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  1. Union Job Community Organizer for Local Union
  2. Union Job Director of Training and Education
  3. Union Job National Political Director
  4. Union Job Senior Member Coordinator – Greensboro
  5. Union Job Director of Finance and Administration
  6. Union Job General Council (Attorney)
  7. Union Job Web and Print Designer
  8. Union Job H.E.A.T. Assistant
  9. Union Job H.E.A.T. System Supervisor
  10. Union Job Video Communications Supervisor
  11. Union Job Assistant Director of Organizing
  12. Union Job Lead Organizers
  13. Union Job H.E.A.T. Organizing Internship
  14. Union Job Internal Organizer
  15. Union Job Operations Supervisor
  16. Union Job Operations Assistant
  17. Union Job Manager, Strategic Resource Center
  18. Union Job Janitorial Division Lead Organizer
  19. Union Job Internal Organizer I Janitorial
  20. Union Job Chief of Staff
  21. Union Job Lead Organizer for Sacramento Region
  22. Union Job Central Regional Director/ Assistant Executive Director
  23. Union Job Labor Relations Representative
  24. Union Job Two (2) Internal Division Coordinators, Airport and Security Division
  25. Union Job Organizational and Leadership Development Coordinator
  26. Union Job Worksite Organizer, Southern California
  27. Union Job Business Manager/Controller
  28. Union Job Field Representative
  29. Union Job Associate Director, Organizing & Field Services
  30. Union Job Organizer
  31. Union Job Operations & Administration Manager
  32. Union Job Organizer
  33. Union Job Internal Organizer, UC Riverside
  34. Union Job Lead Union Representative
  35. Union Job Field Researcher
  36. Union Job 2 Research/Policy Analysts
  37. Union Job Accounting Clerk I - Per Capita/PEOPLE
  38. Union Job Political Action Representative III
  39. Union Job Secretary Program Assistant, Level IX
  40. Union Job International Union Representative (Eastern Region)
  41. Union Job Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic Instructor
  42. Union Job Campaign Communications Specialist
  43. Union Job Secretary I – Full Time
  44. Union Job Two Organizer Positions
  45. Union Job Labor Educator
  46. Union Job Part
  47. Union Job UniServ Consultant -Community College
  48. Union Job Organizer
  49. Union Job Business Representative
  50. Union Job National Communications Director
  51. Union Job Pension Benefit Fund Specialist
  52. Union Job Nursing Education and Practice Specialist
  53. Union Job Case Manager
  54. Union Job Labor Relations Specialist
  55. Union Job Research Associate
  56. Union Job Campaign Manager
  57. Union Job Staff Representative/Organizer- East Bay
  58. Union Job Researcher
  59. Union Job Administrative Assistant
  60. Union Job Staff Representative
  61. Union Job Director of Education Services
  62. Union Job Executive Director – Ohio-Pittsburgh Local
  63. Union Job Communication/Mobilization Coordinator
  64. Union Job Union Organizer-in-Training /Pennsylvania
  65. Union Job Internal Organizer 1
  66. Union Job Legislative Advocate
  67. Union Job Accounts Payable Clerk
  68. Union Job Minimum Wage & Low-Wage Worker Campaign Strategist
  69. Union Job Communications Manager
  70. Union Job Contract Administrator I or II
  71. Union Job Deputy Field Director
  72. Union Job Member Resource Organizer
  73. Union Job Confidential Administrative Secretary
  74. Union Job Digital Strategies Fellow
  75. Union Job Research Analyst – San Francisco or Sacramento
  76. Union Job Organizer
  77. Union Job Union Organizer
  78. Union Job State Area Political Organizer (SAPO)
  79. Union Job National Representative
  80. Union Job Labor Liaison For Membership Growth
  81. Union Job OSEA Project Organizer
  82. Union Job Leaders in Action for Justice (LAJ) Operations Assistant
  83. Union Job Legislative Field Coordinator
  84. Union Job Lead Organizer
  85. Union Job Organizador Senior (Descripciσn de tareas)
  86. Union Job Senior Organiser
  87. Union Job Field Representative
  88. Union Job Regional Mobilization Director
  89. Union Job District Manager/ Assistant to the National Vice President
  90. Union Job Political Director for SEIU 1199 NW / Renton WA
  91. Union Job Council Representative Position
  92. Union Job Senior Field Researcher for the Low Wage Worker Campaign
  93. Union Job Senior Communications Specialist / Higher Education Campaign
  94. Union Job Senior Organizer
