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  1. Legislator calls on feds to give up land ownership
  2. Hawaiian missle.alert
  3. New York City Sues Fossil Fuel Companies for 200 Years of Climate Destruction
  4. A tale of two stories.
  5. Historians find parallels between Hitler’s Nazis and today’s “alt-right”
  6. The dawn of American socialism
  7. Seattle attempts to impose morality with ridiculously high taxes on sugary drinks
  8. California's Brown Raises Prospect of Pension Cuts in Downturn
  9. Immigration agents descend on 7-Eleven stores in 17 states
  10. Trump’s policies offer plutocracy on steroids, not economic populism
  11. Republican lawmakers push to make Ohio "right to work"
  12. We’re Number One! America Leads the Way in CEO-Worker Income Gap
  13. Hypocrisy
  14. Venezuela supermarkets besieged after govt forces price cuts...
  15. “An Idiot Surrounded by Clowns”: Why Trump (Still) Sits in the White House
  16. The War on Drugs Is an Abject Failure. Jeff Sessions Just Ramped It Up.
  17. Civil rights
  18. Veteran lawyer wants to fire mueller, prosecute clintons personally
  19. Senior Hillary Adviser Tells Students He’s Nervous They Will Like The Tax Cuts And Vo
  20. End the Corruption
  21. Bernie's Tax and Infrastructure Plan
  22. Trump Administration comes out for ‘right-to-work’ in public sector
  23. NLRB Acts Swiftly to Overturn Multiple Pro-Labor Decisions From Obama Era
  24. If Corporations Get a Tax Cut, We Want a Raise
  25. Here’s Why These 3 Rank-And-File Union Members Are Running for Maryland Public Office
  26. Sussex right-to-work hearing draws crowd, reignites animosity
  27. Lawmakers push right-to-work for 2020 ballot
  28. For workers, much remains unsettled as new year begins
  29. Donald Trump promised to 'protect and fight for' American workers. Here's how that we
  30. Paid sick leave and paid family leave gained ground in 2017, but Republicans are figh
  31. Identity Politics
  32. Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?
