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  1. Federal agencies used port trucking companies with labor violations
  2. Port Truck Drivers Call On LA Mayor To Take Action
  3. Industry Faces Long Haul to Legalize Self-Driving Semis
  4. Federal bills aim to stop exploitation of port truckers
  5. CA Truckers file wage theft claims
  6. How Did Less-than-Truckload Carriers’ 2Q17 Earnings Growth Trend?
  7. Teamsters Chief Fears U.S. Self-Driving Trucks May Be Unsafe, Hit Jobs
  8. Senators pressure retailers to root out “shameful” labor abuse of truckers
  9. Teamsters look down the road at tech impacts on transportation workers
  10. Rigged: Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.
  11. Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach truck drivers threaten to strike
  12. Driverless Trucks Could Cost 4.4 Million Jobs By 2030
  13. Trucking And Blue-Collar Woes
  14. Former mail hauler executives plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges, violating s
  15. Port of Los Angeles posts record April volumes
  16. Meal and Rest Break Pre-emption Provision Likely in Fiscal 2017 Funding Bill
  17. Teamsters Local 952 Retirees Successfully Lobby for Passage of Transportation Bill SB
  18. Teamsters Prepare To Battle UPS, Truck Industry Lobbyists On Safety Issues
  19. Central Refrigerated Trial Will Decide Award Damages to Misclassified Truck Drivers
  20. Letter sent to House panel asks for defeat of any move to increase truck weights
  21. Regulatory freeze pushes back effective date of training rule to May 22
  22. President Donald Trump to meet Thursday with trucking representatives
  23. The Demise of Transcon
  24. Another autonomous truck startup says trucker kept behind wheel, just not in cab
  25. WSJ: Who’s to Blame for the Trucker Shortage?
  26. FedEx Wins Appeals Court Case
  27. Truckers on L.A.’s docks fight for union rights
  28. House Dem's NAFTA redo would drop cross-border trucking provision
  29. With NAFTA in the crosshairs, Mexican trucking foes sharpen their knives
  30. Port Truckers File Wage Theft Claims Against California Cartage, Five Subsidiaries
  31. Teamsters Press Trump to Drop NAFTA’s Mexican Trucker Provision
  32. CRST Sued for $350 Million
  33. Twin 33's Again
  34. Court Finds Swift Contract Workers Were Employees
  35. Trucker Deaths Top All Others in the Workforce
  36. NLRB Issues Complaint Over Misclassification Of Menards Drivers
  37. ATA freight tonnage index surges 8.2 percent
  38. Driving a Truck is Among Deadliest Jobs in the U.S.
  39. Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with European Truck Drivers
