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  1. AOC bill: Federal contractors must obey labor law and allow unions—or lose
  2. Wow this is outrageous!
  3. The Invention Of Hispanics. What It Says About The Politics Of Race.
  4. Immigration
  5. Best decade
  6. NY Allows Undocumented Immigrants To Get Drivers Licences
  7. Economic growth
  8. Our Real Existential Crisis-Extinction
  9. How Clinton's Neoliberal Trade Policies Led To The Rise In Fascism
  10. Trump, campaign promise or lie ?
  11. Trump Cuts Down Globalism. Celebrates Economic Nationalism At Davos
  12. Trump’s USDA Chief Thinks Farm Workers Are Overpaid
  13. NLRB 2020 Predictor: It’s Good to be an Employer
  14. Foreign Governments Are Greasing U.S. Think Tank 'Experts' With Millions
  15. Coronavirus
  16. The Pennsylvania Valley That Became A Bellwether For Trump
  17. Iowa's caucusgoers have a new place to vote: Overseas
  18. House to Vote on Bill Forcing Non-Union Members to Pay Union Dues
  19. Chris Matthews Explodes Over Socialism
  20. Romney faces party scorn, isolation after impeachment vote: 'He is ostracized'
  21. The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President
  22. House Democrats Pass Major Labor Reforms Boosting Unions
  23. Moscow Mitch !
  24. Parade of Dems warn UAW of perils of continuing Republican rule
  25. Communist infiltration
  26. Bloomberg The Authoritarian Oligarch
  27. Nevada’s higher union density and racial diversity will shape caucus outcome
  28. Political violence.
  29. Sam Donaldson Makes Rare Democratic 2020 Presidential Endorsement
  30. Hillary Clinton
  31. Rudy Giuliani: I have the 'smoking gun' to prove money-laundering
  32. Campaigns warn of chaos ahead of Nevada caucuses
  33. Russia,Russia,Russia.
  34. My prediction on who wins the Presidency
  35. CWA to Democrats: Dump lawmakers who opposed PRO Act
  36. Fake news, some of us already know.
  37. Trump Gives Defense Department Power To Abolish Bargaining For Civilian Unions
  38. Greyhound to ban Immigration checks on busses without Warrant
  39. Democratic Wannabes lies
  40. NLRB restores joint-employer standard in final rule
  41. More immigration Profiling issues
  42. How the religious vote in 2020 could tip 6 swing states
  43. Biden roars back: Super Tuesday
  44. **VOTE IN THIS POLL* who will be the democratic nominee
  45. Why I believe Trump will be reelected
  46. “Lock Her Up” daughter
  47. Warren to drop out of 2020 race, setting up one-on-one showdown between Sanders, Bide
  48. Palliative Liberalism Can't Cure Our Ailing Working Class
  49. Joe Biden tells worker 'you're full of s***' during argument over gun control
  50. Is Roger Stone on meth or just a sign of Guilt?
  51. Will The Coronavirus Wipe Out The New World Order?
  52. National Emergency
  53. Trump proposes eliminating payroll tax
  54. Corrupt politicians
  55. The One Clip Candace Owens Wished "Every Black American Could Watch"
  56. Medicare for All
  57. What’s in the Stimulus G O P Bill
  58. Half of North Carolinians call for Burr's resignation
  59. Trump and Obama Address Virus Outbreaks (Comparison)
  60. Postpone the 2020 presidential election ?
  61. Can the Dems dump Biden for Cuomo?
  62. ???Trumps colossal failure to protect Americans???
