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  1. UPS electric delivery
  2. Pension Grievance Nets $120,000 From UPS For Two Local 162 Members
  3. UPS names Barber COO, first to hold the post since June 2014
  4. Teamsters Continue Push for Improvements in Fourth Round of UPS and UPS Freight Negot
  5. UPS delivers seemingly solid quarterly, full-year results, yet stock plunges
  6. Ups makes billions, demands givebacks
  7. Teamsters Make Progress During 2nd Week of UPS and UPS Freight Contract Negotiations
  8. UPS drivers beat forced overtime during holiday rush
  9. UPS parcel proposals 2018
  10. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  11. UPS Reserves 125 Tesla Semi-Trucks, Largest Public Pre-Order Yet
  12. UPS and UPS Freight Supplemental Committees Continue Talks With Company
  13. UPS, Overwhelmed by Online Orders, Warns of Delivery Delays
  14. Memorandum on 70-Hour Rule Package Drivers
  15. Taylor, European Union Leaders Meet to Discuss UPS
  16. Dates Set for UPS and UPS Freight Negotiations OCTOBER 25, 2017
  17. UPS honors company’s ‘Safest Driver Ever’ in Livonia
  18. UPS Contract Update for October 20, 2017
  19. Leaders from UPS Local Unions Overwhelmingly Accept Contract Proposals
  20. 'Tough' talks ahead: Union wants new UPS worker contract to focus on health care, pen
