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  1. Best Super Bowl Commercial
  2. Censorship during the Superbowl
  3. The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.
  4. Cheap drinks
  5. Staten Island Chuck vs. Punxsutawney Phil
  6. $40,000.00 Tree House
  7. Man says feds, thieves ‘robbed’ his family of land
  8. America's Shopping Malls Are Dying A Slow, Ugly Death
  9. Workers In U.S., Canada , Mexico Protest T.P.P.
  10. Beer buzz? FAA grounds plan to deliver 12-packs by drone
  11. How financially secure is your state?
  12. Are ya waiting for the Groundhog??
  13. One-Third of Americans Who Were Middle Class in 2008 Now Consider Themselves Lower or
  14. 2013 Broke Records For New Solar Jobs In America
  15. The passing of a legend
  16. Here's A Horrifying Picture Of What Unemployment Can Do To You
  17. Brazil: Cops Attack Protestors and Tourists During World Cup Demo?
  18. 401(k) Breaches Undermining Retirement Security for Millions
  19. To be a Weatherman.
  20. Why are US corporate profits so high? Because wages are so low
  21. Counterfeit Poker Chips Cancels Tournament
  22. 5,000 Litres Of Whiskey Spills Into River
  23. Coca-Cola: Stolen laptops had personal information of 74,000?
  24. Syrian Electronic Army Hacks CNN Accounts Amid Geneva 2 Talks?
  25. The Real Ace Ventura
  26. Exploding Toilets
  27. Land of Enchantment attracts millionaires
  28. Three People Dead in Semi-truck Pileup
  29. US Grown/Chinese Processed Chicken
  30. CNN Hits Lowest Rated Week In Demo Since Jeff Zucker Took Over?
  31. Slumping Intel to cut more than 5,000 jobs in 2014
  32. 15 disappearing middle-class jobs
  33. Heard This Song The Other Day And Thought of My Teamster Brothers
  34. Mayor Blames Union Rules ?
  35. Idiot Of The Week
  36. Aw nuts! Thieves stealing California’s pricey nut crops by the truckload
  37. Do YOU understand how tax brackets work???
  38. Manalapan, N.J. Is The WINNER At 16 Inches
  39. Many Baby Boomers Reluctant to Retire
  40. 2 Arrested With 96 Fake Credit Cards Tied To Target Breach
  41. Here Comes Another Foot Of Snow To The Tri-State Area
  42. ATM security alert as Microsoft prepares to kill off Windows XP?
  43. The Tappan Zee Bridge
  44. Heavy Drinking Is Toxic To The Brains Of Men, But Not Those Of Women?
  45. I-87 North At Exit 12 Closed , Jackknifed Crete Trailer
  46. Central Transport Driver Crashes Into Cemetery, Company Won't Pay For Headstones
  47. Germany Has Recovered A Paltry 5 Tons Of Gold From The NY Fed After One Year?
  48. Man Falls During I.R.S. Audit , Sues And Wins $862,000.00
  49. Union Bowl 2014
  50. Facebook Now Censors Individuals Promoting Weight Loss and Good Health?
  51. Secret TPP Environment Consolidated Text Released?
  52. Missouri at center of new GM, Ford pickup rollouts
  53. Freedom Industries, Company Behind West Virginia Chemical Spill, Files For Bankruptcy
  54. California Water Crisis May Head off Potential Oil Boom?
  55. For The First Time, Hackers Have Used A Refrigerator To Attack Businesses?
  56. What Recovery? Sears And J.C. Penney Are DYING?
  57. Parole Dept. And City Failed , 76 Year Old Comes To Rescue
  58. Researchers Say Truck Drivers Are Overweight In Washington
  59. Target Hacker Is A 17 Year Old Kid
  60. Explaining this to the dispatcher
  61. Wal-Mart Calls In Police To Guard Bottled Water Delivery?
  62. Last Female Munchkin Passed Away
  63. United Continental to furlough 685 flight attendants
  64. New Mexico Man Recieves $1.6 Million After Traffic Stop
  65. The drought continues for some.
  66. 2 More Have Passed On
  67. Runaway Bull Caught With Some Vodka
  68. Cover Up!!! Millions Will Be Affected–WV Water Contamination Started Weeks Ago?
  69. Investors buy up worthless stock after confusing it for an actual successful company
  70. Truck Driver Dumps Manure Outside France's National Assembly?
  71. McDonald's To Senior Citizens , Eat And Leave
  72. North Dakota Man Sentenced to Jail In Controversial Drone-Arrest Case?
  73. Scooter Driver In China
  74. Pissed Off Elephant
  75. Texas firefighter uses beer to put out truck tire blaze
  76. Parrot Rats Out Owner
  77. Chicago Horse Carriage Operator Slams Proposed NYC Ban
  78. Has The Developed World Hit Peak Car Use?
  79. Devil Baby Prank
  80. The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel?
  81. School Shooting In Roswell , New Mexico
  82. Study: Coffee Improves Memory?
  83. Jim Beam Sold to Japanese
  84. Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures'?
