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  1. 2020: The lowest solar activity in over 200 years
  2. Royalty?
  3. Remembering Neil Peart...one of ten best Drummers in the world
  4. college loans
  5. Big pharma corporation don’t want to hear this
  6. Big pharma corporation
  7. NYFD Super Pumper
  8. Documentaries and the truth
  9. NFI buys another company
  10. 2020
  11. Advice , good or bad
  12. Merry Christmas !
  13. Thoughts on abortion
  14. Stranded drivers and responsibility
  15. Christmas Music 2019
  16. Trucking and the economy
  17. Danny Aiello has died.
  18. Check this performance at the White House !
  19. Sweatshop on Wheels
  20. An American World War 2 Hero and a Genius in Comedy
  21. Celedon Biggest Bankruptcy In Truckload History Expected By Midweek
  22. Has anyone watch Live in front of a studio Audience on Hulu or I believe is on ABC ?
  23. Low Unemployment Rate Contradicts The Truth: No ‘Good Jobs’ And Low Wages
  24. Large Mack Truck Collection
  25. China's schoolchildren are now the smartest in the world
  26. May have key brain differences
  27. Check this out !
  28. My country
  29. Corporate debt nears a record $10 trillion, and borrowing binge poses new risks
  30. Happy Thanksgiving !
  31. Enforcement blitz on I-40 !
  32. A Few Pounds Overweight
  33. Pennsylvania road advisory
  34. It just shows that we are all human in any Race
  35. Teamsters Honor Veterans
  36. Gators
  37. Goodyear highway hero
  38. big bucket !
  39. 'No more': Trump says he'll cut off federal funds to fight California wildfires