  33. A Principle to Organize Around this Trumpian Winter: Plunder the Pentagon and Leave “
  34. UN Chief Issues 'Red Alert' For The World
  35. McLaughlin Group Returns To Airwaves In January 2018
  36. Finally Some Good News for Labor
  37. Local judge overrules Rauner on union dues, but U.S. Supreme Court case could decide
  38. Is America a "Oligarchy"
  39. Tax Bill Calculator: Will Your Taxes Go Up or Down?
  40. Trump: Police Officers and Firefighters Make Too Much Money…Hits Them wi
  41. American Workers Need Better Job Protections
  42. What we owe America’s farmworkers
  43. The Unemployment Conspiracy by BRUCE LESNICK
  44. Mexico's peso falls
  45. Trump Labor Board Could Reverse ‘Vote Blocking’ Policy Next
  46. Happy New Year, Sure, But Why Aren’t Wages Soaring? by FRANK STRICKER
  47. In Less Than A Year, Trump Has Stripped Back Workers’ Ability To Unionize
  48. Obama urges 'leaders' not to split society with online biases
  49. Unions: Workers will remember Trump tax deal in November
  50. Letter to the Editor: Paycheck ‘protection’ is more like deception
  51. CBS tax cuts
  52. Biggest change in labor policy next year could come from Supreme Court
  53. D.C. jury acquits first batch of Trump Inauguration Day protesters
  54. The biggest labor stories of 2017
  55. Harrisburg Police Shootings Were A Terror Attack
  56. About Those AT&T "Bonuses"
  57. Trump Promised to Protect Steel. Layoffs Are Coming Instead.
  58. Global FREEZE lasting 120 YEARS
  59. Needed: A Meter for Trump’s Lies Per Minute (LPM) by RALPH NADER
  60. Washington Post: Democrats Preparing to Impeach Trump if They Win Majority in 2018
  61. How Obama manipulated sensitive secret intelligence for political gain
  62. Illinois Lost 1 Resident Every 4.3 Minutes In 2017
  63. Do I Live in a Banana Republic? by KENNETH SURIN
  64. Donald Trump, Union Buster
  65. Trump To End Overtime Pay Rule For Workers
  66. Why christians are persecuted
  67. Exodus Starts: Millennials Ditch City Life
  68. Tax vote draws mostly negative reviews from labor and business
  69. Labor board burns through Obama-era rules
  70. EPA union leader: Public records request was ‘retaliation for my political activities
  71. Progressives in Democratic Party win backing for major nomination reforms
  72. Biggest Labor Stories of 2017: The Attacks From Above and the Fight From Below
  73. Trump administration: Union fees trample First Amendment
  74. Red Neck Revolt
  75. Pelosi bails on tax cut protest after only handful of activists show up
  76. Illegal Aliens Bussed To Social Sercurity Office In Memphis, Tn To Get SS#, Mexico Pa
  77. Trump labor adviser’s plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid ho
  78. “Micro-Units” Eliminated: NLRB Overturns Specialty Healthcare
  79. Trump labor adviser’s plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid ho
  80. Trump considers rolling back rules protecting coal miners from black lung disease
  81. Wisconsin, the Surveillance State
  82. Obama derailed secret fight against Hezbollah for Iran Deal...
  83. Billions of Stolen Wages Recovered
  84. History Channel Documentary: The American Mafia The Definitive Guide To The Mob
  85. Tell Mitch McConnell: Seat Senator-elect Doug Jones now
  86. Alabama unions see Doug Jones's win as a victory for organized labor
  87. Governor Signs Buy American Legislation, a Priority Issue for the New York State AFL-
  88. 'free-for-all' at u.s. Border reveals disturbing trend
  89. What Does Trump Mean by “Make America Great Again”? by RALPH NADER
  90. U.S. labor board overturns Obama-era 'joint employment' ruling
  91. The Hidden Tax Increase for Working Families in the GOP Tax Bill
  92. The Crimes Of Trump's OSHA Chief Nominee FedEx VP Scott Mugno
  93. richard-boykin-united-nations-gun-violence/
  94. Speaker ryan to step aside, leave dc
  95. Fbi agents had secret 'insurance policy' in case trump won
