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  1. UnionJob: Office Manager Region One Northampton, Massachusetts Nurses Association. Jo
  2. UnionJob: Research Director (New York City), CIR/SEIU, Committee of Interns & Residen
  3. UnionJob: Legal Secretary, CSEA, California School Employees Association. Job at http
  4. UnionJob: Field Representative, San Luis Obispo County Employees? Association (SLOCEA
  5. UnionJob: Retirement Security Campaign Communications Specialist, SEIU, in District o
  6. UnionJob: Part Time Receptionist-Secretary, American Federation of Teachers, AFT Mass
  7. UnionJob: MLA Capacity Coordinator, Property Services Division, SEIU, in District of
  8. UnionJob: Senior Policy Analyst, SEIU-ULTCW, in Southern California. http://www.union
  9. UnionJob: Senior Campaign Communications Specialist, SEIU-ULTCW, in Southern Californ
  10. UnionJob: Western Pennsylvania Political Coordinator, SEIU Local 32BJ. Job at http://
  11. UnionJob: Communications Specialist, IUBAC, in District of Columbia http://www.unionj
  12. UnionJob: Updated! Administrative Assistant, AFTRA National New York Office. Job at h
  13. UnionJob: National Organizer, Los Angeles AFTRA in California. Job at http://www.unio
  14. UnionJob: SEIU Healthcare Minnesota is hiring Organizers! See jobs at http://www.uni
  15. UnionJob: Lead Organizer, United Academics at the University of Oregon http://www.uni
  16. UnionJob: Associate Counsel, WGAW, Writers Guild of America, West in California. Job
  17. UnionJob: Organizer, AFSCME Local 11 (OCSEA/AFSCME, Ohio Civil Service Employees Asso
  18. UnionJob: Field Health Specialist HIV/AIDS (Johannesburg) AFL-CIO Solidarity Ctr. Sou
  19. UnionJob: Contract Administrator ? TV Residuals (posted May 20, 2011): California ht
  20. UnionJob: Commercials Department Assistant (posted May 20, 2011): California http://
  21. UnionJob: Talent Payment Distributor, Residuals Department, AFTRA (posted May 20, 201
  22. UnionJob: Information Systems Coordinator, SEIU Minnesota State Council http://www.un
  23. UnionJob: Program Specialist needed at Working America, community affiliate of the AF
  24. UnionJob: Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, in DC. Job at http
  25. UnionJob: Assistant Director, AFT in District of Columbia. Job at http://www.unionjob
  26. UnionJob: Senior Policy Analyst needed at ILRF, a nonprofit located in Washington, DC
  27. UnionJob: Staff Attorney, SEIU Local 888 in Massachusetts. http://www.unionjobs.com/s
  28. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/nh/seiu1984-17.html Collective Bargaining Ad
  29. UnionJob: Technical Editing Services - Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Courses, T
  30. UnionJob: Bemidji Field Office Assistant, Education Minnesota http://www.unionjobs.co
  31. UnionJob: Internal Union Organizer (Seattle/Puget Sound area), SEIU Local 6 in Washin
  32. UnionJob: Organizing Researcher, LIUNA-MAROC, in Virginia http://www.unionjobs.com/st
  33. UnionJob: Senior Labor Relations Representative needed at CSEA/ACSS, in Northern Cali
  34. UnionJob: Director/Administrator, International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftwo
  35. UnionJob: Internal/External Organizers (Billings) MNA, Montana Nurses Associationhttp
  36. UnionJob: Internal Organizing Campaign Coordinator ? Social Services, Local 721, Cali
  37. UnionJob: Consultants needed for Transit Training Partnerships, Transportation Learni
  38. UnionJob: Union Representative/Organizer ? Southern California (Temporary position)
  39. UnionJob: Digital Campaign Director, SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin, in IL, IA, MN, WI. ht
  40. UnionJob: Credits Administrator needed at WGAE, Writers Guild of America, East, in Ne
  41. UnionJob: NYSNA has openings for Per Diem Program Representatives in upstate and down
  42. UnionJob: Director, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training and Education Fund
  43. UnionJob: Director of Government Relations , SEIU Nevada Local 1107 (Las Vegas) http
  44. UnionJob: Communications Specialist I, OSEA, Oregon School Employees Association, AFT
  45. UnionJob: Field Representative/Organizer, UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO in Maryland http://ww
  46. UnionJob: Organizer, PSC/CUNY, Professional Staff Congress, AFT Local 2334 in New Yor
  47. UnionJob: IT Team ? Information Technology Analyst (Oakland), Local 1021 in Californi
  48. UnionJob: SEIU Digital Campaign Directors needed in CA, FL, MI, MO, OH, and TX! See j
  49. UnionJob: Updated! New Media Outreach Specialist, AFSCME Communications Department in
  50. UnionJob: Updated! Administrative Organizer/Internal Organizer, District 1199WV/KY/OH
  51. UnionJob: Director of Collective Bargaining Rights, CSEA, SEIU Local 2001. Job at h
  52. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/fl/aftra-103-fl.html Administrative Assistan
