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  1. UnionJob: Field Lead Organizer, Orlando, Organize Now in Florida http://t.co/2mUqZUBT
  2. UnionJob: Field Organizer, Orlando and multiple cities, Organize Now in Florida. Job
  3. UnionJob: Statewide Campaign Political Director, Orlando, Organize Now inFlorida http
  4. UnionJob: Community Organizer, SF Bay Area/Oakland, ACCE (Alliance of Californians fo
  5. UnionJob: Industrial Officer, Victoria Branch (North Melbourne) United Voice in Austr
  6. UnionJob: Lead Organizer, LUCHA (Living United for Change in Arizona). Job at http://
  7. UnionJob: Community Organizer, LUCHA (Living United for Change in Arizona) http://t.
  8. UnionJob: Research Director, NALC (National Association of Letter Carriers) in Distri
  9. UnionJob: Senior Accountant, UFCW, District of Columbia. Job at http://t.co/XDTUDx7X
  10. UnionJob: Organizer Training Internship (Richmond), AFL-CIO Organizing Department, in
  11. UnionJob: Organizer Training Seminars (Richmond), AFL-CIO Organizing Department in Vi
  12. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Doctors Council SEIU, New York. Job at http://t
  13. UnionJob: Organizer, Doctors Council SEIU, New York. Job at http://t.co/bNA3TFlV
  14. UnionJob: Contract Administrator/ Worksite Organizer, Doctors Council SEIU, New York.
  15. UnionJob: Confidential Administrative Assistant (based in San Francisco) (SEIU UHW-We
  16. UnionJob: Communications Specialist, 1199SEIU Boston, Massachusetts http://t.co/PTvNv
  17. UnionJob: Director of Organizing, PASNAP (Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses &
  18. UnionJob: Deputy Director of Member Communications, UFT (United Federation of Teacher
  19. UnionJob: Updated! Construction Skills Training Centre, Western Australia, CFMEU (Con
  20. UnionJob: Country Program Director, AFL-CIO (American Center for International Labor
  21. UnionJob: Colorado State Grant Consultant ARA (Alliance for Retired Americans) http:/
  22. UnionJob: Texas State Grant Consultant ARA (Alliance for Retired Americans) http://t.
  23. UnionJob: Campus Leadership Development Coordinator- UC San Diego, UPTE (University P
  24. UnionJob: Administrative Coordinator, Charlestown SEIU (Local 888), Massachusetts htt
  25. UnionJob: Council Representative AFSCME (Council 75), Oregon http://t.co/dangwBsk
  26. UnionJob: Union Business Agent needed for AFSCME (Council 57), Arizona, California, O
  27. UnionJob: Communications Director, Working America (a community affiliate of the AFL-
  28. UnionJob: Senior Accountant Working America (a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO)
  29. UnionJob: Union Representative, American Federation of Teachers, AFT (AFT-Kansas) ht
  30. UnionJob: Apprentices, Los Angeles and Vicinity Steamfitter and Industrial Pipefitter
  31. UnionJob: Administrative Support Staff, SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Minnesota) http://t.co/
  32. UnionJob: Senior Business Representative, Central Region at the AEA (Actors' Equity A
  33. UnionJob: NYSNA (New York State Nurses Association) is seeking an Assistant Director,
  34. UnionJob: Communication Specialist II needed in California for SEIU (SEIU ULTCW, Unit
  35. UnionJob: Organizer - UC Santa Barbara AFSCME (Local 3299) in California http://t.co/
  36. UnionJob: Experienced Union Representative/Business Agent needed in Oahu, Hawaii for
  37. UnionJob: CWA (Communications Workers of America) is hiring for a Supervisor, Finance
  38. UnionJob: Low Wage Organizers, NYCC (New York Communities for Change). Job at http://
  39. UnionJob: Coalition Field Director, NYCC (New York Communities for Change). Job at ht
  40. UnionJob: Attorney or Union Representative LASC (Labor Association of Southern Califo
  41. UnionJob: Community Organizer LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) Californ
  42. UnionJob: Ohio AFL-CIO Area Campaign Coordinator http://t.co/Gzf3SjxR
  43. UnionJob: Executive Legal Assistant (Los Angeles) (SEIU 721) California http://t.co/U
