Teamsters Local 150

Teamsters Local 150
7120 East Parkway
Sacramento, Ca 95823

Phone: 916-392-7070
Fax: 916-392-7675

Officers and Staff:

Secretary Treasurer
Jim Tobin

Recording Secretary
Mike Andrade

Dave Barrows

Business Agent
Maria Carroll

Business Agent
Mario Contreras

Division Director of Bakery,Warehouse,Laundry and Health Services
Marty Crandall

Business Agent
Alan Daurie

Division Director of Small Parcel and Freight
Christopher Folkman

Business Agent
Perry Hogan

Business Agent
Nancy Jones

Vice President
Paul Kotko

Business Agent
Lealon Raley

Business Agent
Ed Rogers

Doug Secord

Division Director of Food Processing, Public Services and Grocery
Victor Shada, Jr

Business Agent
Terry Skjelstad

Rocky Thomas

Division Director of Building Trades and Construction
Michael Tobin