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  1. Elites move to sacrifice clintons just like weinstein
  2. The media to jeff flake: Great speech, now can you help us impeach trump? [montage]
  3. Clinton, dnc paid for dirt; russian dossier
  4. National debt
  5. Dems Calling Psychologists To Talk About Trump Mental Health...
  6. Getting ready for “right to work” nightmare nation
  7. Tom Trotter – AFL-CIO – The Middle Class Pays When Tax Cuts For The Rich Happen
  8. AFL-CIO declares jury is in: Trump is not keeping his promises
  9. State governments increasingly pre-empting local attempts to improve labor conditions
  10. Is Liberalism A Dying Faith?
  11. Rachel Maddow,out of touch
  12. JFK assassination: Trump to allow release of classified documents
  13. Diagnosing the Donald by ANDREW LEVINE
  14. This what the people have become
  15. pediphiles
  16. Per Capita Federal Spending Up Sevenfold Since 1941
  17. Lobbyist sues hillary, dnc for access to hacked server
  18. Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case
  19. State AGs, unions sue to stop Trump’s health insurance grab
  20. Bernie Sanders Thinks Democrats Are Still Way Off-Course
  21. Is Trump a ‘Moron?’ by JEFF MACKLER
  22. State Of Emergency Declared For White Nationalist
  23. Senior Hungarian Gov't Minister Says Soros Is An 'Agent Of Satan' Attacking Christian
  24. U.S., Canadian, Mexican unions to jointly fight for pro-worker NAFTA
  25. Why Labor Is Fighting to Save Veterans’ Healthcare
  26. New Mexico: After failure in Legislature, right-to-work drive shifts to counties
  27. Al Jezeera Reporter Went Undercover With The Pro-Israel Lobby In DC
  28. Will a new nafta raise wages and protect workers?
  29. NFL players’ union teamed up with Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups Tax documents
  30. Hillary Clinton in talks with Columbia University to take on professor role...
  31. The Republican civil war is spreading
  32. NASA confirms -- Sea levels FALLING across planet...
  33. Lawmakers, unions campaign against secret trade court in ‘new NAFTA’
  34. The unions that supported Bernie Sanders unite in a new network.
  35. Labor Unions Urge Lawmakers to End NAFTA
  36. Trump talks taxes with truckers in Harrisburg
  37. Consumed by dark moods
  38. Congressional pharmacist confessional...
  39. Why it’s only right that non-union workers pay dues in an agency shop
  40. What the Revival of Socialism in America Means for the Labor Movement
  41. Trump tries to weaken federal unions, but membership grows in reaction to GOP actions
  42. Afge: Privatizing va won’t bring veterans better care, but filling 49,000 vacancies w
  43. As Overdose Deaths Pile Up, A Medical Examiner Quits The Morgue
  44. The ‘Resistance,’ Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics
  45. BLM: "Liberalism Is White Supremacy" Shut Down ACLU Free Speech Event
  46. Trump Removes another mandate
  47. Trump’s Justice Department Is Trying to Turn Back the Clock on Workers’ Rights 100 Ye
  48. Can the Church & Labor Join Forces Again?
