Impressive. The problem with the lottery scholarship that we have in our state is that there are so many strings attached that many kids are losing the scholarship, including my daughter. This sounds like it makes more sense.
This week the Oregon Senate passed a bill that would create a fund allowing it to bypass traditional student lenders by giving free tuition to students who then pay it back with a deduction from their paychecks after they graduate, according to the Associated Press.

H.B. 3472, which has already passed Oregon’s House, creates a pilot program called “Pay It Forward, Pay It Back,” which would allow Oregon’s in-state residents to attend the state’s public colleges and universities without paying tuition or taking out loans in exchange for signing a “binding agreement” to pay 3 percent of their paychecks after graduation for a “specified number of years” — about 25. The bill also establishes seed money for the program, which could exceed $9 billion.
Oregon legislature passes bill to give free tuition to in-state residents | The Raw Story