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  1. G20 countries wrap up talks on forex and stability
  2. U.S. envoy urges Musharraf to end emergency
  3. State Dept official asks to cancel Blackwater hearing
  4. Clinton camp fires back over column
  5. BHP says direct Rio bid might be future option
  6. Pardus to pitch Delta merger to investors: sources
  7. Saudi may order 24 Eurofighter jets
  8. Porsche and Volkswagen to cooperate further: paper
  9. Google closer to mobile airwaves bid: sources
  10. CNOOC head says not heard of North West Shelf deal
  11. Retailers hope shoppers are ready to spend
  12. Saudi Mobily to invest $1.1 bln in wireless expansion
  13. Murdoch's free WSJ.com could hurt parts of Dow
  14. Wall St ends higher on tech in choppy day
  15. Chateau St. Michelle
  16. Across the US Frito Members Support You!
  17. A Report On The Labor Board Hearings
  18. Amerisource Members Practice
  19. Shift Break Workers Radio
  20. U.S. envoy seen trying to revive Musharraf-Bhutto deal
  21. Clinton seeks to convince voters she won debate
  22. Giuliani says he'd appoint conservative judges
  23. Senate Republicans bar Iraq withdrawal plan
  24. Thousands march against race crimes in Washington
  25. US, S.Korea trade chiefs to mull trade vote options
  26. Congress urges ASEAN to suspend Myanmar
  27. CORRECTED: Clinton seeks to convince voters she won debate
  28. Chile hit by 6.0 magnitude quake: report
  29. House Passes Ban on Cross-Border Truck Program
  30. Iran says ready to act if attacked
  31. Writers, Studios Agree To Talk
  32. Strike throws Broadway a curveball
  33. Strike gloom spells off Broadway boom
  34. French strikes hit entertainment biz
  35. Gulf widens between WGA, AMPTP
  36. Award shows could be next victims
  37. Clooney donates to Actors Fund
  38. Job status unclear for actors
  39. Latenight hosts may be coming back
  40. WGA gets worldwide support
  41. Strike closes La Scala again
  42. Ellen DeGeneres cancels N.Y. visit
  43. Writers are winning over the public
  44. Networks tighten purse strings
  45. WGA holds rally on Fifth Avenue
  46. Verrone, Rosenberg go to D.C.
  47. Talks scheduled in Broadway strike
  48. IATSE's Short takes aim at WGA
  49. WGA goes 'Picketing With the Stars'
  50. Hollywood part of immigration debate
  51. Musharraf says army will keep control of nukes
  52. Bangladesh cyclone toll tops 1600
  53. Bush criticizes Democrats over Iraq war funds
  54. U.N. says new report must spur climate change action
  55. U.S.-led troops kill 23 militants in Afghanistan
  56. Palestinians seek pre-conference settlement freeze
  57. State Department official and brother queried on Blackwater
  58. New Hampshire investigating anti-Romney calls
  59. Clinton seeks to convince voters she won debate
  60. Could U.S. military gains in Iraq outlast Bush?
  61. Swimming in New Waters
  62. UPS Honors Four Small Businesses for 'Out-of-the-Box' Thinking
  63. UPS Applauds New U.S. - Peru Free Trade Deal
  64. Agenda for Action: Avoiding National Gridlock
  65. A Century of Playing Santa
  66. UPS Announces 2008 Rates
  67. Time-in-Trade: The New Priority in a Global Era of Shift
  68. UPS Board Names New Director; Sets Quarterly Dividend
  69. Happy Holidays from UPS
  70. UPS Freight Launches Reliability Guarantee
  71. UPS Marks 100th Birthday with $1 Million for Micro-Lending
  72. Small Business Leaders Say Economy, Healthcare Should Be Top Priorities
  73. Staples and UPS Announce Joint Venture in China for New Co-Branded Stores
  74. Toys for Tots Campaign Celebrates 60 Years of Caring
  75. UPS 3rd Quarter Earnings Rise; All Segments Show Profit Advance