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  1. Monroe County Corrections Officers Fight for Safety in the Workplace
  2. Eby-Brown Drivers Join Local 754
  3. West Virginia Gazette: Teamsters Reject Capitol Beverage Contract
  4. Teamster Mariachis Sing Cinco De Mayo Blues
  5. Teamsters Leadership Academy on Arbitration Scheduled June 24-26
  6. Teamsters File for Mediation With Flight Options
  7. DHL Express Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify National Contract
  8. The Journal Gazette: Hoffa, in City, Praises Obama
  9. Teamsters Mourn Death of Waste Management Worker
  10. National Carhaul Talks Resume May 18
  11. David Bourne Joins Teamsters As Airline Division Director
  12. Indiana Convoy for Change Kicks Off
  13. UPS Freight Workers in ID, IL, NC, OH and OK Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  14. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Teamsters Rally Against Turnpike Leasing
  15. A Training First for Local 641
  16. New Report: Cummins, Inc. Fund Anti-Environment Politicians
  17. Charleston Gazette: Coca-Cola Employees OK Pact
  18. Tri-Valley Herald: San Leandro Teamsters Official to Lead Fundraising Walk
  19. Local 406 Stewards Seminar Unhampered by Foot of Snow
  20. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Teamsters Chief Backs Candidate for Treasurer
  21. Local 79 Hosts Teamsters Leadership Academy on Organizing
  22. Washington Post: McCain Offers Tax Policies He Once Opposed
  23. Tampa Tribune: CSX Safety Issues Cloud Liability Deal
  24. Press-Register: Death Brings Questions on OSHA's Authority
  25. UPS Freight Workers in Utah Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  26. Teamsters Lead Shareholder Push for Reforms at Coca-Cola and its Top Bottler
  27. Local 200 Stewards Seminar A Success
  28. Seacoast Online: City Bus Drivers Join Teamsters
  29. La Opinión: Hoffa por la Tarjeta de Afiliación Sindical
  30. Workers at Admiral Building Supply Unanimously Vote to Join Local 25
  31. NY Times: Re-Examining Nafta in Hopes of Curing U.S. Manufacturing
  32. Reuters: Interstate Bakeries Negotiates New Credit Deal
  33. Local 339 Training Emphasizes Member Mobilization
  34. NY Times: Working Life (High and Low)
  35. AP: Interstate Bakeries Asks for Delay of Hearing
  36. NY Times: Charge More, Merge Less, Fly Better
  37. Local 377 Hosts Stewards Training
  38. Omaha, Neb. And Cologne, NJ School Bus Workers Overwhelmingly Choose Teamsters
  39. Hamilton Honored in Philadelphia as Irish-American Labor Leader of Year
  40. Teamsters' Fight On Behalf of Waste Workers Heats Up in April
  41. Workday Minnesota: Striking Teamsters at St. Paul Liquor Distributor Call for Boycott
  42. Training Day at Local 991
  43. H&M International Workers Join Local 71
  44. Carhaul Division Schedules Contract Update Meetings
  45. Change to Win Urges Congress to Enact Misclassification Legislation
  46. BusinessWeek: U.S. Airlines Outsource Majority of Repairs
  47. Local 997 Hosts Stewards Seminar
  48. Carhaul Teamsters Provide Valuable Input for National Contract
  49. Bush Concedes Defeat On Colombia Trade Pact
  50. Teamsters: Colombia Trade Deal is Not Good for Workers
  51. Local 767 Holds Member Organizer Action Team Training
  52. Hoffa Drums Up Obama Support
  53. Local 445 Hosts Annual Steward Seminar
  54. School Bus Workers in Canada Join Local 938
  55. KDKA News: Clinton Visit Continues, Hoffa Campaigns For Obama
  56. CNN: Obama Looks to Teamsters for Pennsylvania Win
  57. Stop Outsourcing America's Security
  58. Join the Teamsters for a Rally and March for Workers' Rights
  59. Teamsters Leadership Academy on Negotiations Scheduled for June 3-5
  60. Bad Trade Deals Are Costing Thousands of Pennsylvania Workers Their Jobs
