I remember seeing some Transforce trucking equipment, but haven't noticed the rebranded company called TFI International. A division called Highland Transport, owned by TFI is set to close at the end of the month.
As the story says, a softness in northeast freight has exacerbated the problem.

Trucking company to shut down 150 truck division
A large trucking company has announced that it is shutting down a subsidiary fleet due to poor financial performance.
TFI International, formerly known as Transforce, has announced that they are shutting down their Highland Transport division, effective June 28.
Highland Transport is a truckload and container carrier that mainly operates in the northeastern U.S., Toronto, and Montreal.
TFI pointed to softness in the northeastern freight market as a reason for the closure.

Highland Transport currently employs about 120 owner-operators and 30 drivers. TFI says that it will try to find other jobs for the laid off employees within the company. TFI operates about 16,000 trucks across the country.