  44. UnionJob: Internal Organizing Campaign Coordinator Health Services (Los Angeles) (SEI
  45. UnionJob: Director of Collective Bargaining (SEIU 721) California http://t.co/6a1XnyU
  46. UnionJob: Worksite Organizer-RNs (SEIU 721) California http://t.co/aeU1MeUj
  47. UnionJob: Accounting Clerk (SEIU 721) California http://t.co/jwTfG2kG
  48. UnionJob: External Organizer SEIU (Local 721) California http://t.co/GvHreAp0
  49. UnionJob: Union Organizer (Los Angeles) SEIU 721 California http://t.co/7OeyjN0g
  50. UnionJob: Internal Organizing Campaign Coordinator-GS3 SEIU (Local 721) California h
  51. UnionJob: Updated! Bilingual Community Organizers, TOP (Texas Organizing Project) ht
  52. UnionJob: Secretary, OSEA (Oregon School Employees Association) http://t.co/lXSAvqZH
  53. UnionJob: Organizers (Full time and per diem), NYSNA (New York State Nurses Associati
  54. UnionJob: Network Support Administrator II, UFCW in District of Columbia http://t.co/
  55. UnionJob: Temporary External Organizer, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties SEIU
  56. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant-Political Department SEIU UHW-West, United Healthc
  57. UnionJob: CNA/NNU (California Nurses Association (CNA) National Nurses United (NNU)
  58. UnionJob: Legislative Liaison SEIU (SEIU District 1199WV/KY/OH) Kentucky, Ohio, West
  59. UnionJob: Regional Director (CIR/SEIU) New Jersey http://t.co/74cGFdGr
  60. UnionJob: Worksite Organizer Positions, Northern California (CIR/SEIU) California htt
  61. UnionJob: Organizer Positions, CA-based CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns & Residents)
  62. UnionJob: Physicians? Union Research Director CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns & Reside
  63. UnionJob: Regional Director, Northern California CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns & Res
  64. UnionJob: Organizer Positions, New York City CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns & Residen
  65. UnionJob: Worksite Organizer Positions, New Jersey CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns & R
  66. UnionJob: Union Organizer, Bilingual (Seattle), O'Keefe Search in Washington state. J
  67. UnionJob: Union Political Organizer, O'Keefe Search in New York. Job at http://t.co/
  68. UnionJob: Updated! Union Organizer, Bilingual Chinese or Spanish, O'Keefe Search in C
  69. UnionJob: Member Communications Officer, United Voice in Victoria, Australia. Job at
  70. UnionJob: Associate Campaign Researcher ? San Jose SEIU (Local 521) California http:
  71. UnionJob: AFT Higher Education Project Organizer AFT (American Federation of Teachers
  72. UnionJob: Community Organizer LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) in Cali
  73. UnionJob: State Campaigns Communications Coordinator, Campaigns Department, AFL-CIO i
  74. UnionJob: Executive Director, Unite Here Local 11 HTA (Hospitality Training Academy)
  75. UnionJob: AFL-CIO (American Center for International Labor Solidarity) needs a Progra
  76. UnionJob: Updated! Communications Director (Sacramento) SEIU (Local 1000) California
  77. UnionJob: Union Organizer, AFSCME (Council 75) in Oregon. Job opening at http://t.co
  78. UnionJob: CCEA (Clark County Education Association) is hiring for a UniServ Director
  79. UnionJob: Listening to Netroots Nation Panel #NN12 on @spreecast #nn12 http://t.co/a
  80. UnionJob: Windows Application Developer, USW (United Steelworkers) in New York, Ohio,
  81. UnionJob: Oracle E-Business Analyst/Developer, USW (United Steelworkers) in Pennsylva
  82. UnionJob: Associate Counsel, Office of General Counsel, ATU, in District of Columbia
  83. UnionJob: Assistant to the Director of Student Financial Services needed for the Nat
  84. UnionJob: Administrative Secretary, Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO in Dis
  85. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Office of the Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO in Dis
