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  1. What Do You Know About Reno NV Service Center?
  2. I Think We Are Done Here!
  3. What About This I-9 Request?
  4. Deputy strikes UPS truck
  5. Thank-You Teamster!
  6. UPS Makes it Easier for Customers to Utilize LTL Freight Tools
  7. UPS Donates $1 Million to Haitian Earthquake Relief
  8. UPS Deploys 245 New "Green" Trucks
  9. For UPS, NASCAR Means Business
  10. UPS and Honeywell Set Stage for Next High-Tech Handheld for UPS Drivers
  11. United Parcel Service supports the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women throug
  12. UPS Adds 101 Locations in China to World's Largest Service Parts Logistics Network
  13. NREL Evaluates UPS Hybrid-Electric Van Performance
  14. UPS 4th Quarter Earnings to Exceed Initial Guidance
  15. UPS Freight Announces 2010 Rate Adjustment
  16. XTRA Boards & Fill-in's... Further Expansion of the 90/10
  17. Canceled / Laid-off - Call In?
  18. Canceled - 90%
  19. Latest BS - 90/10
  20. Seven rules for just cause.
  21. 2010 National Grievance Panels Set for UPS and UPS Freight
  22. Seeking local contacts
  23. Memphis may be going to a 1 board seniority
  24. STEWARDS don't know it all!!!
  25. UPS Freight Is Evolving--Maybe
  26. Subcontracting and the TDU
  27. Two questions
  28. UPS Donates $1 Million to Haitian Earthquake Relief
  29. This is why the IBT is Losing!
  30. When can you refuse a work order?
  31. Operational Issue = Recipe For Disaster
  32. Did We Get Work Rules AND No One Told Me?
  33. UPS to cut 1800 jobs.............
  34. Company seniority..........
  35. Is Your Tractor Being Repaired?
  36. Any info on the arbitration.........
  37. General Operation Questions
  38. MTY Miles
  39. You Might Want To Read These-Could Be Important
  40. Transfer
  41. 2010 Is The Year Of The Tiger..So What You Going To Do?
