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  1. Cox News: DHL Trims U.S. Operations
  2. Dow Jones: Deutsche Post Exits US Domestic DHL Air, Ground Operations
  3. Letter from Express Division Director Bill Hamilton to DHL Members
  4. Teamsters Express Concern Over DHL Withdrawal From U.S. Domestic Market
  5. AP: Teamsters OK Five-Year Contract With Anheuser-Busch
  6. Teamsters Ratify Anheuser-Busch Contract
  7. Southtown Star: Illinois Police Get 4-Percent Pay Hike
  8. Letter from Local 961 President Matthew Fazakas on Frontier Airlines
  9. AP: Obama Victory Helps Unions, Auto Companies
  10. A Victory for America
  11. Teamsters' Massive Election Push for Change Helps Lead Obama to Historic Victory
  12. Teamsters, CAPA Members Attend Airline Safety Conference
  13. The Australian: Teamster President Predicts Surge in Unions
  14. ASA Campaign Web Site Up And Running
  15. Judge Says Frontier Can Outsource Aircraft Maintenance Only As 'Last Resort'
  16. Teamsters, Students and Labor Activists Go to Maher for Support
  17. Truck the GAP: Jeff the Trucker is a Better Symbol of America's Workers
  18. Teamsters, Students and Labor Activists Protest Gap's 'Vote for Love' Tour
  19. Local 690 Hosts Training For Sandpoint, Idaho Members
  20. Fifth Annual Locomotive Engineers Exposition to Be Held October 29
  21. California First Student Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  22. TLA on Arbitration to be Held December 9-11
  23. Joint Council 3 Provides Organizing Training
  24. Download the Preliminary Vote Count for Newly Ratified NMATA
  25. Teamster Carhaulers Ratify Three-Year National Agreement
  26. Local 61 Hosts Stewards Seminar in Asheville, North Carolina
  27. Teamsters Join Forces With PATCO Air Traffic Controllers
  28. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Obama Seeks Explanation from Midwest
  29. Video: Oakland Coalition for Clean & Safe Ports
  30. Teamsters Join Forces With PATCO Air Traffic Controllers
  31. Express Division Monitors Operations Cuts at DHL
  32. NMB Sets Representation Election for Atlas, Polar Flight Crewmembers
  33. Brattleboro Reformer: First Student Bus Drivers Seek to Unionize
  34. Unanimous Victory for Local 673
  35. WMNF Radio: Obama in Tampa to Kick Off Early Voting
  36. Oak Harbor Freight Teamsters Protest at Gap Headquarters
  37. Waste Workers on Cape Cod Join Local 59
  38. First Student School Bus Drivers Choose Teamsters Union
  39. Biden Rallies Washington State
  40. Los Angeles Times: President Bush Signs Rail Safety Improvement Act
  41. Washington Post: Colombia's Uribe Said To Hinder Militia Probes
  42. Oak Harbor Freight Teamsters Take to the Airwaves
  43. Miami Herald: Colombia Hinders Paramilitary Prosecutions, Rights Group Says
  44. California First Student Workers Join Teamsters Union
  45. Teamsters, Rural-Metro to Return to Bargaining Table
  46. Todd Mitchell Appointed as Helmets to Hardhats Liaison
  47. Saginaw News: Saginaw Township Approves Pact That Provides Wage Hike for 37 Workers
  48. First Student Drivers in Canada Join Teamsters
  49. AEI Danzas Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify National Contract
  50. AP: Waste Management Scraps $6.73 Billion Bid for Rival
  51. Transport Workers, Garment Workers Call on Gap Inc. to Stop Using Oak Harbor Freight
  52. Medical Waste Workers in New York Join Local 813
  53. Idaho First Student Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  54. Teamsters, CAPA Join Forces on Capitol Hill, Fight DHL-UPS Deal
  55. Teamster Emergency Workers Refuse Rural Metro Contract Offer
  56. Kansas First Student Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  57. San Francisco Chronicle: United Airlines to Lay Off 414 at SFO
  58. New Book Says Labor Key to ‘Green Economy’
  59. The Journal Gazette: Health Agencies to Inspect Railroad Housing Cars
  60. First Student Workers in Illinois and Delaware Vote Teamsters
  61. Teamsters and SABMiller Brewery Open Negotiations at Eden, North Carolina Facility
  62. Business Courier of Cincinnati: Interstate Bakeries Files Amended Reorganization Plan
