I have posted about this several times over the years. The numbers just keep rising for the CEO pay.
CEOs at America's 350 top public firms earned 278 times more than their typical employee in 2018, according to a study from the Economic Policy Institute released Wednesday.

The study emphasized the widening gulf between compensation given to employees and CEOs at the country's top firms.

While inflation-adjusted CEO compensation has risen 940 percent since 1978, worker compensation had only increased 11.9 percent, the report said. Its findings highlight the decades-long bifurcation of CEO and employee pay, which in 1965 was at a much lower ratio of 20-1.

The analysis included figures for compensation when stock options were immediately realized and when they were granted. The 940 percent increase references CEO compensation when executives cashed in their stock. But CEO pay increased even more, 1,007.5 percent, under the options granted measure.

While top executive compensation has grown 52.6 percent since 2009 when stock options were exercised, rank-and-file workers witnessed just 5.3 percent compensation growth. Between 2017 and 2018, compensation for employees at the evaluated firms decreased.

The EPI analysis found that CEOs were paid an average of $17.2 million last year, when stock options were cashed in. Significantly, CEO compensation rose much faster than even the most highly paid employees, indicating that skill is not the sole determinant of rising CEO pay. The percent increase in CEO compensation has far outpaced S&P stock market growth.