  40. Latest port driver strike at Ports of LA/Long Beach ties up cargo
  41. HomeRegulation Trucking, Auto Industries Praise Elaine Chao Transportation Secretary
  42. Owner-operators sue LA-LB terminals alleging collusion with Teamsters
  43. KLLM Drivers File Class-Action Misclassification Suit
  44. SAIA Expanding To Northeast
  45. LA Port Workers Using New Fair Pay Order in Wage Theft Fight
  46. Letter: Pay truck drivers by the hour to keep us safe
  47. Trucking Companies File for Employee Misclassification Amnesty Protection
  48. Federal Judge Orders Bankrupt Hanjin To Unload Stranded Ships In Los Angeles
  49. Swift founder Moyes to retire at year end
  50. Teamsters Call For Government Intervention In L.A. Ports Cargo Crisis Caused By Hanji
  51. Truck driver had 131 pounds of pot inside vehicle
  52. DOT issues speed limiter NPRM but leaves exact speed to be decided
  53. Truck Driver Job-Related Injuries in Overdrive
  54. Freightliner to lay off 115 at Gastonia, N.C., plant
  55. Inspections: Top 10 states where enforcement’s hot
  56. Maintain State Sovereignty in Trucking Industry
  57. When we voted til we got it right, Dollar Bill made double what ABF's CEO at 1/5th
  58. Ethnic diversity becoming competitive differentiator in trucking, official says
  59. Top 10 toughest states for hours of service violations
  60. Truck Drivers for Large Chinese-Owned Company Demand Teamsters Representation in Long
  61. FTR: May trailer orders drop to 13,300 units; worst month since 2010
  62. Port drivers go on strike in L.A./Long Beach
  63. Driver, Family Lead Port Strike
  64. ATRI study on sleep apnea reports significant driver costs
  65. FTR: April trailer orders up 15 percent from March, down 12 percent from 2015
  66. Cass says U.S. economic slowdown reflected in freight volumes
  67. Port-Trucking Firms Run Into Labor Dispute
  68. Truck Stop: How One of America’s Steadiest Jobs Turned Into One of Its Most Grueling
  69. California Launches Amnesty Deal for Trucking Firms That Misclassified Drivers
  70. Port Trucker Pacific 9 Seeks Bankruptcy Protection
  71. Study: Biggest trucking firms outsource over 42% of their freight
  72. An upward trend in truck-occupant crash deaths
  73. Southern New Mexico county eyes expanding its port-of-entry
  74. Congress starts on fix for bill oversight that left out 34-hour restart
  75. NLRB Issues Historic Complaint Against Port Trucking Company
  76. Teamsters, safety groups to Congress: Don’t touch hours of service
  77. Game Changer
  78. Trucks Are Getting More Dangerous And Drivers Are Falling Asleep At The Wheel. Thank
  79. E-Commerce Roils Trucking
  80. February Freight Transportation Services Index falls 0.7 percent after two months of
  81. UPS Still Interested in TNT Freight?
  82. Understanding English No Longer Required
  83. Tractor-trailer catches fire at toll booth; no injuries
  84. Port of Oakland cargo operations snarled by labor-management dispute
  85. Final mile group needs donations to bring murdered trucker's body home
  86. Build the Hunts Point ramps in the South Bronx
  87. Port Trucking Company Files for Bankruptcy Protection
  88. FMCSA orders shutdown of Massachusetts trucking company
  89. Police: Trucker used fishing line to flip plate in toll scam
  90. More port truckers strike at the twin ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach - See more at
  91. Daimler to lay off some 1,250 employees at N.C. plants
  92. Hoffa: FAA Measure Tries to Ground Trucker Safety by Ending Breaks
  93. Twin 33s Issue Revived
  94. Driver turnover at large TLs up 13% to 100%
  95. Teamsters Applaud Agreement Ending Misclassification at Port of Oakland
  96. Swift Transportation CEO's Margin Debt on Company Stock Bumps Against Limits
  97. All freight modes down; trucks still most popular, carrying 66.2% of NAFTA trade
  98. ACT: 2015 1 of best years in history for trailer sales
  99. U.S. border agents begin inspecting U.S.-bound trucks in Mexico
  100. Trucking Conditions Index jumps more than 3 points; bodes well for '16
  101. Heavy-duty truck orders rebounded in December after disastrous November data
  102. Regulators shut down Land-Air Express; large regional carrier has 330 trucks, 344 dri
  103. Utah's new diesel, gas taxes take effect Jan. 1
  104. Banner year for consolidation leaves transport, logistics with bigger, fewer players
  105. Here's hoping Santa has no more coal for trucking
  106. FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index falls in October ahead of expected 2016 rise
  107. Teamsters oppose longer tractor-trailers on roadways
  108. Truckers to picket container company, but inks contract with six others
  109. 'Sting trailers' offer glimpse into world of cargo thieves
  110. Love’s opens sixth Love’s Fast-Fill CNG location along Interstate 40
  111. FMCSA orders Ohio's Garfield Trucking OOS for numerous violations