  86. UnionJob: CFT (California Federation of Teachers) Temporary Administrative Assistant
  87. UnionJob: Campaign Director, Pittsburgh UNITED (Clean Rivers Campaign) in Pennsylvani
  88. UnionJob: Montgomery County Organizer (Day Laborer Focus), Casa De Maryland http://t.
  89. UnionJob: Montgomery County Tenant Organizer, CASA de Maryland http://t.co/G5TklTi4
  90. UnionJob: Civic Engagement Organizer, San Jose, Working Partnerships USA in Californi
  91. UnionJob: Temporary Administrative Assistant, CFT (California Federation of Teachers)
  92. UnionJob: Union Organizer, (SEIU Healthcare Michigan) http://t.co/frMhOloj
  93. UnionJob: SEIU Local 1021 is searching for a Lead Director in Northern California. Jo
  94. UnionJob: Administrative Staff- Harrisburg Office (Posted: 1/24/2012) Pennsylvania SE
  95. UnionJob: Internal Organizing Supervisor SEIU (Local 99) http://t.co/rGYLa6Rq
  96. UnionJob: Organizing Representative, Las Vegas, NV Sierra Club (SEA (UAW affiliate),
  97. UnionJob: Senior/Lead Internal Organizer? Home Care SEIU (SEIU Healthcare 775NW) http
  98. UnionJob: Legal Director needed in Burlingame, CTA (California Teachers Association)
  99. UnionJob: Union Representative, Placerville for PEU (Public Employees Union, Local 1)
  100. UnionJob: Regional Field Coordinator, NALC (National Association of Letter Carriers)
  101. UnionJob: Cincinnati Field Organizer needed in Ohio for Greenpeace USA. Job at http
  102. UnionJob: Country Program Director, AFL-CIO (American Center for International Labor
  103. UnionJob: Executive Director (Oakland), AFSCME Local 3299. This is a National Search!
  104. UnionJob: Administrative Staff ? Harrisburg Office, SEIU (Local 668) in Pennsylvania
  105. UnionJob: Director needed at Rhode Island Jobs with Justice. Job at http://t.co/9GPzU
  106. UnionJob: Member Communications Officer, United Voice in Victoria, Australia. Job at
  107. UnionJob: Member Communications Officer, United Voice in Victoria, Australia. Job at
  108. UnionJob: Legal Counsel III, WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council) http://t.
  109. UnionJob: Strategic Communications Assistant ? South Florida, AFSCME http://t.co/v58
  110. UnionJob: Internal Organizer 1 (Chicago) SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana, SE
  111. UnionJob: Experienced Secretary ? Administrative Assistant NNU (National Nurses Unite
  112. UnionJob: Executive Director (Oakland), AFSCME (Local 3299) in California http://t.co
  113. UnionJob: Executive Assistant (Dallas), Texas Regional Office AFTRA (American Federat
  114. UnionJob: Communications Specialist II in Oregon, OSEA (Oregon School Employees Assoc
  115. UnionJob: Senior Level Application Developer, LIUNA (Laborers International Union of
  116. UnionJob: Internal Organizer 1 Indiana, SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana, SEIU-HCII
  117. UnionJob: Government & Public Affairs Researcher 1 (Chicago) Illinois, SEIU Healthcar
  118. UnionJob: Communications Specialist, District of Columbia NTEU (National Treasury Emp