  21. Ups contract update
  22. Teamsters UPS and UPS Freight Screening Committees to Meet Sept. 25th
  23. Move over uber, here comes ups
  24. Sean O'Brian Resigns
  25. Teamsters Reject UPS Proposal for Full-Time Seasonal Personal Vehicle Drivers
  26. Teamsters Package Division Reviewing Thousands of UPS Contract Proposals
  27. Lessons from the 1997 ups strike
  28. Statement from fred zuckerman
  29. Teamsters Local 710 Triumphs at UPS Grievance Panels
  30. Teamsters Call on Locals to Gather UPS Contract Proposals
  31. Ups contract unity pledge drive
  32. Teamsters Push Back on UPS Golf Cart Delivery Vehicles
  33. UPS To Freeze Pensions For 70,000 Nonunion Workers
  34. Sean O'Brien
  35. UPS wants special rules
  36. Teamsters Appoint Local 25 Business Agent John Murphy as UPS Freight Director
  37. Four Million Miles and Counting: UPS Teamster Walter Beasley
  38. SF UPS Shooting
  39. Conference Call: Teamsters United for a Good UPS Contract
  40. Teamsters Local 396 Fights Back Against UPS Subcontracting
  41. UPS Teamsters Impacted By Reversal of Recent Pro-Labor Rules
  42. Accident-Free Since ’68
  43. UPS Teamster Locals, Leaders Meet at Unity Conference to Discuss 2018 Contract
  44. Teamsters Local 710 UPS Team Shows Strength at Decatur Barn
  45. UPS Profits Are Up; Wants Cost Control, Concessions
  46. Teamsters Local 25 Wins Arbitration Case Against UPS
  47. UPS Teamster Makes Heroic Rescue
  48. A Legendary Life at UPS: 50-Year Driver Danny Kaminski
  49. Teamsters Celebrate 50-Year UPS Driver with Local 177
  50. Premium Pay for Saturday Deliveries?
  51. Teamsters to Demand Lobbying Disclosures, Accountability at UPS
  52. UPS Teamsters Focus On Contract Enforcement As Saturday Delivery Creates 6,000 New Jo
  53. Local 162 Wins Dispatching Grievance for UPS Teamsters
  54. UPS building $200 million operations facility in Texas
  55. Teamsters to Demand Lobbying Disclosures, Accountability at UPS
  56. Putting The Brakes On Platooning: UPS Teamsters Raise Concerns On Connected Vehicle T
  57. Teamsters Local 63 Wins Grievance On Behalf of UPS Pre-Loaders
  58. Teamsters Fight Back Against UPS “Golf Cart” Bill in Kentucky
  59. UPS Gives Top Brass a Raise Despite Missed Targets
  60. Playing Politics at UPS
  61. UPS to implement Saturday deliveries..
  62. UPS to Start Ground Deliveries on Saturdays
  63. UPS Revenue Accelerates in 4Q and Produces Record $61 Billion for 2016
  64. UPS Acquires Freightex Ltd. To Accelerate Expansion Of U.K. And European Truckload Br
  65. Question on Overtime at UPS
  66. Pilot strike at ABX
  67. NY authorities seek $872 million fine on UPS for cigarette shipments
  68. Profits and Harassment are Up at UPS
  69. 340 UPS Jobs
  70. UPS Has a Racism Problem
  71. Local 710 UPS Informational Meeting Brings Members Together
  72. Teamsters UPS Airline Mechanics Hold Job Actions at Customer Locations in Indiana
  73. Pension Cuts Hit UPS Teamsters In Southwest
  74. UPS Grievance Panel Dockets
  75. UPS CEO, Kasim Reed push for Trans-Pacific Partnership approval 7:33 p.m. Monday, Aug
  76. UPS 2Q Profits Hit $1.27 Billion
  77. UPS Expands Job-Killing Access Point
  78. UPS driver stabbed in Farmington mobile park
  79. UPS 1st-quarter profit rises 10 percent, beating forecasts
  80. UPS Stock Higher as Analysts Expect Earnings Rise for Q1
  81. UPS Airline Mechanics Demand No Healthcare Cuts in New Contract
  82. ISS Recommends Teamster UPS Shareholder Proposal
  83. UPS to Release 1st Quarter Results on April 28, 2016
  84. Teamsters: Demand Lobbying Disclosures & Accountability at UPS
  85. 8 men awarded $5.3 million from UPS; effigy hung from ceiling
  86. National master contract, regional supplements, & most local riders 2013-2018
  87. Current contract
  88. Another Massive Pay Hike for UPS's CEO
  89. Will Amazon Logistics become a competitor of UPS? And does it matter?
  90. UPS workers protest against supervisor