  85. Massive Die-Off of West Coast Sea Life Accelerates?
  86. A Shocking Revelation About Gold Mining Companies?
  87. Donald Trump For Governor ?
  88. First Target Now Neiman Marcus
  89. W. Va. Chemical Spill: Officials Warn “Do Not Use Tap Water”?
  90. PennDot waives CDL rules !
  91. Increased Radiation Found Near Redwood Forest, CA?
  92. Elite to Get Their Own News Platform?
  93. 10 things disappearing from America
  94. A new car for Kickass !
  95. Utah State trooper survives near-miss with semi
  96. Your Boss Is a Dick (A Glossary of Labor Terms, Translated)
  97. MMA fighter may face charges for man's death
  98. Florida's Weather Today
  99. Why the U.S. Oil Boom may go off the Rails
  100. I-90 Closed From Buffalo, N.Y. To PA. State Line
  101. Explosions From Manhole Fire Near Time Building in NYC?
  102. Chevrolet Partners with AT&T to Roll Out 4G-Connected Cars in 2014?
  103. And here comes the cold again!!!
  104. Henry Ford & wages
  105. The New Financial Scam Driving Workers Deep Into Debt
  106. Plane crashes at Aspen airport; explosion reported
  107. Tribute To Bean
  108. Housing tear-downs on the rise as real estate rebounds
  109. The Skills Shortage Myth: A Public Relations Tool for Bad Corporate Citizens
  110. The Strange Case of American Inequality
  111. Welcome to the New America: Low-Wage Nation
  112. California Is Having A Problem With Mountain Lions
  113. Airplane Goes Off Runway At J.F.K.
  114. Manhattan Real Estate Is For The 1 Percent
  115. Small Airplane Lands On I-87
  116. Cost of Living Comparison Between Mexico and United States
  117. Idaho to take over privately-run state prison
  118. 13 Dead From Northeast Winter Storm
  119. Live With Wife Or Live In Prison
  120. 1 dead as World War II bomb explodes in Germany
  121. States rush to protect electric grids from EMP carnage
  122. ATTN: North East Teamsters
  123. Frozen Out: 98% of Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was On Global Warming Mission?
  124. ‘Jihad Jane’ faces decades in prison for role in 2009 murder plot?
  125. N.Y. Highways Shut Down At Midnight
  126. 9-1-1 to Caller: It’s “Not Illegal” for Man to Open Carry Pistol?
  127. Thieves Are Using “Mystery Gadgets” To Electronically Unlock Cars And Steal?
  128. 'Era of Marijuana Prohibition Officially Over' in Colorado
  129. US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide
  130. Why PA is a commonwealth..
  131. The knock-Out game
  132. Largest Party In The U.S.A.
  133. Japan's Homeless 'Recruited' for Cleaning up Fukushima Nuclear Plant?
  134. Former-Trader: ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Isn’t Wrong About The Coke And Strippers?
  135. Check Out This Local
  136. Is this our future American Dream for our children?
  137. Can Machines Better Spot Terrorist at Airports?
  138. Train carrying crude oil derails in North Dakota
  139. Happy New Year!!!!!!
  140. Rowdy Roddy Piper Admits “They Live” Was Actually a Documentary?
  141. Driver With PRIME INC. Arrested In Florida
  142. Why China is stepping up its presence in Detroit auto industry
  143. Duck Dynasty' to resume filming with Phil Robertson after A&E lifts ban
  144. The world braces for retirement crisis
  145. New Law Allows Driverless Cars On Roads
  146. 'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S.
  147. Hundreds of Teens Trash Mall in Wild Flash Mob?
  148. You're Severely Underpaid, And Here's Proof
  149. Why Billionaires Are Flocking To South Dakota
  150. 5 beers Americans aren't drinking
  151. Landscaper Finds 1 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket
  152. Woman Seeks Trucker Who Saved Her Life 8/1/12 on Kansas highway 96
  153. Starting Jan. 1 , 70 M.P.H. In Illinois
  154. Meteor Lights-Up Midwest Sky?
  155. 50 Is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs -- and Denied Ne