  49. Trump says Puerto Rico's debt Will Have To be Wiped Out
  50. paul harvey's warning to america 1965
  51. Right to Work, Wrong for Labor: The Decline of Unions in the “United” States
  52. Senate adds management lawyer after Trump names union buster to NLRB
  53. Zembla...The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: The Russians
  54. Federal Judge Tells Lehigh County To Remove Cross from It's Seal
  55. Growing Use of Mandatory Binding Arbitration
  56. your a racist
  57. Solidarity’s End
  58. Oldest Living WWII VET (111) Still Enjoys His Whiskey And Cigars
  59. SCOUS Set to Deal Teachers, Public Unions Blow
  60. Is Climate Change the Real Job Killer?
  61. Lawmakers Call for Outlawing of RTW in U.S.
  62. The new tax plan ?
  63. Army investigating West Point grad’s pro-communist social media posts
  64. Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in N
  65. If Trump’s Lips Are Moving, He’s Lying
  66. More unions jump on single-payer caravan
  67. Nazis March into Germany’s Parliament
  68. The NFL and the overpaid athletes
  69. The Anne Franke Diary Fraud
  70. How Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance
  71. The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime
  72. The New GOP Plan to Repeal Obamacare Is Pure Destruction, or Trumpism In a Nutshell
  73. The Greatest Threat Facing America
  74. Trump Stacks Labor Department with Friends of Big Business
  75. Pennsylvania Runs Out Of Cash Leaving $860 Million Of Bills Unpaid
  76. The Right Wing Has a Vast, Secret Plot to Destroy Unions for Good. Here’s How to Figh
  77. The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump
  78. The party's over:
  79. How to Read Donald Trump
  80. Trump Signs resolution Condemning White Supremacists
  81. No #NAFTA2, Yes To Trade For People & Planet
  82. Why We Need Medicare for All
  83. Feinstein's Anti_Catholic Questions Are An Outrage
  84. Email I received from Bernie Sanders
  85. Unions Aren't Obsolete, They're Being Crushed by Right-Wing Politics
  86. Long Island Teamster's deportation is a wakeup call: Unions must protect their immigr
  87. Bannon On 60 Minutes Charlie Rose Twitter Feed
  88. Tillerson Appoints Anti-Semitism Envoy_ Monitoring Criticism Of Israel
  89. What Still Unites Us?
  90. Hartford Warns It Could File for Bankruptcy
  91. Bannon: Catholic Church needs 'illegal aliens to fill the churches'
  92. Obama Screwed the DACA Dreamers Before Trump Did
  93. In NAFTA Talks, Canada Demands US Drop Anti-Union 'Right to Work' Laws
  94. Meet the Anti-Union Crusader in Charge of Rolling Back Regulations at Trump’s Labor D
  95. Trump’s Disturbing Pardon of Joe Arpaio
  96. Trumka: Unions focusing on members’ needs as 2018 election approaches
  97. LABOR DAY: Bernie Sanders Fights for $15
  98. The Trump administration’s ongoing attack on workers
  99. Herr Donald, Sheriff Joe, Hurricane Harvey, and the Fate of the Republic
  100. 167 Year Old Catholic School Removes Statues Of Mary And Jesus To Be More Inclusive
