Here we go again, Mr McCann is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of his members. blaming everything on the person or persons who are trying to do the right thing and keep the union above reproach. But Mr. McCann is trying his best to slander them. I can only hope that the members see him for what he realy is. He is stepping over nayone who will get in his way to bcoming the Canadian Teamsters Trustee (this position is open). I hope Mr. Craig McInnes know he is working with a loose cannon. One that will steal behind the members back and try to justify the spending on not only personal items but double dip. We must remember that it's the members money not yours, We need to be good stewarts of their money. I hope anyone reading this lets every member of 879 and the Joint Council he is a member of tell them that enough is enough. We want, no demand honest leadership.