  61. DHL Express Ballots Mailed Today
  62. BCTD to Host 100th Anniversary Celebration and Legislative Conference
  63. Steward Seminar Held at Local 317
  64. Hoffa, Raynor Express Concern Over Clinton Campaign Strategist
  65. NY Times: Ouster Opens Opportunity for Obama
  66. NY Daily News: Mark Penn Still in Clinton Loop Says Source
  67. CNBC: Dems + Free Trade = Death Penalty
  68. TLA for Local Union Office Managers Scheduled for May 8-9
  69. NY Sun: Hoffa Says Penn "Demotion" Not Good Enough
  70. General Die Caster Workers Join Local 24
  71. Penn Lobbying Undermines Clinton's Trade Stance
  72. Teamsters, Religious Leaders Unite to Continue Martin Luther King Jr.'s Fight for Wor
  73. Teamsters Mediation Pilot Will Aid Denver Public Employees
  74. Nearly 400 DHL Workers Join the Union in March
  75. Unions: Cintas Case Proves Need for Tougher Safety Laws
  76. Local 326 Allied Waste Workers Endorse New Contract
  77. AP: Obama, Clinton Woo Unions in Pennsylvania
  78. Unions Urge Senate: Act Now on Safety Crisis at Trash Giant Waste Management
  79. Reuters: Teamsters Win Right to Represent UAL Mechanics
  80. Chicago Tribune: Teamsters Win Vote to Represent United Airlines Mechanics
  81. BLET Members Get $1.3 Million Award at LIRR
  82. BLET Members Ratify Amtrak Contract
  83. Denver Post: Union Set to Flex Its Muscle
  84. United Airlines Mechanics Vote to Become Teamsters
  85. National Master Freight Agreement, Supplements Ratified
  86. NY Times: Obama Casts Wide Blame for Financial Crisis and Proposes Homeowner Aid
  87. First Coast News: Teamsters in Town, Eager to Organize School Bus Workers
  88. Jacksonville First Student School Bus Workers Rally for Safety, Respect
  89. Salinas Californian: Labor Crisis Can Be Solved, Salinas Panelists Say
  90. UPS Freight Workers in Florida Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  91. Honolulu Star Bulletin: Union Organization Bill Heads to Lingle
  92. UPS Freight Workers in Alabama, Georgia, New York, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin Sign
  93. Record Courier: County Workers Give Strike Authorization
  94. Union-Tribune: Lawyer Says Fired Newspaper Workers Should be Reinstated
  95. Washington Post: Indiana Shapes Up as a State of Parity for Democrats
  96. Seattle Times: Port Wants Truck Parking Lot
  97. Press-Telegram: Employee Status Required of Port Truckers
  98. LA Business Journal: L.A. Port OKs Truck Plan
  99. Houston Chronicle: United Yanks 7 Jets From Service
  100. LA Times: Port of Los Angeles Plan Weighs on Shippers
  101. Negotiations Skills are the Focus of Training in Las Vegas
  102. The Observer: Tale of Two Bakeries
  103. AP: High Court Reviews California Law on Use of State Money
  104. UPS Freight Workers in AL, MI, PA Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  105. DHL National Contract Supported by Members in Delaware, Missouri, Connecticut
  106. Setting the Record Straight: Facts About Part-Timers at DHL
  107. FedEx Files Brief Defending Illegal Contractor Model in U.S. Appeals Court
  108. Wisconsin State Journal: Spectrum to Add Workers at Rayovac Plant in Fennimore
  109. Dallas Morning News: Southwest Airlines to Suspend Plans for Outsourcing Maintenance
  110. San Francisco Chronicle: Oakland Port to Take Up Diesel Emissions
  111. Washington Post: Letting the Market Drive Transportation
  112. Daily Breeze: Port Trucking System Needs Overhaul
  113. WWTI 50: Settlement in Redwood Man's Lawsuit Against UPS
  114. Boston Globe: Acela Train Kills Worker
  115. Local 480 Stewards Training Not Thwarted By Snow
  116. Why Obama Should be President
  117. Springfield Journal-Register: Labor Groups Ready to Pitch In
  118. WBAL News: Baltimore Man Wins $250K at Mega Millions