  42. AND What About The Zone Drivers?
  43. UPS Freight Truckload News
  44. Merry Christmas!
  45. Latest New Hires?
  46. Turkey Vouchers
  47. Payroll Mistake - Overpayment
  48. No work rules?
  49. Freight died down this week
  50. Articles that need to be changed
  51. Safety First or Freight First?
  52. 15 Fontana Layoffs... Gotta Question
  53. WPB- FLL to be a little merged 01 -25-10
  54. Company holidays for 2010?
  55. Stoughton Trucking is delivering 300 (+/-) Brand New UPS Freight Pups to SOH & MEM
  56. UPS was never going to offer any resistance towards organizing UPS Freight!
  57. New Rules apperently for 2010
  58. Warning For All UPS Freight Members
  59. UPS Freight Teamsters Need More from the IBT
  60. Protecting your bid start time
  61. What Do You Think About The TDU?
  62. No More White Paper In Chicago
  63. What is your most grieved issue?
  64. It's simple...............
  65. Happy Thanksgiving!
  66. Stand up for your rights
  67. What I Heard At The Hall Today Regarding Articles 43/44
  68. Diad microphones?
  69. Anyone Going To Midwest Regional Grievance Hearings
  70. Do You Have Parcel Spies At Your Barn?
  71. What Do You Make Of This?
  72. A funeral note?
  73. Please welcome NikDiesel as The UPSF forums Mod
  74. Sleep Apnia?
  75. Work a Holiday and get Paid What - Straight Time or Time and One Half?
  76. Chatroom
  77. How Long Should It Take To Bid?
  78. We Are Getting Paid For Our 8 Hour Days, Are You?
  79. UPS Freight National Grievance 10/14/09 - 10/16/09
  80. Subcontracting & Rail
  81. We Need to Invite Some More UPS Freight Employee's to this Site!
  82. You are the Union!
  83. Heres' An Idea--Not That The Company Will Do It.
  84. All Full-Time Employee's Are to have a Bid to Bid Into!
  85. has anybody heard latest rumor from harrisburg
  86. Sound off... Where do you work?
  87. Terminal Managers
  88. More Runs To Be Cut?
  89. Seniority confusion
  90. Video Surveillance in the Workplace
  91. O' How Have Things < Have Not > Changed!
  92. Laydown Runs?
  93. GET READY FOR 2013 Brothers & Sisters
  94. Tell Me Something Brothers & Sisters?
  95. Teamsters Contract Article 5 Company Seniority
  96. Organize Fedx
  97. Who gets the work first?
  98. get my seniority like the contract says
  99. FedEx Freight - Another Missed Opportunity... Maybe?
  100. Warning - Activation of GPS Units in DIAD's
  101. UPS Freight Workers in Kansas, Maryland Vote Unanimously to Ratify Contract
  102. ( Fill in the Blank) Driver Says UPS Freight is Going Out of Business!
  103. It's Time to Start Eliminating the Rats & Scumbags From UPSF!
  104. Would The Company Do This and Why?
  105. Regional Freight
  106. UPGF To Lose MOPAR Dealer Freight
  107. Only 50 hold outs!
  108. New ruling from the southern regional panel
  109. When is the real UPS going to show it's face?
  110. Dump the United way donations, until the contract is followed!
  111. Help Me Understand Why?
  112. A sad, but true statement.
  113. (?) Bankruptcy
  114. What stewards have gone to a Grievance panel hearing?
  115. Road Driver - Ad-Hoc
  116. Any new layoffs?
  117. APB for NikDiesel
  118. Southern region in turmoil
  119. UPSF dragging there feet about grievances?
  120. Need info
  121. Teamsters brotherhood bull!!!!!!!!
  122. Whats our union dues for?
  123. Lack of work
  124. Vacations and the lastest M.O.U.
  125. P&D drivers keep eyes on Truck Load
  126. We don't have missed pick ups! We just delete them!
  127. what's the point of all these bring back codes?
  128. start time and dress code
  129. Casual
  130. Daily layoff?
  131. Being a casual does not = full time hours
  132. Road Bids - XTRA Board & Fill-ins
  133. An old vetern has come, welcome Accelerator!
  134. What works best?
  135. Grievance
  136. There is nothing better than a grievance hearing.
  137. On line job applications
  138. Simple seniority!
  139. Got a pre hearing this week
  140. Short End of the Stick... For Now!
  141. Welcome to Teamstersonline
  142. Road driver dock
  143. UPS socked with $100 million overtime lawsuit
  144. Payroll
  145. Looks like some free money?
  146. Jack knifing rear trailer behind dollie
  147. Point of infraction,
  148. start time and dress code?
  149. July 2013
  150. It's Official - New England Loses < ALL > Harrisburg, PA - Layover Runs!
  151. Ruling on Vacations at NP.
  152. Teamsters local asks UPS mechanics for strike vote
  153. One issue at a time.
  154. Local 63 victory!
  155. UPS letters lobby senators
  156. Busting the nut on this Ad/hoc nonsense!
  157. FedEx, UPS face off over labor-law fix
  158. Sales
  159. Plan Sponsors $811 million to go into UPS plans
  160. RLA Letter writing? On paid time?
  161. Enforcing the 90%
  162. Teamster deal may avert UPS layoffs
  163. Team runs
  164. Why All UPS Teamsters Should Care About The Central States Pension Fund
  165. UPSers Sign Petition to Protect Full-Time Jobs
  166. City runs
  167. Pennsauken nj
  168. How many hours are you Seattle guys getting?
  169. Hiring in Seattle?
  170. Top Rates in The UPS Freight Contract
  171. Floater and Discretionary days ?
  172. Holiday pay at... UPS Freight
  173. fill in drivers
  174. Classification Seniority??
  175. UPS Freight Improves Transit Times
  176. UPS Freight Workers in California, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia Sign Cards
  177. UPS Freight Improves Transit Times from Southeast
  178. Racking up Organizing Wins at UPS Freight
  179. BNA Daily Labor Report: 9,900 UPS Freight Workers Joining under New Agreement
  180. UPSF contract growing pains---
  181. Welcome UPSFreight to the Teamsters
  182. Upsf contract ratification