  95. Union Job Senior Field Researcher for the Low Wage Worker Campaign
  96. Union Job Field Researcher for the Low Wage Worker Campaign
  97. Union Job Senior Field Researcher for the Low Wage Worker Campaign
  98. Union Job Field Researcher for the Low Wage Worker Campaign
  99. Union Job Research Associate - Human Services Campaign
  100. Union Job Senior Field Researcher - for Corporate Social Responsibilty Campaigns (New
  101. Union Job Assistant Director, Member Assistant Program
  102. Union Job National Director, Television Contracts
  103. Union Job Full-Time Labor Relations Specialist
  104. Union Job Union Representative
  105. Union Job Research Coordinator for Low Wage Worker Campaign
  106. Union Job Senior Field Researcher - for Corporate Social Responsibilty Campaigns
  107. Union Job Executive Director
  108. Union Job Bookkeeper
  109. Union Job Senior Field Researcher- for Social Corporate Responsibility Campaigns (Chi
  110. Union Job Field Researcher/ Healthcare
  111. Union Job General Counsel and Staff Attorney
  112. Union Job Full-time Labor Educator
  113. Union Job Research Assistant
  114. Union Job Director of Collective Bargaining Position
  115. Union Job Strategic and Health Finance Researcher
  116. Union Job Field Legislative & Political Action Organizer
  117. Union Job Paid Internship Opportunity
  118. Union Job Communications Director
  119. Union Job Member Leadership and Action Director
  120. Union Job Union Organizer-In-Training / Seattle
  121. Union Job Leaders in Action for Justice (LAJ) Cultural Specialist
  122. Union Job Property Services Director
  123. Union Job Senior Policy Researcher
  124. Union Job Solar Power Outreach and Organizing
  125. Union Job Northern California Labor Representative Needed
  126. Union Job UniServ Director, Northwest United Educators (NUE)
  127. Union Job Communications Coordinator
  128. Union Job Union Labor Organizers
  129. Union Job Western Regional Director/ Assistant Executive Director
  130. Union Job Political Action Coordinator Associate
  131. Union Job Independent Contractor Organizer
  132. Union Job Assistant Director for Legislation Health Care
  133. Union Job Political Capacity Organizer
  134. Union Job Integrated Campaign Coordinator
  135. Union Job Union Organizer
  136. Union Job Human Resources Director
  137. Union Job Research Associate / Healthcare
  138. Union Job Labor Relations Specialist (Business Agent)
  139. Union Job Planning and Operations Coordinator
  140. Union Job Organizing Coordinator
  141. Union Job Business Agent/Representative
  142. Union Job Attorney I / Hearings and Appeals Specialist
  143. Union Job Administrative Officer / Director of Field Operations
  144. Union Job Communications Specialist
  145. Union Job Regional UniServ Staff- Option 1, San Jose
  146. Union Job Regional UniServ Staff- RRC, Eureka
  147. Union Job Office Support II – Part Time
  148. Union Job Temporary Organizer – UC Irvine
  149. Union Job Lead Organizer – UC Davis
  150. Union Job Program Representative - Upstate Team
  151. Union Job Business Manager
  152. Union Job Community Organizer
  153. Union Job Campaign Director
  154. Union Job Experienced Secretary - Administrative Assistant
  155. Union Job Organizer
  156. Union Job Health Advocate Positions Available
  157. Union Job Communications Specialist - Los Angeles
  158. Union Job Council Representative
  159. Union Job Contract Associate – Western Region
  160. Union Job Principal Navigator/Program Director
  161. Union Job Lead Navigator/Deputy Program Director
  162. Union Job Navigator
  163. Union Job Navigator Assistant
  164. Union Job Industry Research Analyst
  165. Union Job Organizer II
  166. Union Job Community Organizer
  167. ERISA Attorney
  168. Organizers
  169. National Political Director
  170. Assistant Director
  171. Regional UniServ Staff- IPD, Norco
  172. Staff Representative
  173. Director of Organizing
  174. Administrator for Labor Union
  175. Receptionist
  176. Temporary Per Diem Matrimonial/Family Law Attorney
  177. Organizer
  178. Temporary Organizer - UCD
  179. SASDesk Analyst/Grade 7
  180. State Director
  181. Organizer – Miami
  182. Organizer Los Angeles
  183. Coordinator, Washington Mid-Atlantic Local
  184. Policy Researcher/Assistant or Legislative and Political Assistant (Silver Spring, M
  185. Property Services Director
  186. Field Representative
  187. Government Relations Director
  188. Advocate