  53. UnionJob: Field Health Specialist HIV/AIDS (Johannesburg) AFL-CIO Solidarity Ctr Sout
  54. UnionJob: Campus Leadership Development Coordinator ? UC Davis in California UPTE CWA
  55. UnionJob: Updated! CGE Staff Organizer (Corvallis), Oregon http://www.unionjobs.com/s
  56. UnionJob: Director of Organizing, WGAW, Writers Guild of America, West in California
  57. UnionJob: External Organizer ? Northern California, SEIU Local 1021 http://www.unionj
  58. UnionJob: Organizer in Training ? Northern California, SEIU Local 1021 http://www.uni
  59. UnionJob: The NNU, National Nurses United is hiring for a Corporate Campaign Research
  60. UnionJob: Union Organizer, New York/New Jersey Regional Joint Board, Workers United N
  61. UnionJob: Legal Associate (NY or DC), CtW, Change to Win in District of Columbia, New
  62. UnionJob: New Technologies/Online Campaigner, CtW, Change to Win in District of Colum
  63. UnionJob: Bi-Lingual Union Organizer needed for the BCTGM, Local 22 in Minnesota. See
  64. UnionJob: Bi-Lingual Union Organizer, BCTGM Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers, G
  65. UnionJob: Field Researcher, SEIU Local 26 Minnesota http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/mn
  66. UnionJob: Senior Field Researcher, SEIU Local 26 Minnesota http://www.unionjobs.com/s
  67. UnionJob: Civil and Human Rights Program Coordinator, ALF-CIO, in District of Columbi
  68. UnionJob: Field Health Specialist HIV/AIDS (Johannesburg) South Africa AFL-CIO Solida
  69. UnionJob: Communications Director (Phoenix), Arizona AFL-CIO. Job at http://www.union
  70. UnionJob: Internal Organizer (Los Angeles), AFT Organizing Project: California http:/
  71. UnionJob: Local Union Staff/Organizer (Los Angeles), AFT Organizing Project: Californ
  72. UnionJob: Web Content Coordinator I Technical Support SPEEA ? IFPTE Local 2001, Washi
  73. UnionJob: Organizer needed at PSEA, Pennsylvania State Education Association. Job at
  74. UnionJob: Area Representative, UTLA, United Teachers Los Angeles in California http:/
  75. UnionJob: Strategic Campaign Researcher (Columbus), SEIU Local 1, in Ohio http://www.
  76. UnionJob: Director needed at UFCW Local 227 (UFCW Indiana-Kentucky Council): Indiana,
  77. UnionJob: Pride at Work Development Director needed in District of Columbia, Maryland
  78. UnionJob: Media Outreach Specialist, Communications Department, AFSCME in DC. http://
  79. UnionJob: Assistant Director, Media Outreach and Field Communications, AFSCME in DC.
  80. UnionJob: Communication/Organizing Specialist, PSEA, Pennsylvania State Education ***
  81. UnionJob: Campus Leadership Development Coordinator, UPTE. Job at http://www.unionjob
  82. UnionJob: Mailroom Clerk, IAFF, International Association of Fire Fighters in Distric
