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  1. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Local Ports Churn Economic Engines on Backs of Short-Haul
  2. AP: St. Louis, Dethroned as 'King of Beers' Headquarters, Ponders Future After Anheus
  3. Reuters: Obama Disappointed in Anheuser-Busch Sale
  4. Concrete Workers End Strike, Approve New Contract
  5. BMWED Bargaining Victory at WATCO
  6. Teamsters Ratify Contract at Oceanside's Coca-Cola Facility
  7. Ballot Package Cover Letter From the National Negotiating Committee
  8. Members of Largest Carhaul Local Vote 183-2 to Recommend Tentative Agreement
  9. Teamsters Track Waste Management's Offer to Buy Republic Services
  10. Teamsters Raise Doubts About InBev Promises
  11. Carhaul Ballots Mailed Today
  12. Rocky Mountain News: Council to Weigh Firefighters' Raises
  13. PRNewswire: InBev and Anheuser-Busch Agree to Combine
  14. Press-Register: Coke Bottler Workers Vote to Strike
  15. Santa Barbara Independent: Union Leaflets for Shoppers Boycott of Advertisers
  16. Carhaul Members Voice Strong Support for Tentative Agreement
  17. Rocky Mountain News: Teamsters: Denver 'Foolishly' Contesting Disciplinary Cases
  18. Honolulu Star-Bulletin: TheBus Workers Cement 5-Year Deal
  19. Union Rights for Members on Active Duty
  20. Teamsters Work To Protect Jobs at Comair
  21. Akron Beacon Journal: Obama Speaks Out on Potential Job Losses in Ohio
  22. Teamsters Urge Congress to Move Fast to Save Jobs
  23. The Right Choice
  24. Teamsters Praise Dorgan for Mexican Truck Amendment
  25. Obama Calls Unions 'Second to None' in Protecting Women's Rights on the Job
  26. UPS Freight Workers in IL, LA, NV, VA Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  27. Local 714 Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New Contract
  28. Reuters: Peru Farmers Block Roads, Machu Picchu Rail
  29. Times Union: Strike Hits Concrete Projects
  30. BusinessWeek: Anheuser-Busch Fights for Time
  31. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Brito Says InBev Can Do a Better Job of Marketing Bud
