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  1. Iowa: Huckabee 28% Romney 27% (Rasmussen Reports)
  2. House approves $70 billion more for war (AP)
  3. More women report sex assaults in Iraq (AP)
  4. Supreme Court asked to hear Zoloft case (AP)
  5. Giuliani pins hopes on big later states (AP)
  6. Romney gets tearful recalling war toll (AP)
  7. Immigration a big issue to NH, Iowa GOP (AP)
  8. Lieberman endorses McCain (AP)
  9. Edwards offers middle-class pitch (AP)
  10. Obama describes faith amid false rumors (AP)
  11. Lead in doubt, Clinton knocks on N.Hampshire doors (Reuters)
  12. White House encouraged by budget bill (AP)
  13. EU to help Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh (AFP)
  14. Lieberman to endorse McCain (AP)
  15. Obama describes faith amid false rumors (AP)
  16. Clinton invites voters to 'inspect' her (AP)
  17. Obama friend sells candidate (AP)
  18. Thompson seeks to boost popularity (AP)
  19. Edwards offers middle-class pitch (AP)
  20. Poll: Obama leads Clinton 2-to-1 in Ill. (AP)
  21. Budget bill reverses Bush cuts (AP)
  22. Greenspan: Give homeowners financial aid (AP)
  23. UN: Congo groups recruiting children (AP)
  24. Dems turn Iowa backers into caucus goers (AP)
  25. GOP pushes Iowans to focus on caucus (AP)
  26. Romney: Huckabee critique un-Republican (AP)
  27. McCain urges new interrogation specialty (AP)
  28. Iowa, Boston papers make endorsements (AP)
  29. Today on the presidential campaign trail (AP)
  30. Fed taking on abusive lending practices (AP)
  31. Democrats poised for some soul-searching (AP)
  32. Obama says he's ready for White House (AP)
  33. Huckabee tries to catch up in NH (AP)
  34. Ad says Edwards ready for 'epic battle' (AP)
  35. Obama says he's ready for White House (AP)
  36. Clinton: I know when to stand firm (AP)
  37. Edwards cites fight for party's soul (AP)
  38. Giuliani retools stump speech (AP)
  39. Obama giving away indicted donor's cash (AP)
  40. Rep. Julia Carson dies at 69 (AP)
  41. Fed taking on abusive lending practices (AP)
  42. U.N. rights envoy to keep investigating in Sudan (Reuters)
  43. Analysis: Romney won't go quietly (AP)
  44. Clinton rejects official's Obama comment (AP)
  45. Huckabee sees Bush's 'bunker mentality' (AP)
  46. Huckabee: Another overachiever from Hope (AP)
  47. Rivals try class warfare against Romney (AP)
  48. How the 2008 candidates chill out (AP)
  49. Bah, humbug: Holiday polling woes (AP)
  50. Senate passes $696B defense policy bill (AP)
  51. Abramoff figure spared prison sentence (AP)
  52. Judges given leeway in crack sentencing (AP)
  53. Brown tries to shake off EU treaty criticism (AFP)
  54. N.H. is campaign central for Republicans (AP)
  55. Giuliani defends questionable expenses (AP)
  56. Huckabee stands by AIDS statement (AP)
  57. New Clinton ad in Iowa, N.H. (AP)
  58. Intel report spurs calls for Iran talks (AP)
  59. UN: US states, cities can impact climate (AP)
  60. Oprah lends star power to Obama in Iowa (AP)
  61. Clinton's mother, daughter hit trail (AP)
  62. Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients (AP)
  63. Former president campaigns in SC (AP)
  64. Schilling pitches McCain for president (AP)
  65. New Hampshire is again McCain's focus (AP)
  66. GOP expected to keep seats in Ohio, Va. (AP)
  67. Fed seems poised to lower interest rates (AP)
  68. US Supreme Court to take cases of Americans detained in Iraq (AFP)
  69. U.N. report raises death toll in Myanmar crackdown (Reuters)
  70. White House threatens budget veto (AP)
  71. Hillary?