  96. The Koch brothers are killing the people of Crossett, Arkansas
  97. Democrats try again to repeal Right to Work law in Michigan
  98. Look who calls evangelicals 'extremist religious group'
  99. NLRB moves to roll back rule giving workers' contact information to unions
  100. Taxes on Meat Could Join Carbon and Sugar to Help Limit Emissions
  101. Berniecrats Score Another Major Win Against the Democratic Establishment
  102. Here Come the Republican Benefit Cuts
  103. Breaking: Soros bankrolls trump sexual harassment allegations
  104. Understand stakes of mueller probe? If not, read this
  105. U.s., israel, saudis working 'hand in hand' on new peace deal
  106. Unions adjust to right-to-work reality
  107. The Trump administration declares war on public sector unions.
  108. Will President Trump Last Another Year? by TED RALL
  109. Jared, Jerusalem, and Possible Jail Time by GARY LEUPP
  110. Trump's jerusalem declaration sparks talk of 3rd temple
  111. Wildfires Release as Much CO2 as Cars
  112. Trial to expose radical islamic agents embedded in u.s
  113. U.S. Sets January Push for $1 Trillion Infrastructure Revamp
  114. Trump’s FCC Is About to Bid Farewell to the Internet as We Know It
  115. New NLRB General Counsel seeks reversal of all pro-worker rulings
  116. Cnn botches another 'bombshell'
  117. Trump, Mattis turn military loose on ISIS, leaving terror caliphate in tatters
  118. Universities strive for 'Christmas'-free campuses
  119. Fbi chief grilled on tainted mueller investigator, anti-trump 'dossier'
  120. Tech giants' online censorship of christians exposed
  121. John Lennon’s Most Radical Message by JOHN W. WHITEHEAD
  122. House passes interstate concealed-carry gun bill
  123. The Republicans’ Devious Tax Attack on the People by RALPH NADER
  124. How Corporate Power Killed Democracy by RICHARD MOSER
  125. The False Slogan of Right to Work: An Attack on Worker Freedom
  126. New rule would allow restaurants to control tips earned by their workers
  127. 158 trump accomplishments in 300+ days
  128. Establishment Democrats Lack the Will to Fight the GOP Tax Plan. It’s Time for an Alt
  129. Border arrests plunge, deportation arrests soar...
  130. The Banality and Spectacle of Trump’s Leadership by RYAN LAMOTHE
  131. Trump's Labor Law Enforcer Freezes Worker-Friendly Reforms Made Under Obama
  132. Thousands protest in Utah against Trump's monument reduction plan
  133. US pulls out of UN's Global Compact on Migration
  134. Worker rights preemption in the US
  135. A President Made for a Zombie Apocalypse World by TOM ENGELHARDT
  136. NAFTA Update Conference Call
  137. STUDY: Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years
  138. Why Didn’t We Listen to this Guy?: Bernie Sanders on the GOP Tax Plan and Global Olig
  139. Disgraced Coal Baron Don Blankenship Is Running for Senate in West Virginia
  140. Bipartisan Opposition Grows Against ‘Cadillac Tax’
  141. Who is Calling the Shots in the Middle East These Days? It’s Not Trump
  142. Monetary Imperialism by MICHAEL HUDSON
  143. Obama to meet with world leaders
  144. This week in history: Americans United for Separation of Church and State founded
  145. The Pope May Speak About Climate Justice, But in L.A., the Church Leases Land to an O
  146. After the Keystone XL Approval, Here’s What’s Next for the Climate Movement
  147. Congress poised to jam through reauthorization of mass surveillance
  148. OPEC’s Clash With U.S. Oil Is Nearing Its Day of Reckoning
  149. church 'pressured to end meals for the homeless
  150. This City Hall, brought to you by Amazon
  151. How Bill Clinton Remade the Democratic Party by Abandoning Unions
  152. Unless You’re Rich, the Economy Is Not Working for You. And the GOP Tax Plan Will Onl
  153. Will a Corporate Tax Cut Lift Worker Pay? A Union Wants It in Writing
  154. 14th District Democrats lash out at ‘right-to-work’
