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  1. Ups freight teamster joins elite program to promote industry
  2. Change of Operations
  3. UPS Driver Shot, Killed
  4. UPS lays off 150 workers at UPS freight hdqrs.
  5. Road steward elections
  6. Wadda Ya Say?
  7. Local 710 Settles All Outstanding Grievances at UPS Freight South Holland
  8. Pennsylvania UPS Shipping Facility Fighting Teamsters Unionization
  9. 2016 Vacation selection
  10. Dockworker pay scale?
  11. UPS Honors New Mexico Drivers for 25 Years of Safe Driving
  12. New Trucks!
  13. How UPS gains from law eroding pension protection
  14. Discretionary Days
  15. James R. Earls has re-released his book"The Big Brown Lie"
  16. UPS Freight to make density-based rates available to all customers by year's end
  17. Need Some Directon or Ideas Here To Protect A Brothers' Job
  18. Local union wins organization vote at con way
  19. RDO and TM is south east canned
  20. Heads May Be Rolling At South Holland
  21. Looking for some information on the Bethlehem Pa terminal Stoke Park Road - New Hire
  23. New Rumor or deja vu
  24. UPS Drivers Fired for Protesting?
  25. Local 710 UPS Teamsters Say NO?
  26. EEOC Can Contest UPS Return-to-Work Rule As Illegal Qualification Standard Under ADA
  27. Local Cartage Subcontracting??
  28. It's Official!
  29. Post your local vote results here
  30. Going Down
  31. Lipstick on a pig,..................
  32. 12 Vehicle Pileup On I-278 (Staten Island Expressway)
  33. UPS Freight Teamsters: Fed up with Hoffa-Hall?
  34. UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters ‘Vote NO’?
  35. Something is REALLY Wrong with UPS, and it's Far Worse Than the Media is Reporting?
  36. UPS Freight Retirement
  37. Merry Christmas!
  38. UPS Freight to Meet Jan. 6?
  39. A Deal with UPS Freight and a Quickie Vote?
  40. If You Don't Learn From HIstory...
  41. UPSFers
  42. UPS Driver Has Driven 7 Million Miles Without Ever Having An Accident (Knock On Wood)
  43. seeking more help
  44. stewards and alternates
  45. seeking help
  46. Hoffa and Hall Walk Away From UPS Freight Teamsters
  47. "vote no"
  48. "Regulation was the best thing that ever happened for trucking" J. Harwood Cochrane
