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  1. How is the west coast holding out in this merger?
  2. YRC inc. Fueling Trucks
  3. Brand new layoffs in Seattle March 2009
  4. YRCW Plan Documents For Freight Membersí Review
  5. YRC Worldwide stock jumps on expectation of improved second quarter
  6. Make YRC #1 working as a Team !
  7. Way to save some money while layed off
  8. YRC is back in the freight business
  9. YRC Worldwide Successfully Integrates National Networks
  10. YRC finishes integration of Yellow, Roadway networks
  11. Good Day At Roadway (YRC) Seattle
  12. Worked or first day after the merger
  13. YRC New ID (BADGE)
  14. HI ALL! Newbe here 1st Post
  15. Reassignment Language article 42 section 6
  16. Zollars is selling some stock!!!
  17. Last day in the long history of Yellow and Roadway.
  18. Surplus of supervisors
  19. YRC History
  20. Bids
  21. YRC working with ESTES?
  22. Brotherhood.
  23. Local 71 President in Charlotte, NC is doing something that is not cool at all.
  24. Does anyone know where the contract is?
  25. 211 to 218 road driver orientation
  26. YRC Worldwide Further Enhances Financial Position
  27. Laid off and watching others move in!!!!!
  28. yrc is on shaky ground!!!
  29. Where did you bid
  30. Shanghai Jiayu Logistics
  31. is roadway creating jobs for managemet??
  32. Gaining Locations In COO POOL BID
  33. YRC Worldwide details amended credit facility
  34. Coo utility decision
  35. Yrc coo decision
  36. Important Pool Bid Info
  37. The switch from Medco to CVS.
  38. YRC COO National Pool Bid Location Only
  39. Uniforms...
  40. Phone bid feb 16th
  41. YRC finalizes credit amendment
  42. Question about seniority date
  43. follow work, richmond va
  44. yrc coo changes!!!
  45. YRC Worldwide trying to contain costs
  46. Why this YRC COO is so messed up.
  47. If you are in lay off at a loosing location.
  48. Seen any trucks or trailers with the new logo??
  49. Seniority List is up in Richmond, Va
  50. New YRC Website
  51. Scab signs a complaint and sends it to the IBT.
  52. CEO says YRC will have enough cash to survive grim times
  53. COO Bidding Procedures
  54. YRC Worldwide, Inc. Q4 2008 Earnings Call Transcript
  55. Sacramento and Tracy employees
  56. YRC CEO - working on "final approval" from lenders
  57. Jobs....
  58. YRC posts loss, says hopeful of debt deal mid-Feb
  59. YRC Worldwide Reports 2008 Results
  60. Still bad.........
  61. Bill and Beth Zollars
  62. IBT Orders Dues Reduced For YRC Employees
  63. Your Pay Check
  64. YRC Merger Senority Boards
  65. Re: Tyson Johnson email and number
  66. Latest Financial Mess
  67. The new YRC logo sucks.
  68. YRC Tricks. I hope the IBT stops this.
  69. looking for Tyson Johnsons email and or phone number
  70. Get the reduction yet?
  71. The barking Roadway truck
  72. The "Big R" Ferrari !!!!!!!!!!!
  73. will yrc make it?
  74. New Yrc Logo
  75. Another YRC Article
  76. Are the Givebacks Enough?
  77. YRC Worldwide Bank Discussions Take Another Step Forward
  78. Sick Leave, Vacation Clarification
  79. Downgrade sends YRC stock south
  80. YRC Change of Operations Questions
  81. YRC COO Meeting January 26 in Dallas, TX
  82. More upgrades????
  83. Analyst raises estimates on YRC
  84. Vote Counts By Local
  85. Stock Climbing In After Hours Trading
  86. Teamster freight members ratify yrcw job security plan
  87. TDU Reporting That Concessions Have Passed
  88. Wage Reduction Vote Count Jan 8th 2009
  89. Ballots Still Being Sorted.
  90. A tiny ray of sunshine
  91. YRC Worldwide layoffs continue with Yellow, Roadway consolidations
  92. YRC WORLDWIDE INC - Form 8-K
  93. Ballots will be picked up at the post office at 10 a.m. TODAY
  94. To all the Yea Sayers, or those that voted YES!!
  95. Roadway Toledo Closing - Ohio Worker Notification Act Notice
  96. Trucking firm to consolidate in Charlotte
  97. Yellow Roadway's Other Proposed Change
  98. Nov COO any copies?
  100. Vote count for concesions moved??
  101. Deadline Extended to January 6 for YRCW Modification Vote
  102. phone bid, dove tail, merger of lists or what?
  103. YRC Worldwide: Time to Go Long
  104. What about sacramento cali?
  105. YRC Stock
  106. Merry christmas
  107. Form 8-K for YRC WORLDWIDE INC
  108. YRC Worldwide Pursues Long-Term Solution to Improve Financial Condition
  109. Photo of Bill Zollars and James Hoffa
  110. Yrc coo 2009
  111. Yrcw coo Dec 22nd...
  112. Funny?
  113. New signs on tractors
  114. Rule#1 Enforcement
  115. Explaining the YRCW vote
  116. Desperate times at YRC?
  117. YRCW teamsters would a no vote end it all?
  118. YRC wage concession ballots will be counted on
  119. Roadwayspy December edition/additional
  120. YRCW Operating Ratios
  121. Senate Union Busting
  122. The sun's always shining somewhere
  123. YRC Inks Software Deal
  124. Vote YES
  125. YRC Visit
  126. When You will See the 10% Come Out of Your Pay
  127. YRC Worldwide increases debt-buyback offer to $150M
  128. two letters sent by a friend of mine.