  119. UPS Freight Workers in New Jersey Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  120. San Francisco Chronicle: Garbage Firm, Oakland Settle Over Lock-Out
  121. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: U.S. Ban on Mexican Trucks Violated, Senator Charges
  122. AP: Court Asked to Immediately Reinstate Fired Newspaper Workers
  123. Santa Barbara Independent: News-Press Settles Suit
  124. Michigan Daily: After New Contract, Discrimination Complaints Withdrawn
  125. AP: Twinkie Maker Delays Bankruptcy Exit
  126. Hoffa Blasts Bush Administration's Indifference to NAFTA Harm
  127. Local 957 Stewards' Training Features Skill Building
  128. UPS Freight Workers in South Carolina Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  129. Union-Tribune: Official Open to Extending Truck Project
  130. Barack Obama Supports Teamsters in Fighting Outsourcing at United Airlines
  131. Local 952 Holds Steward Training in Spanish
  132. UAL Mechanics for Teamsters Committee for Change Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 9
  133. Labor, Political Leaders Call on United Airlines to Stop Outsourcing Jobs
  134. UPS Freight Workers in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  135. Change to Win: Fighting for the American Dream
  136. Seattle Times: Newspaper, Union Continue Talks
  137. Local 372 Builds Strength Through Steward Training Sessions
  138. UPS Freight Workers in Nevada, Arkansas and Pennsylvania Seek Teamster Membership
  139. Truth Revealed: AMFA Played Big Role in Outsourcing Jobs and Killing Your Pension
  140. Dow Jones: AmerisourceBergen Work Stoppages Possible, Teamsters Warn
  141. View Live Web Cast of March 1 Informational Meeting for UAL Mechanics
  142. Teamster Vacations
  143. Atlanta Drivers and Maintenance Workers Vote to Join Union
  144. UAL Mechanics for Teamsters Committee for Change Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 8
  145. Teamsters to Fight UAL-Continental Merger Unless it Benefits Employees
  146. Teamsters Support Connecticut Law Cracking Down on Illegal Employee Misclassification
  147. UAL Mechanics: Take Five Minutes To Complete the Teamsters Bargaining Agreeement Surv
  148. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Hoffa Will Campaign for Obama
  149. Train-the-Trainer Conference Wires the LEARN Network
  150. Seattle Times: A Pause in the Times-Teamsters Tussle
  151. DHL Express National Negotiations Are Successful
  152. UPS Freight Workers in North Carolina Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  153. CBC News: Sun-Rype Workers in Kelowna Ratify Deal
  154. Local 938 and Labatt Breweries Reach Collective Agreement
  155. NPR: Ohio, Texas Voters Differ on Top Issues
  156. Negotiations Continue for Historic DHL National Agreement
  157. UAL Committee for Change Newsletter Correction on Dues
  158. Kansas City Star: Bankrupt Interstate Bakeries' Bonus Plan Sparks Objections
  159. Negotiations Continue for Historic DHL National Agreement
  160. AP: Change to Win Labor Federation to Endorse Barack Obama for President
  161. CNN: Union Coalition Will Back Obama
  162. UPS Freight Workers in New York, California Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  163. Buffalo News: Hats Off to New Era Settlement
  164. New Era Cap Workers in Mobile Unanimously Ratify First Contract
  165. Teamsters Demand Overhaul of Compensation Practices at UAL
  166. SeattlePi.com: P-I Warned On Risk Of Drivers Strike
  167. Las Vegas Sun: Brian Greenspun Joins Tributes to Worthy Men
  168. CNN: Amtrak to Beef Up Security
  169. First Transit Bus Drivers at Emory University Join Union
  170. UPS Freight Workers in Southern California Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  171. PR Week: Teamsters Battle DOT Over Cross-Border Trade
