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  1. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/aftra/aftra-95.html AFTRA Senior Strategic C
  2. UnionJob: Assistant to the President, Professional Staff Congress, AFT Local 2334, PS
  3. UnionJob: Organizer, Motion Picture Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700, in California ht
  4. UnionJob: Community Organizer Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, LAANE, in Calif
  5. UnionJob: Montana Organizer (Helena), in Montana. SEIU Healthcare 775NW http://www
  6. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/seiu/seiu775nw-74.html Growth Organizer (Kin
  7. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/seiu/seiu775nw-75.html Lead (Senior) Growth
  8. UnionJob: Senior Communications Specialist, CSEA/ACSS, California. http://www.unionjo
  9. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ma/meceu.html Organizer needed at Massachuse
  10. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/pa/unite-here274.html Administrative Lead/Of
  11. UnionJob: United Professions AFT Vermont is now hiring for Union Organizers ? New Org
  12. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/afm47-5.html Live Performance Department
  13. UnionJob: Communications Specialist, Baltimore, MD 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers
  14. UnionJob: National Organiser for PCS, Public and Commercial Services Union in London,
  15. UnionJob: Communications Coordinator, NUW, National Union of Workers Victoria, Austra
  16. UnionJob: Staff Representative, AFSCME Council 31, in Illinois http://www.unionjobs.c
  17. UnionJob: Communications Director, SEIU Florida Public Services Union, SEIU-FPSU http
  18. UnionJob: Attorney, for the ATU, Amalgamated Transit Union, in District of Columbia.
  19. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/wa/ufcw367-9.html Union Organizer (Tacoma) ,
  20. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/seiu/seiu-usww-94.html Executive Secretary (
  21. UnionJob: Cashier/Data Entry Clerk, San Francisco UNITE HERE Local 2, in California h
  22. UnionJob: Interested in working in Colorado as a Painter or in one of our Allied Trad
  23. UnionJob: UPDATED! Director, Member Communications, at SEIU Local 32BJ, in New York.
  24. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/md/NLC-22.html Director of Human Resources,
  25. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ma/seiu888-10.html Regional Representative (
  26. UnionJob: Adjunct Professor - Spring 2011 Semester, http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ny
  27. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/il/IFT-AFT-39.html Field Service Director, I
  28. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/or/ONA-or-15.html Labor Relations Representa
  29. UnionJob: UPDATED! http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/nm/aft-nm-2.html Organizers and Org
  30. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/seiu-uhw-112.html, Union Organizer / Repr
  31. UnionJob: Organizers and Lead Organizers ? Central, Eastern and Western Region, AFSCM
  32. UnionJob: Organizers-in-Training (OIT)? (Eastern, Central and Western regions), AFSCM
  33. UnionJob: AFT North East Region Organizer, in Pennsylvania. Job at http://www.unionjo
  34. UnionJob: Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses & Allied Professionals, Sr. Staff
  35. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/dc/nteu121.html Assistant Counsel, National
  36. UnionJob: Internship for Spring 2011, SEIU Local 32BJ, in New York http://www.unionj
  37. UnionJob: Organizer, Silicon Valley SEIU United Service Workers West, SEIU-USWW http:
  38. UnionJob: Baltimore Organizer-DC area, CASA de Maryland, in District of Columbia and
  39. UnionJob: Regional Organizer at Alliance for Quality Education, AQE, in New York! Che
  40. UnionJob: Video Communications Supervisor, NYHTC, New York Hotel and Motel Trades Cou
  41. UnionJob: Senior Political and Research Analyst, NYHTC, New York Hotel and Motel Trad
  42. UnionJob: H.E.A.T. System Assistant, NYHTC, New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council h
  43. UnionJob: H.E.A.T. System Supervisor, NYHTC, New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council
  44. UnionJob: Assistant Director of Organizing, NYHTC, New York Hotel and Motel Trades Co
  45. UnionJob: Lead Organizer, NYHTC, New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council http://www.u
  46. UnionJob: UPDATED! Organizer and Lead Organizer, AFSCME Council 31, in Illinois http:
  47. UnionJob: Communications Organizer, CSEA SEIU Local 2001, in Connecticut http://unio
  48. UnionJob: UPDATED! http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ma/aft-nerop-3.html AFT North East
  49. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/aft/aft-nerop-2.html AFT North East Region O
  50. UnionJob: UPDATED! http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/ifpte21-36.html Research Analyst
  51. UnionJob: UPDATED! http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/ifpte21-35.html Staff Represent
  52. UnionJob: UPDATED! http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/ifpte21-34.html Staff Representa
  53. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/dc/aflsol-152.html Senior Specialist ? Gende
