I know we are not prepared. The only thing going right so far is that we are getting out of debt.

What I don't understand is why everyone isn't talking about the crazy awfulness that awaits us -- and by us I mean the vast majority of people who are woefully unprepared for retirement. And I don't mean the glorious kind of retirement you see in the pretty pictures, where people walk hand-in-hand with a silver fox along a magnificent beach and clank wine glasses at sunset on the sailboat.

No, I mean the kind of retirement where you have a roof over your head, food on your table, and can afford the insurance to keep driving your car. It's a no-frills retirement, as my husband likes to call it, the kind where a single small health issue can cost you the roof over your head. Literally.
Before anyone goes saying that our high-living ways got us in this predicament, let's not forget what happened to older workers in the recession: We got body slammed against the brick wall big time. We lost our jobs, watched our homes devalue (and in some cases, lost those too), and saw our pension and stock portfolios turn to dust. While all generations took a hit in the recession, it is the boomers who have the least amount of time left to recoup what they lost.
Why Worrying About Retirement Is Actually A Luxury*|*Ann Brenoff