  63. American Hero
  64. It's time
  65. Corona virus and the media
  66. As the World Economy Grinds to a Halt, the U.S. War Machine Churns On
  67. The Plan Is to Save Capital and Let the People Die
  68. State bill would let minors have sex change without parental knowledge
  69. BREAKING: FBI Knew Before Mueller Probe That Hillary's Steele Dossier Was Russian Dis
  70. REPORT: U.S. Companies Fleeing China En Masse Due to Trade War, COVID Risks
  71. It Begins: Japan Pays Billions To Firms To Leave China. Relocate Production Elsewhere
  72. cash payments to illegal immigrants
  73. Trump Treasury tells banks they can seize your $1,200 check
  74. Debt Jubilee Or Collapse
  75. An incompetent political hack! Come back to Washington & take care of
  76. The More Anger at China, the Worse for Biden
  77. Was Trump the Only One in Washington Innocent of Russian Collusion?
  78. Corona virus and the Stimulus bill..
  79. Progressive lawmakers push people first in coronavirus relief
  80. The Lincoln Project forum
  81. Coronavirus and China
  82. Sean Hannity is the Grim reaper Helping hand helping Trump !
  83. New York Cancels Primary Election, Angering Sanders Supporters
  84. Twice as Nice, Court Upholds West Virginia Right-to-Work Law for Good
  85. Democracy Now Forum
  86. Undocumented workers keep the economy going, but get no bailout help
  87. Get Ready for Mass Strikes Across the U.S. This May Day
  88. Trying To Prevent Massive Food Waste
  89. Coronavirus: Red State vs Blue state..
  90. Bush Center Slams Trump. We Want More Migration.
  91. AOC says Americans should refuse to go back to work once economy reopens
  92. Illegal border crossings into California
  93. Corporate America and the Coronavirus..
  94. What’s Wrong with this Picture, is this what is being wanted again in History?
  95. Democrats’ Desperation Is Growing about Tara Reade. So Is Their Hypocrisy
  96. 80 Milion Unemployed Chinese
  97. Burr's brother-in-law sold large number of stock the same day as senator and his wife
  98. Live and let Die
  99. Rich Corporations Get $500 Billion, No Strings Attached
  100. Live voting vs mail in voting
  101. Bernie must have read my post about me taking anyting they will give out.
  102. AOC and her mouth again :P:
  103. Possible next stimulus ?
  104. Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, America’s Billionaires Thrive and Prosper
  105. Once Again, Congress Will Let Wall Street Pillage Main Street
  106. A Late-Breaking Bulletin PBS: “For Many Americans, Health Insurance is Tied to a Job
  107. National News- Zero coverage-Why???
  108. Why America Cannot Afford to Let the U.S. Postal Service Go Bankrupt
  109. Finding Hope in Times of Despair: New World is Possible
  110. Doctors Without Borders dispatches team to the Navajo Nation
  111. AOC Removed From Union-Backed Progressive Party Ballot Line
  112. More on Pennslyvania
  113. Trump’s Advisers Have a Brazen Plot to Gut Social Security
  114. The Thom Hartmann Forum
  115. Corruption and the Pandemic Bailout
  116. House passes $3 trillion coronavirus aid package
  117. Trump’s Megalomania and Boris Johnson’s Incompetence Have Only Increased in COVID 19
  118. Biden, Sanders form task force to unite party on progressive agenda
  119. Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus
  120. Trump: Letting Big Corporations Get Away with Whatever They Want
  121. It’s Time for a Robot Tax by NICK LICATA
  122. Covid-19 Profiteers Are Making a Killing
  123. Will COVID-19 become a modern-day Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and spark reform?
  124. Microsoft To Replace Journalists With Robots
  125. My First EVER reply to Trump on Facebook.
  126. Assaulted And Vilified,The Cops Save The Cities
  127. Senate Dems introduce bill to keep pilots and bus and train operators safe
  128. One third of labor force now jobless as pandemic unemployment climbs
  129. Fewer hours, less pay and more anxiety greet returning workers
  130. Under cover of his chaos, Trump destroys more environment protections
  131. Join the Mafia Or the Government?
  132. A proposed infrastructure bill
  133. Lmao 😂
  134. Capitalism and freedom vs socialism and communism..
  135. Kaprenick: "We Reject Your Celebration Of White Supremacy"
  136. King Cuomo
  137. The Kampf Of Woke
  138. Divest U.S. Pension Funds Financing China Slave Labor
  139. The "LEFT" unhinged..
  140. Wake up people, do you follow for the leadership or For the “W” ?
  141. Voices from the Pandemic
  142. The New Systemic Racism Which Is Coming
  143. A message!
  144. Despite Trump’s happy talk, 2.4 million more claim jobless benefits
  145. So True!!
  146. AG Barr Remarks On China Policy
  147. The Double Standard From The Left
  148. Protests 2020
  149. War Room
  150. Black Lives Matter
  151. biden vp
  152. A divided America
  153. Trump Provides 6-Page Document Of Accomplishments.
  154. Steve Bannon Arrested
  155. Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Ticket
  156. Great New Trump Ad
  157. Democratic convention: $4 trillion infrastructure bank would create 25 million jobs
  158. Pentagon: China Now Has Largest Navy In The World.
  159. Pentagon: China Military On Track To Being Global Superpower
  160. This is what Trump did to our fallen soldiers heroes
  161. America
  162. What is qanon? The origins of bizarre conspiracy theory spreading online
  163. Nikola: Ocean Of Lies
  164. Unions praise Ginsburg, demand no replacement till next presidency
  165. Speech On China By Pompeo To State Legislatures
  166. Tax evasion ?
  167. Watch Sen. Amy Klobuchar dissect Ted Cruz and the Republican Party’s failures
  168. None of the above