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  1. Workers at ups supply chain solutions vote to join teamsters local 769
  2. Republic Waste strike spreads to WA
  3. Meeting the Challenge at the IBT Convention
  4. L.A. Workers & Community Leaders Protest BMW Scheme
  5. Another Blow to Hoffa
  6. Teamsters Relief Fund for Joplin, MO
  7. Colombian Labor Lawyer Gunned Down, Timing Raises Questions
  8. Holding Shippers Accountable for Driver Delays
  9. Joint Statement from IBT, AFTRA, SAG, etc., on PROTECT IP Act
  10. Teamsters Support Safe Hwys & Infrastructure Preserv Act
  11. Majority of L.A. Unions Approve Pension Reforms
  12. Teamsters Support Proposed AT&T/T-Mobile Merger
  13. Teamsters Tell Royal Ahold Shareholders: Your U.S. Operations Are At Risk
  14. Nun and priest remaining married with papal dispensation
  15. W.Va. Teamsters reject Armstrong contract proposal
  16. Hoffa 'Deeply Disappointed' In Mexican Trucks Proposal
  17. A Holiday Message From President Jim Hoffa
  18. A Bounty Shared by Carriage Union
  19. Correctional Workers
  20. Army of Teamsters
  21. IBT Collective Bargaining Academy In Boston
  22. Teamsters Mourn Loss of Union Brothers in UPS Jet Crash in Dubai
  23. New York Honors Ron Carey
  24. Central States Pension Fund
  25. Teamsters Praise Legislation To Stop Worker Misclassification
  26. Southern Locals Paying $1.7 Million for Multiple Pensions
  27. Teamsters in Puerto Rico Demand Democracy
  28. Teamster VP at Center of Nepotism Scandal
  29. McGill To Retire From General Executive Board
  30. Local 299 In Detroit Mourns Death Of Secretary-Treasurer Terry Sell
  31. Connecticut School Bus Workers Join Teamsters Union
  32. FedEx Workers Join the Teamsters Union
  33. More Shake-Ups at the International
  34. Teamsters Local 118 election results are challenged
  35. Teamsters National 401K Savings Plan
  36. White House Xmas Cards Teamster Made
  37. Smithfield Foods and the Teamsters
  38. Beer distributors to pay out $41 million
  39. Teamsters buck Senate health bill over tax
  40. 3 ex-Teamsters officials sentenced
  41. Teamsters Strike SK Hand Tool
  42. Colombian Trade Unions: A Target for Intimidation and Assassination
  43. City Workers In Coral Gables Vote Overwhelmingly To Join Teamsters
  44. Teamsters Proudly Support Helmets to Hardhats Initiative
  45. Safety first: UPS driver goes 31 years without a traffic accident
  46. Judge rules hospital violated labor law during unionization campaign
  47. The Mighty Army of Teamster Organizers Wants You
  48. Teamsters and YRCW Exchange Proposals
  49. Groups organize against bigger trucks
  50. Corrections officers union contract awaits County Board approval
  51. National Express Teamsters Submit Testimony to Parliament's Joint Committee on Human
  52. University of Wisconsin to Hold Warehouse Production Standards Conference
  53. Transportation Concepts Employees Vote Teamsters
  54. School bus drivers unionize
  55. Airline Division News, Week Ending June 12, 2009
  56. Delivering Fairness
  57. New Hampshire School Bus Drivers And Monitors Choose Teamsters
  58. Local 633 Hosts Past Training Seminar
  59. ATA Unveils Progressive New Highway Safety Agenda
  60. Teamsters Urge Congress to Reject Proposals to Tax Employer-Provided Health Benefits
  61. Hoffa says Teamsters will grow, despite recession
  62. Arbitration ll- July 14-16 2009
  63. Driving the Economy Through Retraining
  64. Teamsters Central Region Vice President Cheryl Johnson Retires
  65. Hoffa Praises House for Passage of TSA Reauthorization
  66. Aloise, Slawson Named Teamsters International Vice Presidents
  67. Western Milk Transport Workers Join Teamsters Union
  68. Minnesota school bus drivers and monitors choose teamsters
  69. Local 25 Members' Strike is Successful
  70. Teamsters Praise Passage Of Bill To Stop Employee Misclassification
  71. When the NewsBot makes a thread.
  72. Global logistics/trucking news: Report states Mexican concern to sue U.S. over U.S.-M
  73. California school bus drivers and monitors choose teamsters
  74. Teamsters Approve New Contracts At MillerCoors Breweries
  75. Teamsters airline division names nagrotsky deputy director
  76. Teamsters Canada Debuts Convention Video
  77. Teamsters Retiree Club of Kansas City Steps up to Support Carnahan
  78. Railroad Limo Safety Bill becomes Law In Texas
  79. Teamster's rally behind the Employee Free Choice Act
  80. Driving the rights of teamster members in the military
  81. Teamsters Western Region Vice President Chuck Mack Retires
  82. Teamsters’ Shifting Gears
  83. School Bus Workers Ratify Strong Teamster Contracts
  84. Trucking Company Employees in Alabama Join Local 402
  85. Teamsters Local 20 Names Headquarters