  91. Local 710 Overturns Termination at UPS Grievance Panel
  92. United Parcel Service (UPS) Q4 Earnings Top, Revenues Lag
  93. UPS to Release 4th Quarter Results on February 2, 2016
  94. Amazon Plans to Give Up Dependence on United Parcel Service
  95. Meeting the Challenge at UPS
  96. UPS Volume Down, Profits Up
  97. UPS tops 3Q profit forecasts despite dip in revenue
  98. UPS to Release 3rd Quarter Results on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
  99. Teamcare Life Insurance vs UPS Life Insurance
  100. More Than 80 Groups Call on UPS to Leave American Legislative Exchange Council
  101. United Parcel Service Beats Estimates in Second Quarter
  102. UPS in talks to buy Coyote Logistics for at least $1.8 billion
  103. IBT Launches Anti-ALEC Campaign at UPS
  104. From delivery to discovery UPS driver reconnects child with family
  105. UPS 1Q Earnings Per Share Up 14%
  106. Fired Teamster wins $6.6 Million from UPS?
  107. UPS to Release 1st Quarter Results on Tuesday, April 28, 2015
  108. UPS to Build 15 CNG Stations, Deploy 1,400 CNG Tractors and Delivery Vehicles
  109. UPS CEO’s Total Compensation More Than Doubles in 2014
  110. UPS Moves Away From Loving Logistics
  111. 6,000 UPS Teamsters Ratify Five-Year Contract
  112. UPS Illegally Shipped 136 Million Contraband Cigarettes In New York, Says New Lawsuit
  113. UPS meets 4Q profit forecasts
  114. UPS hikes fuel surcharges despite dramatic declines in oil, fuel prices
  115. UPS Driver Caught Tossing Box, Urinating On House
  116. UPS warns of lower fourth-quarter earnings as high operating costs, subpar peak traff
  117. UPS adds 1.2 million square feet to North American supply chain network
  118. Hoffa To Congress: Stop Bailout For UPS, Protect Retiree Benefits
  119. UPS Driver for a Day
  120. One Grateful Turkey
  121. Delta, UPS, Carriers Sue L.A. Airport Over Union Deals
  122. James R. Earls has re-released his book"The Big Brown Lie"
  123. UPS expects double-digit surge in December shipments
  124. UPS Delivers Strong 3Q Results; 3Q EPS Moves 13.8% Higher
  125. Brown Giving Teamsters the Black Friday Blues
  126. UPS' 2015 rate hikes have a familiar ring to them
  127. Supreme Court to Take Up UPS Pregnancy Discrimination
  128. Download the Docket for the UPS National Grievance Panel
  129. UPS Full-Time Jobs Update
  130. 3 people dead in shooting at UPS facility
  131. Federal Investigators Expel Pilots Union, UPS From Crash Probe
  132. USPS reports $2 billion loss.
  133. Postal Service awards FedEx Seven Year Flying Pact
  134. Taking a Bite Out Of Overtime Abuse
  135. UPS 2Q profit drops, lowers outlook on spending
  136. AEI Teamsters Overwhelmingly Approve National Agreement
  137. UPS Plans to Invest $1 Billion in European Operations
  138. 2013 UPS Contract Available Only from TDU
  139. UPS Names David Abney CEO, Effective Sept. 1
  140. UPS Contracts 2013-2018 Central Regional Supplement?
  141. UPS in Wyoming Valley to add jobs, convert vehicles to natural gas
  142. Teamsters Announce UPS Will Add Thousands Of New Union Package Jobs
  143. UPS May Follow FedEx Pricing Changes for Revenue Gain
  144. Mazel Tov! UPS deliveryman matches a Jewish couple along his route in Crown Heights
  145. U.P.S. Delivers Goverment Drone To Wrong Address
  146. TeamCare Update for UPS Teamsters
  147. Wall Street Analyst: UPS got a cheap deal
  148. UPS Spends $1 Billion a Year on Big Data: For What?
  149. UPS Contract Facts Memo
  150. UPS Employees Union Votes to Override 3 Local Bargaining Units
  151. UPS blames winter weather for drop in 1Q profit
  152. Earnings Preview: United Parcel Service shares up 4% since Q4 report
  153. To Increase Productivity, UPS Monitors Drivers' Every Move
  154. U.P.S. Driver Stops Kidnapping In Manhattan
  155. Big Brown Waves White Flag?
  156. UPS Experimenting With Delivery Drones?
  157. 250 U.P.S. Workers Fired In N.Y.C.