  32. Local 745 Hosts Stewards Seminar
  33. Rural Metro Services Workers Reject Contract Extension
  34. Teamsters Oppose Heavier Trucks
  35. Indiana's NewsCenter: No Progress in Indiana Toll Road Contract Talks
  36. Bloomberg: Anheuser-Busch Sues InBev, Seeks to Block Takeover
  37. Bush Goes to China and We Get Crappy T-Shirts
  38. Fresno Bee: Workers Strike at Can-Making Plant in Kingsburg
  39. Teamsters Rush to Assist Crew in Kalitta Crash
  40. Teamsters Call on DHL to Reveal Severance Plan for DHL Gateway Workers
  41. NY1 News: Cement Truck Drivers Return to Bargaining Table
  42. Bloomberg: Obama Says Anheuser-Busch Should Stay in U.S. Hands
  43. Newsday: Talks Resume in NYC Cement Truckers' Strike
  44. Bloomberg: InBev Seeks Ouster of Anheuser Board After Rejection
  45. LifeScan Workers Join Local 727
  46. Kansas City Workers at UPS Freight Reject Fraud Union in Overwhelming Vote
  47. Collectors on Indiana Toll Road Considering a Strike
  48. Drivers, Warehouse Workers Walk Off Job
  49. Hoffa Blasts McCain's Trip to Colombia
  50. Cement-Truck Drivers Strike in New York City
  51. Hoffa Blasts Mccain Trip to Colombia, Refusal to Address Human Rights Issues
  52. Anheuser-Busch Faces Shareholder Lawsuits
  53. Washington Post: McCain Stressing Trade on Latin American Trip
  54. Strike Averted; Alderwoods Funeral Employees Approve Contract
  55. Why Is McCain Afraid to Talk to U.S. Workers About Trade?
  56. Teamsters Launch Radio Ad Blasting McCain for Colombia Trip
  57. Courier-Post: U.S. Starts Regulating Freight Rail Security
  58. NY Times: McCain Heads Today for Colombia, Where Adviser Has Long Had Ties
  59. Local Union Leaders Meet Tomorrow to Review Tentative Agreement
  60. NY Times: McCain Heads Today for Colombia, Where Adviser Has Long Had Ties
  61. Thomson Financial: InBev Says $65 Cash Bid for Anheuser-Busch is a 'Full and Fair' Pr
  62. SCI Pushes Alderwoods Funeral Employees to Brink of Labor Dispute
  63. Wall Street Journal: Anheuser-Busch's Defense Plan Against InBev Likely to Fall Flat
  64. Kingston Whig-Standard: School Bus Drivers Put Stock in the Teamsters
  65. Stock Transportation School Bus Workers Join Local 91
  66. Charleston Gazette: Teamsters, Capitol Beverage OK Contract
  67. Teamster Organizers Conference Kicks Off in Memphis
  68. Answers to Key Questions About the Allied Waste/Republic Services Merger
  69. Teamsters Support 'PUMP Act' Bills to Tackle High Fuel Costs
  70. Teamsters Provide 18 Wheels of Hope
  71. Reuters: Anheuser-Busch to Reject InBev Offer
  72. R.R. Donnelly Settles Unfair Labor Practice Charges With Teamsters
  73. Memphis Business Journal: Teamsters' Hoffa to Rally FedEx Mechanics in Memphis
  74. Washington Post: House Passes Bill Bolstering Oil Trade Regulator
  75. Teamsters Leadership Academy on Negotiations Held Early June
  76. First Transit Drivers Join Local 728
  77. Flint Journal: Vote Continues on Genesys Nurses' Contract, Mood Upbeat
  78. Union Pacific Railroad Blocks Track Inspectors From Safety Training
  79. Penske Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Join Local 25
  80. WINK News: Collier Custodians Keep Jobs... At Least For Now
  81. Naples Daily News: Collier School Board Decides Not to Decide on Outsourcing Custodia
  82. Teamsters Support Curbing Energy Speculation
  83. McCain Committed to Bush's Failed Trade Policies That Kill Jobs
  84. Charleston Gazette: Teamsters Alert State DEP to Beer Dumping
  85. Teamster Carhaul Negotiators Reach Tentative National Agreement
  86. Hoffa Urges Air Force to Terminate Foreign Contract, Keep Military Jobs in U.S.
  87. Washington Post: Wall Street Lobbies to Protect Speculative Oil Trades
  88. Naples Daily News: Collier School Board Members Get Both Sides of Outsourcing Custodi
  89. WINK News: Collier Custodians Say They Can Save District More Than Outside Company
  90. Flint-Journal: Genesys Nurses Upbeat Over New Tentative Contract
  91. Teamsters Lauds NTSB for Addressing Fatigue of Airline Workers
  92. Calling on All Teamsters to Lend a Hand to the Midwest Flood Victims
  93. First Transit Bus Drivers in Tulsa Vote to Join the Teamsters
  94. AP: Teamsters Leaflet Bars in W.Va. Beer Dispute
  95. AP: Workers Win Overtime Suit
  96. Local 728 Holds Seminar for Stewards
  97. Local 200 Ready Mix Drivers Ratify Two-Year Contract Extension
  98. West Virginia Teamsters Kick Off 'Miller Beer is Tasteless' Protests
  99. Teamsters Letter of Support to Ohio DHL Stakeholders
  100. Wilmington News Journal: Teamsters in Runoff Election at Air Park
  101. Teamsters 'Very Close' to Reaching Tentative Carhaul Agreement
  102. New Jersey School Bus Workers Choose Teamsters
  103. Houston Chronicle: Continental Chops Flights to 15 Cities as Fuel Costs Soar
  104. Teamsters Win Most Votes in DHL Gateway Election
  105. Teamsters Urge Crackdown on Oil Speculation
  106. Highway Robbery
