This is the first I have heard of any of this but man, something is wrong with this picture. Why can these corporate CEO's do whatever they want and they don't even get a slap on the wrist????
NEW YORK, April 19 (Reuters) - Chesapeake Energy Corp's former Chief Executive Officer, Aubrey McClendon, will use the company's aircraft for free through 2016 after departing in the wake of a governance crisis and a liquidity crunch caused by heavy spending on oil and gas properties.

According to the company's proxy statement filed with regulators on Friday, Chesapeake also altered the terms of McClendon's non-competition clause in his employment agreement to allow him to buy land near where the company operates.

McClendon, who made $16.9 million in cash and stock from Chesapeake in 2012, left the company on April 1. Chesapeake said it will transfer a 28.125 percent interest in a Citation X aircraft to an entity controlled by McClendon until the end of 2016. During this period it will pay all costs, fees and expenses associated with his stake in the aircraft.
Aubrey McClendon, Disgraced Ex-Chesapeake CEO, To Keep Use Of Company Jet Through 2016