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  1. Top 400 Tax Returns Filed in US Reported on Average $344.8 Million Each in Income
  2. Videos, just for fun...
  3. Miami-Dade County Commissioners Pass Historic Wage Theft Ordinance
  4. Vulture Hiches Ride on Pilots Lap
  5. Reality TV Gives Corporate America a Big Wet Kiss
  6. What is the greatest movie of all time?
  7. Gordon Trucking Helps to Bring Missing Children Home
  8. Extreme Off Road Trucks, Eastern European Style
  9. Donít Blame Truck Accidents on Bad Weather
  10. Teen beaten in transit tunnel; Metro reviews policies
  11. Quotes by famous people
  12. Semi-Truck Hits Police Vehicle, Drives Off
  13. Can't avoid jack-knifing? Don't be a truck driver
  14. Winter pictures
  15. Email thread
  16. CB Radio shops
  17. Anybody know this driver out of Orlando FL?
  18. Save a Buck: Free Manuals Online
  19. When it's OK to use the F word
  20. Gun Rights
  21. Memory Lane aka Old Trucks and Junk Yards
  22. Former stripper gets $100,000 in lawsuit: Blamed club for drunken wreck
  23. Child in stroller dies after struck by semi-truck
  24. Man burned when human rocket experiment goes downhill
  25. Harris Teeter truck flips over on I-485 exit ramp
  26. Employee misclassification costing New York millions
  27. Truckers protesting proposed driving restrictions in Finger Lakes region
  28. Tax shock!
  29. Conway Being Sued For Killing Family
  30. New Jersey enacts federal truck rules, DUI penalties
  31. Staples to pay $42M to settle wage claims
  32. American workers want paid sick days
  33. Police say trucker was tired, watching porn when fatal crash occurred
  34. Good morning thread
  35. Left vs right
  36. 14 Million Plus Guns In 2009
  37. Legal Battle Over Asian Carp in the Great Lakes Heats Up
  38. Walmart Laying Off 11,200
  39. Police fight cellphone recordings
  40. The Good Night Thread
  41. Archie Bunker You Tube Thread
  42. Columbus Ohio -- Man shot and his paints stolen VIDEO
  43. Truckers charged in theft of $200,000 in Red Bull from Millington Navy base
  44. animal house
  45. So much for "Religion of Peace"
  46. Old Trucks, Gone but not Forgotten
  47. Strike in Cleveland Points to Classical Music Woes
  48. ATA Co-sponsors National Conference on Sleep Apnea & Truck Drivers
  49. (video) Trucking - is it in your blood?
  50. Truckers argued over tailgating before fatal Edens stabbing
  51. Truckerís widow sues Pilot Travel Center over truck stop death
  52. EarthQuakes
  53. Haiti Scams
  54. New road safety laws set to take effect
  55. Global Warming???
  56. Terrorist Arrested Trying to board Flight
  57. More Toxic Imports From Guess Where.
  58. permanent temporary workforce
  59. Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China
  60. listen to scanner on computer
  61. What Lab does your testing?
  62. There back.
  63. Obama gives INTERPOL immunity in the USA
  64. Government Launches Distracted Driving Web Site
  65. Medicare
  66. A new light shines on America's trucking community
  67. I am always have fun screwing with the scab boards!
  68. Claims of tax fraud and embezzlement close down Dispatch Transportation Corp.
  69. Matewan (the Movie)
  70. Happy New Year TOL Members!!!!
  71. Best Duct Tape Story Ever
  72. 2009: The Year Wall Street Bounced Back and Main Street Got Shafted
  73. dinosaur
  74. A Half-Century of Automotive Eyesores
  75. Henry Ford Museum puts historic film clips online
  76. HBF's Restaurant?
  77. An American Made Christmas..
  78. Arrow's 1400 drivers walk home
  79. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  80. Christmas Party
  81. Billy Dee Williams Tiger Woods Collectible Plates
  82. Christmas websites for kids.
  83. Coveted elk license offers the hunt of a lifetime to a lucky few
  84. Happy holidays
  85. Tequila Christmas Cake Recipe
  86. Teamsters college Bowl Mania @ ESPN
  87. Recycle?
  88. Why Parents Drink
  89. GALA Christmas Party
  90. A Christmas Story
  91. Gun History
  92. Moral of the story!
  93. Mans best friend
  94. Tickle Me Elmo
  95. nymphomaniac convention
  96. Indiana Cuts 42 Jobs From Motor Carrier Division
  97. Bored?
  98. Tigers Christmas Picture?
  99. This one's for you Brother Snortin'Nortin'
  100. Remembering Pearl Harbor Ė December 7, 1941
  101. Okaaay!
  102. Peterbilt Street Rod
  103. Redneck hooker....
  104. Ralph and Edna
  105. Wal-Mart to pay $40M to workers in Mass.
  106. Michigan State.
  107. Dental Provider?
  108. 95 Year Old WWII Battleship Sailor Tells OBAMA to "Shape Up or Ship Out!""
  109. Wall Street conspiracies
  110. What are you doing on Black Friday?
  111. did you eat to much on Thanksgiving?