  119. UnionJob: Political Organizer in Kansas, Missouri for SEIU (MO/KS State Council). Job
  120. UnionJob: Director of Internal Field Staff (San Diego) in California SEIU (Local 221)
  121. UnionJob: Lead Organizer, CMRJB (Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers Un
  122. UnionJob: Communicat?ions Director, Arizona AFL-CIO. Job at http://t.co/008r04ud
  123. UnionJob: Internal Organizer- Nursing Homes, Eastern Washington, SEIU Healthcare 775N
  124. UnionJob: Member Resource Center Administrative Specialist, SEIU Healthcare 775NW, Wa
  125. UnionJob: Organizing Coordinator, SEIU Local 1021, Northern California. Job at http:/
  126. UnionJob: Communications Director SEIU (Project 2.0 Minnesota) http://t.co/ZyCBKUQm
  127. UnionJob: Lead Organizer SEIU (Project 2.0 Minnesota) http://t.co/0uCcfjdT
  128. UnionJob: Internal/External Organizer, Bend, SEIU Local 49 in Oregon http://t.co/vMLb
  129. UnionJob: Chief of Staff, AFSCME Local 4041 ? Carson City, Nevadahttp://t.co/X5W2Usdh
  130. UnionJob: Organizer, San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel in Texas.
  131. UnionJob: United Voice, Member Communications Officer in Victoria, Australia http://
  132. UnionJob: Home Care Organizer SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Michigan) (http://t.co/0Iqdt7ON
  133. UnionJob: Associate Press Secretary, Beyond Coal Campaign (SF or LA), Sierra Club (SE
  134. UnionJob: Economic Justice/Good Jobs Organizer, Citizen Action Of Wisconsin http://t.
  135. UnionJob: Voter Engagement Table Director, Citizen Action Of Wisconsin http://t.co/k
  136. UnionJob: Union Organizer, TSEU (Texas State Employees Union) http://t.co/qYQuufOs
  137. UnionJob: Education & Training Director, AFSCME (Local 3299) California http://t.co/
  138. UnionJob: Labor Representative ? Northern & Western Michigan SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Mi
  139. UnionJob: Labor Representative Southeastern Michigan, SEIU (SEIU Healthcare Michigan)
  140. UnionJob: Member Resource Center Representative (Pittsburgh), SEIU Healthcare Pennsyl
  141. UnionJob: Updated! Strategic Communications Director, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW in Rento
  142. UnionJob: Receptionist/Secretary (Los Angeles), AFSCME (Council 36) in California. Jo
  143. UnionJob: Assistant Counsel/National Field Representative, NTEU (National Treasury Em
  144. UnionJob: Experienced Secretary needed for the NNU (National Nurses United), in Distr
  145. UnionJob: Operations Associate, CTW in District of Columbia http://t.co/ZCCPe4Mu
  146. UnionJob: Assistant Budget & Policy Analyst (Sacramento), UDW/AFSCME Local 3930 Calif
  147. UnionJob: Updated! Community Lead Organizer, Nevada AFL-CIO http://t.co/c9wQsLh1
  148. UnionJob: Attorney, NYSPEF (New York State Public Employees Federation) http://t.co/I
  149. UnionJob: Career Counselor/Implementation Specialist - Long-term Care (SEIU UHW-West
  150. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Professional Musicians (Los Angeles), AFM Local 4
