I personally do not like violent movies or T.V. I am crazy about the show "Breaking Bad" but sometimes the bullets and blood are really disturbing to me. I was very strict with my kids about what they were allowed to watch on t.v. and dvd's. I do think for the most part, it will be a person that is already disturbed that will imitate something from tv or games as far as adults go. But I do believe that if a kid spends all of his time watching violence, he or she will become comfortable with it and think this is the norm. Don't get my started on the media as I feel they have convinced kids and young people what the norm is about a whole lot of things that really aren't the real world.

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — If there's any soul-searching among top television executives about onscreen violence contributing to real-life tragedies like the Connecticut school shooting, it isn't readily apparent.

All say the horrors of Newtown and Aurora, Colo., rocked them. But during a series of meetings with reporters here over the last 10 days, none offered concrete examples of how it is changing what they put on the air, or if that is necessary.

"I'm not a psychologist, so I'm not sure you can make the leap (that) a show about serial killers has caused the sort of problems with violence in our country," said Robert Greenblatt, who put "Dexter" on the air when he ran Showtime and is now overseeing development of a series on the notorious creep Hannibal Lecter for NBC. "There are many, many other factors, from mental illness to guns."
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