  112. Senior health care solution
  114. The Donkey Story
  115. Basic driver training rules left out of equation too long
  116. Emergency Flu Mask
  117. Random Thoughts for the Day: (These are actually pretty good.)
  118. Canadian O/O Pay Homage to Son KIA
  119. customer service
  120. Knoxville hunter bags 28-pointer
  121. Fun With The ACLU
  122. Chatroom - Saturday 11/21 - 1pm (EST)
  123. Pumpkin pie shortage
  124. Soup it up: Tailgate step provides safety
  125. Former Ford worker accused of stealing $32M in trade secrets
  126. Our Planet Earth (Power point Slide Show)
  127. Random Thoughts for the Day:
  128. Those who have Molded,Shaped, and help make the "Trucker Mystique"
  129. Today is TeamstersOnline.com Birthday
  130. Jobs won't come fast
  131. Unsanitary Hand Dryers In Restrooms
  132. Space Shuttle Launch Thru the Camera lens of CNN
  133. Man's best Friend
  134. Who's on line
  135. What Pilots See (Power point Slide Show )
  136. A Healthy Level Of Insanity
  137. How many of you love Pumpkin pie?
  138. Watch the colors change (Power Point Slide Show )
  139. Syrian Tank kill
  140. Iraq Pictures (Power Point Slide Show)
  141. Merry Christmas!! (To say it or Not )
  142. Compliments For This Site
  143. Honoring All Who Served
  144. Vote on Pulllin3's avatar meaning
  145. Maxine on Universal Health Care
  146. About Those Akron Stip Joints
  147. Tree Houses 1 of 4
  148. My son Evan
  149. Warren Buffett
  150. Gunmen Kill 7 At Ft. Hood
  151. Chinese Kidnapper
  152. The chalk guy is back/Totally Unbelievable!!!!
  153. Stoops Freightliner Announces Cash for Clunker Program for Used Commercial Equipment
  154. Strange World.... ( Enjoy the pictures)
  155. Awesome pictures ( something to Share is all)
  156. Switzerland ( Power Point Slide Show )
  157. Street legal bumper cars 1 of 2
  158. I guess I still don't understand
  159. An amazing grizzly (Power point Slide Show )
  160. election day
  161. Help, Please
  162. Navy ship carries memory of 9/11 to New York
  163. Old TV Plus a Tribute (Power Point Slide Show)
  164. Blue train of Africa (Powerpoint Slide Show)
  165. Corn maze for Blondes
  166. Tornado vs. Train
  167. Happy Halloween !!!!!
  168. The Economy
  169. Home Depot fired employee for "..Under God" pin
  170. For all Retirees.Especially HBF
  171. Murder at wal-mart...
  172. Bible as told by a child
  173. How to handle your husband
  174. On the Lighter Side
  175. Love & Marriage (this is genius) # 1 of 2
  176. one_____er
  177. Deep Sea Bomb ( Amazing the amount of water moved )
  178. Beef spills in Mass. Turnpike crash; one hurt
  179. Artists of the 60's revise their hits with new lyrics.
  180. Life Expectancy Calculator
  181. •777 yen, 7-patty Whopper
  182. Soupy Sales dies at 83
  183. NTSB to FMCSA About Sleep Apnea
  184. Hot Air balloons (Power Point Slide Show)
  185. Old cars ( power point Slide show)
  186. Sea Storms (Power point Slide Show)
  187. Join In And Post
  188. Beautiful -The Ten Tenors Military Tribute
  189. Yea Walmart Shoppers......
  190. Another Billionaire in Handcuffs...
  191. Flag Pole help
  192. insurance bill to impact 40% of health care plans
  193. Limbaugh Out Of NFL Deal
  194. Breaking news:
  195. God Enjoys a Good Laugh
  196. The Power of Alcohol
  197. Japan or India ? (School Bus Comparison)
  198. Movie Quotes
  199. Redskins
  200. Attention - roads to be closed this coming weekend!
  201. We are on Twitter now.
  202. The good, bad and ugly
  203. If you are ever in the Ozarks stop here.
  204. Rush Limbaugh wants to own a union represented company ?
  205. I guess I am still on time.
  206. Michael Moore's new movie
  207. Bud Abbott & Lou Costello on the Computer
  208. The older crowd
  209. Wedding Day Pictures ( Power Point Slide Show )
  210. Video: David Letterman Apologizes To Wife
  211. Immigration Poll
  212. another brother comes over from the dark side!
  213. Nice Ride (Bad to The Bone)
  214. Kicked off other board forever
  215. This could only happen at a WalGreens
  216. Among places to patronize...
  217. Stewards are now on the "View Forum Leaders" page.
  218. Poster in Texas Gun Shop Window
  219. Abe Lincoln & Obama
  220. Grayer workforce
  221. Chinese monestary built into rock
  222. Operation Goes Bad
  223. 'Laugh-In' actor Henry Gibson dies at 73
  224. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary dead at 72
  225. Incredible Nature Pictures
  226. Flying.....really funny!
  227. Stupid Question ??
  228. I have a Question (if you dare)
  229. Moose Kiss
  230. Is this You ?
  231. My kind of pilot....
  232. Anyone ever seen one of these?
  233. Wishing ......
  234. Swine Flu ADVICE - latest info from Dept. of Health
  235. Mikeeeee where are you
  236. Praying for Charlie
  237. Don't snap an axle in a intersection
  238. Woops
  239. NOW Where did I put that spare key?
  240. Weekly Address: Labor Day and Fair Rewards for Hard Work
  241. Union Leader: Workers 'Challenged Economically'
  242. Labor Day: The Forgotten Holiday
  243. History of Labor Day
  244. McLean Trucking reunion
  245. Hilarious: Lawn Mower DUI Taser Arrest
  246. A lesson we all could learn from in these trying times.
  247. PDA or Blackberry?
  248. Why you should obey EZ Pass speed limits
  249. Victoria Falls Swimming Hole
  250. Tear Drop Monument (power Point Slide Show)