Good news for my state. Unfortunately part of the big jump is in mining jobs. That needs to change. But the other jump is construction which is really a big deal! BTW, that picture in the article is of our downtown. Yep, that's it. ABQ is not a very big city. That's why I like it.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - For the first time since Jan. 2013, the state of New Mexico has outpaced the national job growth rate. That's according to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.
“Too often New Mexico is ranked 49th or 50th in the good things our country measures, but this growth, particularly in the private sector, shows New Mexico is headed in the right direction and open for business,” said McCamley.

The private sector accounted for a majority of the gains adding 15,300 jobs, ranking New Mexico at 9th in the nation for private sector job growth.
“If you work hard and learn the right skills, you don’t have to give up your chile and move away for a job," said McCamley. "You can earn a great salary here while staying in our friendly, beautiful communities.”