  83. UnionJob: Communications Manager, SEIU Local 32BJ in New York http://www.unionjobs.co
  84. UnionJob: HOPE Local 123, Houston Organization of Public Employees is looking for an
  85. UnionJob: Campaign Researcher, New York/New Jersey Regional Joint Board, Workers Unit
  86. UnionJob: Career Development Coordinator New York City, RAP, Retail Action Project in
  87. UnionJob: Updated! RAP Membership Organizer (Part-time), New York City http://www.uni
  88. UnionJob: Office & Project Manager Position, Local 668, in Pennsylvania http://www.u
  89. UnionJob: Business Representative, International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local
  90. UnionJob: Organizer, Local 3865, in Tennessee. UCW-CWA, United Campus Workers - http:
  91. UnionJob: Lead Organisers wanted at United Voice in Perth, Western Australia. http://
  92. UnionJob: Staff Rep, Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC Labour Relations, i
  93. UnionJob: CUASA Member Services Officer, Carleton University Academic Staff Associati
  94. UnionJob: SEIU Union Organizer-In-Training Program in MA, CT, RI, PA, NY, NJ, MD & DC
  95. UnionJob: Business Representatives, International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local
  96. UnionJob: Lead Organisers are needed at United Voice in Perth, Western Australia. htt
  97. UnionJob: Staff Representative Labour Relations FPSE, in British Columbia. http://www
  98. UnionJob: Member Services Officer CUASA, Carleton University Academic Staff Associati
  99. UnionJob: SEIU Union Organizer-In-Training Program in District of Columbia. See jobs
  100. UnionJob: Senior Political Associate for Working America, in District of Columbia. Jo
  101. UnionJob: Office Clerk/Secretary needed for IAFF's Legal Department, in DC. See job a
  102. UnionJob: Union Labor Representative, KAPE, dba AFT-Kansas http://www.unionjobs.com/s
  103. UnionJob: Collective Bargaining Administrator (Springfield), AFSCME Council 31, Illin
  104. UnionJob: Full-time Organizer (Ann Arbor), Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO), in
  105. UnionJob: Project Organizers, AFGE. Jobs at http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/dc/afge-72
  106. UnionJob: Development and Communications Manager, DC, for the ILRF, International Lab
  107. UnionJob: Deputy Director of Operations, at the International Labor Rights Forum (ILR
  108. UnionJob: Communications Director for the UCLA Labor Center's California Construction
  109. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/mi/seiuint-322-hcmi.html Senior Field Resear
  110. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/mi/seiuint-321-hcmi.html Field Researcher, S
  111. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/me/seiu1989-33-msea.html General Counsel, Ma