  40. Unemployment is at a 50-year low — too bad most workers don't like their jobs
  41. ATA and marijuana
  42. An IRS employee stole identities and went on a 2-year spending spree
  43. Life and Death of Rudolf_Diesel
  44. 49 years ago this happened
  45. Another trucking bankruptcy
  46. Another pension fund in trouble !
  47. Remember the Camel Jokes?
  48. Kaiser Permanente workers to strike in October
  49. Paul Harvey
  50. paris agreement
  51. Fall Weather 2019
  52. The Future of U.S. Jobs Looks Bleak. Unions Are the Answer.
  53. Recession Factors Show in U.S. Machine Tool Orders
  54. New Mexico congressional race
  55. Health
  56. Beef recall
  57. ‘Road bowling’ connects Irish emigrants to their roots
  58. Endangered orcas' fate is tied to a series of dams 400 miles inland
  59. Here are the states that treat workers the best — and the worst
  60. Ready trucking closing !
  61. Another closed trucking company !
  62. Nevada officers file for representation
  63. Remembering Peter Fonda R.I.P
  64. A reminder to all
  65. CEO Compensation Has Risen 940 Percent Since 1978, But Worker Compensation Has Only I
  66. Americans Apply for Jobs at Koch Foods After ICE Raid
  67. A clean energy breakthrough could be buried deep beneath rural Utah
  68. Another two Mas shooting in two States El Paso Tx and Dayton Ohio
  69. Linda Ronstadt The Queen of all culture of Music of different eras
  70. Alan Dershowitz is a F@“$g Dirtbag
  71. My liberal manifesto
  72. 50 years of Great Music of the little Band From Texas...ZZ Top
  73. Food trucks for the military ?
  74. Refineries Across America Could Create Catastrophic Acid Clouds. It Almost Happened I
  75. Opioid, Usage by Your Area
  76. National Hot Dogs 2019 get your free hot dog today
  77. Drivers losing jobs !
  78. The value of wars
  79. Start of a recession ?
  80. California earthquake: Fires break out after a second and stronger temblor
  81. This is How Leaders Lead
  82. July 4th !
  83. AFL-CIO Releases “Executive Paywatch” Report That Shows CEO’s Earn 287 Times More Tha
  84. Toys R Us workers win $2-million settlement on severance
  85. NM job growth outpaces national rate
  86. FedEx Sues Trump Adminstration Over Trade War
  87. Automotive supplier strike
  88. A. Duie Pyle computer virus
  89. Trucking business news
  90. Happy 77th Birthday to Sir Paul, the love of my life
  91. Fraud !
  92. Celebrate the Holiday with Teamster Products
  93. Happy Father's day
  94. Truck drivers & illicit drugs
  95. A.L.A. Trucking Inc. is closing
  96. TFI, Transforce trucking to close.
  97. D-Day 75 Years Ago
  98. Real history: Memorial Day was born in struggle against the Klan
  99. Trucking conditions deteriorating
  100. Police Action
  101. A Gripe with the Amazon Van Delivery Drivers !
  102. Happy Mothers Day
  103. "Best large employers" list !
  104. What’s wrong with the Picture here? This Judge has no compassion !
  105. Don’t be fooled by the unemployment figures that came out today
  106. Williams trucking closed !
  107. Today is May Day. So what exactly is May Day, anyway?
  108. Stickies
  109. Falcon Transport closed ?
  110. Recovering an erased history: The Chinese railroad workers who helped connect the cou
  111. Happy Easter Sunday
  112. Easter Blessings to all
  113. Volunteer truckers help
  114. Pushing Marijuana Legalization Across the Finish Line by PAUL ARMENTANO
  115. GoT
  116. Pennsylvania trucking company owner
  117. Wisconsin's H.O. Wolding sold
  118. Has Anybody ever followed Dr.Sebi?
  119. A man who enjoys his job !
  120. Favorite Movie or TV Theme Song and soundtrack
  121. Court: Middle Finger Protected by the Constitution
  122. Swift to Pay $100M to 19,000 Mis-Classified Drivers
  123. It’s Scotland’s right to decide on withdrawal from Treaty of Union
  124. It's Time For All Things Irish!
  125. Women's History Month.
  126. CA exotic dancers go on strike for fair wages
  127. 40 Years Ago, Norma Rae Understood How Corporations Weaponized Race
  128. Entire staffs at 3 Sonic locations quit after wages cut to '$4/hour plus tips'
  129. Earth Quake
  130. Lets Grab Some Beer And...
  131. Happy Valentines Day
  132. World fanciest McDonald’s
  133. “It happened because of my lack of experience,”
  134. The Free State of Jones
  135. The Real Cost of Cheap Groceries
  136. “Part of their soul was missing”: Scottish steelworkers lost more than jobs
  137. A Line to Hell Into the Darkness
  138. It Has Been a Very Rough Week for Semi Drivers in Albuquerque This Week
  139. No longer "middle class" job !
  140. Baby falls off a car
  141. Self Check out lines
  142. Activist from lunch counter protest photo dies at 84
  143. Truckers strike 2019 !
  144. Happy New Year 2019!
  145. 75 Years of Roadway Express
  146. Merry Christmas
  147. Rat Race
  148. Curious What CEOs Make? About 361 Times As Much As Workers
  149. Trucker shot at on I-240 in Memphis
  150. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  151. Teamster Holiday Recipes For Working Families