  129. merger updates
  130. Wall Street's Buy List
  131. Equal sacrifice??????
  132. Hey Zollar's You gonna let us(retirees) vote on this one?
  133. Summary of economic relief plan
  134. Moody's cuts YRC Worldwide's debt rating
  135. Poor negotiating by the IBT
  136. Videos from 2 Man Meetings
  137. YRC stock offer
  138. YRC wants to stop supporting non-YRC union retirees
  139. Some links to YRC Inc news stories.
  140. A multitude of reasons to vote no to concessions
  141. Videos from the Local Freight Leaders' YRCW Economic Relief Plan Meeting
  142. Information and Material Concerning YRCW Economic Relief Ratification
  143. MR Z on CNBC
  144. Answer for Do Laid Off Guys Get To Vote?
  145. Memorandum of Understanding on the wage reduction.
  146. CEO says pay and cost cuts will keep YRC going
  147. YRCW / IBT Scotsdalle, AZ Update!
  148. December 3rd Economic Relief Meeting with the IBT & Local's
  149. Good Read
  150. An email from my Steward
  151. wage
  152. The writing may well be on the wall.
  153. For those who trust
  154. sect treasure
  155. Trucking company YRC makes deal with Teamsters
  156. HOW MANY CEOs to unscrew a lightbult?
  157. YRCW Freight Update, November 28, 2008: Teamsters, YRC Worldwide Reach Agreement
  159. Wait A Sec, YRC Is Still Turning a Profit
  161. Card Check
  162. What about wage reduction for Reddaway?
  163. wage cut vote
  164. YRC & IBT wage concession talks
  165. YRC Worldwide Announces $100 Million Tender Offer for Debt Securities
  166. Union Officials And Pay Cuts
  167. Wage Reduction Vote
  168. YRCW Freight Update, November 26, 2008
  169. Teamsters, YRC Companies Fine-Tune Details of Agreement
  170. Tender offer schedule and amendment filed by the issuer.
  171. Let us all know when your local asks you to vote on the wage reduction
  172. Bill Zollar$ "Everything will be fine"
  173. Teamster Freight Update from the IBT
  174. YRC, Teamsters Reopen Talks
  175. Paulson Rushes to Save the Consumer; Trucker YRC To Buy Back Notes
  176. YRC stock soars nearly 64 pct after debt tender offer
  177. YRC starts debt buyback dependent on union wage reduction
  178. YRC Worldwide will spend as much as $100M to buy back senior debt
  179. YRC seeks economic relief
  180. Is your barn merged yet?
  181. Local 771 NOTICE
  182. "Breaking News On YRCW" Happy Thanksgiving
  183. YRC will record $7 million to $10 million charge to collateralize assets
  184. YRC Worldwide Clarifies Impact of Credit Rating Change
  185. New YRC coverage map
  186. YRC Employees
  187. YRC Merger Notes
  188. USF Holland & Yellow-Roadway COO Decision November 10 decision
  189. YRC Worldwide CEO to Present at Stephens Conference
  190. From: Office of Bill Zollars Friday, November 14, 2008 1:30 PM
  191. Zollars: YRC Will Be 'Fine'
  192. YRC touts benefits of merger
  193. Roadway (YRC) Change Of Operations 11-10-2008
  194. Document from A YRC Vice President
  196. YRCW Stock Update
  197. YRC Change Of Operations
  198. New England Merger Information.
  199. Yellow releases glimps of new company logo
  200. yellows problems
  201. Roadway Safety Points Awards Program
  202. YRC, Investors Slideshow
  203. Possible Yellow/Roadway Merger?
  204. Roadway/Yellow merger started?
  205. Need some help please....
  206. YRC Plans to Cut Several Hundred Non-Union Jobs
  207. Linehaul.
  208. Fatal accident
  209. Con-way Hires CFO from YRC Worldwide
  210. owner operater
  211. Happy Birthday DETrob
  212. Meet & Turns
  213. Yellow Announces Leadership Changes
  214. Driving Green
  215. rumors of october COO
  216. This past few weeks bump in freight a fluke ?
  217. Calling the Roadway people to
  218. Roadway Sets New Custom Pickup and Delivery Service
  219. usf glenn moore hauling our freight???
  220. meet & turns
  221. Yrcw Coo Decisions Have Been Revised On June 3, 2008
  222. Roadway's Velocity COO Decision Online At L776's Website
  223. Velocity COO Decision Online At L776 Website.
  224. YRCW Non-Union Pension Memo
  225. My City Dispatcher called in sick because....
  226. Taking Care of our Own
  227. Yellow Driver killed in NC accident...
  228. Laid off again in Milwaukee (linehaul)
  229. Hope I can still come back here.
  230. YRC Worldwide Reports First Quarter 2008 Results
  231. Roadway Million Miler?
  232. OJSC puts another bad decision in books!
  233. Roadway Change Of Operations
  234. You danged Big R drivers......
  235. The New Nextel
  236. Coo ??
  237. First post here.
  238. Sound off... Where do you work?