  112. UnionJob: Canvasser needed at San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council, in Californi
  113. UnionJob: Worker Power organizer, Portland Jobs with Justice in Oregon. Job at http:/
  114. UnionJob: Regional UniServ Staff ? Option 1, Irwindale, CTA, California Teachers Asso
  115. UnionJob: Community Organizers, OneMiamiNow in Florida. Jobs at http://www.unionjobs
  116. UnionJob: Organizers-in-Training (OIT)? Central, Eastern and Western Regions, AFSCME.
  117. UnionJob: Organizers and Lead Organizers ? Central, Eastern and Western Regions AFSCM
  118. UnionJob: External Organizing Supervisor, SEIU Local 99 in California http://www.uni
  119. UnionJob: Assistant to Business Representatives, Theatrical Wardrobe Union, TWU IATSE
  120. UnionJob: SEIU Union Organizer-In-Training Program is hiring in Atlanta, Georgia. Job
  121. UnionJob: Organizers, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. Jobs at http://www.unionjobs.com/sta
  122. UnionJob: National Political Director, Leadership Center for the Common Good in Distr
  123. UnionJob: Lead Organisers needed at United Voice, in Perth, Western Australia. Jobs a
  124. UnionJob: Education Director, MLA Department SEIU in District of Columbia http://www
  125. UnionJob: Education Coordinator, MLA Department SEIU, District of Columbia http://ww
  126. UnionJob: Deputy Director for Operations, Member Leadership and Action, SEIU District
  127. UnionJob: Lead Organisers needed at United Voice in Perth, Western Australia http://w
  128. UnionJob: Watch Tom Morello's new release "Union Town" in support of the Labor Unity
  129. UnionJob: Coalition of Graduate Employees, CGE, AFT 6069 Oregon State U seeks a Staff
  130. UnionJob: Per Diem Labor Representatives are also needed for NYSNA, New York State Nu
  131. UnionJob: Political Organizer, SEIU 32BJ, in New York. http://www.unionjobs.com/staff
  132. UnionJob: Member Engagement/America Dream Fund (ADF) Coordinator, SEIU 32BJ, in New Y
  133. UnionJob: Assistant Director of Communications for NYSNA, New York State Nurses Assoc
  134. UnionJob: Per Diem Program Representatives http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ny/nysna-5
  135. UnionJob: Staff Representative, FPSE, Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC La
  136. UnionJob: Dedicating today's work in honor of the fallen on Workers Memorial Day!
  137. UnionJob: Updated! Organizing Director Working America, community affiliate of the AF
  138. UnionJob: Updated! External Organizers (Los Angeles area), UFCW Local 770 California
  139. UnionJob: Research Coordinator, UFCW, in District of Columbia http://www.unionjobs.c
  140. UnionJob: AFTRA/SAG Chicago is seeking a Broadcast Representative/Organizer. National
  141. UnionJob: Worksite Organizer (New York City), Committee of Interns & Residents, CIR/S
  142. UnionJob: National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) seeks a Maine Labor Representat
  143. UnionJob: National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) seeks a Labor Representative. h
  144. UnionJob: AFL-CIO 2011 Union Summer Site Coordinator needed in CA, FL, LA, MN, OR, an
  145. UnionJob: Senior Campaign Communications Specialist, UFCW, District of Columbia http:
  146. UnionJob: Benefits Administrative Clerk, SEIU in District of Columbia http://www.unio
  147. UnionJob: Pension Control Clerk, SEIU in District of Columbia http://www.unionjobs.co
  148. UnionJob: Union Organizer, JNESO, in New Jersey. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com/staf
  149. UnionJob: IT Team ? Information Technology Analyst (Oakland), SEIU Local 1021 in Cali
  150. UnionJob: UniServ Representative, PSEA, in Pennsylvania http://www.unionjobs.com/sta
  151. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, AFTRA National New York Office http://www.unionjo
  152. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Field Department - West Region, AFL-CIO. Job at h