  101. Union leader and buster Ronald Reagan to be inducted in Labor Hall of Honor
  102. Renegotiating NAFTA Is Putting Lipstick on a Pig
  103. Submit a public comment: Don’t let Trump slash overtime pay
  104. Labor groups step up pressure on Trump to deliver
  105. I love teachers
  106. Bannon: The Trump Presidency We Fought For Is Over
  107. At the top-secret nafta re-negotiation table – 85% corporate voices, 5% labor
  108. Sanders plans jobs rally with union leader in Indianapolis
  109. AFL-CIO President Trumka steps down from Trump manufacturing council
  110. On Four-State Tour, Democratic Leaders Try to Reconnect With Workers
  111. Here’s What Really Happened In Charlottesville
  112. The Memo
  113. Suicide Rate For Teen Girls Hits 40-Year High
  114. Trump: Tarde War With China Begins Monday
  115. War-For-Profits-R-Us
  116. PPP-Public-Private Partnership
  117. JFK Killing: Lies & Russophobia
  118. Texas advances ban on dues check off for public workers
  119. Trump and Police Brutality
  120. Will a Mega-Billionaire Rescue America from GOP’s Insurance Mayhem?
  121. RExxon Tillerson’s Petro-Imperially Perfect Regime Change Threat
  122. Stealing for Jesus
  123. Top Republicans Just Filed A Bill To Eviscerate The National Labor Relations Board
  124. Trump’s Plot to Kill Obamacare
  125. Pro-worker abroad while rolling back trade union rights at home: the contradictions i
  126. Bible Studies at the White House
  127. Corporations Are Raking In Record Profits, But Workers Aren’t Seeing Much of It
  128. From Watergate to Russiagate: the Hidden Scandal of American Power
  129. Trump moves to destroy the rights of millions to overtime pay
  130. Apple to build plant in Wisconsin
  131. The gop senate just voted against 62 percent of americans on healthcare
  132. George Bush, Bill Clinton to host conversation on leadership
  133. Many Trump Voters in Denial on Russia
  134. Progress Report, Donald Trump: Failing
  135. Union leaders rethink their approach in Pa.
  136. The Russian "collusion" theory..
  137. U.n. Plan to 'replace' u.s. Population
  138. Socialized Healthcare..
  139. It is illegal & unconstitutional no matter what they re-name it!
  140. Bernie Sanders and Labor Unions Descend on Mississippi—Will Alabama Be Next?
  141. President Trump, AFL-CIO to battle over National Labor Relations Board appointments
  142. McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer
  143. Is praying for trump while he preys on the poor theological malpractice?
  144. Leadership
  145. PA Nuns Build Chapel To Block Pipleine
  146. Why Net Neutrality Is a Working-Class Issue
  147. Thanks to Trump, Workers May Soon Lose the Right to Bring Class-Action Lawsuits
  148. As Media Focuses on Russia Collusion, Trump Is Quietly Stacking the Labor Board with
  149. The $20 trillion dollar debt
  150. Shortage Of Foreign Labor Forces Maine Businesses To Hire Local Workers
  151. Trump’s Worst Collusion Isn’t With Russia — It’s With Corporations
  152. Texas aims to crack down on union due collections
  153. NLRB Nominees Expected to Undo Obama-Era Rulings
  154. Understanding the Existential Threat Trump Poses to a Beleaguered Labor Movement
  155. Big Pharma's Plot To Medicate 50 Million School Children With Dangerous Drugs
  156. Labor’s Last Chance for Solidarity
  157. Carrier payouts to drivers a target in Congress again
  158. Health Care
  159. New Jobs Report
  160. Unions weigh in on Trump’s plans to change NAFTA
  161. Is america still a nation?
  162. Trump Labor Dept. takes first step toward yanking overtime pay rule
  163. Trump Labor Dept. yanks added beryllium exposure protections
  164. Pope Francis: Labor unions are essential to society
  165. Trump Is Trying to Make NAFTA Even Worse. It’s Time to Throw Sand in the Gears.
  166. Trump nominees for labor board could nix Obama-era rules
  167. Tweet tweet Donald
  168. More Fake News
  169. The World Is Now $217,000,000,000,000 In Debt And The Global Elite Like It That Way
  170. The Age of No Privacy: The Surveillance State Shifts Into High Gear
  171. The Ironworker Running to Unseat Paul Ryan Wants Single-Payer Health Care, $15 Minimu
  172. Inmates Who Saved Gaurds Life Rewarded With Shorter Sentences
  173. House Russia investigators interview John Podesta
  174. Number of sweden’s no-go zones rises
  175. Koch brothers behind the push to kill healthcare in U.S.
  176. A movement is afoot by a United Nations-backed group
  177. The Poor Need Not Apply
  178. CNN Exposed
  179. Barack Obama makes passionate plea to save healthcare for millions
  180. CNN Is Imposing Strict New Rules On Its Russia Coverage
  181. '2 potential witnesses' in dnc-rigging lawsuit 'both died'