  63. Traffic World: Teamsters Intensify Oak Harbor Strike
  64. Collier Custodians File Discrimination Charges Against School District
  65. Teamsters Campaign for Striking Oak Harbor Freight Lines Employees at National Retail
  66. Local 522 Honors Scholarship Recipients
  67. AmeriCold Workers in Fort Worth Gain Job Security, Respect
  68. AP: Report Faults FAA Over Maintenance Outsourcing
  69. Connecticut School Bus Drivers Choose Teamsters Union
  70. Hoffa Expresses Solidarity With Sugarcane Workers in Colombia
  71. Anheuser-Busch, Teamsters Issue Contract Negotiations Statement
  72. Carhaul Contract Ballots Mailed October 3
  73. Hoffa Urges Congress to Pass Stimulus That Helps Unemployed, Adds Jobs
  74. Capital Times: Julian Bond: It's Time for New Era of Workers' Rights
  75. Teamster on Oak Harbor Freight Lines Picket Line Hit by Truck Driven by Replacement W
  76. TLA on Organizing Scheduled November 17-21
  77. Business Courier of Cincinnati: Interstate Bakeries Gets Capital Commitment from Ripp
  78. Teamsters, Midwest Pilots Rally in Front of Midwest Headquarters
  79. What Single-Carrier Ruling Means to Atlas, Polar Pilots
  80. Leaders of IBC Local Unions Unanimously Recommend Proposed Modification Agreement
  81. Teamsters Extend Oak Harbor Freight Lines Strike to California and Nevada
  82. Single-Carrier Status Granted to Atlas, Polar
  83. ABX Air Pilot Union Supports ATI Crewmembers in Strike Ballot Authorization
  84. Kansas School Bus Workers Vote for Teamsters Representation
  85. Herald-Tribune: Labor Unions Stress Economic Issues in Promoting Obama to Members
  86. Cincinnati School Bus Workers Join Teamsters Local 100
  87. Teamsters Vote For Offer From Waste Management, End Strike
  88. Hertz Workers in Texas Join Local 745
  89. Air Transport International Strike Ballot Authorized
  90. School Bus Workers in Illinois and New Jersey Join Teamsters Union
  91. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Key Date for InBev Deal
  92. Missouri School Bus Workers Vote Teamsters
  93. Wall Street Journal: Unions Seek Pension Protections in Bailout
  94. Statement of General President Jim Hoffa on Financial Bailout
  95. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Seattle Times, Truckers Reach Deal
  96. East Bay Business Times: A-B Set for Shareholder Vote on InBev Takeover
  97. AP: US Congress Hustling to Pass Rail Reform After Crash
  98. Kansas City Business Journal: Hopes Rise for Future of Interstate Bakeries
  99. PIttsburgh Tribune-Review: Teamsters Present Lawmakers With Petitions Opposing Turnpi
  100. AP: Teamsters Picket Oak Harbor Freight in Auburn
  101. Idaho Nurses Three-Year Struggle to Join Teamsters Results in First-Ever Contract
  102. Waste Management Teamsters Support Milwaukee Strikers
  103. Teamsters Thank Midwest Pilots for Support in Waste Management Strike
  104. Seattle Times: Teamsters on Strike at Oak Harbor Freight Lines
  105. New Hampshire First Student Victory Marks Milestone for Teamsters
  106. First Student Workers in Mississippi Choose Teamsters Union
  107. Carhaul Local Union Leaders to Review Tentative Agreement
  108. AP: Teamsters Head Hoffa Stumps for Obama
  109. Teamsters Overwhelmingly Reject Waste Management Offer
  110. Teamsters: Uribe, Go Home
  111. Dow Jones: InBev To Close Anheuser Deal Despite Credit Crisis
  112. Biden's a Friend of Workers, Says His Former UPS Driver
  113. Carhaul Negotiating Committee Reaches Tentative Agreement
  114. Progressive Railroading: Workers at Two Watco Short Lines Ratify BMWED Contracts
  115. Teamsters Rail Conference Statement on Metrolink Accident
  116. Mansfield News Journal: Mansfield BOE OKs Pact With Bus Drivers
  117. Bloomberg: Interstate Bakeries Seeks OK of Takeover
  118. Carhaul Negotiators Tackling Tough Issues
  119. First Student Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract
  120. Local 1224 President Dave Ross Testifies Before Congress
  121. UPS Freight Workers in Mechanicsburg, PA Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  122. Staten Island Advance: City in Tentative Accord with Teamsters Local