  153. UnionJob: Researcher I, SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana http://www.unionjobs.com/s
  154. UnionJob: Media Outreach Specialist, AFL-CIO, in District of Columbia. Job at http:/
  155. UnionJob: National Search! Union Service Representative for AFL-CIO Union Privilege.
  156. UnionJob: Ohio Lead Organizer, The Leadership Center for the Common Good http://www.
  157. UnionJob: Organizer, Motion Picture Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700 in New York http:/
  158. UnionJob: Property Service External Organizer, SEIU Local 49 in Oregon. Job at http:/
  159. UnionJob: Community Organizer, Houston Campaign Excellent Public Schools TOP, Texas O
  160. UnionJob: Political Coordinator ? Harris County TOP, Texas Organizing Project. Job at
  161. UnionJob: P-597 Regional UniServ Staff ? Option 1, Anaheim, CTA, California Teachers
  162. UnionJob: SEIU Local 284 is seeking a Contract Organizer, in Minnesota. Job at http:/
  163. UnionJob: Assistant Director, Human Rights & Community Relations, AFT, in District of
  164. UnionJob: Communications Director, SEIU Local 500, in DC and Maryland. http://www.uni
  165. UnionJob: Organizer, Berkeley, AFSCME Local 3299 in California. Job at http://www.u
  166. UnionJob: UniServ Representative with the Connecticut Education Association, CEA, in
  167. UnionJob: Membership Organizer (Part-time), Retail Action Project (RAP) in New York C
  168. UnionJob: Group Travel/Events Coordinator, California Nurses Association/National Nur
  169. UnionJob: Human Resources Manager, San Jose Headquarters, California School Employees
  170. UnionJob: Field Services Manager, SEIU Local 1948 / PSEW, Public School Employees of
  171. UnionJob: Updated! Executive Director, California Federation of Teachers. Job athttp:
  172. UnionJob: COPE is hiring for a Campaign & Communications Assistant in Burnaby, Britis
  173. UnionJob: Updated! Organizer, International Chemical Workers Union Council (ICWUC) UF
  174. UnionJob: Updated! Strategic Researcher (DC area) for UFCW, in District of Columbia h
  175. UnionJob: Assistant General Counsel, Legal Department, UFCW in District of Columbia.
  176. UnionJob: Updated! Two (2) Associate Director positions, Labor Action Division at MNA
  177. UnionJob: Campaign & Communications Assistant (FTT), for COPE Local 378 in Burnaby, B
  178. UnionJob: Communicator needed at SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH in Columbus, Ohio. Job a
  179. UnionJob: Senior Program Officer?Western Office, Berkeley, AAUP in California http://
  180. UnionJob: Department Director?Washington, DC Office, AAUP, in District of Columbia ht
  181. UnionJob: Senior Program Officer?Washington, DC Office, AAUP, in District of Columbia
  182. UnionJob: Senior Program Officer, AFL-CIO Solidarity Center in District of Columbia h
  183. UnionJob: SEIU Local 49 in Oregon is looking for a Finance Director. Job athttp://www
  184. UnionJob: Field Representative, AFT Massachusetts http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ma/a
  185. UnionJob: Occupational Safety and Health Advocate (Oakland), Worksafe in California
  186. UnionJob: Salinas Internal Worksite Organizer, Local 521 in California. Job at http:/
  187. UnionJob: Market Data Coordinators (Detroit), Michigan for SEIU The Campaign for Bett
  188. UnionJob: Union Representative/Organizer (Kaiser San Mateo County), SEIU-UHW, Califor
  189. UnionJob: Communications Internship, New York, SEIU Local 32BJ http://www.unionjobs.c
  190. UnionJob: Contract Administrator (New York City), for the Doctors Council SEIU. Job a
  191. UnionJob: Interns - Philadelphia, SEIU Local 32BJ in Pennsylvania http://www.unionjob
  192. UnionJob: Interns - Pittsburgh, SEIU Local 32BJ in Pennsylvania http://www.unionjobs.
  193. UnionJob: Contract Enforcement Organizer II Representative, Airports Division- Los An
  194. UnionJob: Political Director, CFA, California Faculty Association. Job at http://www
  195. UnionJob: Internal Campaign Coordinator - Health Services (Los Angeles) SEIU Local 72
  196. UnionJob: Legislative Representative, California Federation of Teachers (CFT). Job at
  197. UnionJob: Organizing Director, Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO in
  198. UnionJob: A-15 Attorney, Burlingame, CTA, California Teachers Association http://www.
  199. UnionJob: Political/Field Director MLKCLC, in Washington state. Job at AFL-CIO http:/
  200. UnionJob: Communications & Web Specialist, IUOE Local 49, Illinois, Michigan, Minneso
  201. UnionJob: Attorney needed at AFGE National Veterans Affairs Council. This is a Nation