  155. George Soros’s $18 Billion Tax Shelter
  156. Defector Reveals How Orphaned North Koreans Survived The Great Famine
  157. Church of Sweden to stop clergy calling God 'he' or 'the Lord' in bid to crack down o
  158. Egypt: Hundreds dead as mosque attackers gun down fleeing worshipers
  159. saudi us ties
  160. Will a Corporate Tax Cut Lift Worker Pay? A Union Wants It in Writing.
  161. Republican Tax Cuts: You’re Right, They’re Not About Economic Growth or Lifting Worki
  162. Doj won’t block $600 million cia contract to amazon.com – why?
  163. It's not 'genital mutilation,' says muslim doctor's lawyer
  164. Trump Labor Secretary Acosta defends rules cuts, GOP tax plan
  165. Bernie Sanders Is Now Backing Randy Bryce—Which Could Be Very Bad News for Paul Ryan
  166. Israel Gives Official Confirmation Of Covert Ties With Saudi Arabia
  167. Walmart Nation: Mapping the Largest Employers in the U.S.
  168. Clinton mega-donor dies of gunshot wound to head
  169. Devil worship comes to national mall in d.c.
  170. Assertions, Facts and CNN
  171. 5 facts you may not know about the pilgrims
  172. Absentee fathers a national crisis
  173. College Calls Police On Student Who Said 'Tranny' On Radio...
  174. Down Might Be Worse Than Out: The Right's strategy for undermining unions may be a s
  175. Winners and losers in the tax bill that passed the House
  176. Impeach trump: Sign the petition
  177. country music single takes aim at kneeling during National Anthem
  178. Hillary still on the blame tour
  179. House Republicans Throw Trillions of Dollars at Millionaires and Corporations, Hope N
  180. Statement of New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento on Passage of the House T
  181. How the Labor Movement Can Win Under National ‘Right to Work’
  182. Judge Moore
  183. Woman Accuses AL Franken of Molesting Her During USO Tour
  184. Fight for $15 Just Scored a Big Win in Maryland. We Have Unions to Thank.
  185. Are Americans Asleep Like the Germans Were With Hitler?
  186. Eyewitnesses Accounts Contradict Media’s LAS VEGAS Narrative!
  187. Financial Tyranny: ‘We the People’ Are the New Permanent Underclass in America
  188. City threatens grandfather for reading bible without a permit
  189. Ice officers: Obama holdovers controlling immigration
  190. U.s. Yogurt billionaire expands plant to hire more foreign refugees
  191. Warning: N. Korea mapping specific plan for 'devastating' emp
  192. Trump’s New Labor Prosecutor Could Undo Obama-Era Union Wins In A Big Way
  194. You've all lost your mind
  195. A Year Without A President
  196. Jerry Brown Lashes Out at COP23 Climate Protesters: “Let’s Put You in the Ground”
  197. Judge: Paid voting leave for nm workers extends to local elections
  198. New law to ban inquires into salary history
  199. Muslim Sikh Mayor Abolishes Christmas In Hoboken To Respect Other Religions
  200. Poland Tells Young People To 'Breed Like Rabbits' To Raise Birth Rate
  201. Republicans put union-busting lawyer in charge of enforcing labor law
  202. NAFTA forced millions out of Mexico and into the U.S.
  203. Veterans to lose big time if Trump tax plan passes
  204. Why billionaires destroy jobs
  205. Mainstream economists whitewashed evils of communism
  206. Moore Tries to Combat Allegations—And Makes Things Worse
  207. Trial to expose radical islamic agents embedded in u.s.
  208. Joint Employer bill: Republicans say nobody’s responsible for wage theft
  209. Medicaid: It Could Hold the Key to Better Health for Those Living Life on the Financi
  210. California naacp wants to remove ‘racist’ star-spangled banner
  211. Labor ramps up campaign against Trump tax cut for the rich
  212. Why Trump can't strike a trade deal for American workers
  213. Republicans Defeat the ‘Stop Outsourcing of American Jobs’ Amendment
  214. Workers are Big Winners in This Election
  215. Does Labor Have a Death Wish?
  216. Battle over censoring bible has clear winner
  217. Growing homeless camps contrast with West Coast tech wealth
  218. Murphy rallies Teamsters to get out vote, pledges support to union
  219. The Fabric Of A Community Frays Under Trump
  220. case closed
  221. Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump
  222. Dem leaders unveil pro-workers’ rights agenda, to union praise
  223. The NFL and the kneelers
  224. Problems of the Super-Rich by LAWRENCE WITTNER
  225. Federal Court: WWI Memorial Cross Must Be Torn Down
  226. Terror attack in NYC
  227. BUCHANAN: The plot to destroy Trump...
  228. You've been fooled! 'elixir of life' is no scary toxin
  229. Trump move could 'save christianity in cradle of christendom'
  230. The Harmful Effects Of Antifa
  231. George washington’s own church is removing a plaque in his honor
  232. Petition tells congress: Build the wall!
  233. It's Trump's Party Now
  234. Yale ‘decolonizes’ English dept. after complaints studying white authors ‘actively ha
  235. Top 20% pay 95% of taxes, middle class 'single digits'
  236. The Coming Russia Bombshells
  237. Decoding Donald by DAVID KRIEGER
  238. Amid Puerto Rico’s Water Crisis, Unions Step In Where Trump Is Failing
  239. Elites move to sacrifice clintons just like weinstein
  240. The media to jeff flake: Great speech, now can you help us impeach trump? [montage]
  241. Clinton, dnc paid for dirt; russian dossier
  242. National debt
  243. Dems Calling Psychologists To Talk About Trump Mental Health...
  244. Getting ready for “right to work” nightmare nation
  245. Tom Trotter – AFL-CIO – The Middle Class Pays When Tax Cuts For The Rich Happen
  246. AFL-CIO declares jury is in: Trump is not keeping his promises
  247. State governments increasingly pre-empting local attempts to improve labor conditions
  248. Is Liberalism A Dying Faith?
  249. Rachel Maddow,out of touch
  250. JFK assassination: Trump to allow release of classified documents