Laval, July 23, 2015 — In advance of the final stages of Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations (TPP), Teamsters Canada President Francois Laporte sent a letter today to International Trade Minister Ed Fast urging him to defend Canada’s Dairy Industry and to “make clear, as Canadian governments have done for many years in many trade talks, that our dairy supply management is ‘off the table.’”

The TPP end-game takes place in a context in which the United States, New Zealand and other nations would have Canada scrap its longstanding and successful approach to protecting its farmers, industry workers, and communities. The past year has witnessed a significant decrease in global dairy demand and prices, owning in part to the Chinese economic downturn, and a corresponding glut of milk product, particularly in New Zealand, where dairy comprises a significant portion of their GDP. Fonterra, the country’s monopolistic dairy conglomerate, and one of the largest players in global dairy markets, has recently announced significant layoffs.

“The Fonterra-New Zealand model is not one that Canadian dairy and agricultural interests need further expose themselves to,” Laporte said. “Supply management works for Canadian farmers and dairy industry employees”
Teamsters Canada: Stand Firm on Supply Management | Teamsters