Thanks to winkjr for bringing this story to light.

"What about Alabama and the tornadoes nothing man its sickening that our media gets all tangled up in this crap there are bigger issues in America right now."
My prayers are with my fellow Americans who were victims or lost loved ones in these storms.

"TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Gas station lines, looting and the discovery of smashed heirlooms sapped survivors' energy Friday around cities shattered by the deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly four decades. President Barack Obama arrived in devastated Alabama to console victims, while authorities worked to overcome damaged infrastructure and even a shortage of body bags in one town.

...The president's arrival drew a muted response from Tuscaloosa resident Derek Harris, who was pushing a grocery buggy down a street where virtually every home was heavily damaged. The 47-year-old and his wife hoped to use the cart to salvage a few belongings from his home."

Tornado survivors pick up pieces as Obama visits - Yahoo! News