  107. Local 987 Hosts Steward Seminar
  108. Teamsters Hail Setback for Trans-Texas Corridor Plan
  109. Teamsters, PTS Exchange Proposals in Effort to End Strike
  110. Teamsters File With NMB to Represent Atlas Air Flight Crews
  111. AP: Politics an Obstacle for InBev's Anheuser-Busch Bid
  112. DHL Gateway Runoff Election to be Held Soon in Wilmington
  113. Teamsters Make Progress at Multiemployer Carhaul Talks, Schedule Meeting With PTS
  114. Teamsters Leadership Academy on Negotiations Scheduled for July 15-17
  115. Editorial: Union's 'Counterproposal' Deserves Board's Attention
  116. Teamsters Wait For PTS to Respond to Meeting Invitation
  117. Reuters: Anheuser Must Find Solution Palatable for All
  118. NY Times: CSX Grasping at Straws to End Battle
  119. UAL Mechanics: Timeline Set for Mail Ballot Referendum
  120. AP: Trade Deficit Jumps to Highest Level in 13 Months
  121. Teamsters Continue PTS Strike, Respond to Company's Request to Meet
  122. Reuters: U.S. Violates Worker Rights Says World Labor Body
  123. DHL Gateway Workers: Teamster Members Are Here for You!
  124. DHL Gateway Workers: It's Time. Vote "Teamsters Yes!"
  125. DHL Gateway Workers: It's Never too Late to Fight to be Treated Fairly!
  126. Ratification of DHL Express National Contract, All Supplements Complete
  127. Naples Daily News: Companies Propose to Take Over Collier Schools' Custodial Services
  128. Detroit News: Drivers Strike Against Car Hauler
  129. Flint Journal: Contract Negotiations Continue for Genesys Nurses
  130. Teamsters Urge Singer Kenny Chesney: Speak Out Against Corona's Pension Cuts
  131. California Waste Management Workers Join Local 439
  132. Teamster Carhaul Members Launch Nationwide Strike at PTS
  133. Local 781 Hosts First Stewards' Seminar for UAL Workers
  134. Letter from Carhaul Director Fred Zuckerman to PTS President/CEO Jeffrey Cornish
  135. A Trade Proposal Even the Teamsters Can Support
  136. UNI: GCC Members Approve Contract in Mt. Morris, Illinois
  137. Reuters: Airline Workers See More Bad Times as Oil Rises
  138. Primary Strike Instructions to Pickets
  139. Primary Strike General Instruction
  140. Information Flier for PTS Teamsters
  141. Hoffa Urges Swift Passage of Unemployment Insurance Extension
  142. PTS Carhaul Leaders Approve Strike Against Company
  143. Ogle County News: Quebecor, Union Reach a Deal
  144. Norwich Bulletin: Group Effort Made Food Drive a Success
  145. Forbes: Fears of A Union Renaissance
  146. Reuters: Anheuser-Busch Hires Financial Advisers Say Sources
  147. Local 727 Members Overwhelmingly Ratify First Contract
  148. Teamsters Weigh Options After PTS Wage Cuts Approved By Court
  149. Genesys Nurses Prepare for Another Contract Deadline and Likely Walkout
  150. Register-Mail: Trade Pact Review Bill Called 'Landmark Legislation'
  151. Teamsters Adopt International Policy on Global Corporate Accountability
  152. Hoffa Named Superdelegate, Pledges Vote to Obama
  153. The Plain Dealer: Sen. Sherrod Brown's Trade Bill Calls for Reviews of Existing Pacts
  154. Workday Minnesota: Finally A New Vision for Trade
  155. Wink News: Collier Custodians to Protest Outsourcing
  156. Naples Daily News: Teamsters to Protest Plan to Outsource Jobs
  157. Kentucky Governor Restores Right of State Employees to Join Unions
  158. The Guardian: Lawmakers, Citing Obama, Urge US Redo Trade Deals
  159. Teamsters Want Say on UAL Pay
  160. Teamsters Lobbying Congress on Leave for Flight Attendants, Pilots
  161. Teamsters Laud Beshear Order Returning Kentucky Department of Labor to Cabinet Status
  162. Barack Obama Addresses Teamsters Unity Conference
  163. Teamster Audio & Video Vault
  164. Hoffa Supports New Rules for Global Trade
  165. NPR: Anheuser-Busch Takeover Talk Shakes St. Louis
  166. Associated Press: Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination
  167. The Herald News: Area Bus Drivers Vote to Join Union
  168. Forbes: Fighting Over The Nuts And Bolts
  169. Local 102 Hosts Seminar For Anheuser-Busch Stewards
  170. First Student Workers in Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Vote Teamsters
  171. Patriot Ledger: Quincy School Custodians Ratify Four-Year Labor Contract
  172. Workers at Tri-County Building Supplies Join Local 676
  173. Canwest News: Report Says More Work Needed for Rail Safety
  174. Carhaul Negotiators On Track to Reach Tentative Agreement Next Week
  175. TLA on Microsoft Office 2007 to be Held June 30-July 2
  176. Carhaul Negotiators Continue Meeting
  177. Hoffa Visit Highlights Local 247 Stewards Training
  178. Union, Employers Continue Carhaul Negotiations
  179. Carhaul Local Unions to Hold Strike Votes
  180. GCC's Midwestern States Regional Conference Holds 84th Convention, Training Program
  181. First Student Workers Overwhelmingly Choose Local 384
  182. Wall Street Journal: Bid for Anheuser May Leave Bitter Aftertaste