  182. Trump to Call for U.S. Dominance in Global Energy Production...
  183. Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators
  184. Republicans’ Obamacare repeal would be one of the biggest cuts to the social safety n
  185. Tell Your Senator Not to Gut Health Care
  186. German police raid 36 homes for 'hateful' social media posts
  187. ALEC continues churning out blueprints for right wing experiments
  188. Why Union Workers and Environmentalists Need to Work Together with Smart Protests
  189. Hillary Clinton Told FBI’s Robert Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 “Sec
  190. Politician quits post after being bullied for christian faith
  191. Now james comey, fbi sued for obstruction of justice
  192. Trump's Steel-Import Threat Prompts EU to Warn of Retaliation
  193. Critics of israel get frightful warning from charlie daniels
  194. Massive russian collusion found, but not by trump
  195. FBI Dem Party Operatives Offered Russian Hacker Bribes
  196. Texas Governor Signs Anti-Sharia Law
  197. F-16 to be Made in India
  198. 'obama people' see that refugees keep rolling in
  199. Seth rich
  200. Now u.s. Government threatens to take all your cash
  201. Horror as 250 christian kids 'kneaded in a dough mixer'
  202. The New Threat Facing Union Organizers
  203. London Terrorist Fought in Sen. McCain’s Beloved Free Syrian Army
  204. OSHA rescinds union walkaround memo
  205. DOJ to Switch Sides in SCOUS Case
  206. The Oliver Stone Interview Destroys Russophobia
  207. Amazon
  208. Are Americans Asleep
  209. Unable To Pay Bills, Illinois Telling Firms To Halt Road work
  210. Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections
  211. The Emerald Isle
  212. Robinson: Kansas learns lesson of trickle-down experiment
  213. Raymond Arroyo Interviews Pat Buchanan About Trump
  214. Eu “openly siding with terrorists”
  215. Protesters VS Trump Supporters at #MarchForTruth in Los Angeles
  216. PBS Website Will Host Blog Post on Transgender Dating
  217. Maybe Doomsday preppers aren’t so crazy after all.
  218. Trump axes obama's 'slush fund' for radical agenda
  219. U.s. Sending christians back to iraq to face 'slaughter'
  220. Mueller Stocks Staff with Dem Donors...
  221. John McCain Selling Communism In 1969
  222. Sanders: Trump has betrayed his voters; “The political revolution is on!”
  223. Trump names BP oil spill lawyer as top environmental attorney
  224. Trump to cut factory rules
  225. Trump Can Take Payments From Foreign Governments, U.S. Says
  226. 'greatest challenge the church is facing' swells worldwide
  227. Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Taking Over The Democratic Party Machine One State At A
  228. DOL Announces Reversal of Employee/Independent Contractor Classification & Joint Empl
  229. Labor Department sets repeal of ‘persuader rule’ in motion
  230. Sessions ends revenue stream for obama's lefties
  231. Another Union Challenge Awaits at Supreme Court
  232. Labor Department walks back Obama-era guidance on 'joint employers' and gig workers
  233. Sanders has religious test for christians in public office
  234. Detonating a nuke above Seoul—or L.A.—would sow chaos.
  235. DOJ: Two U.S. Citizens Arrested for Ties to Hezbollah
  236. Stunning! Senate oks u.s. Embassy in jerusalem resolution 90-to-0
  237. Trauma center drops rape victims for refugees
  238. Comey Testifies to the Senate..
  239. Obama delivers a new veiled slap at Trump as he warns – in Canada – that America coul
  240. Government Unions in the Crosshairs
  241. The unions’ dilemma in the US: Membership vs leadership
  242. NSA Leak'er identified
  243. Solar’s rise lifted these blue-collar workers. Now they’re worried about Trump
  244. White House formally backs plan to transfer air traffic control system to private cor
  245. Supreme court guns down marine who posted 'weaponized' bible verse
  246. The enemy within blows their cover once again
  247. House Republicans Revive Anti-Union Bill
  248. SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters...
  249. Department of Education IG Reveals $6 Billion In Improper Payments in 2016
  250. Infamy At Sea: Israel's Attack On The USS Liberty 50 Years Later