  49. Checklist for UPSF management
  50. From Horse and Wagon to Overnite Transportation
  51. Terminal opening
  52. UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance
  53. UPS Freight to Open Indianapolis Facility
  54. UPS Freight Negotiations Update
  55. Freight Teamster on face book
  56. Teamsters Announce UPS Freight Contract Extension
  57. Back to bargaining for UPS in its thorny parcel, freight contracts
  58. UPS Freight: IBT Disappears as Management Threatens
  59. IBT to UPS Freight Teamsters: The Sound of Silence
  60. UPSers Conference Call!
  61. UPS Freight conference call!
  62. Unofficial contract vote results
  63. UPS Freight National Contract Rejected!
  64. Vote Count For UPS, UPS Freight Contracts Set To Begin
  65. Instructions on how to vote!
  66. UPS Ballot Screwup & How to Get Your Vote Counted
  67. UPS Freight Announces 2013 Rate Adjustment
  68. Vote NO and WHY!! updated
  69. Vote NO and WHY!!
  70. Vote no
  71. Vote no on this contract!
  72. UPSF Tentative Agreement
  73. Conference call???
  74. UPSF Teamsters
  75. All UPS and UPS Freight Local Unions
  76. Health Care Cost?
  77. TM caught delivering frt out of his P/U truck
  78. UPS driver named Minnesota's Driver of the Year
  79. Chicago Area UPS Freighters--LOOK
  80. UPS Freight Members Launch Petition Campaign
  81. A petition for a better contract
  82. This Place Is So Stupid It Makes Forrest Gump Look Like Einstein!
  83. Vacation Bids
  84. Ups freight subcontractor arbitration ruling: Denied!
  85. Central Region Teamsters UPS Freight Grievance Committee Discharge Decisions 12/2012
  86. UPS Freight Bargaining Recesses until November 12
  87. I pulled this out of a trailer today
  88. Local management has NO class..
  89. First Round Of UPS Freight Negotiations Wrap Up With Progress
  90. UPS Freight Contract Negotiations
  91. Out with the old! In with the new!
  92. UPS tests its Olympic mettle
  93. arbitration update
  94. UPS Freight Announces 2012 Rate Adjustment
  95. LTL Q&A with UPS Freight President Jack Holmes
  96. New equipment
  97. Skin Cancer
  98. UPS Freight Clerks and Agreement
  99. UPS Freight hiring?
  100. UPS Freight Clerks Tentative Agreement
  101. Shoe Shine Station
  102. Senority
  103. Officers and UPS driver roust families from burning Baldwinsville building
  104. Will UPS Freight Teamsters Ever Win a Grievance?
  105. UPS adds 1,235 safe drivers to Circle of Honor
  106. UPS recognized for summer jobs commitment
  107. Attention West Coast UPS FREIGHTERS!
  108. Announcing UPSFreightTalk.org
  109. UPS Freight Nat'l Grievance Panel Docket
  110. UPS Freight Teamsters: Losing Patience, Getting Organized
  111. Air Cartage merge w/Ground Freight
  112. UPS announces 120 grants totaling $6M to nonprofits worldwide
  113. UPS truck driver killed in rollover
  114. Semi Overturns On Wet Highway In OKC
  115. part time, not working
  116. UPS Freight Subcontracting Arbitration Delayed—Again!
  117. Driver Killed
  118. Organizing for the 2013 contract
  119. Routes
  120. UPS Announces 4.9 Percent 2012 Rate Hike
  121. Dirty Union Steward
  122. Union Steward
  123. UPS Projects Late 6 Percent Surge in Holiday Shipments
  124. UPS Freight rolls out online pickup notification service
  125. UPS Profits Driven by UPS Freight
  126. What is the load quality like at your dock?
  127. Company paying for lumper service
  128. Arbitration/Contractors
  129. Layoffs At Indy 61
  130. What Excuse Will They Use This Time?
  131. TM in Knoxville
  132. Grievance docket question
  133. M.o.u.
  134. South Holland Looks Like A Truck Stop!
  135. Layoff Clarification needed
  136. More Bad News For South Holland
  137. Road Runs
  138. Need to know
  139. adhoc
  140. Underemployment Benefits
  141. Color me suprised!
  142. Serious Change Of Operations Proposed For South Holland
  143. UPSF Grievance docket
  144. UPS Freight Clerks At Five Terminals Join Teamsters
  145. What happens to the laid-off road drivers?
  146. arbitration
  147. ups freight who are we supporting for general president
  148. UPS Freight Increases Sales 19 Percent
  149. UPS still 'In Love with Hoffa'
  150. I Think We Are Being Played For Fools!
  151. I made it!!!!!!!!!!
  152. UPS Freight latest rumors
  153. Owner operator linehaul
  154. Bids
  155. House Cleaning At South Holland
  156. It's been lonely and quiet!
  157. UPS Health and Welfare - Summary Plan Description pages 1-17
  158. arbitration
  159. union help
  160. Changing Start Times
  161. Two Jobs??
  162. 5/5/2011
  163. Don't Know If You Are Aware Of This
  164. A new way for UPS Freight to srew the driver
  165. New Dock Plan At South Holland
  166. About The New Safety Program
  167. Does Your Dock Install/Remove Haz-Mat Placards?
  168. So called Budwiser trailers
  169. Driver Terminated For Personal Issue--will he get his job back?
  170. company seniority
  171. Tip bars on pup trailers
  172. Bad Accident
  173. 2011 March UPS Freight Minutes
  174. UPS/IBT Full-Time Employee Pension Plan
  175. driver terminated for parking after his 14 th hr
  176. We Are Down For 2 Nights
  177. Local 63 on strike?
  178. Anything On The Arbitration?
  179. Legit Bid description
  180. Job postings
  181. Mandatory days?
  182. About The Pension/401K Plan
  183. As The Runs Fall
  184. Vacation Day blackouts
  185. Winter holidays
  186. Subcontracting grievance win
  187. 12-14-2010 Is Coming Soon
  188. Physicals
  189. New Tractors Recalled
  190. Extra Work
  191. Bingo
  192. South Holland Gets New Tractors
  193. UPS Retirement Plan Statements
  194. competing website
  195. Can Hoffa and Hall Win Subcontracting Grievances?
  196. General operations of our business
  197. UPS National Grievence Decisions and Dockets
  198. New Eqiupment
  199. UPS Freight is making money!
  200. Uniforms
  201. Companys resposibilities
  202. Shake up in Miami office
  203. Dash Cameras
  204. UPS Is Strange?
  205. Ups to deliver
  206. Rental Equipment
  207. Red Circled Dock Workers
  208. Management moves
  209. Welcome StJay as MOD of the UPSF Forum.
  210. Dolly Only?
  211. Mini-Hubs & Driver Fatigue
  212. UPS Freight
  213. Commercial
  214. FYI a new UPS warning letter
  215. UPSF Paid Holidays
  216. UPS Logistics TV Spot
  217. Bids
  218. Warning Letters
  219. New Uniforms
  220. Being treated like animals
  221. Pay rate for UPS Freight new hires
  222. Lack Of Equipment Concerns
  223. what is formula for calculating our pension?
  224. Ups freight agreement
  225. New Road Driver Questions Please Help!!
  226. E.s.s
  227. What has the union done for us?
  228. Are You Ready To Leave UPS Freight?
  229. A step in the right direction thread
  230. New Equipment
  231. Contract
  232. Clerks going Union
  233. So You Win A Grievance & The Company Refuses To Pay--Now What?
  234. I'm Back AND I'm UnHappy-Surprise!
  235. If A Run Gets Cut & Given To An Outside Contractor What Happens Next?
  236. When things go wrong....
  237. What to do?
  238. Today's The Big Day!
  239. How the 24th will play out....
  240. Somebody says that there is some big announcement coming?
  241. Dishonesty
  242. Strategy and tactics.
  243. Less than 2 weeks for the contractor arbitration case.
  244. Dem Teamster Women Are Tough Broads!
  245. Yellow Vests!!!
  246. Forgeing our signatures
  247. No united way donations for ups freight
  248. Casuals top pay?
  249. Local 533 union treasurer charged with stealing
  250. UPS and Teamsters