  86. Arizona U.S. Foodservice Workers Win Teamster Representation
  87. Daily Labor Report: FRA Issues Final Rule on Hours of Service Recordkeeping and Repor
  88. Maintenance Workers at Marshall’s Bridgewater Merchants Join Teamsters
  89. Driving safety in public services
  90. Rail Members: Contact Your Senators and Urge Them to Vote No on Anti-Trust
  91. Chevron Shareholders Support Teamsters Country Selection Criteria Proposal
  92. Teamsters Training Director Chosen for National Academy of Sciences Panel
  93. Illinois First Student Drivers And Monitors Choose Teamsters
  94. Taking Charge
  95. Bill makes it easier to unionize at FedEx
  96. Labor pushes Wall St. on card check
  97. Lawmakers Ask Obama To Put Off Panama Trade Deal Pending Action On Tax Havens
  98. Airline Division News, Week Ending May 22, 2009
  99. Texas First Student Workers Overwhelmingly Choose Teamsters
  100. Driving education
  101. Fired Worker Rehired by Company
  102. IBT Welcomes Randy Babbitt as the New FAA Administrator
  103. Airline Division News, Week Ending April 24, 2009
  104. Teamsters, Area Unions Rally In Support Of Rural/Metro Workers
  105. Maine Worker Brings Stories Of Laid-Off Colleagues To Senator
  106. Minnesota First Student Workers Join Teamsters Union
  107. Fairbanks School Bus Workers Could Join Teamsters Union
  108. TWU Endorses CAL Fleet Service Workers’ Effort to Join Teamsters
  109. Teamsters Mourn the Passing of Eula Cleveland
  110. Teamsters Statement On U.S. Appeals Court FedEx Decision
  111. Exeter Bus Drivers Join Teamsters Union
  112. Local 89 Wins Labor-Management Award from University of Louisville
  113. Brown's Statement On U.S. Trade Representative NAFTA Comment
  114. Waste Workers in California Stay With Local 396
  115. First Student School Bus Drivers Join Teamsters Local 633
  116. Bimbo Bakeries Workers Vote Overwhelmingly To Join Teamsters
  117. Airline Division News, Week Ending April 17, 2009
  118. Arvin Kvasager: “Secret Ballot” Scare Stories Don’t Add Up
  119. First Student Drivers Vote To Join Teamsters Local 26
  120. Strike Ends At Stock Transportation
  121. Fairbanks School Bus Drivers Face Teamster Affiliation Vote This Week
  122. Horizon air mechanics vote overwhelmingly to become teamsters
  123. Workplace Fatality Report
  124. Talking Points
  125. Sample Letter To The Editor
  126. Sample Press Release
  127. Statement From Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa
  128. Getting the Word Out: Sample Media Advisory
  129. Tell Us About Your Event
  130. Plan an Event
  131. Hoffa Announces Teamster Endorsement Of Carnahan For Senate
  132. Cocaine Highways: Post-NAFTA, Most Drugs Cross U.S. Borders in Trucks
  133. Illinois First Student Workers Choose Teamsters Union
  134. Planning Ahead: Cover Letter
  135. Workers' Memorial Day - Background
  136. Teamsters Support Carnahan For Senate In 2010
  137. Aloha Air Cargo Fleet Service Workers Vote To Join Teamsters
  138. CNN Reports On Mexican Trucks
  139. U.S. Court Refuses to Halt Clean-Truck Program at L.A. and Long Beach Ports
  140. Union Workers Want Support for Free Choice Act
  141. Protesters mourn 'death' of public transit
  142. Workers' Memorial Day - April 28
  143. Obama unveils high-speed passenger rail plan
  144. Teamsters union applauds rep. Patrick murphy’s support of workers at u.s. Foodservi
  145. Current Teamster Take Action Campaigns
  146. Local 384 Hosts Organizer Training
  147. St. Louis Stewards Turn Out For Training
  148. Local 636 Hosts Stewards Seminar
  149. Fired Reporter Sues for Overtime
  150. Hoffa To Lahood: Safety First On America's Highways
  151. Local 886 Hosts Steward Seminar
  152. Teamsters Denounce FedEx For Accepting Award From Country Guilty Of Widespread Labor
  153. Illinois first student workers join teamsters union
  154. Toledo Amazon.com Workers Say Enough is Enough; Organize to Join Teamsters
  155. Wall Street Chooses Greed Over Workers, Employee Free Choice Act
  156. Teamsters Law Enforcement League Calls on S.C. Gov. Sanford to Protect and Serve Cons
  157. Workers at NexGen Building Supply Join Local 200, Secure First Contract
  158. Depression in California's Inland Empire Shows Need for Employee Free Choice Act
  159. First Student Mechanics Join Local 249
  160. First Student Mechanics Join Local 249
  161. Business Agent Skills in Survival (BASIS) April 20-24, 2009
  162. Danny Castleberry: Choice Act Would Aid Employees' Options
  163. Walden, N.Y., Police Officers Vote to Join Union
  164. Stop Shop Distribution Center Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract
  165. First Student Drivers Ratify Contract
  166. Mississippi School Bus Drivers and Monitors Join Teamsters Union