  54. UnionJob: RN Strategic Planner, SEIU 1199NW Multi-Employer Training & Education Fund,
  55. UnionJob: Union Staff Representative, SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin http://www.unionjobs.
  56. UnionJob: Campaign Director, New York Jobs with Justice (NY JwJ) and Urban Agenda htt
  57. UnionJob: Union Organizer (Detroit), SEIU Healthcare Michigan, in Michigan http://www
  58. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/LAANE-12.html Campaign Director, Los Ange
  59. UnionJob: Field Representative (South St. Paul), AFSCME MN Council 5, in Minnesota. J
  60. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/CFT-AFT-30.html Administrative Assistant
  61. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/wa/seiu1199nw-wa-18.html Lead Political Orga
  62. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/md/NLC-21.html Admissions Assistant, NLC, Th
  63. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Three Rivers Education Council, OEA, Oregon Education A
  64. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Cascade UniServ, OEA, Oregon Education Association http
  65. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Mt Hood UniServ, OEA, Oregon Education Association http
  66. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Klamath-Lake UniServ Council, OEA, Oregon Education ***
  67. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Metro SE UniServ, OEA, Oregon Education Association htt
  68. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/dc/SSW.html Communications Director, SSW, So
  69. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/nj/aft-nj-3.html Research Analyst, AFT New J
  70. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/pa/seiu-hcpa-19.html Education Program Admi
  71. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/wa/wfse-35.html Accounting Assistant, WFSE,
  72. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/dc/ARW-36.html, Program Manager for Campaign
  73. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/dc/aflsol-155.html, Regional Program Directo
  74. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/aftra-94.html National Director of Admini
  75. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/wa/ufcw81-4.html Collective Bargaining Speci
  76. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/seiu-usww-92.html, Service Center Senior
  77. UnionJob: UPDATED! http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/afscme/afscmenat-375ofs.html Strate
  78. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/ebase-19.html Research & Policy Associate
  79. UnionJob: UPDATED! Field Representatives (Watertown), SEIU Local 509, in Massachusett
  80. UnionJob: State Affiliate Political Organizer (SAPO), AFT Colorado http://www.unionjo
  81. UnionJob: YouthBuild Construction Trainer/Site Supervisor, San Diego-Imperial Countie
  82. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/mn/MSEA-mn-12.html Office Manager, MSEA, Min
  83. UnionJob: UPDATED! Internal Organizers, SEIU Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union
  84. UnionJob: Public Sector Field Director, SEIU Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union