  123. New West: Restoring Democracy in America’s Workplace
  124. Teamsters Oppose Frontier's Attempt to Subcontract Maintenance Work
  125. Miller to Uribe: Colombia Must Improve Investigations and Prosecutions of Labor Killi
  126. Lake County, Illinois Circuit Court Clerks Vote to Join Teamsters
  127. Bloomberg: Buyout Firm to Help Bankrupt Interstate Bakeries Corp.
  128. Keegel Emphasizes Women’s Power in Upcoming Elections
  129. Making Waves
  130. Teamsters Fully Support Steps to Save Interstate Bakeries
  131. InBev May Seek Labor Peace with Teamsters
  132. Bloomberg: Bankrupt Twinkies Maker, Union Agree to End Standoff
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  134. $2.5 Million for Assault on Striker
  135. $50 Million Arbitration Victory
  136. $75,000 Reward for Information Leading to Capture of Killers of U.S. Labor Leader in
  137. 'Destroying West Virginia Jobs is Tasteless,' Proclaim Billboards Aimed at Miller
  138. 'Ethics is a Force!' - A Program of Labor Songs to be held May 1
  139. 'Hammer Time' for Maryland Teamster
  140. "Winning at Arbitration" Academy A Big Success
  141. ‘And They’re Off’
  142. ‘Label’ This One A Big Teamster Victory
  143. “Think Local, Fight Global”
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  153. Teamsters at Waste Management Strike for Fair Bargaining
  154. The Business Journal: Teamsters Strike at Waste Management During Harley Week
  155. Local 572 Hosts In-Depth Three-Day Seminar
  156. Video: Hoffa Says Workers Face Clear Choice in Presidential Race
  157. Milwaukee Teamsters Call on Waste Management to Stop Threatening Workers
  158. Local 986 Stewards Heat Up The Desert
  159. University Students from Australia Visit Teamsters Headquarters
  160. Teamsters Reach Deal With Ford, End Strike
  161. The Courier-Journal: Teamsters Strike Halts Shipment of Ford Trucks
  162. Review the Anheuser-Busch/IBT Contract Negotiations Statement
  163. The Courier-Journal: Teamsters Resume Strike at Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant
  164. Central States Loses $3.1 BILLION
  165. Seniors Protest Gap Stores
  166. Business Courier of Cincinnati: Teamsters, Creditors Work Out Deal to Save Interstate
  167. Kansas City Star: Reorganization for IBC Makes Solid Comeback
  168. Teamsters Mourn the Passing of Gene Upshaw, A True Trade Unionist
  169. New Leadership at Major Teamsters Local
  170. Local 190 Hosts Teamster Heritage Day
  171. TLA on Immigration Issues Scheduled for October 7-8
  172. Detroit News: Local 299 Business Agent Will Address Democratic Convention
  173. AP: Union Cites Deal in Twinkie-Maker Bankruptcy
  174. Teamsters, Protesters Call for an End to Daimler's Predatory Lending Scheme
  175. Pressure Builds on FremantleMedia As American Idol Truth Tour Makes Final Stop in New
  176. Bloomberg: FedEx Loses Shareholders as Courts Upend Smith's Business Model
  177. AP: Union Says Lenders Delay Twinkie-Maker's Reorg
  178. Kansas City Star: Teamsters Say Others Jeopardizing IBC Bankruptcy Plan
  179. Kansas City Star: Union is Giving Up on Bankrupt Baker
  180. Union Asks Carhaul Members For Feedback on Contract
  181. Teamsters Call on Banks to Secure Interstate Bakery Jobs
  182. Meet Legal Counsel Ed Gleason
  183. UPS Freight Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract
  184. Airline Division Advisory Board Meets for First Time
  185. Local 1224 Pilots Welcome Congressional Hearings on DHL
  186. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Teamsters Rally to Show Strength
  187. CNN Money: Republic Lines Up Lenders for Allied Waste Deal
  188. KSDK News: Teamsters Rally Ahead of Negotiations with Anheuser-Busch InBev
  189. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Teamsters, Foreign Unions Met as InBev Takeover Looms
  190. Teamsters Rally in Support of Anheuser-Busch Workers
