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Thread: Christmas giving !

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    Default Christmas giving !

    One ( or two ) people on this board seem to feel we aren't Christian enough here, or in this country. That we don't have Christmas tree ceremony's, or have Santa Claus ride the fire engine around throwing candy canes at the kids. Yes, a few here are a little misguided about a larger majority of people then what surrounds them personally in their own cloistered habitat.
    I just wanted to post this to show many people, of many different faiths and beliefs, who share in the joy of helping others, those less fortunate and needy.
    My community already had our tree lighting ceremony. Most surrounding towns have done the same, or it's happening this weekend.

    This is something I have witnessed and see personally grow each year. The free giving to others in need. This time of the year it's all about Christmas and Santa. I attend many car shows throughout the year, and all of the organizers have toy drives from which they choose an organization, a hospital or maybe just the Marine Corp "Toys for Tots" collection. Could there be any better charity this time of the year then to give to a child who is hospitalized and feeling like they won't see the tree at home, or the gifts from which they dreamed of getting ?
    Here are a few pictures from my last car show / rally to Deborah Heart & Lung hospital benefiting the pediatric ward, the local area community and those in need. The Marines were there to share in the bounty too. Wish you could have seen the out pouring of love from so many people.

    I'll explain the pictures but can only share a few. Wish I could show more, but privacy concerns enter into this due to the feelings of some people that visit our board.
    The first is the brochure explaining the rally and giving thanks to those who made it happen.
    The crowd walking back to their cars for the start of the rally to the hospital. About 100 cars in attendance and escorted by the NJ State Police.
    The utility trailer that was so full they started to fill the pickup truck pulling the trailer with toys. They filled 2 more vehicles with toys too. Quite a haul !
    The pickup truck is now overflowing too !
    santa 4.jpg
    The hospital is on the flight path of Joint Base McGuire and it's fitting to see our great military keeping us safe while we help the citizens less fortunate.
    santa 5.jpg

    Feel free to comment or ask questions.
    Some info.
    The starting point was the Flying W airport, large enough to handle the crowd with parking.
    The rally part was only 16 miles though a few old towns in NJ. Escorted by the NJSP. No traffic lights to stop at !
    Cars ranged from exotics, to a Citroen 2CV, old American muscle to modern muscle cars, and a few everyday drivers.
    The town of Pemberton and the hospital staff turned out in force to welcome the cars and Santa.
    The sun was shining, the air was cold. It didn't dampen the enthusiasm one bit.
    No more car shows until spring.
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