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  1. Sick pay qualifications
  2. abf layoff
  3. ABF pay 90% to former teamster's?
  4. Service to the Dominican Republic
  5. our white paper
  6. Happy new year!
  7. The Best: ABF Teamsters Say No
  8. Act of god!
  9. ABF Western COO 12-18-2010
  10. Who is to blame that ABF is not part of the NMFA?
  11. Western COO?
  12. Arkansas Best Corp./DE/ Files Sec. form 8-K change in directors or principle officers
  13. ABF lawsuit dismissed
  14. ABF driver to recieve award
  15. What do you think
  16. The IBT vs ABF
  17. Albuquerque electronic heist an inside job
  18. ABF Says Teamsters Suggested Buyout of YRC
  19. Arkansas Best Trading Higher on 1x Above-Average Volume
  20. Longevity choice
  21. tyson johnson letter to abf employee
  22. abf not a part of NMFA per YRC management
  23. Smartrend detects continued buying pressure in shares of arkansas best
  24. ABF intends to press lawsuit against IBT
  25. ABF's 'Lost' Profit
  26. ABF Freight System, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters et al
  27. Where is this company going?
  28. Judy's Frustrated with the ABF Teamsters
  29. A little riddle....
  30. Arkansas Best Corporation Announces Improved Third Quarter 2010 Results
  31. Attention every member of this forum.
  32. abflegalaction.com
  33. Abf is suing yrc and the teamsters
  34. 2013 negotiations
  35. Arkansas Best Corporation Declares a $0.03/Share Quarterly Dividend
  36. Jockey Wagons
  37. Arkansas Best: The Trend Continues Higher
  38. Top 5 Companies in the Trucking Industry With the Best Relative Performance
  39. Betting Big on Small Industrials
  40. Casuals
  41. Arkansas Best Corporation Announces Its Third Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference Call
  42. ATA Honors ABF Safety
  43. Tyson Trust Poll
  45. The Vote heard around the freight world
  46. Heres a present from UPS Freight to all you frogs at ABF!
  47. ABF To Raise LTL Truck Rates 5.9 Percent
  48. Piper Jaffray Previewing Ground Transport Q3 Earnings (ABFS)
  49. Appreciate Your Truckdriver Week
  50. Relatively Good Performance Detected in Shares of Arkansas Best in the Trucking Indus
  51. Recall rights
  52. ABF Gains Require Wage Cuts/Pension Reform
  53. ABF Talks with Teamsters, Lobbies Congress
  54. Stifel Nicolaus Puts ABF From Hold To Buy
  55. Traffic Camera
  56. Can you imagine
  57. change of operation
  58. Help settle an argument
  59. ABF Tops Estimates
  60. Marten Transport Ltd. Beats Analyst Expectations; MRTN, JBHT, ABFS
  61. Arkansas Best Corporation Announces Improved Second Quarter 2010 Results
  62. something to chew
  63. Help needed!!!
  64. Arkansas Best Corporation Announces Its Second Quarter 2010 Earnings Conference Call
  65. Menges v. ABF
  66. Slow ? No Work?
  67. City Pickups
  68. Closing Terminal
  69. Coo
  70. Ouch!!!
  71. Question on making seniority.
  72. Rumors
  73. ABF Listed by Inbound Logistics as a Green 50 Supply Chain Partner
  74. Careless Driving ticket for taking down a phone line?
  75. Casual employees being hired
  76. ?mileage pay for personal vehicle used
  77. ABFS Rises: Baird Raises to Neutral, $26 Target
  78. Arkansas Best Corp. Promotes Michael Newcity To CFO
  79. Laid off Mechanics?
  80. Stocks Drop
  81. ABF Job Security Plan Vote Count by Local Union
  82. When did ABF Freight Drivers start wearing Tie's?
  83. TCA Honors John Boyd as a Highway Angel
  84. Credibility gap
  85. ABF Freight Teamsters Reject Plan to Protect Jobs, Benefits
  86. ABF Vote Results----No!
  87. Feeling the confidence
  88. MULER Has been Given Permission To Be Present At The Vote Count
  89. Casual Pay Rate
  90. ABF Vote Predictions
  91. Question about the vote?
  92. I will Stand by No Vote
  93. To the ABF Teamster that wants to vote Yes
  94. Ballots
  95. ABF and all TEAMSTERS need to be fighting the same fight
  96. Thread for the DAMNED
  97. Meeting With The Bosses
  98. Hoffa and ABF
  99. Fax to Teamstersonline.com concerning ABF
  100. Another side to the story
  101. ABF Freight Update
  102. ABF and Euphemisms
  103. NASSTRAC Names ABF National LTL Carrier of the Year for 2010
  104. Splain this
  105. Terminal Visits
  106. unhappy worker I guess?