  151. UnionJob: Federal Attorney Representative, NAGE (National Association of Government E
  152. UnionJob: NYC Community Field Organizer, United NY in New York http://t.co/9qFcssc8
  153. UnionJob: Community Field Director, United NY in New York http://t.co/26OB8rG0
  154. UnionJob: PEOPLE Coordinator, Western Region ? Los Angeles, AFSCME in California http
  155. UnionJob: Assistant Director, Auditing, AFSCME in District of Columbia http://t.co/Y5
  156. UnionJob: Labor Economist, AFSCME in District of Columbia http://t.co/UAqzEt69
  157. UnionJob: Member Communications Officer, United Voice in Victoria, Australia http://
  158. UnionJob: Assistant to the President for Communications, SEIU (Local 32BJ) New York.
  159. UnionJob: Organizing Director needed for the CCEA (Clark County Education Association
  160. UnionJob: Executive Director, KOSE (Kansas Organization of State Employees) http://t
  161. UnionJob: Regional Political Organizer (SEIU Florida State Council). Job at http://t.
  162. UnionJob: AFSCME (Local 3299) Southern California Regional Field Coordinator http://t
  163. UnionJob: Northern California Regional Field Coordinator, AFSCME (Local 3299) http:/
  164. UnionJob: SEIU Union Organizers-In-Training Program in Massachusetts, Rhode Island. J
  165. UnionJob: Legal Associate, CTW (Change to Win) in District of Columbia, New York. Job
  166. UnionJob: Organizers for Change to Win, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, P
  167. UnionJob: Senior Business Representative, Central Region, AEA (Actors' Equity Associa
  168. UnionJob: Organizer/Special Projects MSEA (Minnesota School Employees Association) ht
  169. UnionJob: Senior Lead Researcher, AFL-CIO District of Columbia http://t.co/OkgSToSA
  170. UnionJob: Campaign Organizer NWU, in District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, a
  171. UnionJob: Director of Program Services, VPC (Voter Participation Center) in District
  172. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, AFL-CIO (American Center for International Labor
  173. UnionJob: Temporary External Organizer, SEIU Local 99 in California http://t.co/68ATw
  174. UnionJob: Organizing Director, SEIU Local 99 in California http://t.co/zEDCFZVL
  175. UnionJob: Executive Director - Apprentice Training and Education Fund in California,
  176. UnionJob: Director, Central Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO http://t.co/
  177. UnionJob: Area Field Director- Northern California, SEIU 1021. Job at http://t.co/lhf
  178. UnionJob: Communications Director, SEIU 1021 in California. Job at http://t.co/DXqHcJ
  179. UnionJob: Communications Staff, SEIU Local 1021 in California http://t.co/ap7tGacP
  180. UnionJob: Education and Training Staff SEIU 1021 in California http://t.co/jELeuT06
  181. UnionJob: Field Team Supervisor SEIU 1021 in California http://t.co/9lHYPwOT
  182. UnionJob: Member Engagement/Staff Development Director SEIU 1021 California http://t.
  183. UnionJob: Political/Legislative Director SEIU 1021 California http://t.co/Vw7uCq8q
  184. UnionJob: Research Supervisor, SEIU Local 1021 in California. Job at http://t.co/jk1I
  185. UnionJob: Country Program Director, Kenya, AFL-CIO (American Center for International
  186. UnionJob: Strategic Researchers and Campaigners, AFL-CIO (Researcher and Campaigner R
  187. UnionJob: Digital Workflow Manager (San Jose), CSEA (California School Employees Asso
  188. UnionJob: Union Staff, NNU. AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, M
  189. UnionJob: Administrative Support II, SEIU in California. Job at http://t.co/4dpjB56C
  190. UnionJob: Communications Specialist, SEIU in California. Job at http://t.co/WZAs6nW9
  191. UnionJob: Organizing Coordinator I, SEIU, California. Job at http://t.co/Dsss2ws2
  192. UnionJob: Senior Organizer, SEIU, in California. Job at http://t.co/flzQFt32
  193. UnionJob: Full-Time Organizer/Representative, SEIU (Local 925) in Washington http://t
  194. UnionJob: State Campaign Director (2 positions), AFL-CIO in Nevada, Ohio. Job at http
  195. UnionJob: Community Lead Organizer (4 positions), AFL-CIO in Michigan, Nevada, Ohio,
  196. UnionJob: Campaign Coordinator (3 positions), AFL-CIO in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin ht
  197. UnionJob: Data Coordinator, AFL-CIO Campaigns Department. Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Wis
  198. UnionJob: Union Field Director, SEIU (Local 1989, Maine State Employees Association,
  199. UnionJob: Senior Field Organizer, ARA (Alliance for Retired Americans) in Ohio. http
  200. UnionJob: Member Support Specialist SEIU (Local 1989, Maine State Employees Associati
