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  1. Found this while researching "Obama Lies". I like this guy.
  2. Palin: Crack Down On 'Iraq' To Prevent Nuclear Iran
  3. When we make laws like this,, at least put some MADE IN USA provisions in in them...
  4. Federal Task Force Targets Financial Fraud
  5. Healthcare bill support sahky by the American people.
  6. The President's Weekly Address
  7. 911 terrorists at civillian court
  8. Is Fair Use dead?
  9. FACT CHECK: Palin's book goes rogue on some facts
  10. We need some humor here.
  11. Guns must be listed on 2010 tax return?? (Blair Holt Bill )
  12. AIG CEO ready to quit over pay constraints
  13. Is this a great Barnyard of a Country or what ?
  14. Dodd proposes bold financial overhaul
  15. Banks’ Hubris Is ‘Slap in the Face’ for Obama Team
  16. Healthcare Bill passes the House
  17. You Tell Them Driver
  18. This probably does'nt belong here but what the heck !!
  19. Can't we ll just get get along ?
  20. Is there any small buisiness safe ??
  21. CIT Bankruptcy
  22. voters are angry? Hell yes they are!
  23. Cleaner-Trucks Mandate Will Create Hardships at Port of Oakland
  24. Among Other Things
  25. Wal-Mart saves the average family 3100 dollars a year ? Prove it !
  26. WE need Teamsters for a Rally
  27. Which News Station is best
  28. Is the military fed up with president obama?
  29. Liberal media sticks up for fox news
  30. Obama Costume for Halloween
  31. Alan Grayson: "If the President has a BLT tomorrow, the Republicans will try to ban b
  32. Alan Grayson on Bill Maher: GOP Health Care Reform Would Be Letting You Bring A Gun t
  33. Justice Department Says Blacks in N.C. Town Can’t Get Elected Without Democratic Part
  34. Sarah Palin's Vogue Magazine Cover
  35. This ain't the way I heard it in school..
  36. Michelle Obama gets it from Big Bird
  37. Chicago lost the Olympics...
  38. Is Barrack Obama Jesus Christ?
  39. Barrack Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize ??? Huh ?
  40. The Jennings-NAMBLA Connection
  41. Democrats Push to Repeal Federal Marriage Law
  42. Obama to Usher In New World Order at G-20
  43. Baucus bill would 8 million people being pushed out of private insurance.
  44. Obama accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan
  45. One of the best speches ever given by a Democrat.
  46. Obama, Armed With Troop Request, Meets With War Council Over Afghan Options
  47. The political forum is open
  48. Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care
  49. I call it "securing our Nation's Interest"
  50. What a great sign!
  51. Rockefeller Says He Won't Vote for Baucus Bill In Current Form
  52. Post your Favorite Political Video
  53. Carter: Animosity Toward Obama Is Based In Racism
  54. Who are the undeserving "others" benefiting from expanded government actions?
  55. Max Blumenthal's Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour
  56. Bluegrass Blues
  57. Did Joe Wilson Lie About Having Been An Immigration Lawyer?
  58. Carbon tax or plain ol' protectionism, I like this.
  59. 1.5 Million 912 March Washington DC
  60. Congressional Democrats Consider Parting With Obama on Afghanistan
  61. Why the China-U.S. Trade Dispute is Heating Up
  62. Quotes of The Day
  63. On Financial Reform, Obama Collaborating with a Most Unlikely Senator
  64. Maybe Obama DIDN'T lie
  65. Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson vote to fund Illegals Health Care