  191. Teamsters to Mail Carhaul Contract Information Next Week
  192. AP: Republic Again Rejects Waste Management Buyout Bid
  193. AP: Union Members to Rally in Support of A-B Teamsters
  194. International Union, Wayne State Partner for Microsoft Training
  195. Crain's Cleveland Business: Flight Options Prepares to Expand
  196. The Plain Dealer: Flight Options, Pilots Say They'll Work Toward Contract
  197. Important Information About the 2008 Teamsters Women's Conference
  198. BLET, Norfolk Southern Reach Tentative Agreement
  199. Carhaul Members Vote to Reject National Agreement
  200. Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement With UPS Freight
  201. Update on Aviation from Capitol Hill
  202. Indiana Parks Workers Ratify First Contract
  203. Reckless Disregard
  204. Teamster Candidates Win in Missouri Democratic Primary
  205. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Teamsters Will Rally Next Week to Send InBev Message
  206. Bush Administration Says It's OK to Not Buy American
  207. United as Teamsters
  208. Teamsters Raise Concerns With Investors Regarding Conflicting Interests in Waste Merg
  209. Detroit News: Obama Vows Tax Credits, Aid to Automakers for Hybrid Cars
  210. Hoffa Blasts DOT For Illegally Extending Cross-Border Pilot
  211. Teamsters Praise House Bill Banning Unsafe Mexican Trucks
  212. Business Agent Skills in Survival TLA Scheduled September 22-26
  213. San Diego Locals Join Forces to Train Stewards
  214. Hernando County, Florida Employees to Vote Soon on Joining Teamsters
  215. Washington Post: Economic Harmony on the Left
  216. Hoffa Says WTO Trade Talks Must End With Collapse of Doha
  217. Local 769 Stewards Seminar A Great Success
  218. AP: N.H. Court Officers Sign Up With Teamsters
  219. UAL Mechanics Vote to Amend Contract to Accept Pay Increase
  220. Teamsters Assist in Midwest Flood Clean-Up Efforts
  221. Aviation Week: House Unanimously Passes FAA Safety Bill
  222. Don't Force Workers to Work on Sunday, Teamsters, Community Leaders Tell Jewel
  223. AmeriCold Workers Join Local 662
  224. Local 639 Hosts Second Stewards Seminar of 2008
  225. NCSL Votes Down Colombia FTA Resolution Second Time in Three Months
  226. AP: Waste Management Pushes Offer for Republic
  227. Clergy, Community Join Together to Support Sanitation Workers
  228. Kalitta Crew Members All Home
  229. Vote Yes on the Tentative Carhaul Agreement to Protect Your Future
  230. A Message About the DHL Restructuring Plan by Teamsters Express Division Director Bil
  231. Date for Carhaul Ballot Count is Changed to August 12
  232. Hoffa Rejects 'Drilling Our Way Out' of Energy Crisis, Demands Long-Term Policy Solut
  233. Hoffa Joins Thousands of Workers to Support Clean and Safe Ports in Oakland
  234. King 5 News Video: Teamsters Picketing Oak Harbor Over Retiree Health Benefits
  235. Local 542 Hosts Teamsters Leadership Academy
  236. The Olympian: State-Workers Union Takes Break for Labor Meetings
  237. Teamsters are the Definitive Voice
  238. What Happens Now? DHL Gateway Election is Blocked (Again)
  239. Press-Register: Coke, Teamsters in Stalemate
  240. Teamsters Picket Oak Harbor Freight Over Plans to Slash Health Care
  241. First Transit Drivers in Ohio Join Teamsters
  242. Carhaul 2008-2011 Benefits: Priorities Stated and Met
  243. Bloomberg: Republic Rejects Waste Management's $6.19 Billion Bid
  244. Teamsters Applaud Iowa Employee Misclassification Crackdown
  245. Teamsters Commend Senate for Moving on High Fuel Costs
  246. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Times' Outsourcing Deal for Trucks Falters
  247. UAL Mechanics Ballot Referendum
  248. Bayside, Wisconsin Police Officers and Dispatchers Join Local 200
  249. BLET Seeks Clarification Of New DOT Drug Testing Rules
  250. Reuters: InBev Played Smart to Win Defenseless Anheuser