  201. UnionJob: Law Fellowship, UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers International Unio
  202. UnionJob: Associate Director, Strategic Researcher, Labor Action Division MNA (Massac
  203. UnionJob: Associate Director - Full Time in Western Massachusetts, MNA. Job at http:/
  204. UnionJob: Director of Legislation and Government Affairs MNA (Massachusetts Nurses As
  205. UnionJob: Associate Director, Division of Labor Action, MNA (Massachusetts Nurses Ass
  206. UnionJob: Country Program Director, Sao Paulo Brazil, Am. Ctr. for Int. Labor Solidar
  207. UnionJob: Program Assistant, Trade Union Strengthening Dept., Am. Ctr. for Int. Labor
  208. UnionJob: Field Coordinator, Internal Organizers, External Organizers, SEIU 503, Oreg
  209. UnionJob: We are updating to a new server & database over the holidays. Previous twee
  210. UnionJob: State Director (Greensboro) Working America, a community affiliate of the A
  211. UnionJob: Country Program Director, Sao Paulo, Brazil for the AFL-CIO American Center
  212. UnionJob: Program Assistant, Trade Union Strengthening Department in District of Colu
  213. UnionJob: Research Analyst, SEIU in California, District of Columbia, Ohio http://t.c
  214. UnionJob: Coordinator (KAISER Bay Area), SEIU United Healthcare Workers West, SEIU-UH
  215. UnionJob: Internal Organizer II, SEIU Local 2007 in California http://t.co/zsp8U9qh
  216. UnionJob: Strategic Communications Consultant, AFSCME Local 3299 in California. Job a
  217. UnionJob: Lead Negotiator, AFSCME Local 3299 in California. Job at http://t.co/ZDeAid
  218. UnionJob: Internal Organizers are needed for AFSCME Local 3299 at UCLA, UC Irvine, an
  219. UnionJob: Political Organizer, SEIU Local 99 in California. Job at http://t.co/GxzE1T
  220. UnionJob: Temporary External Organizing Coordinator (Los Angeles and San Bernardino C
  221. UnionJob: Bilingual Community Organizers, TOP, Texas Organizing Project. Job at http
  222. UnionJob: Research Economist, CWA, Communications Workers of America in District of C
  223. UnionJob: Health Benefits Specialist, AFSCME Local 1000 CSEA New York http://t.co/ccm
  224. UnionJob: Assistant Director of Communications for National Media in District of Colu
  225. UnionJob: Updated! Director of Broadcast, San Francisco Local, AFTRA San Francisco in
  226. UnionJob: Communication/Organizing Specialist, PSEA, Pennsylvania State Education Ass
  227. UnionJob: Internal/External Organizer, SEIU Local 2 in Alberta, Canada. Job at http:/
  228. UnionJob: Strategic Communications Director, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW in Washington. Jo
  229. UnionJob: Assistant Affiliate Information Coordinator, Research and Collective Bargai
  230. UnionJob: UniServ Director in Wisconsin, WU, Winnebagoland UniServ Council. Job at ht
  231. UnionJob: Political Director, UNITE HERE Local 25 in District of Columbia http://t.co
  232. UnionJob: Legal Secretary (San Jose), CSEA, California School Employees Association.
  233. UnionJob: Union Representative, AFSCME Council 36 in California http://t.co/5PUSnqph
  234. UnionJob: Lead Researcher, AFSCME Local 3299 in California http://t.co/OSw0ba1Y
  235. UnionJob: Political Director, AFSCME Local 3299 in California. Job at http://t.co/U5
  236. UnionJob: Internal/Contract Organizer, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota http://t.co/Ll6CeWOt
  237. UnionJob: Director of Organizing and Field Services, Associated Musicians of Greater
  238. UnionJob: NorCal (Bay Area) Airports Internal Organizer, SEIU-USWW http://t.co/89aD3b
  239. UnionJob: Organizer, AFT New Mexico. Job at http://t.co/zlPQ2ZSr
  240. UnionJob: Staff Director, AFT New Mexico. Job at http://t.co/u499YpCw
  241. UnionJob: State Affiliate Political Organizer, AFT New Mexico. Job at http://t.co/yXw
  242. UnionJob: Updated! Program Director, AFT New Mexico. Job at http://t.co/vWvdrV8R
  243. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant (Sacramento Field Office), CSEA, California School
  244. UnionJob: Director of Organizing, PASNAP, Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses &
  245. UnionJob: Executive Assistant / Organizer, NYPNU, New York Professional Nurses Union.
  246. UnionJob: Two Statewide External Organizers (Level 1 or 2), SEIU-USWW in California
  247. UnionJob: Arbor Part-time Organizer, LEO, Lecturers' Employees Organization, AFT Mich
  248. UnionJob: Executive Director (Lansing), SEIU Local 517M in Michigan http://t.co/BvD64
  249. UnionJob: Executive Director MWC, Miami Workers Center, in Florida. Job at http://t.c
  250. UnionJob: AFT Higher Education Project Organizer, School of Labor and Employment Rela