  66. The John Birch Society, responds to President Obama's speech
  67. Boston Globe Editorial: "We Now Have A Political Party That Is "Dedicated To The Near
  68. Finally a Trade deal I like
  69. Finally an Obama supporter that is not a koolaid drinker!!
  70. ACORN Fires Workers Over Pimp Video
  71. Not Fox News : Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., Yells ‘You Lie’ at Obama During Presidential
  72. 61 SC House Republicans call on governor to resign
  73. FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on def
  74. Congressman Yells 'You Lie' at Obama During Speech
  75. Joe Watkins: Obama is too charismatic to speak to the kids of America
  76. A teabagger even too dumb for Dr. Nancy on MSNBC about Obama's school speech
  77. Bill Moyers Journal: Rage on the Radio
  78. The Nanny Takes Sean Hannity to School Over Health-Care Reform
  79. Obama Speech to Urge Kids to Pay Attention in School
  80. Obama’s fault: excessive responsibility
  81. Obama : A Tale Of Two C’s—Change & Continuity
  82. Who is your favorite President of all time?
  83. Obama 'green jobs' adviser quits amid controversy
  84. A reason for Medical Reform?
  85. Our Health-Care System Destroys Families.
  86. Government-run Universal Socialized.................
  87. Are Americans Dumb Enough to Believe Republicans Are Defending Medicare?
  88. Let's move to Oklahoma
  89. This union must really hate FREE SPEECH.
  90. “billionaires for wealthcare” group mocks opponents of healthcare reform at townhall