  107. Conference Call!!
  108. Anonymous fax sent to teamstersonline.com
  109. Arkansas Best Corp. Enters Red
  110. Meetings
  111. Arkansas Best Q1 loss wider than expected
  112. Tyson Johnson transcript????
  113. TeamstersOnline ABF Concession Discussions
  114. Fleetowner: ABF wage cuts
  115. Marketing Partners
  116. The ABF 15 page proposed Memorandum
  117. Concerned Teamster
  118. Freight Leaders Overwhelmingly Endorse Economic Relief Plan
  119. ABF Teamsters to Vote on 15% Cut
  120. ABF, Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement
  121. ABF, Teamsters Agree to 15 Percent Wage Cut
  122. two-man courage
  123. tentative reached
  124. The ducks are all lined up
  125. Any positive news.......like getting busier??
  126. Looking
  127. Meetings will address ABF's request for economic relief
  128. Talks With ABF to Resume Monday
  129. Teamsters, ABF to begin contract talks today
  130. Will John Shulz's prediction come true?
  131. Teamsters To Start Negotiations With ABF Thursday, April 8
  132. Was the economy bad in 2007?
  133. Arkansas Best, Baldor, USA Truck see quarterly stock gains
  134. Arkansas Trucking Report profiles new Arkansas Best CEO
  135. Could ABF be hiding profits??????
  136. Very interesting article
  137. Inforoundtable.
  138. Coalition Presses Congress for Pension Relief
  139. Letters To Help Clarify Company Executive-Pay Issue
  140. Union To Gather Information This Week
  141. Concessions: Why Not Dump the Car?
  142. ABF Concessions: What Protections for Teamsters?
  143. ABF Concession poll
  144. Abf Poll to Show Ibt How We Feel
  145. New hire pay scale?
  146. Miami Driver Killed
  147. ABF Unity
  148. who would have thought.
  149. ABF, Teamsters to Meet for 'Dialogue'
  150. Another losing quarter
  151. ABF to Pay $64 Million Goodwill Charge
  152. need help from a steward
  153. Is ABF going to need a MOU also now?
  154. Arkansas Best Corporation History
  155. How it really should be!
  156. Who Will Be Paying the "Cadillac Tax"?
  157. Would you trust the IBT
  158. Either the Teamsters or ABF Freight System is Lying. Maybe Both.
  159. Arkansas Best Sets Salaries for New Leaders
  160. Teamsters, ABF Not In Concession Talks
  161. Trucker ABF, Teamsters in Concession Talks
  162. ABF named one of ‘Best Companies to Sell For’
  163. Another rumor
  164. Dear ABF Brothers,
  165. Arkansas Best Corp. Q3 2009 Earnings Call Transcript
  166. A first
  167. Arkansas Best Corporation CEO Robert A. Davidson to Retire
  168. ABF Conference Call Oct 21 2009
  169. Vacation Time
  170. # of road drivers and locations
  171. Hvxp work or road drivers work
  172. Time Frame
  173. Jobs in the Carisle PA area?
  174. ABF Wage cut poll
  175. YRC Worldwide's Woes a Benefit to Arkansas Best LTL Unit
  176. ABF in Talks with Teamsters
  177. Ooops
  178. Beware Don't be fooled.
  179. Will be hearing something soon
  180. Me To???
  181. This needs some explaining!
  182. What will ABF ask for.
  183. Concessions are coming!
  184. How can Tyson keep ABF request a secret?
  185. Arkansas Best loses $15.4 million in second quarter
  186. What does this mean to us
  187. Who was the driver ?
  188. Arkansas Best Corporation Announces Its Second Quarter 2009 Earnings Conference Call
  189. Form 8-K for ARKANSAS BEST CORP /DE/
  190. Is Tonnage Improving at ABF?
  191. Did ABF pay your benefits?
  192. Arkansas Best Corporation - A Wax Ink Raw Value Report
  193. Seasonal Tonnage Improvement
  194. Arkansas Best Corporation to Appear at the Wolfe Research Global Transportation Confe
  195. 051 WNS Driver Killed
  196. Salary cuts deep at USA Truck, Arkansas Best
  197. for what it's worth....
  198. 25% overtime rule
  199. ABF Consolidation: Change of Operations
  200. ABF Freight System's Latest Change of Operations: Harbinger of YRC Unit Acquisition?
  201. ABF to buy carriers?
  202. Trucker loses $18.16 million
  203. Any layoff's at ABF
  204. Unemployment benifits
  205. Location Updates
  206. fired for just cause
  207. Grievances
  208. How is Seattle ABF doing?
  209. Arkansas Best Corporation Announces 4th Quarter and Full Year 2008 Results
  210. laid off yet there still calling us to come to work
  211. ABF U-Pack a good idea?
  212. Frogs how would you vote
  213. UE lay-off
  214. The Rhetoric Continues, When Will It Stop?
  215. Arkansas Best Freight's biggest competitor on brink of bankruptcy
  216. ABF Eyes Wage Cuts
  217. ME TOO
  218. How Long Before ABF Asks For Concessions?
  219. ABF Reports 3rd Quarter 2008 Operating Ratio of 94.7
  220. ABF Greatly Expands Next-Day and Second-Day Service Through Regional Network
  221. Carlisle
  222. My Friend
  223. 19 ABF State Driving Champions to Compete in National Truck Driving Championships
  224. How much do they make?
  225. Wesley B. Kemp Named ABF President and COO
  226. ABF Reports 94.7 Operating Ratio for 2nd Quarter 2008
  227. whats up with this?
  228. Rate your TM from a scale of 1 to 10
  229. Abf coo
  230. "blown away"
  231. ABF Will Carry Mail
  232. Proposed ABF COO For June 2008 Online
  233. just wondering........
  234. Nmfa ???
  235. I'm Impressed
  236. Winross ABF Retirement set on ebay.
  237. It's only fitting that our leader sings an opening song to our new forum:
  238. Hey Frogs sound off here!!!!