  158. UPS Freight Announces 2014 Rate Adjustment
  159. Teamsters Host UPS Workers Union Network Meeting
  160. How to Enforce 9.5 Rights at UPS
  161. U.P.S. Workers Walk Off Job In Queens
  162. UPS and Pilots Union Move Contract Talks to Mediation
  163. UPS, IBT Strand Teamsters in Pension Limbo
  164. UPS Releases 4Q Results
  165. Investors Overlook Fourth Quarter Disappointment, As Long-Term Growth Prospects Remai
  166. UPS Lowers 4Q Guidance as Surge in Last-Minute Orders Takes Toll
  167. UPS Tries to Impose Brownout on Facebook?
  168. TDU: UPS Implementing New Harassment Technology?
  169. UPS Fails To Deliver Some Packages By Christmas. Internet Explodes.
  170. UPS, Police Warn of Thievs
  171. UPS St. Louis: Second Big Win This Year
  172. Why Drone Delivery Won’t Replace the UPS Guy
  173. Pension Money Grabbed to Pay for UPS Health Plan
  174. UPS to pay $70K in religious discrimination suit
  176. UPS driver has no crashes in 51 years
  177. UPS program delivers unnerving surprise
  178. UPS more than doubles 3Q profit
  179. UPS Driver Tom Camp Sets Company Record Of 51 Years Without An Accident
  180. Union Rift Poses Test for UPS
  181. The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes Files $350,000 Claim Against
  182. UPS Driver Saves an Emaciated Great Dane
  183. Online theft sting nets UPS supervisor
  184. IBT Calls UPS Locals to meeting on Health Benefits
  185. UPS plane crash
  186. UPS Financials
  187. UPS Trailblazing Executive Christine Owens Retiring after 33 Years
  189. UPS Contract Update
  190. UPS Meets Earnings Est, Rev Climbs
  191. Earnings Preview: United Parcel Service
  192. Forty Years of Struggle at UPS
  193. Back to bargaining for UPS in its thorny parcel, freight contracts
  194. UPS expects weak second-quarter results
  195. President Zuckerman Investigates UPS Member Concerns Regarding Alleged IBT Failure to
  196. IBT, UPS Announce Contract Ratification, Will Negotiate to Resolve Supplement Issues
  197. Teamsters Local 89 considers strike at UPS Worldport
  198. We'll Keep Voting No Until UPS Gets It Right
  199. Ballots NOT Being Counted!!
  200. UPS Teamsters Approve Contract Removing Strike Threat
  201. UPS Contract Vote Results
  202. Voting results for the first day
  203. Vote Count For UPS, UPS Freight Contracts Set To Begin
  204. The International Union has screwed up the balloting on the UPS and UPS
  205. new ups contract
  206. How FedEx Stole UPS’ Thunder
  207. Conference Call on the UPS Contract
  209. UPS sales top $13.4B, profits up in Q1
  210. UPDATE 1-FAA slaps UPS with $4 million penalty
  211. Notice to UBS Financial Services Customers: The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of Kl
  212. Dedicated Port Orchard UPS driver delivers 30 years of safety on the road
  213. U.P.S. Will Forfeit $40 Million Over Illegal Drug Shipments
  214. UPS update on negotiations
  215. Thief Dressed as UPS Man Steals Package Worth 40K
  216. UPS Commits to Hire 25,000 Veterans
  217. All UPS and UPS Freight Local Unions
  218. Driver Wins Record Whistle-Blower Award Against UPS
  220. Bargaining Opens for Chicago UPS Contract
  221. Woman wins $600K sexual discrimination verdict against UPS
  222. UPS Worldwide Expedited Service Expanded to More Than 220 Countries and Territories
  223. NASCAR Gives UPS the Green Flag in 2013
  224. UPS 4Q results, 2013 outlook miss estimates
  225. UPS Earnings Preview: Will E-Commerce Growth Offset A Weak Economy?
  227. UPS Contract Scorecard
  228. All UPS Contract Negotiation News
  229. UPSers: Protect Yourself When Filling Out MVDC
  230. UPS discloses long-term expansion plans for Louisville
  231. UPS seeks to create integrated over-the-road network manned by drivers from several u
  232. UPS Contract Talks Resume
  233. UPS Threatens Retiree Healthcare Hike
  234. UPS driver caught doing his best Grinch impersonation
  235. Reform Team Re-Elected in Local 804
  236. UPS Workers' ADA Claims Not Barred by Loss of Grievance
  237. Video: Santa is a UPS Man
  238. UPS Contract Bargaining Update
  239. UPS raising delivery rates by up to 4.9 percent in 2013
  240. FedEx, UPS investigated for online drug shipments
  241. Latest Round Of UPS Negotiations Wraps Up
  242. UPS yanks funding to Boy Scouts of America
  243. UPS Bargaining Update
  245. Following Sandy, UPS gets back to business in Philadelphia
  246. UPS Rises After Asia Exports Post Surprise Increase
  247. UPS says consumers driving shipping growth as manufacturing remains weak
  248. Teamster UPS Driver Dies In Tragic Workplace Shooting
  250. Teamster Locals Approve UPS, UPS Freight Contract Proposals At Two-Person Meetings