  112. Protecting truckers’ rest breaks makes highways safer: James P. Hoffa
  113. Monthly shipment index fell last month to lowest October level since 2011, firm says
  114. Trucking honors service men and women; serves vets all year long
  115. Senate votes 56-31 to oppose twin 33s
  116. A Captured Agency? The Airlines, Trucking And OSHA With Fired OSHA Investigator Darre
  117. Largest-ever 1.7M pound load crawls through northwest NM
  118. Labor leader says under-funded transportation needs leaving working people behind
  119. Heavy-Spending Trucking Industry Pushes Congress to Relax Safety Rules for Drivers
  120. United for Port Truck Drivers!
  121. FTR trucking conditions Index shows healthy freight growth
  122. Oregon trucking firms to take hit with reopening of Siskiyou rail line
  123. NHTSA grants petition for truck collision avoidance, mitigation mandate
  124. Truckload Carriers Association board votes to oppose twin 33s
  125. Lawmakers introduce bill to ease veterans' transition into trucking
  126. Study: California independents earn more than company counterparks
  127. ATA survey: driver shortage to hit 48,000 by end of year
  128. Southern California Teamsters seek “employee” recognition for harbor truckers
  129. Labor Unrest at California Ports Continue as More Subcontracted Workers Go On Strike
  130. TCA opposes 6th axle, 91,000-lb. CMV bill, writes letter to sponsor
  131. Werner driver trainer stabbed to death by trainee
  132. Trucking execs drill down to the driver: emphasize mama, miles, machine
  133. Trucking execs: Autonomous trucks are coming, believe it or not
  134. Some hazmat haulers granted exemption from 30-minute break
  135. DOT releases parking study, announces coalition to tackle long-standing problem
  136. ATA tonnage index jumps 2.8 percent in July
  137. Drivers angered to learn that hundreds bought CDLs in California without taking tests
  138. Congress must tackle driver fatigue head on
  139. Trucking conditions index hits highest level of 2015
  140. Oregon seeks solutions to shipping woes; transferring loads off trucks to rail sugges
  141. Savannah Port Drivers' First Ever Hearing on Misclassification
  142. ATA calls on Congress to support graduated CDL program
  143. Employee Misclassification Hearings Begin in Georgia
  144. Port Truck Drivers At Pac 9 Begin Strike
  145. California I-10 bridge collapse: Travel woes that could last
  146. Top 100 Carriers Get More Selective With Freight as Capacity Remains Tight
  147. Florida cargo theft probe nets five arrests, $300K in goods
  148. Truck drivers search for parking amid rise in big rigs
  149. Autonomous-truck corridor could connect Alaska and Mexico
  150. Productivity group wants action on hiking six-axle weight limits
  151. Trucking Companies Try New Approach at Congested California Ports
  152. Toronto's Wheel-Check increasing awareness of loose wheel nut safety hazar
  153. Tractor-trailer hitches could be faulty, 6,000 may be in use
  154. Washington state CDL seekers must prove citizenship Sept. 1
  155. Bill would create pilot program to allow 18-year-old CDL holders on interstate routes
  156. Mayors conference resolution takes aim at truck safety
  157. FedEx and UPS Use Election Spending, Lobbying and Backdoor Tactics to Push for Weaker
  158. Driver proposes to write own HOS rules, but FMCSA says no
  159. Samsung creates truck with 'safety' video feeds on trailer
  160. Senate panel to consider FY2016 THUD appropriation bill Tuesday
  161. Big rig strikes 3 overpasses in Minnesota
  162. Christie, Cuomo back measure to overhaul Port Authority
  163. Obama administration proposes tougher mileage standards for trucks
  164. Judge: Walmart violated California minimum wage law in failing to pay truckers for al
  165. 15 truckload executives tell Senate they oppose twin 33-foot trailers
  166. Rail intermodal up over car loadings for first time
  167. Another trucking website bites the dust
  168. FHWA study says not enough data to change truck size and weight
  169. The Six-Year Itch: Are subpar transport numbers foreshadowing first downturn since '0
  170. Bus-truck collision in Pennsylvania leaves 3 dead, many hurt
  171. Port truck drivers: Companies must share blame
  172. New research assesses potential for driver-assistive truck platooning
  173. ILWU Overwhemingly Approves 5-Year Contract for West Coast Dockworkers
  174. Safety advocates, business groups spar over push to increase twin-trailer length
  175. Bill introduced in Senate to create national hiring standard for truckers
  176. House passes another temporary fix to keep highway aid going
  177. Los Angeles, Long Beach port truck drivers move nation’s goods
  178. Former trucking company operator sentenced to 3 years in prison in double-brokering s
  179. Put safety before truck profits, advocates urge Congress
  180. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of California Meal-Break Rule