  85. UnionJob: Assistant to the President, UNITE HERE Local 6, in New York. Job at http://
  86. UnionJob: Temporary Member Action Team (MAT) Coordinator, Oregon AFSCME Local 88 http
  87. UnionJob: Campaign Coordinator - National Actions, UFCW, in District of Columbia http
  88. UnionJob: Part-time Grader, Labor Education Program - Global Labor Studies Program in
  89. UnionJob: Full Time Office Manager, Sacramento, for PEU, Public Employees Union, Loca
  90. UnionJob: Business Agent (Milwaukee), OPEIU Midwest United Local 2009, in Wisconsin h
  91. UnionJob: Temporary Organizer (San Francisco Bay Area), CFT, California Federation of
  92. UnionJob: Strategic Campaign Researcher (DC, NYC, and Philadelphia), SEIU Local 32BJ
  93. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Public Affairs Department, SEIU Healthcare 775NW,
  94. UnionJob: Associate ? Seattle Field Office, WFSE, Washington Federation of State Empl
  95. UnionJob: Television Business Representative/Organizer, AFTRA Los Angeles in Californ
  96. UnionJob: Assistant to the Executive Director (Los Angeles), SEIU Local 721, in Calif
  97. UnionJob: Field Representatives (Watertown), SEIU Local 509, in Massachusetts. Job at
  98. UnionJob: IUPA Labor Representative, East Coast of Florida, International Union of Po
  99. UnionJob: Administrator of Members? Employment-Related Benefits, PSC/CUNY, AFT Local
  100. UnionJob: IFJ General Secretary, Brussels, for International Federation of Journalist
  101. UnionJob: Organizers (Chicago), SEIU Local 73, in Illinois. Job at http://www.unionj
  102. UnionJob: Executive Director, SEIU Wisconsin State Council http://www.unionjobs.com/
  103. UnionJob: Organizing Project Representative, AFT Wisconsin Higher Education http://ww
  104. UnionJob: Computer Specialist Programmer, AFL-CIO, in District of Columbia http://www
  105. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant Grievance Office , UNITE HERE Local 2, California
  106. UnionJob: http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ia/isea.html Database/Systems Analyst (Des M
  107. UnionJob: Database/Program Analyst (Los Angeles), SEIU Local 721, in California. Job
  108. UnionJob: National Search! UniServ Consultant, Mt Hood UniServ, Oregon Education Asso
  109. UnionJob: National Search! UniServ Consultant, Three Rivers Education Council, OEA ht
  110. UnionJob: National Search! UniServ Consultant, Cascade UniServ, Oregon Education Asso
  111. UnionJob: National Search! UniServ Consultant, Klamath-Lake UniServ Council, OEA http
  112. UnionJob: National Search! UniServ Consultant, Metro SE UniServ, Oregon Education ***
  113. UnionJob: Field Representative (Internal Organizer), SEIU Local 1 (Cleveland), Ohio.
  114. UnionJob: OEA-or-10 UniServ Consultant, Three Rivers Education Council, Oregon Educat
  115. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Cascade UniServ, Oregon Education Association OEA http:
  116. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, UniServ Consultant, Mt Hood UniServ, Oregon Education A
  117. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Klamath-Lake UniServ Council, Oregon Education Associat
