As a Catholic, I can tell you that nothing upsets me more than this whole scandal. And my constant question is why are these priests and the archbishops who covered up what the priests were doing not behind bars? Is it because it happened too long ago? I don't get it!! I know one problem is that when some parents were aware of situations, they went to the archbishops instead of the police. Why?

The brief Vatican announcement said the resignation of the 76-year-old Rigali was for reason of age. He submitted it on his 75th birthday in April 2010, as required by church law, but the pope did not immediately act on it.

But the Cardinal has been under pressure for his handling of the sex-abuse scandal. In his eight-year tenure, a pair of grand jury reports, one in 2005 and one released in February, have rocked the archdiocese by accusing church officials of covering up abuse allegations against priests.

Pope accepts Philadelphia archbishop's resignation - Qwest