-Quarter GDP Is Highest in Four Years
  120. Loggers Planning Diesel Protest in Washington
  121. Jobless Claims Reach Nine-Month High
  122. Fed 'Beige Book' Cites Slower Economic Growth
  123. Judge Says N.J. Can Keep Tolls Study Private
  124. Durable Goods Orders Fall in October
  125. Forward Air Buying Black Hawk Freight Services
  126. DHL Sets 4.9% Net Rate Increase
  127. Diesel Rises 3.4? to $3.444; Sets Another Record
  128. Navistar, UAW Resume Contract Talks
  129. Consumer Confidence Drops in November
  130. UPS Teamsters Approve New Contract
  131. Xata's Losses Widen in 4Q
  132. Task Force to Study Red-Light Cameras in N.M.
  133. Scope Technologies & ClickSoftware Sign Partnership Agreement
  134. CTA Asks for Standard Anti Rollover Technology
  135. National Master Freight Agreement 2008
  136. Interstate 10 Reopens in Louisiana
  137. Crude Retreats From Record Levels
  138. Family of Trailer Bridge Founder to Sell Company Stake
  139. TransForce to Acquire Thibodeau Group
  140. DHL Express to Build Shanghai Cargo Hub
  141. Swift CFO Resigns
  142. Central States - Questions And Rumors
  143. Teamsters Local 728 Election Results
  144. Roadway Driver Alphonso Lewis
  145. TeamstersOnline.com
  146. Your Local Supplement
  147. TTNews.com Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
  148. Crude Oil Falls on Supply Build at Okla. Delivery Hub
  149. Leading Indicators Decline in October
  150. Initial Jobless Claims Rise for Week
  151. Fed Minutes Highlight Credit Market Concerns, Slower Growth Prospects
  152. Diesel Slips 1.5 Cents to $3.410
  153. Alcoa Delivers Aluminum Truck Bodies to SIP-WELL
  154. Allied Systems to Buy PTS
  155. McLeod Software Adds Asset Program
  156. International Truck Has Medium Hybrid
  157. Lawson Gets Global Container Terminals Business
  158. Alcoa Delivers Aluminum Truck Bodies to Water Hauler
  159. Crude Rises to Record Close
  160. Housing Starts Rise in October
  161. I-10 Gas Fire Sparks Extended Delays in Louisiana
  162. NITL President Ficker Resigns
  163. U.S. Shipments to Mexico, Canada Hit Record in 2006
  164. U.S. Shipments to Mexico, Canada Reach Record in 2006
  165. Fenway Partners Acquires Consolidated Fastfrate
  166. Gas Rises Nearly 13 Cents in Two Weeks, Lundberg Says
  167. FedEx Slashes Earnings Forecast
  168. AirIQ Posts 3Q Loss
  169. Navistar Taps Sharp to Head IT
  170. EPA Issues Warning to Biodiesel Producers
  171. Carriers' Interest in APUs Is Growing
  172. Editorial: Resolving 2010 Engine Technology
  173. Congress May Require Safety Technology in 2009 Highway Bill, FMCSA's Hill Says
  174. General Freight to Use TMWSuite
  175. Editorial: The Best Defense
  176. E-Manifests Required in Maine, Minnesota
  177. iTECH: There's More to Return on Investment Than a Price Tag
  178. Daimler Truck Group Launches Clean Truck Initiative
  179. Intermodal Traffic Falls for Week
  180. CFI Raises Driver Pay
  181. Industrial Production Falls 0.5%
  182. Transportation Spending Bill Clears House
  183. UP to Increase Dividend
  184. Navistar, UAW Set to Resume Talks
  185. Appeals Court Strikes Down CAFE Standards for Light Trucks
  186. Hub Group Announces $75 Million Stock Buyback
  187. Philadelphia Factory Index Rises
  188. N.Y. State Manufacturing Index Slips
  189. Letters to the Editor: No Parking, Fuel Surcharges, Silent Attack, Driver Surveillanc
  190. Contract Will Serve as National Model to Organize Workers Nationwide
  191. Nmfa