  189. Organizer, Southern California
  190. Implementation Specialist
  191. Business Agent/Organizer
  192. Organizing Director
  193. Union Organizer
  194. Business Agent – Private Sector (Parking)
  195. Project Director, Commercials & Corporate-Educational Contracts
  196. Executive Director
  197. Business Representative, Residuals Claims Department (4 Openings)
  198. Business Representative, Television Contracts (2 Openings)
  199. Call Center Representative
  200. Staff Accountant
  201. Communication Specialist – Oakland or Los Angeles
  202. Career Counselor/Implementation Specialist, Longterm Care Program
  203. Organizer (Bilingual)
  204. Senior Organizer/ New Organizing
  205. Deputy Director - Global Trade Watch
  206. Legislative Director
  207. Associate Executive Director for Advocacy & Affiliate Services
  208. Apprenticeship
  209. Staff Assistant
  210. Work Study Intern
  211. Special Projects Coordinator
  212. Field Representative – Syracuse Office
  213. Temporary Legal Secretary (Part-Time)
  214. California Director
  215. UnionJob: The UAW is offering a paid International Affairs Internship in District of
  216. UnionJob: SEIU (Local 221) is hiring for Worksite Organizers in Arizona, California,
  217. UnionJob: UNI Global Union is hiring for a Senior Organiser - UNI SCORE in Nyon, Swi
  218. UnionJob: SEIU (Local 721) is hiring for a Member Connection Organizer in Southern Ca
  219. UnionJob: UAW (Local 2110) is hiring for a Union Organizer/Representative in Connecti
  220. UnionJob: AFT (American Federation of Teachers) is hiring for an Organizer – Clevelan
  221. UnionJob: MAPE seeks a talented, hard-working for Union Representative/Organizer, in
  222. UnionJob: AFT-Oregon is hiring for a Political Action Organizer (Assistant Director-S
  223. UnionJob: SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania seeks Hospital Organizer (Project-Based), in P
  224. UnionJob: UPTE is hiring for a Campus Leadership Development Coordinator – UC San Die
  225. UnionJob: UNI Global Union seeks a Senior Organiser for its UNI SCORE program in Nyon
  226. UnionJob: ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) is hiring a Paralegal in the District of Co
  227. UnionJob: ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) is hiring for a Grade 6 Secretary - Legal D
  228. UnionJob: DGA (Directors Guild of America) is hiring for a Receptionist, Los Angeles,
  229. UnionJob: Field Campaign Communications Coordinator, needed at SEIU in San Francisco
  230. UnionJob: LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) is hiring for a National Com
  231. UnionJob: AFT Local 2121, the Union of Faculty at the City College of San Francisco,
  232. UnionJob: UNI Global Union seeks a Senior Organiser - UNI SCORE in Nyon, Switzerland
  233. UnionJob: UNITE HERE (Local 2) is hiring a Field Representative/Organizer, San Franci
  234. UnionJob: SEIU is hiring for a Senior Field Healthcare Policy Specialist in District
  235. UnionJob: MTA (Massachusetts Teachers Association) seeks Coordinator, Division of Tra
  236. UnionJob: UNI Global Union seeks Senior Organiser - UNI SCORE in Nyon, Switzerland. D
  237. UnionJob: SEIU (Local 668) is hiring for an Administrative Staff Office Coordinator,
  238. UnionJob: AFSCME Council 3 is hiring for an Organizing Coordinator in Baltimore, Mar
  239. UnionJob: CNA/NNOC is hiring for an Experienced Collective Bargaining Secretary in El
  240. UnionJob: NNU (National Nurses United) is hiring for an Experienced Collective Bargai
  241. UnionJob: The FFSC (Fair Food Standards Council) is hiring for a Compliance Monitor
  242. UnionJob: UNI Global Union seeks Senior Organiser - UNI SCORE in Nyon, Switzerland.
  243. UnionJob: WFO (Working Families Organization) is hiring for a New Jersey Field Direct
  244. UnionJob: AFT Local 2121, the Union of Faculty at the City College of San Francisco,
  245. UnionJob: SEIU is hiring for a Contributions Compliance Auditor, SEIU Benefit Funds i
  246. UnionJob: SEIU seeks a Senior Organizer, Oakland California. Details here: http://t.c
  247. UnionJob: Human Services Campaign Director needed at SEIU in District of Columbia htt
  248. UnionJob: SEIU seeks a Field Researcher in Los Angeles, California! Job at http://t.c
  249. UnionJob: Field Campaign Communications Coordinator needed at SEIU in Los Angeles, Ca
  250. UnionJob: SEIU seeks a New Media Campaign Manager for its New Media team in the Distr