  167. Rhode island first student workers choose teamsters union
  168. Airline Division News, Week Ending April 3, 2009
  169. Fabric of America - National TV Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act
  170. Labor dispute at rural/metro may put company on life support
  171. USF Holland To Close 11 Terminals; Teamsters Get Preferential Hiring
  172. Audit Faults Payment Of $681,379 To OSHA Consultant
  173. Scott Nelson, Grand Forks, Column: New labor Law Levels Playing Field
  174. Officers Protest Proposed McNeil Island Closure
  175. Teamsters Prove Strength, Credibility During AMFA Debate
  176. Train Engineers Fight Rail Antitrust Bill
  177. Above, Under, And Around the Law
  178. Rails See Safety Switch
  179. Federal Appeals Court Hears News-Press Case
  180. Organizers Learn About Effective Campaign Communications
  181. Teamsters support safe highways and infrastructure preservation act
  182. Teamster/AMFA Debate April 2
  183. Local 406 Holds Training For Stewards
  184. GCC Printing Trades Locals Conduct Steward Trainings In Midwest
  185. Teamsters Organizers Conference Concludes With Message Of Hope
  186. Collective Bargaining I Hosted By Local 200, Milwaukee, WI June 23-25, 2009
  187. Strong Women, Strong Futures
  188. Univision's primer impacto investigates plight of port drivers
  189. Teamsters replace local as bargaining agent for cape air pilots
  190. First Responders Hit Picket Lines
  191. Teamsters rally outside national restaurant association to support u.s. Foodservice w
  192. Teamsters Trained To Protect Our Nation Against Terrorism
  193. IBT Statement Regarding Foreign Repair Stations, H.R. 915 And The Need For A Moratori
  194. Teamsters Deliver Hope At Annual Organizers Conference
  195. Local Teamsters Push For Card Check Bill
  196. Teamsters call on fedex to accept blue ribbon commisson panel recommendations
  197. Blue Ribbon Commission Report - March 2009
  198. Teamsters 'Deliver Hope' at Annual Organizers Conference
  199. California and nevada first transit workers choose teamsters union
  200. Teamsters Respond to FedEx Threat
  201. GCC/IBT Benefits
  202. GCC/IBT Benevolent Trust Fund
  203. The Graphic Communications National Health And Welfare Fund
  204. Not Your Stereotypical Teamster
  205. Strong Woman, Strong Teamster
  206. FedEx Threatens To Cancel Jet Orders
  207. $6.7 Billion Threat: FedEx Warns Lawmakers Over Union Legislation
  208. Teamsters tell fedex: Don’t hold american jobs hostage
  209. Tough Times At Continental: Why Organizing With The Teamsters Is More Important Than
  210. In Memoriam - FedEx Flight 80
  211. Act Would Restore Union Rights
  212. Local 118 Teamsters Ratify High Falls Brewery Contract
  213. Donut Delivery Drivers Join Local 25 In Boston
  214. Business Agent Skills in Survival TLA
  215. Local 222 Hosts Stewards Seminar
  216. 3,000 Corrections Officers Join the Teamsters
  217. What She Said
  218. Retailers' Labor-Bill Proposal Fails to Gain Support
  219. 30 First Transit Workers in Boston Join Local 25
  220. Linen Service Workers Join Local 25 in Boston
  221. Teamsters Mourn Loss Of Tony Lock
  222. Airline Division News, Week Ending March 20, 2009
  223. The Soo Line Railroad and BMWED Reach Tentative Agreement
  224. Teamsters Local 455 hosts Training Program for Stewards
  225. IBT Airline Division Hosts Bargaining Committee Training
  226. Louisiana school bus workers overwhelmingly choose teamsters
  227. A Woman’s Place Is In The Workforce
  228. ‘Teamster First, Female Second’
  229. Solidarity, Pride and STRENGTH
  230. The “Other Half” Of The Story
  231. Local 267 Hosts Steward Seminar
  232. Teamsters announce support of nextgen
  233. FedEx's third-quarter profit falls 75%
  234. The “Other Half” Of The Story
  235. Workers Need Protection From Business Bullies
  236. King county washington puts keybank contract out for bid
  237. Teamsters Yank $14 Million Out of KeyBank Because of Labor Dispute
  238. South Bend, Indiana Community School Food Service Workers Choose Are Now Teamsters
  239. Rally At State Capitol For Employee Free Choice Act
  240. Workers Rally For Free Choice Act
  241. Premature Partying Over 'Card Check'?
  242. Hoffa denounces mexican tariff threat over unsafe trucks
  243. Teamsters Legal Defense Fund
  244. Ohio teamsters pull $14 million out of keybank
  245. Public Services Division Brochure
  246. Stronger Unions, Better Jobs: Why Middle-Class Families Need The Employee Free Choice
  247. Teamsters Leadership Academy Organizing II - May 19-21, 2009
  248. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 6, 2009
  249. Airline Division News, Week Ending January 30, 2009
  250. Airline Division News, Week Ending February 20, 2009