  118. UnionJob: UniServ Consultant, Metro SE UniServ, Oregon Education Association, OEA ht
  119. UnionJob: Internal Organizing Director (Charlestown), SEIU Local 888, Massachusetts h
  120. UnionJob: Assistant Internal Organizing Director, SEIU Local 888, Massachusetts http:
  121. UnionJob: Organizer (Boston), United Healthcare Workers East, in Massachusetts http:/
  122. UnionJob: Organizing Directors-Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, O'Keefe Search, Colora
  123. UnionJob: Election Intern - Milwaukee, SEIU Wisconsin State Council http://www.unionj
  124. UnionJob: National Representative/Detroit Local Executive: AFTRA, in Michigan http://
  125. UnionJob: Communications Associate, Colorado WINS, Colorado Workers for Innovation an
  126. UnionJob: Assistant Director of Organizing, UFCW Local 400, in DC, MD, VA, West Virg
  127. UnionJob: Negotiations Specialist (Brookfield), WEAC, Wisconsin http://www.unionjobs.
  128. UnionJob: Health Policy Director, SEIU, Service Employees International Union, in DC.
  129. UnionJob: Political/Community Organizer (San Diego), SEIU Local 1000, in California.
  130. UnionJob: Database Business Analyst, SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana, in Illinois,
  131. UnionJob: Internal Organizer, SEIU Healthcare Illinois/Indiana, Illinois, Indiana, Ka
  132. UnionJob: Temporary Research Analyst needed at IFPTE Local 21, San Francisco, Califor
  133. UnionJob: Maritime Union Development Programme Supervisor, for the ITF, in London, En
  134. UnionJob: Political Representative/Lobbyist, MTDC, Mason Tenders' District Council PA
  135. UnionJob: Executive Secretary, Florida AFL-CIO. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com/staff
  136. UnionJob: Field Director, Florida AFL-CIO. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/fl/a
  137. UnionJob: Zone Four Coordinator, Florida AFL-CIO. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com/sta
  138. UnionJob: Classification Managers (2), WFSE, Washington Federation of State Employees
  139. UnionJob: Researcher-Writer, District of Columbia, IUOE, International Union of Opera
  140. UnionJob: Strategic Campaign Researcher (DC and NY), SEIU Local 32BJ, District of Col
  141. UnionJob: Executive Director, FRESC, in Colorado http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/co/fr
  142. UnionJob: Business Manager, MAPE, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin http:/
  143. UnionJob: Organizers, SEIU Local 32BJ, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Jobs at ht
  144. UnionJob: Higher Education Policy Analyst (Latham), NYSUT, New York State United Teac
  145. UnionJob: Senior Field Representative West Region, Field Department, AFL-CIO, Alaska,
  146. UnionJob: A-14 Attorney, Santa Fe Springs, CTA, California Teachers Association https
  147. UnionJob: Union Representative/Organizer, Engineers and Scientists of California, IFP
  148. UnionJob: Union Representative (Chicago) UE, United Electrical Workers, Illinois http
  149. UnionJob: Communications Director (Sacramento), CUHW, California United Homecare Work
  150. UnionJob: Associate (Half-Time Position), AFSCME Council 28 / Washington Federation S
  151. UnionJob: Assistant Director of SEIU Loal 509 (Watertown), SEIU Local 509, in Massach
  152. UnionJob: Exhibit: Occupation! Labor Archives and Research Center at City College Sa
  153. UnionJob: Health Policy Coordinator (Los Angeles County), SEIU Local 721, in Californ
  154. UnionJob: Employment & Training Specialist 1 (South Central Wisconsin), Wisconsin Sta
  155. UnionJob: Union Representative/Organizer, Engineers and Scientists of California, IFP
  156. UnionJob: Strategic Campaign Coordinator, Organizing ? Center for Strategic Research,
  157. UnionJob: Researcher, Organizing ? Center for Strategic Research, AFL-CIO, in Distric
  158. UnionJob: Boycott Coordinators (Chicago), UNITE HERE Local 1, Illinois http://www.uni
  159. UnionJob: Research Analysts/Campaign Researchers (Chicago), UNITE HERE Local 1, Illin
  160. UnionJob: Research Analysts/Campaign Researchers (San Jose), UNITE HERE 19, Californi
  161. UnionJob: Boycott Coordinators (San Diego), UNITE HERE Local 30, California http://ww