  156. Freedom Of Speech, WINS
  157. E.M.T. In Ellenville, N.Y. Gets Into Trouble For Helping 4 Year Old
  158. PA. TPKE. And I-78 Closed Because Of Pileups
  159. Facebook Is Dead And Buried, According to Teenagers?
  160. First-Class Stamp Price Will Rise To 49 Cents A Letter On Jan. 26
  161. Magic Eye
  162. White Christmas...
  163. Study: Moderate Alcohol Consumption Boosts Body’s Immune System?
  164. Ever Hear About The Lady Who Spilled Coffee On Herself At McDonald's, Then Sued For M
  165. Gays Caught Staging Hate Crimes?
  166. Merry Christmas
  167. This P.C. Crap Is Getting Out Of Hand Now
  168. Record Breaking Temperature Before Christmas
  169. The "Non-Profit Football League"
  170. Merry Christmas to all
  171. ''Smart Home'' The Future Is Now
  172. Any Hope Of American Equality Died In The 1980s (And Here's Proof)
  173. These 2 Cities Are Now Exclusively For Rich People
  174. This Is One Smart Bear
  175. Obamacare Heroin Found In Massachusetts
  176. Procrastination
  177. China rejects US corn on fears over genetic modification?
  178. P.O.W. Remains Returned 63 Years Later
  179. The terrifying truth about America’s fastest growing workforce
  180. Car Dealership Scam In New Jersey
  181. This Is Why People Hate Lawyers
  182. Someone Is Stealing Nativity Pieces In Suffolk County
  183. T/T Driver Kills 3rd Grader On Way To School
  184. Local Police checkpoints
  185. Duck Dynasty Family Releases Statement On Suspension Of Phil Robertson?
  186. 4th Grade Common Core Math Problem Takes 108 Steps to Complete?
  187. Target Confirms Security Breach; up to 40M Customers Affected?
  188. What Has Christmas Become ?
  189. Protesters Slam UNFI & Whole Foods for Destroying Environment at Taxpayers' and Worke
  190. America’s Greediest: The 2013 Top Ten
  191. This Dog Is An Angel
  192. 31 Car Pile Up On The Gowanus Expressway
  193. L.I.E. (I-495) Closed In Suffolk County Due To Ice
  194. Victims of Misclassification
  195. High School Spanish Teacher Who Posed for Playboy Now Sacked?
  196. 2 More Old Timers Passed On
  197. Louisiana Voted Worst Drivers In U.S.A.
  198. U.S. Olympic Items , Made In China ?
  199. Michelin Recalls 1.2 Million Tires
  200. F.D.A. Says , Prove Your Soap Is Safe
  201. Bad Accident On I-80 In N.J.
  202. Shooting At Short Hills Mall In N.J.
  203. Santa Brawl
  204. Nike and Levi’s Working to Kill U.S. Jobs and Industry
  205. Maine ? No It's New York
  206. Pope Francis critics
  207. 1 Truck Causes 3 Seprate Accidents On I-285
  208. PENN-DOT Workers Acting Like Cops
  209. Newtown , CT. , 1 Year Later
  210. Snow in the Middle East?
  211. 3 Cops Shot During Shootout In Miami
  212. Fordham University ''Your Accepted - Wait Your Not''
  213. Colorado School Shooting
  214. Meet the Robot Telemarketer Who Denies She’s A Robot?
  215. Beneath Yellowstone, A Volcano That Could Wipe Out The U.S.?
  216. Ford to hire 11,000 workers in US and Asia in 2014
  217. Go Buy Your Tickets
  218. 27 Million Owed , Ahh Forget About It
  219. No Jail Time For Spoiled Kid
  220. F.D.N.Y. Sends Bill To ''Unknown Asian''
  221. Would You Keep It Or Give It Back
  222. Driving In RUSSIA
  223. 30 Million Dollars Added To N.Y. Sun Program
  224. Minority neighborhoods slower to recover from housing crisis
  225. Think our government is bad???
  226. Turkey Thief In CT.
  227. 50 Car Accident On Pennsylvania Turnpike
  228. Does Lowering Corporate Tax Rates Create Jobs? Answer is a resounding "no
  229. Lies, Damn Lies, and Retirement Savings
  230. Christmas in the air
  231. PA. Newlyweds Wanted To Kill For Fun
  232. Let's Post Our Snow and Outdoor Holiday Pics
  233. State-by-state look at a cold snap freezing the U.S.
  234. Xerox calls police before layoffs at Cary call center
  235. Dec 7th 1941
  236. 15 Injured In Supermarket Crash
  237. Did Kim Kardashian Release an Illuminati Christmas Card?
  238. Which Cities are Making Americans Richer - and Poorer
  239. American isolationism just hit a 50-year high. Why that matters.
  240. Mysterious China-themed 'city' proposed in New York’s Catskills
  241. Chinese State Media Brags of Plan to Establish “Death Star” Moon Base
  242. TOLL: Trucks must pay $102 to cross bridge into NYC...
  243. How Long Before YOU are Eating Frankenfish?
  244. Major Corporations Employ Former U.S. Intelligence Agents As Spies
  245. Worker Wage Inequality Myth Exposed
  246. Strikes at the Fast Food chains
  247. Cyber Monday..
  248. Fatal derailment in NYC
  249. 1 dead after fatal semi crash near Bloomfield
  250. New Technology Helps Stores Track Your Every Move This Season