  183. San Francisco Chronicle: Judge Denies Request to Reinstate Santa Barbara journalists
  184. ABC-7: Who's Cleaning Your Child's School?
  185. Macro Eagle: Teamsters' Probe Reveals Possible Issues With Outsourcing Collier School
  186. The Flint Journal: Genesys Nurses Informing Doctors About Contract Talks
  187. NBC2-News Online: Who's Cleaning Your Child's School?
  188. Wolters Kluwer: Teamsters Bring 11,000 UPS Freight Workers Into The Fold
  189. Investigation Reveals Drug, Sex Offenders Employed by School Services Contractor
  190. DHL Gateway Workers in Wilmington, Ohio: The Election is Set!
  191. The Future for Wilmington: DHL Restructures Now is the Time to Gain Teamster Protec
  192. Naples Daily News: Concerns Raised With Outsourcing Custodial Work in Collier Schools
  193. Wall Street Journal: Bid for Anheuser May Leave Bitter Aftertaste
  194. Local 727 Provides Funeral Industry Workers' Training
  195. National Negotiating Committee Making Progress on Carhaul Contract Talks
  196. UPS Freight Workers in CA, OK, TX and VA Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  197. First Student Bus Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  198. Pilots Union Demands Action in Wake of DHL Announcement
  199. Locals 813 and 995 Train Member Organizers
  200. Hoffa, Local 89 Save 435 Carhaul Jobs
  201. MarketWatch: UPS, DHL to Sign Multi-Billion Dollar Service Deal
  202. MarketWatch: DPWN to Restructure Express Business with New Airlift Partner and Cost S
  203. Teamsters to Participate in Trucking Security Program
  204. Teamsters Leadership Academy on Negotiations Scheduled for July 15-17
  205. NBC2 News: Employees Tells District to "End the Secret Deals"
  206. DHL, UPS Announce Air Lift Agreement
  207. Teamsters Urge UAL Shareholders to Withhold Votes From Tilton, Call for Independent C
  208. Teamsters Announce Agreement on Concessions With Frontier Airlines
  209. Jacksonville School Bus Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  210. Naples Daily News: Photos - Collier School Employees Protest at the Beach
  211. Wink News: School Employees Protest on Pier
  212. Local 142 Holds Its Third Annual Women's Conference
  213. It's Time! Election to be Held in Wilmington in June for the DHL Gateway
  214. Carhaul Negotiations in Final Stretch
  215. Teamsters Strongly Support Bill to Crack Down on Misclassification
  216. Napanee Guide: Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreements With Three School Bus Companies
  217. Naples Daily News: Collier School Custodians Protest Plan to Outsource Jobs
  218. Teamsters Now Represent More Than 11,000 UPS Freight Workers
  219. Eagle-Tribune: Timberlane Bus Drivers Vote to Join Union
  220. WINK News: Janitors Protest Collier County's Outsourcing Plan
  221. School Bus Workers in Kansas, New Hampshire Become Teamsters
  222. Teamsters Urge School Board to Clean Up Contracting Out Process
  223. Pennsylvania First Student Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  224. Villairagosa, Sebelius Show Why Elections Matter
  225. CF News 13: Osceola Schools Consider Switch To Private Contractors
  226. Teamsters in Chicago Raise More than $10,000 for Breast Cancer Support
  227. Pantagraph: Local Ready Mix Drivers Back on the Job After Last Week's Strike
  228. eTrucker: Group Seeks Pilot on Larger Trucks
  229. Flint Journal: James P. Hoffa Stirs Pro-Genesys Nurses Rally
  230. Wenatchee World: Eastside Police Receive 22 Percent Pay Hike over Three Years
  231. Frontier Management's Greed Puts Us All at Risk
  232. Teamsters Slam Proposal to Let Bigger Trucks on U.S. Highways
  233. Teamster Leaders Lay Track for Rail Safety Solutions
  234. Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against R.R. Donnelly
  235. Teamsters Urge Congress to Resist Pressure on Colombia Trade Deal
  236. Teamsters Urge Senate to Support Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act
  237. Dayton Daily News: ABX Air Pilots' Union Challenging the Company
  238. FedEx Refusing to Turn Over IRS Audit on Contractor Status to Drivers' Lawyers
  239. Newsday: Cablevision to Announce Purchase of Newsday
  240. UPS Freight Workers in York, Pennsylvania Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  241. Local 813 Closes Book on $600,000 Back-Pay Settlement
  242. Atlanta Allied Waste Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract
  243. Allied Waste Contract in West Virginia Boosts Wages, Overtime
  244. Detroit News: Teamsters Have Earned Their Freedom
  245. McCain's Policies Sell Out the Working Class
  246. Teamsters Law Enforcement League Honors National Police Week
  247. Teamsters Applaud Senate Leadership for Tackling High Fuel Costs
  248. NY Times: A Bronx Diner Becomes a Teamsters Battleground
  249. Local 396 Wins Strong Contract for Republic Workers
  250. KCRA3 News: How Safe Are Remote-Controlled Trains?