  152. Wow...this kid really got excellent talent, watch the whole video!
  153. How the IRS Was Gutted
  154. Pure Anti Union political Corporations
  155. Christmas giving !
  156. Pearl Harbor Day
  157. Netflix’s ‘The Irishman’ to be released in limited theatres, says Robert De Niro
  158. One Smart Kid
  159. Marijuana Legalization is Coming to the Heartland
  160. The best of New Jersey !
  161. Climate change clobbers Colorado and the West, unfurling fire, drought, insects and h
  162. Salaried workers beware: GM cuts are a warning for all
  163. Amazon Gives to End Homelessness? That’s Rich
  164. Here's the 'Worst Year to Be Alive
  165. I'll Drink For This, Please Join With Me
  166. Happy Thanksgiving !
  167. 2nd amendment and everyone's right to life
  168. Nice story
  169. Montgomery Ward is back !!
  170. James Salt Water taffy
  171. RIP Stan Lee
  172. California wildfire pushes toward Malibu, Pacific Ocean
  173. The Discarded Soldier
  174. Another mass shooting in Thousand Oaks Ca
  175. Amazon is launching a new delivery program and hiring t
  176. Sad day
  177. Favorite 50's and 60's Music
  178. Adventure in Moving
  179. Nearly Half a Million U.S. Homes Are About to Become Unaffordable
  180. How Frankenstein and Dracula created…a union
  181. Happy Halloween!
  182. old box new life
  183. Don't be a sucker !
  184. Mega lottery hits almost one billion dollars
  185. Average Social Security benefit
  186. Jobs added and jobs lost !
  187. Netflix to buy ABQ Studios, build Production Hub in Albuquerque
  188. Dirty water
  189. I am writing today with some wonderful news
  190. Toys R Us Owners Set Aside Millions for Laid-off Workers
  191. Kennedy wants unclaimed retirement funds sent to states
  192. Swollen NC rivers swamp dumps, raising water pollution fears
  193. Truck driver rescues 64 dogs and cats from floods of Hurricane Florence
  194. Cannabis and Coke !
  195. Most Workers Favor a 4-Day Work Week
  196. Our Friends on the East Coasst
  197. Solar observatory closed
  198. Retrospectives of the Financial Crisis Are Leaving Out the Most Important Part—Its Vi
  199. Fact check - middle class income
  200. Memories of 9/11
  201. The Temp Economy and the Future of Work
  202. We Can Never Forget this Date
  203. US cuts hospital funding
  204. This Group Teaches Kids to Love Guns, and U.S. Taxpayers Foot the Bill
  205. Burt Reynolds, "Smokey and the Bandit" star, dead at 82
  206. i-40 west bound near dandridge tn
  207. The searing photos that helped end child labor in America
  208. Do you cruise ?
  209. Tribute to old trucking company...I think it was posted before, but let us not forget
  210. Bad Ass Toys
  211. John McCain, ‘maverick’ of the Senate and former POW, dies at 81
  212. The Time Bomb Inside Public Pension Plans
  213. Pass it on, a safety public message
  214. An alternative to propping up coal power plants: Retrain workers for solar
  215. CEOs See Pay Soar While Workers Gain Little
  216. Uber’s Vision of Self-Driving Cars Begins to Blur
  217. The History of Labor Day and What It Means Today
  218. Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, But Retailers Demand Payments
  219. Philly loses manufacturing
  220. Aretha Franklin, The 'Queen Of Soul,' Dies At 76
  221. NJ AG Grewal Files Brief to Protect Workers, State’s Ability to Enforce Misclassification
  222. Asbestos use and cancer
  223. Standing Rock: Tribes await court ruling due August 10
  224. Colorado Workers Earn, Use More Vacation Days Than Any Other State
  225. Forget Old Glory
  226. 'It's going to be hard': Sears pension payments cut by 30% this week
  227. The world burns as global warming crisis explodes
  228. Plane crashes in Durango Mexico and thank God no death
  229. Drought forces emergency measures for US West's wild horses
  230. The 60's
  231. Ireland and history
  232. Americans Forced To Comply By 2020
  233. Buffalo ny yrc employee killed on job
  234. Tesla to Build Auto Factory in Shanghai
  235. Hardcore Hitler on Hitler in Helsinki
  236. 17 minutes !
  237. Sad
  238. Self-Driving Cars Are Coming. Will They Serve Profit or the Public?
  239. For the biggest group of American workers, wages aren’t just flat. They’re falling.
  240. Cbd oil
  241. Ed Schultz, MSNBC Broadcaster And Radio Personality, Dead At 64
  242. FDR signs National Labor Relations Act, July 5, 1935
  243. 92 Year Old Shoots/Kills Son Planning On Putting Her In Assisted Living
  244. Independence day 2018
  245. Mysterious ancient civilization left signs across vast desert
  246. Corporate wage theft is on the rise
  247. Can You Fog a Mirror? Your Hired!
  248. Amazon wants you to start a business to deliver its packages
  249. USPS should be restructured, possibly sold, White House report recommends
  250. Supreme smackdown: Need warrant to track phone