  181. Truck driver scarcity pulls down Con-way volume, profit
  182. FMCSA confirms exemption of 78 diabetic drivers
  183. Truck Convoy Protest Left Major Delays on Capital Beltway
  184. Weeks after the crippling port strike was resolved, here comes the trucker strike
  185. Texas business groups want state to allow heavier container weights on trucks
  186. LTL capturing more load-board mind share; spot market posts double that of truckload,
  187. CVSA’s international annual 3-day Roadcheck being held June 2-4
  188. Police: Better GPS could have kept trucker out of jail
  189. Sister looking for long-lost sibling who trusts truckers
  190. OOIDA files petition to intervene in cross-border lawsuit
  191. Trucking loses 6,800 jobs as pace of hiring in U.S. slows
  192. TL turnover remains high, ATA reports
  193. More big rigs equal improve southern Oregon economy
  194. Unique program to use dogs at selected travel centers to help truckers de-stress
  195. Trucking employment approaches peak, pressuring driver wages, rates
  196. ATA urges Congress to back bipartisan hair testing legislation
  197. New JFK truck rules will drive job growth
  198. Arkansas raising speed limit for trucks to 70 mph on rural interstates
  199. Freezing workers claim dangerous, inhumane conditions in Tannersville freight facilit
  200. Bill re-introduced in House to create national hiring standard for truckers
  201. Teamsters Port Division Responds to Tentative Contract Agreement Between the PMA and
  202. Survey says 3 of 4 Americans don’t want longer, heavier commercial trucks on highways
  203. ATA-adjacent books seek to teach children about trucking
  204. Women truck drivers seek mentors for new advocacy campaign
  205. FMCSA shuts down Nevada trucking company as ‘imminent hazard to public safety’
  206. Trucker said he was fired because of his religious beliefs
  207. South Korean container carrier says it's leaving Portland; labor dispute blamed
  208. Teamsters Local 848 Port Truck Drivers At Shippers Ratify First Contract
  209. Initiative finds non-CMV drivers more likely to speed than CMV drivers
  210. Trucking company owner pleads guilty to exchanging tires for drugs
  211. If union doesn't agree to contract, West Coast ports could shut down in next 5 days
  212. FMCSA declares South Dakota trucking company and driver to be imminent hazards to pub
  213. Crash on interstate caused by trucker pulling his tooth
  214. Drivers misclassification lawsuit ruling is a win for Teamsters
  215. Driver Turnover Continues at Elevated Levels, ATA Says
  216. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Controversy rages on despite U.S. decision to allow in more Mexican
  217. Officials warn about New Jersey's roads and bridges
  218. How the Trucking Industry Could Be Vastly More Efficient
  219. DeFazio pledges to push back against Mexico truck program
  220. Freight sector to gain momentum in 2015 following strong 2014, top analyst predicts
  221. FDA concerned about drug-impaired drivers
  222. Six Days on Fumes: A Trucker's Search for Starbucks and Sleep
  223. Port officials call for swift resolution to labor issues
  224. 9hr Bid Pays 45hr Vac/MOU/Central PA
  225. Teamsters Denounce DOT Decision To Open Border To Mexican Trucks
  226. 2014 Was a Happy Year for Transport Stocks
  227. Construction spending dips, factory growth slowest in 6 months
  228. Shuster: No plan for gas tax hike, mileage fees
  229. Port, trade groups urge President Obama, Congress to intervene in longshore labor tal
  230. Self-Driving Trucks Could Revolutionize Package Delivery, DHL Predicts
  231. Transport strike likely to shut down much of Belgium
  232. FMCSA seeks panelists for entry-level negotiated rulemaking
  233. Senate considering lowering truck safety standards for special interests
  234. Michigan Senate defeats bill to lower truck weight
  235. Motor carriers can mitigate risk with new hazmat driver training program
  236. Truckers Stranded in New York Storm Along Thruway
  237. FMCSA survey: Some drivers still 'skeptical' ELDs help safety
  238. Utah trucker accused of keeping more sex slaves
  239. Freight Groups Ask White House for West Coast Port Talks Mediator
  240. Georgia man's vehement disregard of FMCSA regs nets him 12 months probation
  241. Deadly Driving
  242. Worker killed in truck accident at dairy plant
  243. Data on cross-border program insufficient, FMCSA committee says; Mex carriers continu
  244. From Kings of the Road to Serfs of the Company
  245. Too-tall truck damages bridge over interstate
  246. High Paying Trucking Jobs Coming To New Mexico
  247. Safety groups, congressmen say new poll proves public doesn’t want truckers’ hours in
  248. Teamsters, Highway Safety Groups Sue Feds to Force Tougher Rule for New Trucker Train
  249. Trucker found guilty of bribing Georgia military officials
  250. Family of trucker burned to death in cab awarded $3.5M in wrongful death verdict