Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal says if his soldiers were 'forced to come on a holiday' to 'stand in the sun' for Trump's military parade, he would've stood with them

Retired US Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal gave a diplomatic answer to a question about President Donald Trump's controversial "Salute to America" Fourth of July military parade.
The "Salute to America" event is expected to consist of at least 300 service members, fighter-jet flyovers, helicopters, and armored vehicles — including two M1 Abrams tanks.
Asked on Tuesday by the CNN host Jake Tapper about whether he would have chosen to be a part of the parade if he were still in the military, McChrystal answered with a response befitting of an officer serving on active duty.
"If my soldiers were forced to come on a holiday and stand in the sun to do an event, I'd want to be there alongside them," he said.
"I do think it's fine to honor people who serve the nation," McChrystal said, but added that the military's arsenal was merely "things."
"They're not the sinew of the nation," McChrystal said.
Twice in my career I have been blessed with this kind of leadership.

Once in the late 70's the general manager, who every one despised, had everyone doing some stupid stuff to make him look good to one of the big suppliers. My direct supervisor informed us to get to work, and whining and moaning we proceed. One of the guys said, "I don't mind doing this because we all know that if were were told to scrub the floor with toothbrushes (our supervisor) would be here doing it with us."

Then at Oak we had a dispatcher that was an ex Marine. Went into the service out of high school, several tours in Vietnam and retired a Captain. He told us "You might F@%^* everything up but I will always have your back." Trust me, several of us put him to the test and would have marched to hell and back for him.