  172. CEP Research: Deutsche Post Chief Resigns
  173. AP: DHL To Cut 600 Managerial, Non-Union Jobs
  174. Evening Sun: Local 776, York County Agree to New Contract
  175. Remembering James R. Hoffa
  176. Teamsters Leadership Academy (TLA) on Organizing March 10-13
  177. Free Press: House Bill Would Protect Net Neutrality, Spur Public Discussion
  178. Union Tribune: Bumpy Ride in Court for Trucking Program
  179. AP: Court Hears Lawsuit on Program Allowing Mexican Trucks Into U.S
  180. Teamsters, Business Travel Coalition Co-Sponsor National Airline Outsourcing Summit
  181. Teamsters Rally at Hearing on Legality of Cross-Border Trucking
  182. AP: Court Hears Lawsuit on Program Allowing Mexican Trucks Into U.S.
  183. Arizona Republic: Transportation Chief Needs to Hit the Road
  184. Montreal Cintas Workers Become First in Company History to Form a Union
  185. UPS Freight Workers in Orlando Area Seek to Join Teamsters
  186. Local 727 Negotiates Winning Contract for GSSP Workers
  187. Teamsters Aid Prosser Career Academy Students in Helping Angola
  188. Click2Houston.com: Local 2 Investigates Safety Of Mexican Trucks
  189. The Daily of the University of Washington: Students Investigate Workers Rights Violat
  190. Important Information for USF Reddaway, USF Holland Workers
  191. UAL Mechanics for Teamsters Committee for Change Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 5
  192. World Net Daily: Heads to Roll? Mexican Trucks in U.S. Sparks Firing Call
  193. Workers in Charlotte and Spokane Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight
  194. Teamsters Launch Major Campaign to Fire U.S. Transportation Secretary
  195. Fire Mary Peters
  196. Teamsters' UPS Freight Campaign Reaches 4,000-Worker Milestone
  197. Workers in Houston and Beaumont Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight
  198. The Michigan Daily: 'U' Issues Warning to Licensee New Era
  199. Workers in Indiana and California Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight
  200. Florida Retirees Will Meet February 20 to Discuss Elections
  201. Miami Air Strike Ballot Authorized
  202. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Times-Teamsters Dispute Could Affect Newspapers
  203. Workers in Florida and Vermont Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight
  204. Teamsters National Black Caucus Conference to be Held August 18-24
  205. Teamsters, Business Travel Coalition to Hold Summit on Aircraft Maintenance Outsourci
  206. BusinessWeek: Airline Safety - A Whistleblower's Tale
  207. 'Seattle Times,' Teamsters Swap Labor Complaints Over Outsourcing
  208. Workers in Arizona and California Seek Union Membership at UPS Freight
  209. ABF Agrees to Be Bound by 2008-2013 National Freight Standards Agreement
  210. Kansas City Star: Interstate Bakeries Gets OK to Present Reorganization Plan to Credi
  211. Teamsters Hail Law Restoring Bargaining Rights to Defense Workers
  212. UPS Freight Workers in Atlanta Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  213. Kansas City Star: IBC Proposes to Pay Unsecured Creditors 26 Percent
  214. Kansas City Star: Interstate Bakeries Plots Payouts to Creditors
  215. Business Courier of Cincinnati: Interstate Bakeries Files Plan to Exit Bankruptcy
  216. Charleston Gazette: Teamsters Gaining Members at UPS Freight
  217. Press-Register: Teamsters Nationalize New Era Labor Dispute
  218. Daily Cardinal: UW Cuts Contract With New Era
  219. Inside Bay Area: Youth in Construction
  220. Air Cargo World: DHL Withdrawal 'Completely Ruled Out,' No Comment on FedEx
  221. UPS Freight Workers in Kentucky Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  222. UAL Mechanics for Teamsters Committee for Change Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 3
  223. Allied Waste Workers Overwhelmingly Endorse Contracts
  224. Teamsters Say Stimulus Package Must Help Unemployed, Add Jobs
  225. Canadian Press: Quebecor World European Employees Nervous, Quebec Staff Seems Unfazed
  226. Business First of Columbia: ABX, DHL in Dispute Over $93 Million Note
  227. First Student?s Internal Monitor and Continued Scare Tactics
  228. Local 294 Racks Up String of Victories
  229. The Emory Wheel: Shuttle Drivers to Vote on Union
  230. AP: Butte School District Settles With Reinstated Special Ed Director
  231. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: 'Happy' Upper St. Clair Workers OK 5-year contract
  232. UPS Freight Workers in Oakland and Seattle Sign Cards to Become Teamsters
  233. Change to Win Supports UAL Mechanics' Efforts to Join Teamsters
  234. Teamsters/DHL National Negotiations News: Update 3
  235. First Student School Bus Workers in New Hampshire Join Teamsters
  236. Teamsters Co-Sponsor Aircraft Maintenance Outsourcing Summit
  237. Financial Times: Quebecor World Files for Creditor Protection
  238. Washington Post: Rail Strike Averted as Amtrak, Unions Reach Tentative Deal
  239. Bloomberg: Amtrak, Unions Reach Contract, Avert Railroad Strike
  240. AP: Amtrak Deal With Union Averts Strike
  241. Las Vegas Stewards Strategize for Strength in Solidarity
  242. Dr. King's Legacy Lives On
  243. UPS Freight Workers in Detroit Take Big Step Toward Joining Teamsters
  244. Teamster-Endorsed State's Attorney Candidate Pledges Continued Labor Support
  245. BMWED, Rail Coalition Achieve Tentative Agreement With Amtrak
  246. Chicago Tribune: Nation's Largest School Bus Firm Hires Monitor For Unionization Effo
  247. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Judge Refuses to Stop Strike in Upper St. Clair
  248. Kalamazoo Gazette: Protesters Seek Safety From Foreign-Made Toxic Products
  249. Occupational Health and Safety Online: Nine Unions May Strike Amtrak Jan. 30, Affect
  250. BLET Members on Long Island Railroad Ratify New Contract