  202. UnionJob: Field Director needed at Citizens for Texas, in Houston. Job at http://www.
  203. UnionJob: Organizer/Assistant Business Representative, IATSE Local 491, Charlotte, N
  204. UnionJob: Campaign Project Staff needed for SEIU across Ohio. Jobs at http://www.unio
  205. UnionJob: SEIU is hiring Research Associates DC; FL; IL; MA; MD; MI; MN; MO; NY; OH;
  206. UnionJob: Communications Coordinator CA, DC, FL, IL, MA, MN, MI, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX,
  207. UnionJob: Campaign for Better Jobs is hiring Market Data Coordinators in major cities
  208. UnionJob: Today, April 11th, UnionJobs.com is celebrating its 14th year online servin
  209. UnionJob: Communications Associate, CPWR, Center for Construction Research and Traini
  210. UnionJob: Researcher, Oakland, AFSCME Local 3299 in California. Job at http://www.uni
  211. UnionJob: Internal Organizer 1 (Chicago Area), SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana, SE
  212. UnionJob: Community Organizer, LUCHA, Living United for Change in Arizona http://www
  213. UnionJob: Community Canvasser, Good Jobs=Great Houston! in Texas. Job at http://www.u
  214. UnionJob: Union Representative/Organizer (San Joaquin), California, SEIU-UHW. Job at
  215. UnionJob: New Organizer, Philadelphia at SEIU Healthcare. Seeking applicants in NJ, N
  216. UnionJob: New Organizer, Pittsburgh at SEIU Healthcare. Seeking applicants in NJ, NY,
  217. UnionJob: Communications Specialist (Chicago), SEIU Local 1 in Illinois http://unionj
  218. UnionJob: Communications Specialist (San Diego), SEIU Local 221 in California. Job at
  219. UnionJob: Labor Relations Representative for the ACSS, Association of California Stat
  220. UnionJob: Senior Associate (Temporary), AFT in District of Columbia. Job at http://w
  221. UnionJob: Assistant Director, AFT in District of Columbia. Job at http://www.unionjob
  222. UnionJob: Chief of Staff, California Federation of Teachers (CFT), in California. See
  223. UnionJob: Field Operations Assistant needed at Working America in District of Columbi
  224. UnionJob: Staff Organizer/Representative, UIC-GEO, Local 6297 in Illinois. Job at htt
  225. UnionJob: Organizer, San Diego and Los Angeles, AFSCME Local 3299 in California. Job
  226. UnionJob: Find out how to take Action on April 4: http://www.we-r-1.org/
  227. UnionJob: Internal Organizer I (Janitorial Organizer), San Francisco Bay Area SEIU-US
  228. UnionJob: Executive Office Assistant, AFSCME, in District of Columbia. http://www.uni
  229. UnionJob: Campaign Communications Specialist, UFCW, in District of Columbia http://w
  230. UnionJob: Anoka Field Office Assistant, EM, Education Minnesota. Job at http://www.un
  231. UnionJob: Bilingual English/Spanish Internal Organizer needed at SEIU 615 in Massachu
  232. UnionJob: Field Representative, Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA), http://ww
  233. UnionJob: CUASA Member Services Officer, Ottawa, Ontario http://www.unionjobs.com/sta
  234. UnionJob: Field Representative, OFNHP, Oregon Federation of Nurse and Health Professi
  235. UnionJob: Organizer Representatives (Baltimore), AFSCME Maryland http://www.unionjobs
  236. UnionJob: Legislative/Political Representative, ATU, in District of Columbia http://w
  237. UnionJob: Executive Assistant Director, Working America, in District of Columbia. Job
  238. UnionJob: Communications Director, Working America, in District of Columbia. Job at h
  239. UnionJob: Field Staff Representative - Bemidji Office, EM, Education Minnesota. Job a
  240. UnionJob: Communications Manager (Los Angeles) DGA, Directors Guild of America in Cal
  241. UnionJob: Temporary Media Coordinator, International Labor Communications Association
  242. UnionJob: Health & Safety Specialist, IAFF, International Association of Fire Fighter
  243. UnionJob: Research Organizer, SEIU Local 1021 in California. Job at http://www.union
  244. UnionJob: Change to Win seeks a Communications Associate in District of Columbia. See
  245. UnionJob: Union Representative (Richmond), PEU Local 1, in California. http://www.un
  246. UnionJob: Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 Internships, Murphy Institute Worker Education & La
  247. UnionJob: Internal Worksite Organizer (Visalia Office), SEIU Local 521, in California
  248. UnionJob: Updated! MIV, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote is looking for a Political Direct
  249. UnionJob: Associate Director, Labor Action Division, MNA, Massachusetts Nurses Associ
  250. UnionJob: Accounting Manager, UNITE HERE in New York. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com