  162. UnionJob: Research Analysts/Campaign Researchers (Las Vegas), UNITE HERE 226, Nevada
  163. UnionJob: Employment & Training Specialist 1 (Kenosha), AFL-CIO LETC Wisconsin http:/
  164. UnionJob: Assistant Political Director, SEIU Local 32BJ in District of Columbia or Ne
  165. UnionJob: Senior Business Representative, Broadcast Department, AFTRA Los Angeles in
  166. UnionJob: Talent Payment Distributor, Residuals Department, AFTRA Los Angeles in Cali
  167. UnionJob: Council Representative, Oregon AFSCME Council 75 http://www.unionjobs.co
  168. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, SEIU-ULTCW, in California. http://www.unionjobs.c
  169. UnionJob: Senior Organizer, SEIU-ULTCW, in California. http://www.unionjobs.com/staff
  170. UnionJob: Union Organizer / OIT Position, SEIU-ULTCW, in California. http://www.union
  171. UnionJob: Organizer II, SEIU-ULTCW, in California. http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/ca/
  172. UnionJob: Worksite Organizer ? Chico and Redding, SEIU Local 1021, in California. Job
  173. UnionJob: Union Representative/Union Resource Center (Fresno), SEIU Local 1000, in Ca
  174. UnionJob: Political Representative, AFSCME Minnesota Council 5. Job at http://www.uni
  175. UnionJob: Lead Organizer/Organizing Director, IUPA, District of Columbia, Florida, Ma
  176. UnionJob: Director of SSW Operations and Local Support, SEIU International, in Florid
  177. UnionJob: Organizer, AFT Michigan, in Michigan http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/mi/aftm
  178. UnionJob: Strategic Communications Assistant, AFSCME, Florida http://www.unionjobs.co
  179. UnionJob: Organizing Coordinator (Los Angeles), SEIU United Service Workers West, SEI
  180. UnionJob: Sodexo Campaign Organizer, SEIU United Service Workers West, SEIU-USWW, in
  181. UnionJob: Lead and Entry Level Organizers, SEIU United Service Workers West, SEIU-USW
  182. UnionJob: Research Analyst (Sacramento), SEIU Local 1000, in California. Job at http:
  183. UnionJob: Communications Director, Partnership for Working Families PWF, in District
  184. UnionJob: Finance and Development Director with a Commitment to Economic Justice, PW
  185. UnionJob: Internal Organizer, OFNHP, Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professio
  186. UnionJob: International Campaign Coordinator, Center for Strategic Research, in Distr
  187. UnionJob: Organizer ? Eastern Washington, WEEL-AFT, in Washington state. Job at http:
  188. UnionJob: United Academics Project Staff Organizer, American Federation of Teachers,
  189. UnionJob: Organizer/Special Projects, Minnesota School Employees Association, in Minn
  190. UnionJob: Organizer, AFSCME Local 1644, in Georgia. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com/s
  191. UnionJob: SEIU Local 721 Health Policy Coordinator (Los Angeles), California. Job at
  192. UnionJob: Communications Coordinator for Comprehensive Immigration Law Reform Campaig
  193. UnionJob: Northern Regional Manager, APEA/AFT 8050, in Alaska. Job at http://www.unio
  194. UnionJob: Northern Region Field Representative II, APEA/AFT 8050, in Alaska. Job at h
  195. UnionJob: Communications Officer (Anchorage), APEA/AFT 8050, in Alaska. Job at http:/
  196. UnionJob: Staff Representative/Organizer? Contra Costa County, IFPTE, Local 21, in Ca
  197. UnionJob: Organizer, PIO, Professional Instructors Organization in Indiana, Michigan,
  198. UnionJob: Assistant Director, Human Rights & Community Relations, AFT, in District of
  199. UnionJob: Policy Associate, SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana. Job at http://www.u
  200. UnionJob: Senior Development Associate, Working America, in District of Columbia. Job
  201. UnionJob: Organizers and Organizers-In-Training, AFT New Mexico http://www.unionjobs.
  202. UnionJob: Program Assistant, ONA, Oregon Nurses Association. Job at http://www.unionj
  203. UnionJob: Organizer, International Chemical Workers Union Council (ICWUC) of the UFCW
  204. UnionJob: Assistant II, Dues Department, WGAW, Writers Guild of America, West in Cali
  205. UnionJob: Information Technology Manager, United Teachers Los Angeles, UTLA, in Calif
  206. UnionJob: Communications Specialist (Milwaukee), SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin, in Wiscon