  91. Incoming A.F.L.-C.I.O. Chief Warns Democrats Not to Side With Insurers
  92. Five Symptoms of Republican Schizophrenia
  93. Bush daughter Jenna Hager becomes 'Today' reporter
  94. How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right (video)
  95. Veterans Demand Apology from GOP and FOX for Lies About VA
  96. Do you support the ACLU?
  97. The 10 Most Outrageous Political Terrorists of the Right Wing Mob
  98. Foxnews glenn beck scores top cable rating
  99. Obama to investigate torture by CIA
  100. When you give away American jobs, bad things happen....
  101. Cartoon of the Year....Maybe the Cartoon of the Century
  102. FOX News sued for the right to lie and won
  103. Administration plans to wind down clunkers program
  104. Fox News: The what soruce for news?
  105. Healthcare, non-profit co-ops?
  106. Will Fedex lose the RLA classifacation?
  107. Refuting Dr. Fraser -- What's really in the Healthcare Bill
  108. New Health Care Plan
  109. Right wing loons and there hypocrisy.
  110. Calderon to press Obama to solve trucking dispute
  111. Clinton Negotiates Release Of 2 Americans In N. Korea
  112. Uncovered Video: Obama Explains How His Health Care Plan Will ‘Eliminate’ Private Ins
  113. Obama Unmasked: 40 Czars Later
  114. Just being fair about it...
  115. A picture = a thousand words
  116. Obama's Health Care Put Off
  117. Russia To Join WTO
  118. Senate health committee clears insurance overhaul
  119. LETTER TO EDITOR: Rules apply to FedEx
  120. No new stimulus package...
  121. Federal Approval for AIG bonuses ???
  122. Obama, Medvedev agree to pursue nuclear reduction
  123. Franken makes Capitol Hill debut, says ready to work
  124. Palin QUITS!!!
  125. GOP's Coleman concedes, sending Franken to Senate
  126. White House Said To Be Priming Public For Health Benefit Tax
  127. A NEW 21st Century Pledge.
  128. Citi boosting salaries to offset lower bonuses
  129. The New Economy, Jobs at the Golden Arches
  130. BOB&TOM TV: "Obama Man" by Greg Morton
  131. Wanted: Hope Foe Iran
  132. Muslim Demographics
  133. Miranda Rights for Gitmo's
  134. Administration seeks ways to tame corporate pay
  135. These are extreme provocations. Only a military attack could exceed them.
  136. Most News Media Support Fed EX
  137. Bombing of Hamburg..German Film
  138. Heil Hitler..18 pictures
  139. Putin Wants To Join Club
  140. Fred Sucks
  141. The Contests
  142. Gov't posts sensitive list of US nuclear sites
  143. FBI is proactive in preventing TARP fraud
  144. Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate
  145. Chinese Company Said to Be Buyer of Hummer
  146. The 31-Year-Old in Charge of Dismantling G.M
  147. Barack Obama's health plan takes shape
  148. Department of energy
  149. Pravda: "The American descent into Marsism is Happening with Breath Taking Speed."
  150. China-Backing US Debt
  151. Terror Bashing
  152. One (1) Question Test (Be Honest Now )
  153. Trade with panama..hoffa.. 'not good'
  154. Car Crazy
  155. US Senate Democrats Withhold Funding to Close Guantanamo Prison
  156. Fiat Could Own 51% of Chrysler
  157. Gm to import chinese built cars
  158. Gm to import cars from china
  159. Check out this tombstone
  160. Yrc seeking bailout $ from feds (pension obligations)
  161. Tax health care to pay for health care?
  162. What Breed of Conservative Are You?
  163. What Breed of Liberal Are You?
  164. Proof Insurance Companies are running scared
  165. Iraqi women speaks out
  166. Not Funny-Columbo joke
  167. Economy is all about banks
  168. Snortin For Congress
  169. Fairness Doctrine..
  170. Chrysler won't repay bailout money
  171. Obama to crack down on business taxes
  172. Adam and EVE
  173. Specter switching parties?
  174. China the pirate hunter
  175. Im ashamed of ND legislators
  176. Tariffs put pressure on Obama to settle Mexican trade issue
  177. COBRA subsidy has some holes
  178. Cheney Slams Obama Again, Calls Overseas Trips "Disturbing"
  179. Drug war hits closer to US
  180. Tariffs boost pressure on Obama to settle Mexican trade issue
  181. The pirates know we're punks
  182. We Must Take America Back
  183. Federal agency warns of radicals on right
  184. UN Security Council Nations Agree to Condemn N. Korea's Rocket Launch
  185. Dear President Obama
  186. fanny and freddy-bonuses 4 days ago
  187. more million dollar bonuses on the way for fanny and freddy
  188. n korea's responce to un security council..joke
  189. anti-corporate harvard grad?
  190. NKorea launches rocket, defying world pressure
  191. High stakes gamble at uaw and gm
  192. The bomb blast on the economy
  193. bush was a good fellow
  194. While the rest of us get pay-cuts.. The Greedy shall inherit the Earth.
  195. Michelle Obama helps feed the Homeless ?
  196. Nancy Pelosi is now a Saint?
  197. Donate to OJ"s Legal Defense
  198. Grassley on AIG execs: Quit or suicide
  199. Obama blisters AIG, vows to try to block bonuses
  200. Bonus furor may prompt limits on AIG bailout money
  201. No More "Enemy Combatants"
  202. EFCA.. The Republicans are worried
  203. Please read your participation is much needed !!!
  204. Flat tax... I like it !!!!
  205. Media photos of war dead need families' OK
  206. President Obama addresses Congress 2-24-09
  207. Newt G. says he has the answer..
  208. Bush looking for work..
  209. Just another reason I fully support the Death Penalty..
  210. Neocon Mastermind Richard Perle Denies His Own Existence
  211. Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union
  212. Sean Hannity's Ridiculous War Against Socialism
  213. Bailout money is allready paying off!
  214. Video of Barack Obama campaigning in Teamsters Coat
  215. Obama signs kids' health insurance bill
  216. Obama warns of catastrophe if stimulus delayed
  217. Obama wants YOU to join Union
  218. American Made clause in the Obama "Stimulus Package"
  219. Moron of the Year!
  220. Poll: How much has the recent recession affected you and your family?
  221. Even if you didn't vote for him ......
  222. Crash Course
  223. Lilly Ledbetter first major union win...
  224. Do you disagree/agree with Obama's administration nominations?
  225. Interesting factoid about donations and UPS.
  226. Bye Bye Bushie............
  227. Today's Outrage: Bank of America's Secret Backroom Bailout
  228. Good Luck & Best Wishes,, Barrack Hussien Obama
  229. Vacation where the Presidents go..
  230. Political Spin
  231. Question for Pelosi
  232. Bush and the recession ???
  233. Job losses hit 2.6 million as layoff pain deepens
  234. Reduce Government
  235. Meet the new Labor Secretary: Hida Solis (D)
  236. Deal or No Deal
  237. Funny Ann Coulter vid
  238. Are YOU ready for another one???
  239. Time to reboot America
  240. Israeli troops and tanks slice deep into Gaza
  241. Have you Ever heard of the "Robber Baron's" ?
  242. HISTORY 101 (Liberal or Conservative ?)
  243. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!
  244. Critics urge Congress to rescind Jan. 1 pay raise
  245. 75% Americans view George Bush's exit as good riddance
  246. Text-messaging, 911 use among the many areas affected by new California laws
  247. N.Y. governor could choose big-name place holder for Senate seat
  248. Federal judges lose bid for pay raises
  249. Free trade ? Screw it !!!! Just Bring Home The Brand !!
  250. A Future for Brand Bush?