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    Default A Few Pounds Overweight


    Trucker hit with 85,900 pound overweight ticket

    According to the Pepin County Sheriff’s Office, the incident began on September 7 around 9:30 a.m. when officers were called to the scene of a disabled semi on U.S. Highway 10 near the Pepin/Pierce County Line west of Durand.

    The driver called for assistance that night, but the repair truck was unable to lift the disabled semi because of its weight.

    In the morning, a second repair crew came out. This crew required the assistance of a heavy duty tow truck in order to try to lift the disabled semi enough to change the tires. This attempt to lift the truck also failed.

    At this point, the weight of the truck was clearly an issue, so the tow truck driver contacted to Pepin County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office brought the Wisconsin State Patrol along to assist.

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    Default Re: A Few Pounds Overweight

    Looks like a load I once pulled back form Texas with the first job I held.
    My dispatcher at the time told me to make a pick-up in Mesquite for items the owner of the company had purchased at a bankruptcy sale.
    When I arrived, the people loading the stuff asked where the other truck was. I told them I was it. They said it's 2 loads, at least.
    After a back and forth with dispatch, and presumably with the owner, I was told it's one load, so put it on the truck.
    I went to a local truck stop and weighed in. The scale people laughed at me when I went in to get the scale ticket.
    110,000 gross !

    Well I was then told ... get it home any way you can.
    My first taste of running scales and using every back road on the map.
    I made it home !

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    Default Re: A Few Pounds Overweight

    In the late '60s into the early '70s I worked for a guy that had 14 trucks. Five 10 wheelers and 9 three axle trailers All trucks were Autocars. All big engines and all 1200x24 tires. We always carried about 138,000lbs on the semis and 100,000lbs on the ten wheelers. You had to be absolutely level to dump the trailers. Another companys semi smacked into a giant beam on the Mystic river Bridge and it knocked down the top deck. That stoped the overloading and what a difference with less weight or legal weight on those big A'cars. The company I worked for kept the trucks in a one condition and only had one minor accident in five years I was there. The amazing thing was we never got stopped for overloads. Fxstc07 jogged that into my memory with his above post.

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