  207. UnionJob: Senior Secretary (Sacramento), CFT, California Federation of Teachers. Job
  208. UnionJob: Internship, Spring 2011 NY Union Semester, Murphy Institute Worker Educatio
  209. UnionJob: Deputy Director of Member Programs and Participation, SEIU Healthcare 775NW
  210. UnionJob: Field Representative, Texas AFT, Professional Educators Group (PEG). Job at
  211. UnionJob: Organizer Political Campaign to Elect Jerry Brown Governor Alliance for a B
  212. UnionJob: Director, OECC, Oakland Emerald Cities Collaborative, in California. Job at
  213. UnionJob: Legislative Advocate, American Federation of Teachers, AFT-Kansas http://ww
  214. UnionJob: M-63 Assistant Executive Director ? Region 1, Foster City, California Teach
  215. UnionJob: Union Organizers-in-Training, SEIU, Georgia http://www.unionjobs.com/staff/
  216. UnionJob: Department Finance Specialist, SEIU International, in District of Columbia.
  217. UnionJob: UPDATED! Union Organizer, SEIU Healthcare Michigan. Job at http://www.union
  218. UnionJob: Grievance Representative, SEIU Local 1 (Houston), Texas. Job at http://www.
  219. UnionJob: Associate Director, Division of Nursing/Health and Safety, Massachusetts Nu
  220. UnionJob: Mobilization Coordinator, 1199SEIU, United Healthcare Workers East, Florida
  221. UnionJob: Political Organizer, 1199SEIU, United Healthcare Workers East, Florida. Job
  222. UnionJob: Organizing Director, NY JwJ New York Jobs with Justice and Urban Agenda. Jo
  223. UnionJob: Program Coordinator, University of Illinois: Labor Education Program, Illin
  224. UnionJob: Union Organizer (Los Angeles and Ventura) , SEIU Local 721 in California. h
  225. UnionJob: Labor Relations Specialist, AFSCME Council 67, in Maryland. Job at http://
  226. UnionJob: Field Program Specialist for Central America, AFL-CIO Solidarity Center, Gu
  227. UnionJob: Representative/Organizer, SEIU Local 199, in Iowa. Job at http://www.unionj
  228. UnionJob: Part Time Bookkeeper, AFSCME District Council 36, in California. Job at htt
  229. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Organization & Field Services, AFT in District of
  230. UnionJob: Executive Operations Assistant (Montpelier), VSEA, Vermont State Employees'
  231. UnionJob: Assistant Director, AFT Health and Safety Program, District of Columbia htt
  232. UnionJob: Assistant Editor for the Seafarers International Union in DC, MD, and VA. J
  233. UnionJob: Director of Excess Property Program for the IUOE-NTF, in District of Columb
  234. UnionJob: Labor Advocate (Olympia) WFSE, Washington Federation of State Employees in
  235. UnionJob: Council Representative (Yakima), WFSE, Washington Federation of State Emplo
  236. UnionJob: UPDATED! Internal Organizer, UNITE HERE Local 8 (Seattle), in Washington st
  237. UnionJob: Union Organizer, UNITE HERE Local 8 (Seattle), in Washington state. Job at
  238. UnionJob: Regional UniServ Staff ? Option 1, Santa Ana EA, for the California Teacher
  239. UnionJob: Program Director, EBASE, in California. Job at http://www.unionjobs.com/sta
  240. UnionJob: State Affiliate Political Organizer (SAPO), AFT New Jersey State Federation
  241. UnionJob: Strategic Researcher (Los Angeles), UFCW Local 770, in California. Job at h
  242. UnionJob: Union Representative?Case Enforcement, SEIU Local 615, in Massachusetts. Jo
  243. UnionJob: Union Representative?Case Intake, SEIU Local 615, in Massachusetts. Job at
  244. UnionJob: Administrative Assistant, Organizing Department, SEIU Local 32BJ, in New Yo
  245. UnionJob: Director, Oakland Emerald Cities Collaborative OECC, in California. Job at
  246. UnionJob: UPDATED! Convention Coordinator, Meetings and Travel Department, AFL-CIO, i
  247. UnionJob: Special prayer of thanks for the miners who are finally coming out of the g
  248. UnionJob: Political Field Organizer (Atlanta), Workers United, an SEIU Affiliate, in
  249. UnionJob: Political Field Organizer (Chicago), Workers United, an SEIU Affiliate, in
  250. UnionJob: Strategic Communications Specialist I/II, Public Affairs Department, AFSCME